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02:19<rooaus>Captain_Murdoch: Was thinking about storage groups for Mythmusic and something occurred to me, would it be possible to create a virtual Storage group that enables access to ITunes DAAP libraries etc? Could be extended to allow Myth to use upnp published content. Is it even a reasonable idea?
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03:50*xris curses whoever said css selectors can't start with dash or _
03:52<xris>any recommendations on style for "subclass"? I've been using _ or - prefix to be like private method names in code, but that makes IE unhappy
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07:17<gbee>Chutt: does the new trac allow us to prevent users from setting the milestone on new tickets?
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08:12<nibbles>is finland considered, by mythtv, eastern or western europe?
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08:28<gbee>nibbles: depends, are you configuring an Analogue card and need to use the correct frequency tables? For digital it doesn't matter
08:29<gbee>at least I don't think it does ..
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08:57<gbee>#3773 - Able to reproduce with the attached sample, but no idea where to begin fixing these playback issues
09:22<stuarta>gbee: thanks for the heads up
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09:24<stuarta>ho hum. thought we'd fixed setup crashing after scanning.
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09:33<justinh>bah no context stuff in mythdialog
09:34<stuarta>at least i got a backtrace for setup crashing
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09:44<gbee>Chutt, janneg: definately the "while ( (BytesAvailable() < (int)nMaxLen) && !bTimeout)" loop that it's getting stuck in
09:45<gbee>think I even know the cause, but just testing a fix now
09:46<janneg>gbee: I thought it's just waiting for data, have you tried adding a usleep(100)
09:47<gbee>janneg: I've been stepping through it for a while, there is already a commented usleep fix in BufferedSocketDevice::WaitForMore() which is probably relevant
09:48<gbee>might even just uncomment that code block as it seems to have been written to fix this problem or a similar one
09:49<gbee>but there still seems to be the opportunity to get stuck if QSocketDevice::waitForMore() starts returning errors (-1)
09:50<gbee>if the error condition is permanent that is
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10:01<stuarta>that scanning dialog box is completely mis-sized
10:02<stuarta>i see "Scanning Tr" when it should say "Scanning Transports"
10:04<stuarta>the good news is 0.21-fixes crashes at the end of scanning as well
10:05*stuarta tries to find a relevant ticket
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10:39<stuarta>why would VERBOSE segfault?
10:41*Hannibal- smiles at stuarta... that scanner makes me cry.
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10:42<stuarta>i quite like the scanner
10:42<Hannibal->it crashes during scan for me all the time.
10:42<stuarta>it just needs a bit of trouting
10:42<Hannibal->i have to revert to 0.20-fixes to use it.
10:43<stuarta>for me it does the scan and then crashed
10:43<Hannibal->it depends on the number of channels.
10:43<Hannibal->i think
10:43<Hannibal->my OTA card crashes at the end
10:43<stuarta>that's what i'm seeing
10:43<Hannibal->the HDHomeRun crashes a few channels in, and never finishes.
10:43<Hannibal->drops a segfault
10:44<stuarta>that yours on #4645?
10:44<Hannibal->sounds right; let me check - i put the gdb backtrace, and output on it
10:44<Hannibal->yeah, that's me.
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10:45*stuarta sacrifices a james bond recording to do some debugging
10:46<Hannibal->i can give you remote access if you want to debug on my box and save your recording
10:46<stuarta>nah, not actually interested in the movie :)
10:46<Hannibal->ok ;-)
10:46<stuarta>have about 45mins before friends come around
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10:51<Hannibal->cool - if there is anything i can do to assist, let me know - i'm willing to test/help.
10:52*stuarta valgrinds mythtv-setup
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10:53<gbee>stuarta: couple of reasons why VERBOSE might cause a segfault, NULL QString or for some reason VERBOSE in a dtor segfaults as well
10:54<stuarta>that's the one i'm seeing
10:54<stuarta>VERBOSE in a function called from the dtor
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10:55<gbee>janneg, Chutt: uncommenting the code block in BufferedSocketDevice::WaitForMore() seems to fix the 100% CPU utilisation - any forseeable problems with that fix?
