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05:02<justinh>hmmm I can ssh into & svn list /var/lib/svn/branches/release-0-21-fixes ok but not check it out
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05:04<stuarta>phew, remote reboot after a kernel & libc update, and it all came up
05:09<justinh>weird. the checkout is working on my other machine
05:09<justinh>ah well I'll just merge last night's theme changes on there then
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05:58*justinh ponders these menu popups. so many ways to do them.. which is best.. hmmm
06:06<gbee>superm1: that's a better default than we have right now
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06:22<S2>gbee: i think i may have read it from you some time ago, but i can't remember: there is a word in english that defines database updates that have to be made in a particular order to be valid... there is a special word for that, and i think you have written it here some time ago... can you remenber?
06:23<gbee>no sorry
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06:23<S2>say you have two scripts, the first makes an insert, and the second makes an update on the first inserted row. if you execute the update first, it will fail because the row the insert was supposed to insert is not there
06:24<S2>have to dig through logs then
06:24<S2>i think you where talking about a reverted ticket
06:24<S2>with janneg
06:24<S2>a few days ago
06:28<gbee>maybe, but my memory isn't very good
06:29<S2>ok :)
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07:07<justinh>starting to think I could do with a machine at work for doing this stuff. but then, that'd be like admitting I do non-work
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07:18<justinh>ugh vnc over freenx over ssh :(
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07:33<justinh>can't decide what to call the new splitup playlist popups
07:33<justinh>maybe Playlist Actions - for play, shuffle play, clear playlist & toggle playlist for this recording
07:34<justinh>then Playlist Operations - for the stuff which gets done _to_ the playlist items
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07:59<justinh> 2.jpg and 3.jpg for starters - 2nd & 3rd popups need labels though. reckonings?
08:00<anykey_>nice colors :p
08:00<justinh>vnc for ya eh
08:00<anykey_>heh, looks good though
08:00<justinh>just noticed the other popup needs a focus doodah
08:01<justinh>anykey_: the popup was almost the full screen height before
08:02<justinh>tempted to make the delete action more like the regular 'watch recordings' delete too
08:03<anykey_>I wonder what the point in Gloss is...
08:03<justinh>getting dugg
08:04<justinh>I've not been paying attention to OSS for very long so I dunno how transient a lot of these hyped things end up being
08:04<anykey_>well, in my opinion they would better put the effort into mythui or so...
08:07<justinh>but muhhhh, python, muhhhh, clutter,, clutter, 2.0, mumble
08:09<justinh>oh no no no no no. I didn't just have that thought. god no. I don't even want to go there
08:09<justinh>hint - xml files. popups
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08:14<gbee>no, you didn't
08:17<justinh>I know I didn't
08:18<justinh>easier to forget about it knowing howmuch work'd be involved and the actual lack of _point_ in it
08:20<justinh>btw has anybody else noticed a lack of mouse clickable-ness on popup menus lately?
08:21<justinh>nevermind. seems to have cleared up
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08:29<DaveMorris>Bug was closed 15hrs ago as been invalid, any idea why?
08:30*DaveMorris slaps himself for been stupid
08:30<DaveMorris>and follows the duplicate bug thing
08:44<superm1>gbee, did/will you apply that, or should I just attach it to a bug?
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08:44<gbee>superm1: I'll apply it
08:46<gbee>just trying to figure out I might help get an alsa bug fixed - been outstanding for months and kills my machine :(
08:46<gbee>doesn't help that alsa seems to have so few devs and just one to deal with usb-audio issues
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08:53<canatella>justinh: I've got a Ruby version of the mythappearance plugin fonctional :)
08:54<canatella>however I need some introduction on memory management with mythui. When does one need to call the delete method of the widget created in a plugin ? Or is there some garbage collection system in mythtv ?
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09:13<gbee>deletion is handled by the parent, so long as the widget is parented to mythscreentype (or indirectly via anything which inherits from mythuitype) it will be deleted when the window is destroyed
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09:14<gbee>each parent deletes all it's children, which in turn delete their children etc
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09:15<canatella>gbee: and so once stack->AddScreen(type) is called type will be freed by stack ?
09:16<gbee>once popscreen is called the lot gets deleted
09:16<canatella>great, thanks
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09:29<gbee>for the record, it's the QObject base class which handles the deletion, mythuitype inherits from QObject, and all mythui widgets inherit from mythuitype
09:30<canatella>ah ok, it's a Qt things.
