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00:02<Captain_Murdoch>odd, mythbackend things that stdin is not a tty when I run it from the command line.
00:07<Captain_Murdoch>perhaps the "close(0);" line in mythbackend/main.cpp right before the DB upgrade check.
00:07<kormoc>That likely would do it
00:09<Captain_Murdoch>:) yeah. has to wait for a commit though until I finish commiting sphery's DB schema check in another minute or two.
00:16<Captain_Murdoch>much nicer.... Shall I upgrade this database? [yes] first time I've ever seen that question.
00:18<kormoc>you know
00:18<kormoc>it'd be nice to have a flag like --do-not-auto-update-db so init scripts can by default not do the update
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00:21<Captain_Murdoch>if they don't upgrade, then they can't run because we can't let a newer binary talk to an older DB and guarantee things work.
00:22<Captain_Murdoch>I think the new DB backup before an upgrade resolves the main concern with the auto-upgrades.
00:22*kormoc nods
00:22<GreyFoxx>Man, I hope those Hauppage HD PVR's turn out to be all that the various articles claim
00:23<GreyFoxx>That could be pretty sweet if they are solid units
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00:24*j-rod kicks mac os x...
00:27<j-rod>something wonky in my env, or should there be a '#include <sys/types.h>' in libs/libmythfreesurround/freesurround.h ?
00:27*j-rod is building his own os x packages for the first time ever...
00:32<j-rod>fuckit, easy change to revert if someone doesn't like it, and it worksforme...
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00:34<j-rod>suck. another header issue...
00:34*j-rod wonders if anyone actually builds on os x regularly and/or if they do it w/the latest xcode and so on...
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00:42<j-rod>yeargh. and now firewire support pukes on the latest apple firewire sdk bits...
00:43<xris>j-rod: wow, you're on in the evening
00:51<j-rod>trying to catch up a bit
00:51<j-rod>been sick for four days
00:51<xris>kormoc: ah
00:51<j-rod>(to make it extra-extra-fun, wife and kids all got sick too, and are still sick)
00:51<xris>kormoc: I'm wondering if that LANG pixmap issue might be a problem with strtotime() interpreting things in a weird timezone or something.
00:51<kormoc>Ooh, that's a thought
00:52<kormoc>I'm getting sick myself :
00:52<xris>j-rod: at least you can compile stuff in osx.. no qt 3 for leopard last I checked
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00:52<j-rod>xris: this is on 10.5.1 :)
00:52<xris>how'd you get qt3-mac installed?
00:52<xris>it wouldn't compile for me
00:53<j-rod>there's a patch attached to a trac page somewhere
00:53<j-rod>er, linked, from here:
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00:54<xris>must be updated. the one I tried failed
00:54<j-rod>not sure what the later problems some people were reporting are, I didn't hit those
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00:55<j-rod>just that patch, and everything built fine (using 'port install foo' for everything, fwiw)
00:55<xris>yeah, I was trying to do that, and was going to update the wiki with "how to install using macports"
00:56<xris>how do you compile something in port with a patch?
00:56<j-rod>'port install qt3-mac' ... watch it fail...
00:56<j-rod>'patch -p1 -d /opt/local/var/macports/build/qt3-mac-or-something < patch'
00:57<j-rod>'port install qt3-mac' and watch it work. :)
00:57<j-rod>might be a more official way to do it, had never used macports before today
00:57<j-rod>fink in the past, but its been quite a while
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00:59<xris>man, what a mess: sudo patch -p0 -d /opt/local/var/macports/build/_opt_local_var_macports_sources_rsync.macports.org_release_ports_aqua_qt3-mac/work/ < qt3mac.patch2
01:00<xris>kormoc: guess I could just parse that date string by hand. probably faster to use a regex and mktime()
01:01<xris>or not. it uses string format. blech: Fri Jan 25 21:40:49 2008
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01:02<xris>j-rod: thanks for that. seems like it might work this time.
01:03<xris>should we put that into the wiki?
01:03<xris>kormoc: some sort of glitch in the recorded programs list... the menus don't pick up the program name from the cookie.
01:04<xris>I'm showing only "good eats" (or whatever) but the menu says "all"
01:05<j-rod>xris: two header issues I've hit, I checked in build fixes for already, but there was also a library path issue due to multiple libJPEG.dylib versions installed -- one from macports, one from xcode or something
01:05<j-rod>just need to set DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH appropriately to take care of the libJPEG thing
01:06<j-rod>whole host of undefined symbols from the DarwinFirewireDevice bits is what I'm prodding now...
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01:07<kormoc>xris, hrm. I need to rewrite that dropdown anyway, id="blah blah" isn't valid :/
01:08<Assid>err.. can i get mythtv to get me the db level in my rf cable ?
01:10<kormoc>that's more controlled by the tuner driver
01:11<Assid>cant we "spy" on it ?
01:11<j-rod>ah well. I give up for tonight. Different OS, same story: FireWire 1, j-rod 0.
01:11<kormoc>if the driver exposes it in a way that you can, then yes
01:12<kormoc>j-rod, sad
01:12<j-rod>(actually, I've been getting quite a few firewire wins lately, but they're in the storage realm, still slacking on getting back to the video side...)
01:13*j-rod disappears 'til morning...
01:13<Assid>i think my wiring is bad.. thats why.. i get free to air channels on my tv tuner.. and my digital box sends some video on a certain uhf frequency.. that comes HORRIBLE. if i move the box near the computer and use composite cables.. the quality is better using composite input
01:14*kormoc waves
01:14<Assid>the box monitors quality and strength .. so it shows me .. and it just drops every now and then (quality)
01:15<Assid>i have a 3db attenuator (back from the day i used to use cable modem) thinking if that might help
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03:07<Balachmar>Hi, I have been posting on the mailinglist about integration in MythTV.
03:08<Balachmar>Now some guy has already put some work integrating it into his own unofficial MythStreamer plugin.
03:08<Balachmar>But I think, this should either be a separate plugin, or be integrated with MythMusic.
03:08<Balachmar>What would the devvers here say about this?
03:09<justinh>I's say it's up to you but IMHO integrated into mythmusic would be best.
03:10*hads agrees
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03:12<justinh><3 Mythmusic more than mythstream, any day of the week. never got mythstream to work, fwiw
03:14<Balachmar>I never even noticed mythstream...
03:14<justinh>unofficial stuff tends to be more 'under the radar'
03:14<Balachmar>Well, then I have a little thingy with MythMusic, which is that it goes straight into the playlist
03:14<Balachmar>@justinh: true and not in the repos...
03:15<Balachmar>And the playlist editing in MythMusic is rather weird, well my girlfriend still has some trouble with it
03:15<Balachmar>But maybe it would be better if lastfm would get it's own menu item in media library?
03:15<justinh>my wife has been creating playlists on the sly.
03:16<Balachmar>on the sly?
03:16<justinh>without my help ;)
03:16<Balachmar>ooh ok :)
03:17<rooaus>Balachmar: Personally I would take the approach that had the greatest chance of being added to the main project. It is a lot of ongoing work to maintain it out of tree.
03:17<justinh>she claims she finds mythtv really hard to use (not just mythmusic) but the stuff she does with it says otherwise - andthe fact she raves about it to everybody she knows ;)
03:17<rooaus>Look at Eskil's shoutcast patch, the mythmusic miniplayer changes broke it and it is yet to be updated.