10:55<Chutt>does it still spin, though?
10:56<Chutt>i mean, do those threads eventually get the data they're waiting for
10:57<gbee>well mythweb seems to get the previews it requested, but let me just run it under gdb again to find out
11:01<Chutt>just to make sure that those threads still aren't spinning
11:01<Chutt>but just not taking cpu cuz of the usleep
11:01<Chutt>is mythweb still re-requesting all the thumbnails?
11:04<gbee>Chutt: not for me right now, but it seems like it does if I lose the cookie etc
11:05<Chutt>what's it uses a cookie for?
11:05<Chutt>err, use
11:06<Chutt>i mean, shouldn't it check to see if it has the files?
11:06<stuarta>that would be logical
11:06<gbee>Chutt: dunno, you'd have to ask Xris
11:06<Chutt>i shall. =)
11:07<Chutt>it's too early for west coast people
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11:08<Hannibal->stuarta -> -> valgrind output when channel scanner blows up. i need to update to latest 0.21-fixes still
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11:09<stuarta>ah interesting
11:11<MrGandalf>someone here was talking about adding specialized storage groups, anyone remember who that was?
11:11<Hannibal->There is several warnings on the first 3 channels scanned; saying: Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
11:12<stuarta>not always a problem.
11:13<stuarta>certain libs throw that all the time, mainly X libs & networking
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11:14<gbee>the comment prior that code seems to be correct, we're losing way too many packets - deleting the preview image cache and forcing it to request them again from the backend - 85% are fine, but the other 15% fail
11:14<stuarta>valgrind doesn't like the VERBOSE in the dvbsignalmonitor Stop function
11:14<gbee>which ones fail varies
11:15<gbee>mythweb is also caching zero byte images which it shouldn't
11:17<gbee>but no threads related to mythxml or preview generation seem to be running once it has finished
11:17<stuarta>well now that's naughty
11:17<stuarta>==7682== Address 0x13452720 is 0 bytes inside a block of size 448 free'd
11:17<stuarta>==7682== at 0x4C217BC: operator delete(void*) (vg_replace_malloc.c:342)
11:17<stuarta>==7682== by 0x5745A19: DVBChannel::~DVBChannel() (dvbchannel.cpp:112)
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11:19<gbee> << Full backtrace taken from a running backend after re-requesting all mythweb previews
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11:33<stuarta>right, so who deletes siscan->channel
11:33*stuarta goes hunting
11:38<stuarta>guests are here. that's the end of my debugging for today
11:38<gbee>we're sending corrupt images back to mythweb in those 15% of cases, some recordings seem worse than others
11:40<Hannibal->thanks stuart - have fun
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11:48<Balachmar>Hi guys, I'm back for some more brainpicking.
11:49<Balachmar>I want to work on adding LastFM support to MythMusic, scrobbling but also radio
11:49<Balachmar>First thing I am trying is getting the username/ password and scrobbling checkbox in the setting menu
11:50<Balachmar>My thought was to add another menu item in Music Settings
11:50<Balachmar>So in that will be General, Player and Ripper settings
11:50<Balachmar>I will add LastFM Settings
11:51<Balachmar>I already know how to add it to another menu, but I haven't been able to create a new menu item
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12:18<justinh>Balachmar: so you know about the xml file?
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12:26<Balachmar>@justinh No... :)
12:31<Balachmar>OK, now I know :). So next thing is add the information to the database, any hints?
12:34<kreat0r>what's the lowest specs you could get away with to play 1080p mkv files
12:36<justinh>Balachmar: basically I was going to say that the <type> in the menu xml file is tested for in the menu cpp file, that's how myth knows what to execute per menu item ;)
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12:36<justinh>kreat0r: other channel - #mythtv-users
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12:39<Balachmar>justinh: Am I right that somehow mythtv stores this information straight away?