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11:05<Chutt>gbee, we should change that at some point to not use qobject
11:05<Chutt>too many thread issues
11:08<gbee>for that reason maybe I should replace the signal/slots used with events
11:09<Chutt>it's more the creation/deletion/etc issues
11:10<Andui1>In Qt4 it gets somewhat better
11:10<Chutt>yeah, but you still have to use qobjects in the same thread they were created
11:11<Chutt>couldn't, say, spawn off a thread to create a window in the background
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11:33<gbee>well the reason I suggested replacing the signals/slots is that they are part of QObject, so if we replace them now before it makes switching away from object easier in the future
11:34<Chutt>sure, then
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11:36<gbee>just had to answer the door to a nice pseudo-policewoman, had someone climbing over fences into the back gardens, causing damage up and down the street
11:41<DaveMorris>justinh: is the script yours thats on
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11:51<DaveMorris>files which are in mythtv/contrib on the SVN are under the GPL2 unless otherwise stated?
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12:41<justinh>that script isn't 'mine' since it was committed :)
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12:42<rhpot1991_laptop>hey justinh I'm the one who modified it for mythbuntu
12:42<rhpot1991_laptop>I think DaveMorris left already
12:42<justinh>cool. I'm sure I'd have to sit down for a long while to be able to work out how it does what it does though
12:43<rhpot1991_laptop>the original one I took was from the wiki:
12:43<rhpot1991_laptop>DaveMorris just wanted to check on the license because I am trying to get it in as an ubuntu package
12:44<justinh>I never really cared what license it was tbh. just wanted it out there for all & sundry to use if they want
12:45<justinh>but being part of mythtv I expected it'd fall under GPL automagically
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12:46<rhpot1991_laptop> thats my resulting script if you are interested
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12:47<justinh>bit busy mangling some code at the mo
12:47<rhpot1991_laptop>GUI for configuration and RSS support are in the works
12:47<rhpot1991_laptop>alright no problem, thanks for the original work and all :)
12:47<justinh>as in a 'myth export' plugin thing?
12:48<justinh>if it was extensible using external scripts that'd be pretty cool IMHO
12:48<justinh>wonder what needed to be changed to fit in with mythbuntu then
12:49<rhpot1991_laptop>ffmpeg line was a bit different, and I added some more features
12:49<rhpot1991_laptop>I am using atomicparsley to inject recording info
12:49<justinh>ah yeah I can see the filename trimming
12:49<rhpot1991_laptop>added some h.264 and psp support
12:49<justinh>wish I'd thought of that in hindsight
12:50<rhpot1991_laptop>I have a working RSS script, but it needs IP's and stuff hardcoded for the time being
12:50<justinh>later found out I'd reinvented the wheel though, what with nuvexport & all
12:50<rhpot1991_laptop>I've looked at nuvexport, a lot of people don't seem to like it though
12:51<rhpot1991_laptop>it seemed to run ok for me
12:52*xris wonders what problems people have with nuvexport
12:52<justinh>I still use my dvbradio export script. needs some love to make the filenames nicer
12:59<justinh>wow. 2 new bits in playbackbox.cpp & it takes an age to compile
13:02<rhpot1991_laptop>justinh: GUI that I spoke of is gonna be a glade interface, though I will look and see if I can actually build it into mythtv as a plugin at some point, a step at a time
13:15<justinh>glade? I thought that was long dead. as in the opengl alternative?
13:16<justinh>heh no. just googled
13:17<justinh>one of the SoC projects was a 'myth export' plugin IIRC. be worthwhile looking at ressurecting some of those ideas at some point in future
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13:26*justinh tries to centre the popup labels
13:29<gbee>Think I might have to rearrange mythweather so that the first thing you do is enter your location and then it shows you wish screens are available
13:29<xris>justinh: Captain_Murdoch and I have been working on that.
13:29<xris>or janneg... making a mythffmpeg
13:29<justinh>xris: <in Leslie Phillips voice>Niiiiiiiice ;)
13:30<xris>it should happen for .22, though.
13:30<xris>nuvexport will probably stay around, but get renamed to mythexport, and get a bunch of backend tools so that *myth* does the exporting, not ffmpeg
13:31<xris>files will export to a designated target directory, viewable by mythvideo
13:32<xris>or possibly just stay in the same directory as the original recording, as flv probably will.