03:17<Balachmar>@rooaus: I agree, not only because of the work, but also because of the amount of people who would use it
03:17*justinh agrees with rooaus bit is sure Balachmar knows that's not necessarily the easiest way
03:18<Balachmar>I would gladly try to develop the new feature as an extension to the main project
03:18<Balachmar>That is why I come here to discuss the best way, to make sure it has a reasonable change to get in there
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03:20<Balachmar>But would it be possible/acceptable that MythMusic creates two menu entries in media library
03:20<kormoc>Balachmar, there's actually been a little work done already towards in mythmusic (not counting a track as played until it followed their rules)
03:20<Balachmar>One for the normal playlist, the other specifically for Last.FM
03:21<Balachmar>@kormoc, well, that is somewhat different than what I want, that is "just" scrobbling
03:21<Balachmar>Which should be a bit easier...
03:21<kormoc>ooh, you mean radio
03:21<Balachmar>Because I really like to listen to my playlist and recommendations and stuff
03:22<Balachmar>So that is why I think the lastfm Radio should have it's own menu item
03:22<Balachmar>(But the scrobbling could be added along with the lastfm radio support ofcourse
03:23<justinh>I'm not sure putting stuff outside of the main area would be a popular idea. I can imagine that people want to be able to switch without leaving the plugin
03:23<kormoc>I didn't know they allowed you to use something other then their official player
03:23<Balachmar>@kormoc they do, it is all just using webservices
03:24<justinh>as far as scrobbling is concerned - that'd almost be trivial to add compared to the radio bit
03:24<Balachmar>"just" I haven't really looked into it yet, but a friend of mine is admin @lastfm
03:25<Balachmar>Well, we should have a lastfm configuration bit in the music configuration
03:25<Balachmar>for the username and password
03:25<justinh>yeah having that on a separate config screen is a good idea IMHO
03:25<Balachmar>thanks :)
03:26<Balachmar>I just think it should be in the music configuration, that is where I would expect it
03:26<Balachmar>Since it should be in the mythmusic plugin :)
03:27<Balachmar>But then listening to the lastfm radio.
03:27<Balachmar>Maybe we could add another button (5) next to visualization, and make that go to the menu
03:28<Balachmar>And that menu would have options such as neighborhood radio, My playlist, recommendations and stuff?
03:29<hads>Making it specific to one web service like that probably isn't a great idea.
03:30<justinh>hwo similar is the radio stream to other online radio services?
03:31<Balachmar>Well, that is a good question, I don't know how similar it is, but the other gut from MythStream will know.
03:31<Balachmar>But that doesn't really matter menu wise, we could call it webradio
03:31<Balachmar>And have be in there
03:32<Balachmar>And maybe later other webradio's, but most other webradio's work with just url's.
03:32<justinh>yeah urls pointing to .m3u files which are very simple to parse
03:33<Balachmar>In you have some more specific things, like the neighborhood and stuff (which are also url's, but you have more for one user)
03:34<Balachmar>But how do you feel about putting webradio in a menu that you can acces by pressing 5
03:34<Balachmar>(And that webradio will at first mean only lastfm, but maybe more added later)
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03:35<justinh>well, if you get lastfm worky maybe it'd be trivial to add others
03:35<Balachmar>that is what I am hoping for, or maybe the guy from Mythstream could help with that
03:35<Balachmar>At least I think he wouldn't mind if his code will be used more widely :)
03:36<justinh>I don't know much about how mythstream works but they had a good idea to make the parsers external so that updates can be done without changing source code
03:36<Balachmar>True, but in any case the parsing stuff should be in another place than the menu integration stuff
03:37<Balachmar>a bit Model Control View idea
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03:40<justinh>I can't remember if the mythmusic buttons can be purely image buttons or not. my concern is being able to fit a text button saying 'online radio' or whatever in a theme
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03:41<Balachmar>I share that concern, that was why I thought it might be a better idea to add a webradio menu item in media library
03:41<Balachmar>But then people would have to leave mythmusic to listen to webradio
03:41<justinh>to me it doesn't matter if it's a button on the main screen or within the menu which is invoked with the menu key within the plugin
03:41<Balachmar>But then again, your playlist wouldn't work once you start listening to webradio anyway
03:42<kormoc>Well, what would be best is just have different playlists
03:42<kormoc>I have my list of playlists and I add in a - friends one, then it just magically works
03:42<Balachmar>Yeah, add some predefined playlists
03:42<kormoc>or I add in a insert blah here
03:43<kormoc>so then the only specific thing to code UI wise is playlist editors
03:43<Balachmar>and when you create a new playlist one could say it is a webradio, normal or lastfm
03:43<Balachmar>kormoc I love that idea
03:44<Balachmar>And maybe have the lastfm stuff appear automagically when a username and password has been given in the configuration
03:44*kormoc nods
03:45<justinh>is scrobbling ever optional with lastfm stuff?
03:45<Balachmar>with the lastfm radio it is obligatory I think....
03:45<Balachmar>Let me try in the player
03:45<justinh>don't want the world to know my wife has been playing Eminem on my account :P
03:46<Balachmar>ghe ghe
03:46<Balachmar>no, scrobbling is not obligatory
03:46<Balachmar>so that is an option in the config
03:46<kormoc>justinh, imagine my surprise when as someone who is often viewed as a classic rock guy, my most played band is Garbage :P
03:46<kormoc>Of course, I hold to that it's all due to the cute redhead!
03:46<hads>In amarok you can add a stream to your playlist FWIW
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03:47<Balachmar>Well, if MythMusic would then allow playlist to contain playlist, that would be possible in MythMusic as well!
03:48*kormoc creates a circular playlist
03:48<justinh>Balachmar: it does allow that
03:49<Balachmar>@justinh I didn't know that
03:49<Balachmar>There is still so much to learn
03:49<justinh>at least I think it does
03:49<kormoc>I think it copies from one to another, not 'embed' or 'link'
03:49<Balachmar>But guys I have to go now, but I think the idea of getting the webradio/lastfm support as playlist is a great idea
03:50<justinh>eek I should get to work
03:50<kormoc>eek I should get to bed
03:50<Balachmar>me too...
03:50<Balachmar>But I at least have a starting point now
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03:51<Balachmar>Thanks for the idea, I might be back for some more brain picking :)
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06:26<gbee>anyone object to me making a change which will require everyone to re-setup their weather screens?
06:26<justinh>not me :)
06:29<rooaus>Anything that helps improve mythweather setup is a great idea imho.
06:40<gbee>rooaus: this is a non-functional change but needs to be done sooner rather than later to make things easier to manage
06:41<gbee>I don't see anything in that demo that couldn't conceivably be done with mythui (with some additional animations added)
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06:48<justinh>animations yay :-\
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08:28<gbee>found one cause of my segfaults - the filters
08:35<gbee>danielk22: following the alsa changes, gcc is spitting out the following warnings -
08:35<gbee>they might have been there before, but this is the first time I've noticed them
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08:56<janneg>gbee: those warnings are caused by an alsa macro and can be ignored
08:57<gbee>janneg: ahh, ok - just assumed since I'd never seen them before that they were caused by the recent changes - my bad
08:58<gbee>harmless warnings anyway, unless the behaviour highlighted was unintentional
09:01<janneg>warnings are generated by alsa's *alloca macros checking if the pointer is not null with assert
09:02<gbee>right, I didn't stop to look at the code as I was busy with other things
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10:02<gbee>superm1: would it help get 0.21 into Hardy if we branch it now with bug fixes in the next couple of weeks? Or would branching after two weeks make any difference?
10:03<GreyFoxx>hmmmm, so we are decoding CC/XDS info all the time during playback, even when it's not being requested for display?
10:04<GreyFoxx>I just noticed a ton of it being logged in my frontend log while on the WatchRecordings screen
10:04<justinh>heh that's not gonna help puny epia kit any
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10:08<gbee>GreyFoxx: that's right
10:09<gbee>I'm not sure if it has something to do with speeding up the time it takes to display the subtitles etc
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11:10<beavis>janneg, #4633 created for the wrong preview colors here
11:11<beavis>janneg, I forgot to mention there that all the colors are blue
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11:51<mattwire>anyone tried tuning dvb-s transponders recently?