12:40<justinh>Balachmar: yeah the tables are created in dbcheck.cpp IIRC
12:40<justinh>though maybe plugins do it differently
12:40<justinh>good way to find out - have a look :)
12:40<Balachmar>look where?
12:40<justinh>in other plugins
12:41<justinh>pick something simpler than mythmusic though ;)
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12:41<Balachmar>Yeah, but funny enough I already have the menu now and it works
12:41<Balachmar>Eventhough I never told mythtv to put it in the database or enything
12:42<justinh>yeah you can make code which works without putting anything in the database
12:42<Balachmar>Ooh no, it is in there already :)
12:43<Balachmar>Nice. just checked the database, the settings table and voila the settings are already in the database
12:43<Balachmar>pretty nice :)
12:44<justinh>depends how you go about it really. there are easy ways & there are good ways :P
12:44<Balachmar>Well I just looked at how the menu was created for other things in the music settings
12:45<Balachmar>So if that is done in a good way, this is done in a good way :)
12:46<Balachmar>I just added HostLineEdits to a menu for the username and password
12:46<Balachmar>And a HostCheckBox for the scrobbling option
12:46<Balachmar>And made a separate menu for those items and added it into the xml file and main.cpp
12:46<justinh>with a new type?
12:46<Balachmar>(main.cpp from mythmusic)
12:47<Balachmar>like MusicGeneralSettings::MusicGeneralSettings(void)
12:47<Balachmar>contains the menu items
12:47<justinh>yeah but what did you call the button type?
12:47<Balachmar>oh, in the xml file
12:48<Balachmar>like MUSIC_SETTINGS_GENERAL
12:49<justinh>ah cool :)
12:49<Balachmar>I assume I did it right :)
12:49<justinh>might be an idea to put that in mythtv/themes/button_types.txt too for future reference
12:49<Balachmar>ok, will do that straight away
12:50<justinh>I can take care of adding button types to theme.xml files later on - just so there are no gaps in the menu icons ;)
12:50<justinh>let you worry about more important stuff first
12:51<Balachmar>Yeah layout is a later problem :)
12:51<justinh>sounds like you're doing ok so far
12:53<Balachmar>I can't find MUSIC_SETTINGS_GENERAL in that button_types.txt file...
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12:53<justinh>Balachmar: maybe it's not there
12:54<Balachmar>But I should just add mine anyway? Or is that confusing?
12:54<justinh>just add yours anyway
12:54<justinh>I rejigged the file a while back & it seems I must've forgotten some entries
12:55<justinh>now I know how the code works a little better I won't make the same mistake again ;)
12:56<justinh>Balachmar: just out of interest, what do you think of the experience so far? did you know much c++ beforehand?
12:57<Balachmar>Well, my experience is fine really although how to add the menu (using the xml file) wasn't easy to know
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12:57<Balachmar>I do have quite a bit programming experience with various languages. But the stuff I did just now were easy
12:58<Balachmar>But then again this was almost copy paste work
12:58<justinh>everything I've ever done has mostly been copy & paste work
12:58<justinh>and I know next to nothing about c++ really
12:58<justinh>not scared to have a try - that's what gets me onto it
12:59<Balachmar>I have written a small tool to distribute a large calculation on multiple computers using a mysql database once...
12:59<Balachmar>yes, I am also not scared to try I mostly just dive in
13:01<Balachmar>But you do seem to know pretty well how everything fits together in MythTV justinh
13:01<justinh>I wouldn't say _everything_ !
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13:01<justinh>not even close
13:01<justinh>I know a little. trying to get a handle on more & more as I go on
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13:01<Balachmar>well, a fair bit
13:02<justinh>considering how little I do actually know about programming I'm quite proud of what I've managed to do thus far though, and it kinda makes me wonder what puts more people off having a try
13:02<Balachmar>any ideas on how to submit this code?