13:32<justinh>I dunno wth has happened to me lately but all these ideas keep coming to me. I prefer to only have one can of worms open at a time
13:32<xris>Captain_Murdoch already has some beta code to allow myth to keep track of multiple video files for each recording
13:36<justinh>quickie - is there any reason not to combine the top 2 labels here - do you think? just to save a bit of space onscreen
13:37<mykeul>hi all, any mythmusic guru there ?
13:39<justinh>hmm looks like I should be initialising my label variables too
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14:01<Chutt>yay, shows more of my video stuff
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14:05<GreyFoxx>That is pretty
14:05<GreyFoxx>Love the rotating earth
14:08<xris>Chutt: free nvidia phones for all mythtv devs? ;)
14:08<Chutt>yeah, that's a 'phone'
14:09<xris>doesn't it do phone stuff? or is it just a palmtop device?
14:09<Chutt>oh, it does
14:09<Chutt>that's just dev hardware
14:09<Chutt>it's kinda large for something you'd want in your pocket
14:11<xris>didn't look that much bigger than some of the things I've seen people cary around.
14:11<xris>anyway, looks slick.
14:11<xris>and with the windows frontend coming along.... could get mythtv to run on it. :)
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14:12<Chutt>wince != windows, though
14:13<xris>yeah, close enough. I don't use either. lol
14:14<Dibblah>Chutt: Apparently, it can run Quake3 ;)
14:14<justinh>that is nifty. doubt I'd be able to afford something with that chipset for a while though :)
14:15<Chutt>yeah, with AA+AF and all that
14:15<Chutt>looks really nice
14:15<Dibblah>Err... _3_?
14:15<xris>justinh: that's the same problem I have... well, more along the lines of "choose not to afford"
14:15<stuarta>hmmm, that timeout before it decides the video isn't coming is too low
14:15<stuarta>don't even have time to quickly put in another chanel
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14:16<justinh>xris: thing with me is I'd love all the features but I'm rarely ever in a situation where I'd use them so can't possibly justify it until it's part of a 'regular' phone ;)
14:17<xris>justinh: I'd like to see something like that or the nokia one with gmyth... would make one heck of a remote for mythtv.. could put PiP on the device itself. :)
14:17<justinh>next purchase will be a core2 cpu & motherboard for my hacking work
14:17-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
14:18<justinh>never thought I'd see the day I'd be buying hardware so I can compile more quickly
14:18*Dibblah thinks justinh is now addicted to faster processors :)
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14:19<justinh>Dibblah: my c2d mobile frontend took about 10 mins to build myth from scratch. I can live with that!
14:20<justinh>hmmm. is there a way to bunch up the popup label text some more? still got a lot of dead space here
14:23<justinh>and a dumb question: the coding style guide says to split lines at 80 columns where possible. is there a good way to split up a string like tlabel = popup->addLabel(tr("There are %1 items in the playlist. These actions affect all items in the playlist") ?
14:23<justinh>doh so easy and I already knew that but assumed it didn't apply here
14:24*xris is getting tired of both trac and jira shortcomings... ponder writing my own ticket system.
14:24<xris>Chutt: any ideas on what the msrp will be?
14:24<justinh>Chutt: well, that certainly whoops the ass of crappy java games most phones can run :)
14:24<Chutt>xris, dev board!
14:24<Chutt>we don't sell actual hardware :p
14:25<Dibblah>Chutt: Nice :)
14:25<justinh>seems like an exciting company to work for though :)
14:26<xris>Chutt: yeah, yeah...
14:26<xris>so we'll have to wait and see the devices from motorola/lg/whoever?
14:27<xris>grumble... ;)
14:27<Chutt>and probably other stuff than phones, first
14:27<xris>yeah, not surprising.