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11:51<mattwire>I'm trying to setup a dvb-s card on astra 1 but myth doesn't seem to be enabling voltage on the card
11:52<mattwire>dvbtune works and gets a carrier
11:53<mattwire>backend log here
11:53<mattwire>shows from the point of deleting and re-adding dvb-s card
12:08<j-rod>xris: so I got the frontend all the way built for now by just turning off firewire
12:09<j-rod>was going to include firewire support in hopes of also running a backend on my frontend, talking to my cable box
12:09<j-rod>but this is good enough for some testing fun
12:10<xris>I'll have to test out that macOS build script today
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12:20<justinh>anybody having trouble accessing svn lately?
12:21<j-rod>xris: haven't done that part yet, I just did '--enable-macos-bundle' or whatever, and it built a -- I assume the script just puts everything in a .dmg?
12:21<GreyFoxx>justinh: It just let me in, but wouldn't a minute ago
12:21<justinh>ah yeah. in now.
12:22<GreyFoxx>greg@cvs:~$ w
12:22<GreyFoxx> 17:22:29 up 38 days, 11:48, 1 user, load average: 147.93, 110.16, 58.28
12:22<xris>j-rod: ah. I thought the script was what built the --ap
12:22<j-rod>janneg: care to hear any recent data points about h264 playback on my core duo 1.66 mac mini?
12:23<j-rod>might have been at one point
12:24<j-rod>this worked for me: ./configure --disable-firewire --enable-mac-accel --enable-mac-bundle --prefix=/opt/local
12:25<xris>I'll test that as soon as my svn update runs
12:25<j-rod>I presume qt3-mac did indeed build okay last night?
12:25<xris>seems to
12:25<xris>had some warning about it breaking the ports filesystem spec, but I don't think that's an issue
12:26<j-rod>ah yes, I got that too, not a problem
12:26<okolsi>hmm.. is Trac okay?
12:26<xris>hmm, maybe that explains why I can't pull things down via svn
12:27<GreyFoxx>There are tons of apache preocesses running
12:27<GreyFoxx>load is crazy high
12:27<xris>looks like the whole server is pegged
12:27<xris>hang on, will restart apache
12:27<GreyFoxx>Actually load has dropped now
12:27<GreyFoxx>but still ~70
12:28<xris>yeah, ssh is slow
12:32<xris>ok, restarted apache (several times), hopefully things will get better
12:34<xris>Chutt: some of your stuff?
12:34<GreyFoxx>you work on that ?
12:36<Chutt>the media parts of it
12:37<Chutt>the image at the bottom with it playing 720p over hdmi =)
12:37<justinh>_phone_ with hdmi? :-O
12:38<Chutt>or pmp
12:38<Chutt>or whatever
12:38*xris suspects that it will cost more than he's willing to pay for a phone
12:38<justinh>that confirms it. I'm definitely gonna become a luddite
12:39<Chutt>hdmi's a bit interesting since the connector's so small in the first place
12:39<Chutt>and it does video + audio
12:39<anykey_>and HDCP :p
12:40<justinh>easy for a docking cradle too possibly, no idea of the connector life though. won't expect much
12:40<Chutt>it doesn't add that much space, basically
12:40-!-gnome42 [] has joined #mythtv
12:40<justinh>saves space not needing DACs on board too I spose
12:41-!-gardz [] has quit [Connection timed out]
12:43<xris>j-rod: that configure string fails for me: "endian test failed"
12:45<xris>hmm, says it can't find gcc
12:47<xris>or some distcc error. wtf
12:47<j-rod>oh, that
12:47<j-rod>add --disable-distcc
12:47<j-rod>forgot about that
12:47<j-rod>its mentioned in the wiki page somewhere too
12:47<xris>yeah, that's what I'm hitting.
12:48<xris>now says I need a threaded Qt installed
12:49<xris>ld: unknown option: -rpath-link
12:52-!-Merlin83b2 [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
12:53<xris>odd. complains about no libqt-mt, but I see it in /opt/local/lib
12:53-!-xris [] has quit []
13:03-!-renatofilho^_ [n=renato@] has joined #mythtv
13:07-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
13:07<j-rod>xris: export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH and try again
13:08<xris>oh, hah.. it was still set to the value from when I was compiling qt from source.
13:10<Chutt>yay, new projector shipped
13:11<xris>j-rod: compiling. yay
13:11*j-rod disappears for a bit...
13:11*xris blames kormoc for the trac/svn DOS
13:12<j-rod>xris: cool, about to test out my own build, I think...
13:12<kormoc>I blame statsvn!
13:12<xris>j-rod: yeah, I can't actually run it from work. heh
13:12<kormoc>they don't document they start up 50 threads to smash the server
13:13<xris>I'm all for switching to fisheye/jira
13:13<xris>actually, we could get a free copy of fisheye... no need to use jira
13:15<xris>grumble... -lqt-mt not found
13:25<gbee>Chutt: going to replace the text alignment parsing in mythuitext, mythuibutton and mythuibuttonlist with a shared method in xmlparsebase, would also like to change it so that alignment is specified by combining vertical and horizontal args e.g. <align>center, bottom</align> <align>left, middle</align>
13:25<Chutt>sounds good
13:26<GreyFoxx>Chutt: A new one? Heh I'm picking up a new flatscreen lcd today and gonna buy a friends used infocus 4805 this week
13:26<Chutt>replacing my broken old one
13:26<Chutt>blue splotch on the entire right half of the screen due to heat damage
13:27<GreyFoxx>the 4805 accepts hdtv input, but it's native is 854x480 or somesuch
13:27<GreyFoxx>but I've watched in action long enough to know that it's more than enough for my uses
13:27<kormoc>gbee, it really semms like one of these days you'll be implementing css theme support :P
13:27<GreyFoxx>At least for now considering it's used and much cheaper than buying new :)
13:28<gbee>kormoc: hard not to be influenced by css when looking at this stuff ;)
13:30<Chutt>wonder if i should just kill/restart apache on
13:30<xris>Chutt: I just did that about 20 mins ago
13:30<kormoc>oh ha! it's not me!
13:30<kormoc>xris, I ran statsvn and DOSed svn two days ago
13:31<xris>kormoc: ah. thought it was this morning
13:31<kormoc>it cleared up as soon as I realized it was slaughtering the server and killed it on my end
13:32<gbee>I've been playing with a concept app, something I knocked together in order to play with mythui and various ideas I've had, that has helped to spot the bugs and areas where I think we need to make changes - the following idea works by placing the text and flag image onto a button, but we need to be able to specify image/text alignment so that the image appears above the text, that lead me to decide that the alignment stuff could be rew
13:33-!-danielk23 [] has joined #mythtv
13:33*kormoc nods
13:34<Chutt>gbee, you got cut off :p
13:35<gbee>way I see it, better to make these changes now, before mythui is widely used than later when I'm forced to make compromises because no-one wants to update their theme
13:35<gbee>Chutt: didn't miss much ;)
13:37<Dibblah>Is anyone seeing anything odd with the Setup/TV Settings/Playback/Playback Profiles stuff in trunk?
13:37<Dibblah>Specifically, it appears to be no longer allowing some edits.
13:40<Dibblah>Deinterlacer works, max_cpus doesn't.
13:41<gbee>xris: you've been hinting heavily that metallurgy should go into SVN for 0.21 - any thoughts on where it should be? Not sure if people want it distributed with mythtv or just accessible through SVN - Justin's themes are in SVN but not in an official package location for size reasons
13:42<kormoc>gbee, I thought themes/ was for all non-distributed themes ?