13:02<justinh>is it finished already?!
13:02<Balachmar>No, just the menu
13:03<Balachmar>But just asking for future reference
13:03<justinh>ah. open a ticket & attach a patch generated by svn diff to the ticket
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13:04<justinh>if the patch is too big to fit by itself, compress it then attach it
13:04<Balachmar>I guess it won't be that big :) At least not yet
13:04<justinh>it might then be too big to be looked at in one go, but I'd cross that bridge if and when you come to it
13:04<Balachmar>I will submit the patch once I have scrobbling working
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13:51<Balachmar>Does anybody know where MusicLastPlayDelay is in the database?
13:52<Balachmar>hmm, it should be in settings
13:53<Balachmar>but not on my machine...
13:57<Balachmar>weird cause it should be set by musicplayer...
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14:01<Balachmar>nevermind, I was looking at the wrong place...
14:03-!-Anduin [] has joined #mythtv
14:05<Balachmar>How can I when the user selects the scrobbling button (which I added) add an extra setting which sets "MusicLastPlayDelay" to 240
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14:06<Balachmar>Because I can ask in the musicplayer if scrobbling is on and then make the value 240, but then it would do that each time
14:07<Balachmar>And also musicplayer is the only file which uses that setting, but it is never set anywhere, so it defaults to 15
14:07<Balachmar>(LastFM needs it to be 240)
14:08<Balachmar>So somehow I should say that when a user selects the scrobbling, 240 is put into the databse
14:09<Balachmar>And since it is known that someone else uses that setting in the database, it might be nice to use that setting
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14:20<Balachmar>I do have another solution which could be like this:
14:20<Balachmar>instead of doing:m_lastplayDelay = gContext->GetNumSetting("MusicLastPlayDelay", LASTPLAY_DELAY);
14:20<Balachmar>I could do:
14:21<Balachmar>Ooh no... nevermind...
14:23-!-tomimo [] has joined #mythtv
14:25<superm1>line 84 of has broken indentations.
14:26<superm1>needs tabs rather than spaces (like the rest of the files)
14:30<Balachmar>Let me rephrase my previous question, how can I add two things at once to the database using a menu?
14:31<Balachmar>When the user selects a checkbox both a boolean value as well as a other numerical value should be set, and reset if the user unchecks it
14:32<Balachmar>Aah nevermind I will go with the niciest solution
14:38<Balachmar>That means not using that given setting but just the stuff I added.
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14:44<justinh>240 seconds before a scrobble is allowed? what about all the 180 second long masterpieces? ;)
14:44-!-mykeul [] has left #mythtv []
14:52<Balachmar>@justinh well either 240 or half the track but that already has been implemented
14:52<Balachmar>now it is either 15 sec or half the track
14:52<Balachmar>(when mythtv updates last played)
14:52<Balachmar>also the track needs to exceed 30 sec
14:54<Balachmar>So I am going to add a scrobbleLastFM method to musicplayer.cpp
14:54<Balachmar>Which should handle the communication with the lastfm server
14:55<Balachmar>but right now I am having trouble with playback, see the user channel
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14:59<MrGandalf>can someone define scrobble?