14:27<xris>would make a killer umpc
14:37<GreyFoxx>xris: If you wanna test the screenshot patch :
14:37<GreyFoxx>Creates a new Jumppoint (ScreenShot) which I have matted to ALT+S on my frontend, and adds a new web/xml gettable call
14:37*jams grabs the patch
14:37<GreyFoxx>haven'ttested the xml call, just the http call, but I don't see why that wouldn't just work
14:38<GreyFoxx>Adds a item to the General setup menu to define a screenshot storage path as well
14:38<GreyFoxx>if that is left blank then shots go to /tmp
14:38<GreyFoxx>2008-02-13 15:32:39.652 MythMainWindow::screenShot saving winId 161 to //data/mythtv/screenshots/myth-screenshot-2008-32-13T15-32-39.652.png (0 x 0) [ 0/0 - -1/-1]
14:38<GreyFoxx>2008-02-13 15:32:39.686 Scaling to 720 x 480 from 720 x 480
14:38<GreyFoxx>2008-02-13 15:32:39.905 MythMainWindow::screenShot succeeded
14:38-!-foo8ar [] has joined #mythtv
14:38<GreyFoxx>You'll see that sort of thing on the frontend when someone uses the jumppoint
14:39<GreyFoxx>jpeg's are default for the http grab, png for manual screenshots
14:39<GreyFoxx>mainly for size reasons
14:40-!-foo8ar [] has quit [Client Quit]
14:40<GreyFoxx>The one bug I know of, and it seems to be something to do with the new REG_JUMPEX stuff is that if you are in a plugin when useing the jumppoint to get a shot it gets called twice
14:41<xris>GreyFoxx: ahh.. so you didn't check it in. heh
14:41<GreyFoxx>I need to email paul about that one
14:41<GreyFoxx>not yet, wanted someone else to test it
14:41<xris>I can't even figure out how to turn on upnp in the frontend
14:41<GreyFoxx>It's not turn "offable"
14:42<xris>odd. I was getting a connection refused type message
14:42<xris>I'll poke around with it more when I get home
14:42<GreyFoxx>will the new patch you can do a http://IP:6547/MythFE/GetScreenShot for fullscreen, and GetScreenShot?Width=200&Height=200 and such for scaled
14:43<GreyFoxx>It fits the image into the size provided preserving aspect
14:43<GreyFoxx>or at least tries too :)
14:43<xris>wonder how much work it'd be to get a click-map to go with that, and a way to tell the frontend to execute a certain command. heh
14:43<xris>anyway, I'm recompiling now
14:43<MrGandalf>idiot people.. so many people ask me "can you tell me the IP for this hostname".. um, nope, sorry, no idea
14:43<GreyFoxx>Actually you could do a clickmap, send mouse locations and I could "fake" mouse clicks
14:44<justinh>right. 2.jpg and 3.jpg - yet to do the autoexpire switching bit though - undid that today
14:44*GreyFoxx goes to test some work stuff
14:45<xris>GreyFoxx: myth responds to mouse clicks?
14:45<GreyFoxx>some parts of mythui do
14:45<xris>but yeah, that'd work
14:45<GreyFoxx>including the main menus
14:45<justinh>need to twiddle a bit & lose all that blank space under the title
14:45<xris>I'll have to test the screenshot stuff out with my "remote" thing in mythweb, though.
14:46<xris>if it works, it might be nice to slip into .21
14:46<GreyFoxx>That's where I see it mainly being used
14:46<GreyFoxx>and for supporting users who report something weird on screen
14:46<jams>patch applied and compiling!
14:47<xris>well, if it works for the OSD, it'd be really nice for getting screenshots for the website, too
14:47<GreyFoxx>xris: It seems to work if you are using OpenGL video rendering
14:48<GreyFoxx>but not XV
14:48-!-Andui1 is now known as Anduin
14:48<justinh>bah just change the popup tet size to medium instead
14:49<xris>GreyFoxx: good enough for devs, though
14:49-!-davilla [n=davilla@] has joined #mythtv
14:51<GreyFoxx>Just verified
14:51<GreyFoxx>works fine if you use opengl
14:51<GreyFoxx>OSD and all
14:54-!-JoeyBorn [] has joined #mythtv
14:56<GreyFoxx>Ok, now that will be handy
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14:57<jams>nice going to update my program to grab video shots
14:57<jams>good work GreyFoxx
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15:02<xris>GreyFoxx: does it work for plugins, too?
15:03<GreyFoxx>The only glitch is that the jumppoint/key will call it twice when inside a plugin. Not sure why
15:03<jams>hmm it's attempting to save the screenshot at //
15:03<GreyFoxx>jams: It should be defaulting to /tmp if you haven't gone into setup and defined the location
15:04*GreyFoxx notes that
15:04<jams>i have not defined a location
15:04<GreyFoxx>I'll fix that
15:04<jams>i also don't see the new storage group
15:05<GreyFoxx>storage group ?