13:42<xris>gbee: what kormoc said
13:43<xris>though I'd love to see it as the default theme if you ever get around to making a 4:3 version
13:43<gbee>ok :)
13:43*kormoc is rocking the G.N.A.T Life
13:43<xris>kormoc: you're one of few. :)
13:44<Chutt>mepo-wide's prettier
13:44<xris>gbee: speaking of which, did you get my pm awhile back about the metallurgy OSD? the "current place" in the editor is a bit hard to read in SD.
13:44<xris>yeah, mepo-wide is nice. but a ripoff of media portal, no?
13:45<Chutt>but it's still prettier :p
13:45<xris>than metallurgy?
13:45-!-danielk23 [] has left #mythtv []
13:46<gbee>xris: the edit bar? Shouldn't be ... could you get me a screenshot? Might have missed an image or something from the tarball but it's fine here
13:46-!-danielk22 [] has quit ["Leaving."]
13:46-!-TelnetManta [n=benwilli@] has joined #mythtv
13:46<xris>it's there, it was just really thin.. and the same color (or very close) to the cut markers
13:46<xris>so I couldn't tell which cut marker I was close to
13:47<gbee>xris: ahh, ok, I'll see if I can make it clearer then
13:48<justinh>nothing pretty about mepo-wide's colour scheme IMHO.
13:49<gbee>I'm not going to disagree that Mepo-wide might be prettier than metallurgy, from the start I've said that metallurgy came about as an accident, I didn't plan any of it
13:49<justinh>the one thing we can get everybody to agree on is that they can't agree which themes are better :P
13:50<gbee>the fact that people liked what I was doing, and they persuaded me to keep working on it came as a pretty big surprise
13:50<justinh>what mepo-wide has that no other theme has is _cute_
13:50<justinh>give me an off the shelf character I can rob from somewhere & I'll have a go :)
13:51<justinh>gbee: if I was running trunk I'd probably modify metallurgy to have a vertical menu & use that
13:51<justinh>sick of the sight of all of my themes now
13:53<gbee>taste is a personal and unaccountable thing, I can't tell you why I like the things that I do - I couldn't expect everyone to like my theme anymore than they can expect me to like Titivillus, Iulius or Blue (or GANT ... and Retro)
13:54<justinh>part of the reason I started theming is because the default graphics lacked polish. I didn't realise that at the time and in hindsight I sometimes wish I'd stuck to them
13:55<gbee>the one thing I will say about metallurgy is that I spent a _lot_ of time on every screen, getting positioning and consistency right, which unfortunately isn't the case for several of the core themes where they've only spent time making the menu look pretty
13:56<xris>gbee: we *should* do a theme audit before .21 and make sure the ones we include are at least mostly up to date
13:58*xris wishes trac would overhaul its ticket-comment code to make it more like jira, or even just useful for project managment.
13:58<xris>oh well. meeting time. afk.
13:58<gbee>xris: as much as I'd like to drop or at least quietly let some themes die, there are always going to be people who will fight to keep a theme in the distribution
13:59<xris>gbee: yeah. but then they should update it. :)
14:00<gbee>one of the reasons I favour the idea of themes being downloaded from instead of being distributed is that it will give us more accurate usage figures and also means that we can keep older themes available whilst making them less 'official'
14:03<gbee>if the 'official' mythtv themes, which form part of a users first experience, aren't very good, then that's going to influence their opinion of mythtv
14:11<xris>gbee: yeah. I've always liked the idea of a site.
14:12<xris>esp. if we could get some kind of downloader/browser built into the frontend
14:13-!-danielk22 [] has joined #mythtv
14:16-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
14:17<jams>if anybody cares the default menu diagram has been updated
14:17-!-dekar1 [] has quit [Read error: 131 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:18<justinh>gbee: if 1st impressions are that big a deal maybe make the theme choice on first run the same as language
14:19-!-dekarl [] has joined #mythtv
14:20<gbee>jams: nice :)
14:21<jams>dvr is on it's way
14:21-!-jwhite [] has quit ["Leaving"]
14:21<gbee>justinh: as we've said before, we aren't trying to persuade anyone to use mythtv instead of another product, but I am getting tired of hearing people moan that they tried mythtv once and it was ugly
14:22<xris>yeah. I think the "hard to use" excuse is long gone now.
14:22<okolsi>managed to find new segfault in MythMusic.. time to compile with debugging option..
14:23<janneg>j-rod: sure, have you enabled multithreaded decoding for libavcodec (--enable--ffmpeg-pthreads)?
14:24<janneg>I have too look what it takes to make it default
14:25<j-rod>janneg: I didn't explicitly enable anything anywhere yet...
14:26<j-rod>but a 1080p hd-dvd file plays reasonably well with the latest xine. not as well with mplayer, and horribly with mythfrontend (~2wk old build)
14:27<j-rod>h264 video, dolby digital audio, matroska wrapper
14:27<gbee>latest trunk might help then, but a 2 week old build doesn't include the latest threaded decoding which helps with some, but not all streams
14:28<j-rod>r15699, built 1/31
14:29<Dibblah>janneg: Probably better off here.
14:30<Dibblah>j-rod: Also, check if your max CPU selection "stuck" - It doesn't if I edit the first profile, I think.
14:30<janneg>j-rod: matroska might create trouble if you try to seek
14:31<j-rod>janneg: yeah, seeking isn't always so hot no matter the player
14:31<j-rod>Dibblah: will double-check that too...
14:33<Dibblah>janneg: Many apologies - May be my fault.
14:33<j-rod>svn: 'themes/blootubelite-wide/trans-background.png' has unsupported special file type '?\137PNG
14:33<Dibblah>Does it check if ffmpeg-pthreads is enabled before allowing 2 CPUs?
14:33<justinh>j-rod: ?
14:33<Dibblah>(I used --enable-pthreads, which does not set ffmpeg-pthreads)
14:33-!-jmusits [] has joined #mythtv
14:33<justinh>I thought I'd killed off all the trans- files ages ago
14:34<j-rod>justinh: dunno, got that after and svn up and svn export...
14:35<justinh>seems I hadn't killed off all the fleximages either :-\
14:35<janneg>Dibblah: no, it should check if threading is enabled, so --enable-pthreads should work
14:36<Dibblah>I'll try things shortly with the correct configure options.
14:36<justinh>those themes are a mess. are general cleanups considered bugfixes or features?
14:36<justinh>just wondering where they stand re the feature freeze
14:36<gbee>anyone use itunes?
14:37<justinh>gbee: I sometimes do
14:37*j-rod does
14:37<justinh>nice quick cd ripping. starting to find the audio quality is lacking though hence my intent to re-rip soon
14:37<gbee> << Can't test this patch so I'm looking to pass off the ticket to someone who does
14:38<kormoc>gbee, if you don't figure someone out by later today, feel free to assign it to me
14:38<justinh>lumme - it's C
14:39<gbee>kormoc: thanks
14:40<kormoc>gbee, include in the contrib section ya think?
14:40<j-rod>man, I like n wifi...
14:40<gbee>kormoc: yeah, maybe in the future we might integrate the functionality into mythmusic but this belongs in contrib for now
14:41*kormoc nods
14:41<kormoc>Rgr that
14:42<gbee>for that reason I might even be prepared to just commit it without review, but we'll likely receive support requests for anything in contrib so I'd rather someone take a closer look or at least take responsibility away from me :p
14:50<gbee>xris: you there? want to clarify something before I post to the list, when looking over the DD spec (old one) last year, I noticed that they provided some information which we are currently ignoring - something along the lines of marking programmes as having surround sound or some other additional audio/video property?
14:59<dekarl>anybody mind moving to component eit?