15:01<Balachmar>Scrobble is sending information to lastfm on what song you are listening to
15:01<MrGandalf>I see
15:02<Balachmar>you're welcome
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15:10<Balachmar>@MrGandalf Lateron I want to add support for the LastFM radio stations to mythtv as well
15:10<gbee>MrGandalf: music statistics gathering tool/format
15:10<Balachmar>But this is also a wanted feature and a simple start :)
15:11<gbee>personally not interested in everyone knowing what I'm listening to or even why anyone really cares :)
15:11-!-leprechau [] has joined #mythtv
15:12<gbee>one of those Web 2.0 'community', facebook, myspace ideas which I seem to old to understand
15:12<Balachmar>@gbee: Me neither but I am interested in the personalised playlist that you can listen to without cost
15:12-!-JoeBorn [] has quit ["Leaving"]
15:13<Balachmar>@gbee you can create a playlist on the lastfm website by just clicking songs that are streamable and then you can listen to that playlist for free
15:14<Balachmar>And that is the main feature I am interested in
15:14<gbee>musical taste is usually pretty unique to a (free thinking) individual, but I do occassionally benefit from the "people who liked X, also liked Y" on emusic
15:15-!-JoeBorn [] has joined #mythtv
15:15-!-beavis [] has joined #mythtv
15:15<Balachmar>@gbee recently they also allow you to actually pick the numbers yourself and add them to a playlist. Not just music like the stuff you want to hear
15:16<gbee>Balachmar: interesting, though I might find that too fiddly - want to just set my music playing and then get on with things, spend enough time deciding what I want to download :)
15:16<Balachmar>@gbee the only difference with the downloading is that you can listen to that playlist for free legally and everywhere
15:17<Balachmar>@gbee only downside is that the playlist only plays randomly
15:18<gbee>all music I download is legal, paid for or free - so yeah, that means I can stick it on my mp3 player and listen to it whereever I want :)
15:19<Balachmar>@gbee but you get what I mean, right :P
15:20<gbee>not saying it's a bad idea, just that it's not something I would use :)
15:20<Balachmar>But ofcourse you don't have to :)
15:21<Balachmar>The only thing I need to learn to get it to work is how to http get etc in C++
15:22<MrGandalf>I'm very much looking forward to LastFM integration in Myth.. It would also be slick to have integration with mythvideo for playing music videos
15:22<Balachmar>But the music videos are from youtube I guess
15:23<Balachmar>Uhm no it isn't...
15:23<Balachmar>Well maybe... I get addicted to mythtv devving :D
15:24<MrGandalf>they are, but links to them
15:25<Balachmar>By the way my idea to add the radios is to automagically create a few playlists nested in a LastFM playlist
15:25<Balachmar>@MrGandalf at least some of them are on their own server I just checked...
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15:29<gbee>GreyFoxx: are you about?
15:31<kormoc>gbee, donno if you saw or not, but I think I commited a fix to your popup problem
15:31<gbee>cool, I'll update and find out
15:32<gbee>ahh, I'll have to wait for it to be merged back to trunk - but I'll let you know
15:38<kormoc>Heh, yeah, I feel strange without merging it into trunk myself... :P
15:44-!-reynaldo [] has joined #mythtv
15:46-!-You're now known as mikegrb
15:47-!-gentoofan23 [n=gentoofa@gentoo/contributor/gentoofan23] has joined #mythtv
15:47-!-gentoofan23 [n=gentoofa@gentoo/contributor/gentoofan23] has left #mythtv []
15:52<Balachmar>It is alive :)
15:52<Balachmar>It now puts on screen that it would scrobble
16:00<Balachmar>now only the interaction with the server is needed. With luck I would be able to implement that tomorrow
16:00<Balachmar>Since the player itself is also open source
16:07<Balachmar>Well see you all next time! Thanks for the help
16:07-!-Balachmar [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
16:10<gbee>kormoc: only reason I've not been committing to the branch instead of trunk is that my working copy is trunk by default and I keep forgetting to switch before I make the changes, one they are made there is little point copying them to the branch first
16:29-!-laga_ [] has joined #mythtv
16:29<laga_>Anduin: what's missing for to be closed ?
16:33-!-nasa [] has joined #mythtv
16:39<kormoc>gbee, it's in -trunk now for ya
16:41<laga_>xris: will #2923 still make it to 0.21? just wondering because of the feature freeze (and because some ubuntu maintainers are asking..)
16:42<xris>probably not
16:42<xris>I still have too many fixes to deal with
16:42<xris>and not really enough time to even do those.
16:43<kormoc>laga_, I'm rather certain it won't. There's a lot of cleanup to do to those patches before they're ready for release iirc
16:43<laga_>great, thanks.