15:05<GreyFoxx>no sg related to this :)
15:05<Chutt>xv might not be too hard
15:05-!-foxhunt [] has joined #mythtv
15:06<jams>whoops confused storage group with "storage path"
15:06<GreyFoxx>A couple pages into General settings, there should be a "Screenshot Path"
15:06<GreyFoxx>same page wherre you enable Network controls and the port for the telnet controls
15:06<Chutt>GreyFoxx, used to be a way to grab the xv buffer - have to ask danielk if it still exists
15:07<GreyFoxx>Chutt: Sweet
15:07<jams>GreyFoxx- found it
15:08<jams>GreyFoxx- screenShot saving winId 422 to //tmp/myth-screenshot-2008-07-13T14-07-39.180.png
15:08<justinh>right. better save this before I forget how I did it
15:09<GreyFoxx>jams: hehe
15:11-!-JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:13<jams>whoops.. it took a screenshot of my entire desktop
15:13-!-feiner [] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:13-!-feiner [] has joined #mythtv
15:13<GreyFoxx>hmmmmm my myths are always fullscreen
15:14<GreyFoxx>I haven';t tried in a window
15:14<justinh>blech. changing the font to medium didn't help any. it's still padded around too much
15:15-!-JoeyBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:15<justinh>bah mythui can knock that into touch
15:16<GreyFoxx>jams: I define the x/y/etc I just am defaulting to 0/0 so change it to retrieve our current X/Y info
15:16<GreyFoxx>err so I'll change it to
15:17<justinh>ello ello ello.. what's all this make install spat out then? Sorry: IndentationError: ('expected an indented block'...
15:18<GreyFoxx>Never saw that one before :)
15:18<justinh>running install_lib
15:18<justinh>byte-compiling usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/MythTV/ to MythDB.pyc
15:18<justinh>Sorry: IndentationError:
15:18<Anduin>justinh: update
15:18-!-MavT [] has joined #mythtv
15:18<justinh>might've known. cheers Anduin
15:19<Anduin>Yup, some things I fixed managed to creep in when I remembered to svn mv and didn't check my patch applied fully.
15:19<GreyFoxx>jams: That should be easy to fix
15:19<jams>it might just be my setup causeing it to go wonky. Myth is full screen on the 2nd monitor
15:20<GreyFoxx>I'l take care of them when I get home
15:20<jams>no trouble
15:22-!-saucisson [] has joined #mythtv
15:25-!-MaverickTech [] has quit [Read error: 148 (No route to host)]
15:33-!-beata [] has quit []
15:33-!-beata [] has joined #mythtv
15:34<GreyFoxx>ok that one is fixed
15:35<GreyFoxx>for some reason though gContext->GetSetting("ScreenShotPath","/tmp/"); isn't returning my default val of /tmp/ if the value can;'t be found
15:35<GreyFoxx>it's returning a blank string
15:36<GreyFoxx>I can code around it, but that looks like a bug to me. Or I'm misunderstanding how it's suppose to work
15:39<gbee>looks like a bug to me too
15:39<gbee>assuming that ScreenShotPath doesn't exist in the settings table with a value of ""
15:39<Anduin>I'd check the settings table, it works elsewhere.
15:41-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
15:42<jams>just cleared the settings table of that value, it's not picking up /tmp as the default.
15:44<GreyFoxx>hmmm I'm referring to GetSetting directly in QStrings arg there. lemme try assigning it to a string and referring to that instead
15:46<GreyFoxx>nope that doesn't work either
15:57-!-JoeXBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:58<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok
15:58<GreyFoxx>mythfrontend is inserting a blank entry at startup for some reason
15:59<GreyFoxx>I deleted it from the DB, verified it was done and started the frontend
15:59<GreyFoxx>and now it's back as a blank
15:59<hads>Anduin: One thing that may be an issue is the old hanging around in the installed mythvideo/scripts directory. Since is in the same directory it will import that over the system installed version.
16:02<gbee>GreyFoxx: you've created a settings page entry for it? On startup we run the settings wizards in the background to put any new settings in the database
16:02<gbee>so my guess is that you've created a settings page widget, but the default value is blank?