15:01<Anduin>dekarl: done
15:02<dekarl>and wants to be "dvb" (yes I'm trying to clean up a bit)
15:03<dekarl>hmm sounds like "dvb" radio but I'm not sure on this one
15:04-!-jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
15:07<dekarl>cancel that #4601 move, it's mp3 in adu in rtp related
15:07<janneg>dekarl: #4601 is streaming and I wouldn't update tickets which got already some love
15:08<janneg>the components are also fuzzy
15:09<dekarl>janned: I concur after digging into the source (and thanks to google) but I can't see the love, it's just a newly submitted patch ;)
15:10-!-mattwire [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
15:10<dekarl>on to which wants love and component "contrib"
15:11<janneg>dekarl: I've worked already on #4510
15:11-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
15:13<dekarl>janneg: I see. Even a patch came in shortly after you closed it
15:17<janneg>yeah, I know
15:19<dekarl>#2445 is component documentation (can I fix the metadata myself? just trying to be of some use without running trunk yet)
15:19-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
15:20<janneg>dekarl: only with a trac account
15:22<gbee>we require a trac account for editing tickets/metadata otherwise we have to deal with vandalism and spam
15:23<dekarl>I see, but somehow the "register" link escapes me
15:23<gbee>dekarl: only devs have trac accounts at the moment
15:24<dekarl>Hmm, then I shall collect the changes and bug a dev to apply them in one go ;)
15:24<gbee>may change later, but trac doesn't really support self-registration of users so we need to patch it first
15:24<xris>gbee: actually, I think SD is (finally) allowed to post the DD spec... but it doesn't surprise me that there is info in the file that mythtv doesn't use.
15:24<xris>I'd *love* to see season/episode numbers get used.
15:24<xris>really handy for sorting
15:25<gbee>xris: cool, well I'd like to take a look even though I wouldn't be responsible for implementing additional support (I'm afraid of Bruce ;) )
15:27<xris>I think daniel does the DD stuff, anyway
15:31<xris>I actually don't think bruce and I "talk" anymore... we got into some fairly heated debates when SD was being formed
15:31-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
15:31<Chutt>i can get bruce to agree with me, usually. =)
15:31<xris>so I just avoid him. would rather that he not think of me instead of disliking me.
15:32<Chutt>he tends to get annoyed when people touch the scheduler, is all
15:32<xris>doesn't surprise me
15:32<Chutt>or the analog encoder stuff
15:33<xris>but someone will need to touch it for mysql5 support
15:33<Chutt>get david involved
15:33<xris>but I gather that he and Captain_Murdoch have been doing that
15:33<Chutt>and cpinkham
15:33<Chutt>otherwise, changes in tickets/dev list first
15:36<gbee>doesn't like anyone touching things which he uses really, when I deleted a commented section of code from mythfilldatabase he reverted it without explanation and then got very upset when I asked him why
15:36<gbee>not unlike the recent episode
15:36<janneg>gbee: just enabled pthreads as default
15:36<gbee>janneg: cool
15:37<Chutt>i'll smack harder next time he does that
15:37<Chutt>i think i made it clear this time
15:38<janneg>I'm still wondering why bruce hasn't flamed me over #4240 "Recording length has doubled"
15:38<gbee>this line bypassed the stuff which lightens the load on DD servers and forced it to always download data for every day - since it was commented I assumed it was redundant and unused but seems Bruce is one of the few people who uses it (but doesn't think everyone should use it because of the strain on the servers ... )
15:42-!-danielk22 [] has left #mythtv []
15:42-!-saxin [] has left #mythtv []
15:44<xris>gbee: there have been a number of user complaints to SD about "incorrect data" that turn out to just be mythtv only downloading new data 1-2 days out
15:45<xris>I want to redesign the xml spec for SD if/when we start hosting our own data so that it's easier to download diffs of info
15:45<xris>allow queries for specific program ids, etc.
15:46<GreyFoxx>hmmm is there a mythprotocol query for getting a list of currently connected clients(well frontends specifically) ?
15:46-!-foxhunt [] has joined #mythtv
15:47<xris>GreyFoxx: not sure. I think I have to ping each one for the mythweb frontend control stuff
15:48<GreyFoxx>I'm mainly looking to see if there is a way to get a list of client registered hostnames and their IP's. Since not all will resolve DNS wise
15:48-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
15:48<xris>look at mythweb/includes/mythfrontend.php
15:49<xris>that's how I did it
15:49<xris>(would paste it, but the query is more than 2 lines)
15:49*xris remembers that he still wants a way to tell a frontend to take a screencap of itself
15:50<GreyFoxx>I was thinking of a mythweb patch anwyay, basically a Frontend Status page, showing what each frontend is currently doing using query location and or what file it's playing
15:51<xris>GreyFoxx: part of that is already in mythweb
15:51<GreyFoxx>tie that in with a screencap, and then telnet controls to navigate and yuo have a nifty FE management screen
15:51<gbee>xris: currently playing material? shouldn't be hard to implement that, the method already exists to grab a screen shot of what is currently on screen and combine that with an XML method in mythxml.cpp
15:51<xris>GreyFoxx: that's exactly what I want.
15:51<xris>the telnet interface isn't granular enough to tell where a person is within menu navigation, etc.
15:52<xris>gbee: thought that screenshot stuff only existed for video playback.
15:52<xris>I need screencap of menus, mythmusic, whatever
15:52<GreyFoxx>no, but for basic status you don't need it. But you could click on the screencap, and have a border with arrows/enter/escape for navigation
15:52<GreyFoxx>taking a new screencap after each key
15:52<xris>GreyFoxx: yes
15:52<gbee>xris: ahh, yeah misunderstood - but with mythui still easy to do
15:52<xris>gbee: yeah, I vaguely remember talking about having to wait for that.
15:53<gbee>a very simple addition to the the painter code to dump the current screen to a file
15:53<xris>GreyFoxx: I tried to do screenshot stuff with qt, but could never get it working properly.
15:53<GreyFoxx>hmm I remember seeing a remote control thing in here and now I can't remember where it was (in mythweb)
15:53<xris>GreyFoxx: might be turned off.. I had completely forgotten that I wrote it.
15:53<GreyFoxx>I've seen it in there before
15:53<GreyFoxx>but it's not where I thought it least not anymore
15:53<gbee>menus are already pseudo-mythui so we can do those already
15:54<gbee>GreyFoxx: access it from the mythweb main menu
15:55<GreyFoxx>ahhh duh
15:55<GreyFoxx>I was in settings looking around :)
15:55-!-grokky [n=grokky@] has joined #mythtv
15:57<gbee>There's guide data until 2034-11-16 13:47 (9775 days).
15:57<jams>heh the mythweb remote lists all my inactive FE, but not the active ones.