16:44-!-PointyPumper [i=Pintlezz@] has joined #mythtv
16:51*xris curses the common cold
16:52-!-CDev [] has quit ["."]
16:54-!-foxhunt [] has joined #mythtv
16:55-!-foxhunt [] has quit [Client Quit]
16:57-!-sc00p [] has joined #mythtv
17:04<Anduin>laga_: some updates, it doesn't separate cast members with a comma and some information on the page isn't handled. I'm mentally preparing to think perl currently, should have it closed late today/tomorrow.
17:05<laga_>Anduin: great.
17:05-!-CDev [] has joined #mythtv
17:09-!-natty02 [] has quit ["Leaving"]
17:16-!-reynaldo [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:23-!-sunrop__ [] has joined #mythtv
17:30-!-renatofilho_ [n=renato@] has joined #mythtv
17:31<rooaus>MrGandalf: Re the virtual storage groups, that was me. Or were you talking about the "DB Backup", ""Thumbnails" etc special groups?
17:31-!-squee [] has joined #mythtv
17:32<MrGandalf>rooaus: Special groups.. was thinking of one for Radio or DVB Radio. That combined with my adjustable IO cache patch can fix stuttering DVB radio streams.
17:33<rooaus>Ah cool.
17:35-!-dekar1 [] has joined #mythtv
17:39-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
17:48-!-feiner [] has joined #mythtv
17:51-!-dekarl [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
17:52-!-splat1 is now known as splAt1
18:04<justinh>that's it. I throw in the towel. resistance is futile. I'll do something else :)
18:11<Anduin>superm1: Your checkout is old, the indenting was fixed in 15976
18:11<xris>Chutt : your pixmap recreation stuff is apparently because QUERY_PIXMAP_LASTMODIFIED returns a human-readable date string
18:11<superm1>Anduin, there was a few other areas that had a space where there shouldnt be
18:11<xris>and the format of that string changes based on the LANG variable
18:11<superm1>Anduin, other than the one that failed the compile check
18:12<xris>not sure how to get around that
18:14<xris>anyone have any thoughts?
18:16<danielk22>Why not just have QUERY_PIXMAP_LASTMODIFIED return the number of seconds since the unix epoch?
18:17<danielk22>or some other value mythweb can deal with?
18:18<kormoc>unixtimestamp == perfect imho
18:18-!-felix_da_catz [] has joined #mythtv
18:18<kormoc>I'm a huge fan of everything being unixtimestamp tho...
18:23<danielk22>The unix 'seconds since epoch' has leap seconds since it is based on UTC, so it isn't ideal; a TIA time would sometimes be more appropriate, but it's better than a human formatted string...
18:25<xris>unix timestamp would be preferred, since that's what php uses for its own stuff internally
18:31<xris>grep in the code looks like maybe mythweb/perl are the only things that use the command?
18:34-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
18:38<janneg>why aren't we using ISODate (20080217T00:39:00)?
18:42<xris>that would work, too
18:42<xris>although I think that's part of the problem mythweb has with DST recordings:
18:46<janneg>that shouldn't cause problems for the last modified time
18:49<janneg>xris: is the backend part of the change. use toTime_t() instead of toString() for seconds since epoch
18:50<xris>janneg: thx
18:50*xris just accidentally blew away 0.20-fixes version of mythweb and replaced it with trunk
18:52-!-clever[rev] [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
18:52<janneg>xris: remove it again and copy an old revision
18:53<xris>yeah, I did
18:53<janneg>it works in a single commit. just svn del ... && svn cp -rX URL working_dir
18:54<danielk22>xris: I just attached another patch for it to #4583, it also fixes some problems where the "BAD" return value wasn't checked and used QDateTime function returns instead of QString for the dates.
18:54-!-clever [] has joined #mythtv
18:54<xris>ok, cool
18:55<xris>ok, kormoc and I have officially declared the mythweb .21-fixes branch "done" and are moving on to bigger changes in trunk.