16:02<GreyFoxx>gbee: Yes I have
16:02<GreyFoxx>yes it is
16:03<GreyFoxx>I didn't realize that would auto fill it into the DB
16:04<GreyFoxx>gbee: Thanks
16:04<gbee>yeah it does, though that whole process sucks a little - slows down frontend startup and seems pretty clumsy IMHO
16:04<GreyFoxx>now that's ones done
16:04<GreyFoxx>that just leaves the multiple calls to the jumppoint if I'm in a plugin
16:06<gbee>that's a weird one
16:06<Anduin>hads: It shouldn't be hanging around... unless you mean if people just make install...
16:06<Anduin>GreyFoxx: It is the settings preload, save, load thing
16:07<hads>Anduin: Yeah, if they make install over the top. I should be more specific.
16:07<GreyFoxx>Anduin: Yeah, that fixed it for me
16:07<Anduin>hmm and reading the scrollback you already know that..
16:07<GreyFoxx>I'd rather too much than not enough :)
16:07-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
16:10<Anduin>hads: I'm fine with people having to delete it manually, it seems more icky to special case delete it in a special install rule there.
16:11<hads>Anduin: Yeah makes more sense than having a special case. Just something to be aware of if people are having strange issues once the files do start to differ I guess.
16:14*j-rod wonders if anyone has tried building with gcc 4.3 yet...
16:14*j-rod tries for the heck of it
16:15-!-saucisson [] has quit ["WTF ?"]
16:15<hads>I have, doesn't currently work here.
16:15<gbee>can't see what prevents MythMainWindow::TranslateKeyPress triggering a jumppoint multiple times if we don't check that the return value isn't false
16:15<gbee>a lot of places in plugins don't do that
16:17<j-rod>hads: I may just have to try to do something about that then... I'm on a roll fixing all the other packages I own right now...
16:17<j-rod>xris: hey, you still stuck on that os x build?
16:17<j-rod>I figured out another thing I'd screwed up, though its different from where you were stuck
16:17<hads>j-rod: Just updating and trying again actually. I see there was a commit relating to 4.3
16:18<j-rod>xris: port install qt3-mac +mysql5
16:18<xris>j-rod: yeah, the jpg stuff is still odd
16:18<j-rod>I had not libqsql or whatever the eff it is for qt to talk to mysql
16:18<xris>I think I got the mysql stuff compiled in. I installed mysql first, and I think qt is pretty good about that.
16:18<gbee>GreyFoxx: quite a few places in plugins - quick example is importmusic.cpp in mythmusic, we don't check the return value of TranslateKeyPress and if the keypress isn't handled then we call "MythThemedDialog::keyPressEvent(e);" etc - so in that case it would execute the jumppoint twice
16:19<j-rod>xris: nope, not if you're using the qt3-mac port
16:19<j-rod>I had mysql5 installed already
16:19<xris>ok, recompiling qt.
16:19<xris>still won't help with my libjpg problem, though
16:19<j-rod>port variants qt3-mac should make it more obvious, I think
16:19<j-rod>(why it wasn't built, that is)
16:19<j-rod>basically the same thing as gentoo use flags
16:20<gbee>GreyFoxx: proper fix would be to add checks on the return value to all those places (there are a lot of them)
16:20<j-rod>hads: ah, I shoulda done that first, trying a day or two old srpm I had laying about...
16:20<xris>yeah, I'm only vaguely familiar with ports/portage.. know what it does, but not how to use it. heh
16:22<gbee>whoops, just started printing this document and then noticed it's 45 pages long .... guess I need to fetch the axe and fell another tree
16:24<xris>j-rod: any more recommendations on the libjpg stuff?
16:24<xris>did we ever get this stuff into the wiki?
16:24<xris>I wonder how much work it'd be to get a macports version of mythfrontend...
16:25-!-MrGandalf [] has quit ["home"]
16:25<j-rod>xris: no, not into the wiki yet
16:25*xris twiddles thumbs while qt recompiles
16:26<j-rod>nothing else comes to mind on the libjpeg stuff, but I don't recall exactly what the last status was
16:26-!-Woosta [] has joined #mythtv
16:26-!-aevil [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
16:27<j-rod>hads: "el_processor.cpp:78: error: 'memset' was not declared in this scope" sound familiar for a build failure?