15:57<janneg>gbee: that should be impossible
15:57<GreyFoxx>xris: I'll play with that post 0.21
15:58<gbee>janneg: the bad events might have been inserted before any recent changes
15:58<gbee>first time I've looked at that screen in a while
15:58<janneg>gbee: are you sure it is recent? I committed last week a fix
15:58<GreyFoxx>I've had code to take a screenshot in myth via QT before
16:00<dekarl>gbee: I clean them out by adjusting the start / end time so it's in the past. r15830 should keep new junk dates from getting inserted
16:00<gbee>GreyFoxx: not saying it's impossible with the current UI code, just that I know a simple way to do it with mythui :)
16:01<GreyFoxx>p = QPixmap::grabWindow( QApplication::desktop()->winId(), x, y, w, h );
16:01<GreyFoxx>then save p as the filename/type you want
16:01<gbee>GreyFoxx: yeah, well that's pretty easy as well ;)
16:01<GreyFoxx>tie it into a upnp/http grab
16:01<gbee>dekarl: I just do "DELETE FROM program WHERE starttime > '2009';"
16:02<janneg>GreyFoxx: iirc that didn't worked the last time xris and I tried it
16:02<dekarl>gbee: I was afraid of keeping leftovers in other tables (due to mysql not obeying foreign key constraints on my setup)
16:02<gbee>first I've seen of grabWindow - looks handy
16:03<GreyFoxx>janneg: ahhh ok. I've used it in myth before and it worked, but that was a while ago
16:03<GreyFoxx>I'll check it out anyway since I'd love a FE control station built into mythweb and that would be ideal :)
16:03<gbee>only mythweather in trunk even uses foreign key contraints, not too bothered about cruft in the sub tables since bad EIT events are unlikely to have any associated data like credits etc
16:04<janneg>GreyFoxx: I can't remember the details, we made mybe stupid mistakes
16:05*GreyFoxx heads home
16:13-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
16:13-!-joobie [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:22-!-MrGandalf [] has quit ["home"]
16:22-!-foxhunt [] has quit ["Leaving"]
16:22-!-grokky [n=grokky@] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:26-!-JoeyBorn [] has joined #mythtv
16:27-!-Buggaboo [] has joined #mythtv
16:27-!-Buggaboo [] has left #mythtv ["bye"]
16:27-!-mo0dbo0m [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:29<stuarta>janneg: re #554. i thought it already checked the partnumber/parttotal. thats the impression i get from using it (not from reading the code)
16:31-!-czth__ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-6fd654e301a3b240] has joined #mythtv
16:38<janneg>stuarta: I have a different impression from grepping the source
16:39<gbee>so are we branching tonight?
16:39<stuarta>janneg: i kinda suspected that. hence the (not from reading the code)
16:40*stuarta chants branch branch branch
16:41<janneg>stuarta: btw #2062 will be resolved with the next ffmpeg sync
16:41<stuarta>i'm guessing that's the HD ch5 MBAFF stuff?
16:41<janneg>gbee: no objections from me
16:42<stuarta>sure thing. i'll test is asap and close it then
16:42-!-JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
16:45-!-grokky [n=grokky@] has joined #mythtv
16:46<gbee>superm1: we ok for 0.21 to go into Hardy if we branch a RC version now?
16:46<gbee>there are a few bug fixes still to go into 0.21, but the idea is that we get those into the branch over the next couple of weeks
16:48-!-czth_ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-b4ceed433dc43d71] has quit [Success]
16:48<hads>I assume the branch would be feature freeze?
16:49<hads>doh, I guess no Python bindings move then. Oh well.
16:50<gbee>two reasons for doing it this way around, we don't have to sit on patches which are ready for trunk and we are less likely to miss the distro release deadlines
16:52<gbee>normally we'd have the feature freeze and branch on the day of release, but that means we can't get on with feature related work
16:53<Anduin>hads: I'll get it in
16:53<Anduin>hads: tiny delay caused by putting the cast stuff in there at the same time
16:53<hads>Anduin: Yay. Thanks! :)
16:54<Anduin>Not getting hidden menu items in though, oh well.
16:55<Anduin>It is never right until the dot release anyway
16:58<gbee>we won't let 15 months go by before 0.22 is released
16:59<gbee>err, 17 months
16:59<Anduin>We depends on Chutt having time though...
17:00<Chutt>i'm creating the branch tonight.
17:00<Anduin>What time tonight?
17:00<Chutt>(eastern time)
17:02<Anduin>Sound good
17:02<Chutt>more vaque than good
17:02<Chutt>err, vague
17:03<Anduin>Meh, I only have a small commit I can get in in the next few hours so it sounds great to me
17:03<Chutt>we won't release for a few weeks still
17:04<Chutt>i was thinking march 1st
17:04-!-TelnetManta [n=benwilli@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
17:06<janneg>one day earlier would be nice
17:08<Anduin>It would help remove the temptation to wait until the third.
17:09<Anduin>Though probably harder to find the time to update the web page etc
17:10<gbee>it would be nice to launch the new website at the same time, but I don't want to put any pressure on xris ;)
17:12-!-Anduin [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
17:13<Chutt>getting lots of traffic is not the time when you want to launch a new website
17:15<jams>gbee is the addition of the button type useful ?
17:16<jams>optional of course
17:17<gbee>as an option yes, makes the it a little crowded otherwise
17:17<gbee>handy for themeing etc, but not really for end users
17:18<jams>right, thats what i was thinking. displaying was easy, making it optional will be a bit more work.
17:18<gbee>would like to stick these images on the wiki for users as a sort of crib sheet
17:20<jams>i would, but that would mean creating a wiki login
17:20<xris>gbee: yeah, helps if the other devs give me descriptions/screenshots from their plugins. :)
17:21<gbee>xris: heh, yeah I promise to find time tomorrow, felt a little too much like English homework though which is why I've kept putting it off
17:22<gbee>jams: you don't want to create a wiki login? Or it's too much hassle?
17:23<xris>screenshots are the more important part
17:23<xris>but for that, it would be nice to have a standard theme. :)
17:25<kormoc>G.A.N.T for life yo! :P
17:27*gbee suspects kormoc of taking backhanders from Oscar
17:27-!-MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
17:27*kormoc laughs
17:29-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:29<gbee>I don't completely hate GANT, I do admire the artwork but I couldn't look at it day after day
17:30-!-JoeXBorn [] has joined #mythtv
17:31-!-xris [] has quit []
17:45<justinh>hate is too strong a word for any theme really, knowing what goes into em all
17:47-!-JoeyBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:48<justinh>got a couple more things to add to my todo list that I found tonight. disable autoexpire on a playlist & maybe move the autoexpire list out of the status page. any objections before I waste time thinking about them some more?
17:51-!-dekarl [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:55<justinh>jams: new watermark required?
17:55<justinh>not much work & better than having blank spaces IMHO
17:56<jams>justinh- you could reuse general, it's what it was using before.
17:56<gbee>what's the rationale for moving the autoexpire list?
17:56<justinh>think I'll have a look & if I have suitable icons lying around I'll do em
17:57<jams>i just need a unique buttontype for each menu entry.
17:57<justinh>gbee: mostly to be able to see more detail
17:57*gbee wonders if he can do a convincing hard drive
17:57<gbee>justinh: sounds good then
17:58*jams starts updating the screen capture program
17:58<justinh>possibly try & see if an estimated time to expire could be worked out too - be nice but non-essential
18:00<justinh>just happened to look in my list to expire just now & found I'd forgotten to unset Spooks. added group to playlist, went to toggle expire on the playlist. oops :)
18:00-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit ["Leaving"]
18:01-!-MavT [] has joined #mythtv
18:05-!-|gunni| [] has joined #mythtv
18:12-!-Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
18:14<justinh>jams: I'll look into the watermarks later but I'll set about committing that patch & the theme changes now
18:18-!-danielk22 [] has joined #mythtv
18:19-!-MaverickTech [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:23-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
18:28<justinh>jams: tis done
18:36<jams>justinh- did you see An option has been added to add the button type.
18:37<justinh>the time that would have saved me :)
18:37<jams>yeah it's a little late, but still useful.
18:37<justinh>that's 'well wicked', that is
18:42-!-xris [] has quit []
18:42-!-beavis [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
18:43-!-mattwire [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
18:44-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
18:46-!-xris [] has joined #mythtv
19:02<xris>j-rod: still around? I'm still getting "ld: library not found for -lqt-mt"
19:05<j-rod>xris: sort of around
19:05<j-rod>still tending to sick kids
19:05<xris>ah, ick
19:05<j-rod>but --prefix /opt/local and --libdir-name lib ought to do the trick, I thought
19:07<j-rod>lemme double-check some other knobs..