16:27<Woosta>Off to -users .. but while I'm here: thanks!
16:27-!-Woosta [] has left #mythtv []
16:27<j-rod>that'd be fixed by adding either #include <cstring> or <string.h>, iirc...
16:27<hads>j-rod: I just noticed that the box I was getting a failure on was 4.2.3 :)
16:27-!-TelnetManta [n=benwilli@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
16:28<j-rod>oh, heh
16:28<j-rod>and yep, janneg already checked in a fix for this one
16:30<xris>j-rod: jpg issue was that it was pulling from the system on instead of the ports one, and missing a symbol
16:30<j-rod>yeah, I hit the same thing, but rejiggering my DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH fixed that
16:31<xris>didn't help with mine
16:31<xris>recompiling now to get you the exact error
16:31<j-rod>that's backwards tho :)
16:31-!-grokky [n=grokky@] has joined #mythtv
16:32<j-rod>put /opt/local/lib at the end
16:32<j-rod>at least, that's what worked here
16:32<j-rod>I still dunno how the hell the build picked up the system one in the first place though, since I didn't spec it anywhere, but...
16:33<j-rod>oh, I did get my build to the point of the frontend would start up, btw, but it dies when it connects to the backend, didn't have a matching schema or something
16:34<j-rod>I think I'd installed a slightly newer build on my backend
16:34<j-rod>or something
16:34<j-rod>hads: ok, trying current svn trunk w/gcc 4.3 now
16:34<xris>j-rod: ahh
16:38-!-foxhunt [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
16:42<j-rod>gcc 4.3 build blew up on me in firewiredevice.c
16:42<xris>j-rod: you try to get any of the plugins compiled?
16:43-!-foxhunt [] has joined #mythtv
16:44<j-rod>firewiredevice.cpp:39: error: no matching function for call to 'find(__gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<TSDataListener**, std::vector<TSDataListener*, std::allocator<TSDataListener*> > >, __gnu_cxx::__normal_iterator<TSDataListener**, std::vector<TSDataListener*, std::allocator<TSDataListener*> > >, TSDataListener*&)'
16:45<j-rod>fucking firewire fucking hates me.
16:48-!-rhpot1991_laptop [n=jbaab@] has left #mythtv []
16:52<Anduin>j-rod: That one is probably legitimate, no <algorithm> in that file (in only two myth headers)
16:56-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
16:57<j-rod>Anduin: yep, adding that helped, compile continuing...
16:58<xris>j-rod: ld: cycle in dylib re-exports with /usr/X11/lib/libGL.dylib
16:58<xris>that's my latest error
16:59<j-rod>ew, that's a new one to me
16:59<j-rod>I think my build had all the GL bits disabled
16:59<j-rod>not sure if one is supposed to use the GL methods with mac accel or not
17:00-!-JoeyBorn [] has joined #mythtv
17:00<xris>so configure without opengl?
17:01<j-rod>not sure. :)
17:02*j-rod restarts the compile using all 8 cores...
17:02<xris>let's find out
17:02<xris>8 core bastard.. heh.
17:03<j-rod>xris: I'd say turn it off for now, see if you can get something built, try it, then revisit, maybe
17:03<xris>yeah, testing that now
17:03<janneg>gbee: -ECIRCULARDUPLICATES
17:03<j-rod>building on top of an ext4 filesystem, which sits on top of an mdraid stripe, which uses two firewire800 disks
17:03*j-rod likes to live dangerously
17:04<kormoc>j-rod, how have you been finding ext-4 anyway?
17:04*kormoc has been tempted to convert up
17:04<gbee>janneg: was that meant for me? or xris j-rod ?
17:04<j-rod>kormoc: so far, so good. have had very little that's been problematic, haven't had any major crashes lately
17:05<j-rod>I've even got a few boxes with ext4 root file systems
17:05<xris>ext4... wow
17:05<xris>didn't even know there was such a thing yet
17:05<j-rod>ext4dev in the kernel, still
17:05<j-rod>but yeah, its coming along
17:05<janneg>gbee: you closed @4660 as duplicate of #4659 and I closed #4659 as duplicate
17:05<gbee>janneg: ahh, hehe
17:06<j-rod>ext4 is actually getting pretty close to being on par with xfs in a number of areas/uses
17:06<j-rod>eric has pretty graphs around here somewhere...
17:06<j-rod>whup, another gcc 4.3 build failure...
17:07<kormoc>xris, it's actually adding in a lot of awesome features, extents, prealloc, allocate on flush, online defrag, highres filetimestamps
17:07<gbee>think I need to increase the poll rate on my email
17:07<xris>wait.. defrag... like that thing that linux "doesn't need" that's been missing since forever?
17:07<kormoc>xris, there's a ext2 defrag :P
17:08<xris>yeah, unofficial
17:08<xris>and highly likely to damage your files
17:08<xris>or so they say
17:08<kormoc>it wasn't that bad. I've used it on my ext3 stuff from time to time
17:08<gbee>janneg: I tend to close the second ticket as the duplicate, doesn't matter too much but if we follow that convention it's less likely that both end up being closed
17:08<kormoc>really it's the prealloc that was missing that now allows the usage of it
17:09*xris wonders if it'd be worth looking into a (free) fisheye license for mythtv
17:09<xris>some of these code history tools blow trac out of the water
17:09-!-S2 [] has joined #mythtv
17:09*kormoc likes looking at the pretty graphs
17:09<xris>yeah, pretty graphs and annoted/blame on the files
17:10<xris>visual tracking of moves/copies is also nice
17:10<xris>just not sure that Snow-Man would like the idea of running a tomcat web server on his box. heh
17:11<j-rod>hey, cool, just the one fix to upnpmedia.cpp, and now it looks like I've got the main mythtv tarball built w/gcc 4.3
17:13<j-rod>hrm. do I feel brave enough to tackle plugins right now? no, too close to go-home time
17:13<Anduin>j-rod: Are you going to push them to the release branch?
17:14<j-rod>Anduin: oh, crap, right.
17:14<gbee>odd, mythfilldatabase won't run under valgrind
17:16-!-DaedalusX [] has joined #mythtv
17:16<DaedalusX>Quick question
17:16*xris recommends DaedalusX read the topic before asking his question (just in case)
17:17<DaedalusX>I'm buying a server with SCSI-Raid for a MythTV box, I'll have 5 10K RPM SCSI drives, I was wondering if you guys had experience in which array would be the best performance/safety ratio. I was thinking raid 10.
17:17-!-JoeBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:19*xris again points DaedalusX to the topic
17:22<janneg>gbee: I close the ticket without patch, usually the first one
17:22<gbee>yeah, if I'd seen the patch I wouldn't have closed that one - whoops
17:23-!-lcase [] has quit []
17:26-!-JoeXBorn [] has joined #mythtv
17:27-!-saucisson [] has joined #mythtv
17:28<xris>j-rod: still gets GL errors even if I try to disable all of the GLstuff
17:28<j-rod>not sure wtf is up atm
17:29<justinh>gbee: gonna have a bash at putting some contextualisation in ui.xml soon :)
17:29<j-rod>xris: hrm, I did install an updated Xquartz...
17:29<justinh>gbee: almost done with my playlist giggerypokery
17:29-!-MrGandalf [] has joined #mythtv
17:30<justinh>one day I might even do something somebody else would like :P
17:31<gbee>if I used playlists I might show more interest in that :)
17:31-!-czth__ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-20baf2aeb5a42499] has joined #mythtv
17:31<justinh>I tend to record whole series & want to keep them while I get around to watching them. always forget to set autoexpire off
17:33<justinh>I'll leave the remoteedit in mythmusic smart search til much later. had my fill of theme fixing for a while ;)
17:33<xris>j-rod: I don't use xquartz. maybe that'll help
17:34<justinh>worth having a pick away at implementing a smart search thing for programmes though, fer sure :)
17:34-!-dekarl [] has joined #mythtv
17:38-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
17:38-!-xris [] has quit []
17:39-!-mzb [] has joined #mythtv
17:42-!-dekar1 [] has quit [Read error: 145 (Connection timed out)]
17:43<danielk22>*grumble* we're people really sitting on a treasure trove of patches waiting for the moment we did a 0.21 branch?
17:45-!-jgarvey [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:45-!-JoeyBorn [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:45<justinh>danielk22: not I. I can wait til 0.22. there are things I've wanted to do for a while
17:45-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
17:45<danielk22>That was a rhetorical question :) I'm reading through the mythtv-svn maling list mails atm.
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