19:08<j-rod>I've got QTDIR=/opt/local/, DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/local/lib, /opt/local/bin in PATH... that's about it on the env tweaks I made
19:09<xris>qtdir may do it
19:09<j-rod>(--libdir-name shouldn't be necessary, I don't think, it ought to just use lib)
19:10<xris>it doesn't work, anyway
19:10<j-rod>oh yeah, -lqt-mt location failures on linux are typically a missing/bad QTDIR
19:10<xris>configure complains about an unknown command
19:11-!-PointyPumper [i=Pintlezz@] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:11-!-Tanthrix [] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
19:14-!-mphill [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
19:18<Chutt>so - any complaints about the new trac workflow?
19:18<Chutt>now that it's been up for a while
19:19<xris>Chutt: only that devs aren't using trac for tracking larger projects. :)
19:19<xris>j-rod: someone cleaned up ./configure a couple of months ago and made it die on unrecognized commands
19:19<Chutt>we have like a dozen developers, maybe.
19:19<Chutt>this is a small project :p
19:19<xris>most/all of us in general, I think
19:20<xris>but part of it is the fact that trac is hard to organize,,,
19:20<Chutt>nobody uses the timeline thing, though
19:20<xris>yeah, that's always an issue.
19:20<xris>and why I like using jira so much lately.
19:20<xris>but it's overkill for a general issue tracker.
19:20<Chutt>we're not switching :p
19:20<xris>not asking.
19:20<Chutt>it was enough pain to get to svn+trac =)
19:21<j-rod>xris: meant 'what unknown command was it puking on?'
19:21<xris>j-rod: the libdir-name one
19:21<danielk22>I like the info_needed, reporters no longer yell about their tickets being closed as invalid...
19:21<xris>Chutt: might be cool to put up an instance of fisheye, though. it's a much nicer code browser than trac's.. and can be made to link back and forth with trac.
19:21<j-rod>xris: oh, if done w/o the =, I think I remember seeing that go boom.
19:21<xris>but i the end it's probably not worth the effort to set up and run a tomcat instance
19:22<j-rod>but '--libdir-name=LIBNAME search/install libraries in PREFIX/LIBNAME [lib]'
19:22<xris>dyld: Symbol not found: __cg_jpeg_resync_to_restart
19:22<j-rod>xris: heh, that's the libJPEG one I mentioned. :)
19:22<xris>oh, missed that. what about it?
19:23<j-rod>export DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/System/Library/Frameworks/ApplicationServices.framework/Versions/A/Frameworks/ImageIO.framework/Versions/A/Resources/:$DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH
19:24<j-rod>for whatever reason, one time through, that libJPEG.dylib gets picked over the macports one
19:24<j-rod>next time though, we don't find it
19:24<superm1>gbee, yes we should be
19:24<xris>compiling again
19:25<gbee>Chutt: one issue, the "info provided" option isn't available for ordinary users
19:26<Chutt>i thought it was..
19:26<Chutt>oh well
19:26<Chutt>actually, it works that way
19:26<Chutt>we get to decide that it was properly provided =)
19:26<j-rod>xris: still haven't actually *tried* my build... but I think that was the last thing to get it actually built. :)
19:28<j-rod>hrm, this is a new one... Cannot find codec for audio format 0x2000
19:28<j-rod>mplayer working on a .evo file
19:29*j-rod suspects even more bleeding edge ffmpeg might be needed for dd+ audio...
19:29<xris>hmm, still fails on that libjpg
19:30-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
19:31<j-rod>when did this "cannot find your home dir, please set HOME or MYTHCONFDIR" stuff creep in?
19:31<janneg>last week
19:31<Chutt>janneg, doesn't mysql have enums with names?
19:32<j-rod>explains why my 2 week old build was fine and this tanked on me...
19:32*j-rod twiddles knobs...
19:32<xris>Chutt: yes
19:32<xris>so does postgres in 8.3 now, too
19:32<Chutt>we should use those
19:32<janneg>j-rod: eac3 isn't yet merged into main ffmpeg
19:33<j-rod>janneg: ah, ok, good to know
19:34-!-TelnetManta [] has joined #mythtv
19:34<xris>Chutt: yes, we should. they're stored internally as an int, and thus quite fast
19:35<xris>j-rod: still have that libjpg error. no clue what's up there.
19:36<janneg>enums won't help since we have bit fields and I don't want to enumerate all combinations
19:37<Chutt>you can't tell them which values?
19:38<xris>not a range
19:38<xris>ENUM('a', 'b', 'ab', 'c, 'abc');
19:38<Chutt>oh, that's busted
19:38<xris>and you can't add to it, only replace.. so you have to redefine the entire list if you want to add one value
19:39<xris>how is that busted?
19:39<Chutt>nevermind =)
19:39<Chutt>you can't do bitfields
19:39<xris>enum in mysql is basically a hash table of strings..
19:39<xris>db enum isn't designed for that. it's so you can store strings in a faster/smaller format if you only have certain values for those strings
19:40<j-rod>janneg: ok, so today's build is *much* better at handling the 1080p file I've got than 2 weeks ago... doesn't look like I'm using multi-threaded decoding just yet though
19:40*j-rod pokes at more stuff
19:41<kormoc>there is a named bit field that allows multiple values I think...
19:41<j-rod>xris: pastebin me some more output, maybe something will click
19:42<xris>that's all of it
19:43<janneg>j-rod: you have to enable it in the video display profiles
19:45<kormoc>xris, Chutt,
19:46<kormoc>there's your named bit fields
19:46<kormoc>it's actually decently speedy too
19:47<janneg>kormoc: that should do it
19:48<janneg>do you know if it's possible to use integer
19:49<kormoc>janneg, Aye, you can cast the value to a int with col+0
19:49<kormoc>and you can store ints into it and it should work fine
19:50<j-rod>janneg: yeah, that's what I figured, heading there now
19:53<janneg>ok, nice. I'll change the video properties,... accordingly
19:54<xris>janneg: mythvideo or mythtv?
19:54<j-rod>...and what was the fix for it apparently not taking?
19:54<j-rod>I go back in to double-check, and I'm back to max 1 cpu
19:55<janneg>xris: program data annotation like hdtv, stereo, widescreen, ....
19:56<xris>ah, so mythweb will need to be updated, then
19:56<janneg>xris: no, it gets programinfos and the old columns will remain alive for a while
19:58-!-mzb_d800 [] has joined #mythtv
20:03*j-rod finds Dibblah's note that editing max cpus in first profile appears to not work atm
20:03-!-mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:08<j-rod>shit. I can't get >1 cpu to stick anywhere.
20:09<Dibblah>In the database works.
20:09<Dibblah>What was your configure command line?
20:09<j-rod>included both --enable-pthreads and --enable-ffmpeg-pthreads
20:10<Dibblah>j-rod: Not technically correct, but
20:11<Dibblah>update displayprofiles set value=2 where data='pref_max_cpus';
20:12<janneg>Dibblah: it inserts 1 for pref_max_cpus?
20:12<janneg>regardlessly of the spinbox value?
20:12<Dibblah>It appears to not update.
20:12<j-rod>looks like that would be 'update displayprofiles set data=2 where value=pref_max_cpus;
20:13<janneg>value are string
20:14<j-rod>ah, now its sticking
20:14<Dibblah>janneg: When I was looking at it earlier, it appeared to only go wrong with one of the profiles (not groups) and appeared to be the first one in the list.
20:14<janneg>argh, yes, Dibblah mixed data and value
20:14<Dibblah>janneg: Yes. Sorry :)
20:20<j-rod>hm... so how do I know if its using mutiple cpus or not?
20:20<j-rod>cpu% in top is hanging around 103% for mythfrontend
20:21<j-rod>playback is pretty smooth, save the frames that appear to be arriving out of order and the occasional chunks of blocks
20:23<j-rod>ew. still chokes on the audio in this 720p h264.
20:23<j-rod>I think xine still handles both of my samples better.
20:24-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
20:27<j-rod>xine is flawless, save when the scene gets really complex and a core gets pegged
20:27<janneg>j-rod: number of threads is in the -v playback output but 103% doesn't look like it's using more than one core
20:28-!-BleedAway [] has joined #mythtv
20:30<j-rod>VDP: Accepting: cmp(>= 1280 720) dec(ffmpeg) cpus(2)
20:30-!-BleedAway [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
20:31<j-rod>on lower-detail scenes, cpu usage does get down to like 50%, so it could be that's just the upper limit of what it really does need...
20:32<j-rod>hrm, but I don't really think so...
20:34-!-BleedAway [] has joined #mythtv
20:35<janneg>j-rod: use htop or press '1' top to look at detailed cpu usage and H if your procps is new enough to have thread support
20:38<j-rod>yeah, one thread at 100%, a few others at 1%
20:41<j-rod>claims in the -v playback output that we're going to use 2 cpus
20:42<janneg>the stream has either only one slice per frame or uses the wrong deblocking type
20:49-!-JoeXBorn is now known as JoeBorn
20:52<j-rod>ok, multithreaded playback looks like its working on mpeg2 hdtv stuff
20:52<j-rod>figures. doesn't work on the one file where I really need it. :)
20:54<janneg>does xine use multiple threads?
20:56<j-rod>nope. at least, not yet
20:56<j-rod>no clue if it can/will in the near future
20:56<janneg>j-rod: ffmpeg -debug 1 -i $i -f null /dev/null will report the number of slices
20:59<janneg>and the deblocking type, loop:1, will use only one thread
20:59<j-rod>I see 'slice_groups:1'
21:00<j-rod>and all the spew only ever mentions slice:1
21:00<j-rod>ah, and 'loop:0:0:0'
21:01<janneg>then it has only one slice and can't be decoded in paralell by current libavcodec
21:04<j-rod>darn. ah well.
21:07<j-rod>so the race is back on... parallel decode of single-slice files or decode offload enhancements to the intel video driver... :)
21:09<j-rod>or me breaking down and buying either a faster mac mini or a cpu upgrade for this one, or running mac os x
21:09<j-rod>quicktime player + tidbits fares quite well
21:13-!-PointyPumper [i=Pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
21:13<janneg>j-rod: you could try to disable the loopfilter which brings quite a bit performance boost with little quality loss at HD resolution
21:20-!-jmpdelos [] has joined #mythtv
21:29<janneg>lol: 2008-02-12 03:28:53.609 Backing up database to file: /video/5/mythconverg-1210-20080212032853.sql.gz
21:30<janneg>and later: A database backup might be a good idea
21:30-!-Gokee2_Laptop [] has joined #mythtv
21:34-!-knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has joined #mythtv
21:35-!-JoeBorn [] has quit ["need to run"]
21:37-!-jmpdelos_ [] has quit [Connection timed out]
21:39-!-jmpdelos [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
21:40<knowledgejunkie>In a setup with multiple videosources (I have two currently), what dictates the order in which programme entries are populated in GUI elements such as Programme Finder, Rule Search or Film Search?
21:41<janneg>iirc chanid
21:42<knowledgejunkie>My relevant ticket ( discusses this and is now nearly a year old - there are confusing enties marked as 'Other Showing' which will be recorded at the same time on the same channel on the other video source.
21:42<knowledgejunkie>janneg: is there any ordering logic?
21:46<janneg>forget what I've said, thought of something different
21:53<GreyFoxx>xris: Got the screenshots working
21:53<GreyFoxx>For the moment it's just mapped to the INFO button in the watch recordings screen
21:54<j-rod>janneg: thanks, might give that a shot. just about out of steam for tonight tho (still recovering from illness)
21:54<GreyFoxx>but I can setup a proper screenshot action
21:54<GreyFoxx>and we can call it via upnp/http as well as have a screenshot button in the rest of myth
21:55<jams>GreyFoxx- nice, that should also help with my menuwalker action shot program
21:58<jams>not having to set the windowid for each run is a very good thing.
21:58-!-Gokee2_Laptop [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
21:58<GreyFoxx>That's what I;m using to get the root myth windowid
21:59<GreyFoxx>oh right, you are using an external app
21:59<jams>i'm using xwininfo, click on mythfrontend, update my config file
21:59<GreyFoxx>hmmm a telnet control to return window info might be useful
21:59<GreyFoxx>could return X info/id's for X11 and other stuff for win32 or macosx
22:00<jams>yes that could be useful
22:00<knowledgejunkie>janneg: the entries I see in the GUI elements frequently come from the videosource that is *not* going to be used. This means that entries neither give a capture card reference, nor are highlighted.
22:01<jams>quick commit that before feature freeze
22:01<GreyFoxx>jams: heh
22:01<GreyFoxx>this will be part of the goody back for 0.22 :)
22:02<GreyFoxx>If a smaller release cycle does come about that could be interesting :)
22:05<jams>i'm hoping for every ~6 months
22:06<jams>but either way doesn't matter to much to me
22:16<superm1>predictable release cycle would be awesome
22:18<Anduin>hads: Why the conversion from MythTV to mythtv?
22:25<janneg>test time for the integrated database backup, just changed audioprop, ... to sets
22:34<hads>Anduin: The main reason was to be inline with the Python standard library, especially since everything is going lowercase in Python 3.
22:34<hads>Anduin: I can make a patch without that if you prefer though.
22:39<knowledgejunkie>Would a patch be accepted if it were to add a new item to the Search Lists menu page for Deaf/Blind accessible programming?
22:39<Anduin>hads: I've already done it, they aren't going to enforce that in 3 right?
22:39<hads>Anduin: Not enforced AFAIK, but all module names in the standard library are going to be converted to lower.
22:41<Anduin>Yeah, all headers in standard C++ are lowercase as well, no reason to follow though. Other than case changes everything looks ok to me, just need to test it before committing.
22:44<Anduin>hads: any ideas about PREFIX support?
22:46<hads>I didn't think it would be an issue since should handle that automatically.
22:46<hads>Well, handle putting them where Python wants them which may not be in line with PREFIX.
22:47<Chutt> ugh
22:47<Chutt>too sleepy
22:47<Anduin>Yeah, problem for package builders who would need it relative to some clean directory
22:47<Chutt>no branch tonight
22:47<Anduin>tomorrow morning?
22:48<hads>Anduin: Ah, I forgot about package builders :\
22:48<Chutt>unless i wake up and am bored in the middle of the night
22:49<hads>TBH I know very little about that.
22:49<Anduin>hads: Yeah, I have a hard time doing that as my default install involves pushing them through rpm
22:49<Anduin>hads: Yup, I'll take care of it, just wondered if you could save me time ;)
22:50<hads>Anduin: Sorry
22:50<Anduin>hads: It isn't a problem, I'm almost done.
22:50-!-nsaspook [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
22:51-!-nsaspook [] has joined #mythtv
22:51<Anduin>(--prefix seems to work fine)
22:53<xris>GreyFoxx: slick
22:54<xris>GreyFoxx: if you want to test it out, it's the "remote" module in mythweb... so /mythweb/remote or /remote depending on your your stuff is set up
22:59<MrGandalf>damn, branch tomorrow.. thought I would make the deadline.. oh well..
23:21-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
23:38-!-Tanthrix [] has joined #mythtv
23:40<Chutt>branch created
23:50-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:53<Anduin>Oh tricky, now to find a way basic python bindings are a bug fix
23:55<Anduin>hads: The logging stuff is annoying, it can break things like
23:56<hads>Ah, That was trisoma. Is setting it a no logging level by default good enough?
23:57<Anduin>Yeah I'm fixing it, just the last little thing
23:57-!-knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has quit ["Leaving..."]
23:57-!-sphery [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:57<hads>To CRITICAL or something
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