18:55<xris>there are a few lingering bugs, but nothing we can fix at the moment.
18:55<kormoc>and if we do, we'll merge by hand
18:55<danielk22>Isn't this preview bug the big remaining bug?
18:55<stuarta>dont forget the scanning crash
18:56<xris>preview and the DST thing
18:56<danielk22>"taskset -c 0" ?
18:56<stuarta>got a few backtraces to investigate 2mro
18:56<kormoc>xris, you want to do the announcement for php 5.1 ?
18:56<xris>kormoc: might as well send one to -dev and -users
18:56-!-stuarta [n=stuarta@unaffiliated/stuarta] has quit ["back tomorrow"]
18:56*kormoc nods
18:59*xris can't wait to clean up more of this object stuff
19:00<xris>danielk22: any updates on the firewire segfault loop thing?
19:13<xris>anyone else notice that compiling mythtv eats up like a gig of ram?
19:22<Hannibal->i can test that real quick - i never pay attention
19:24<Hannibal->stuarta - i did a fresh gdb / output.txt for that tuner crash with the fixes rev.16058; should i stick them on my ticket? they look pretty similar.
19:28<xris>weird. I blow away the ccache and things are fine.
19:28<xris>seems like maybe a bug i ccache
19:28<xris>danielk22: that time fix seems to work for me.
19:31<xris>think it's worthy to push into -fixes?
19:35<xris>anyway, committed that to trunk. seems to work well
19:36<xris>hmm, that should theoretically take a proto bump...
19:37<xris>oh, you did that, too
19:42<xris>ok, that's in. proto bumped
19:49<hads>xris: Could you bump the version in the python binding too please?
19:51<xris>hads: yeah, hang on a sec
19:54-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
19:59<superm1>okay as long as 0.21 gets released by Mar 20th, we're in the clear on the Ubuntu side without need for any exceptions to get it in for hardy. I just cleared it with the hardy team.
19:59-!-mattwire [] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:04<xris>Anduin: looks like someone accidentally committed the python "build" stuff to svn in the 21 fixes branch
20:04<xris>anyway, mythproto bumped at hads' request
20:14-!-clever is now known as clever[rev]
20:18-!-felix_da_catz [] has quit [Connection timed out]
20:19-!-grokky [] has quit []
20:23<Anduin>xris: Yup, it was me, just didn't remember to remove it from the release branch, thanks.
20:24-!-|gunni| [] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies"]
20:36-!-crunchberries [] has joined #mythtv
20:36<crunchberries>#join /mediaportal
20:36-!-crunchberries [] has left #mythtv []
21:01<Chutt>i need to start laying down some rules for the branch, it looks like
21:01<Chutt>things are obviously not being tested after merging but before checking in.
21:20<mick_home>lol - talk about dislexia
21:20<mick_home>#join <-- heh
21:41<Chutt>xris, kormoc, i'm merging everything from fixes -> trunk except mythweb
21:41<Chutt>you guys have messed that up too badly.
21:41<kormoc>Chutt, no worries, sorry bout any troubles
21:42<Chutt>you shouldn't be doing stuff in trunk that causes it to be significantly different than the branch until after the release.
21:42<kormoc>we can back out until later if you wish
21:43<Chutt>i _thought_ that was pretty clear.
21:44<kormoc>go ahead and merge over top, I'll clean up when you give the all clear.
21:44<Chutt>i can't
21:44<Chutt>it's full of conflicts.
21:45<kormoc>you can delete from -trunk and copy it entirely fresh
21:45<Chutt>that's what fucked it up in the first place
21:46<Chutt>and loses history
21:47<kormoc>Can replay in the same order so the history is duplicated.
21:47<Chutt>better not to lose it in the first place.
21:49<xris>Chutt: what was the point of branching if we were going to keep it the same?
21:49<Chutt>not exactly the same, of course
21:49<Chutt>but not different to the point that making things mergeable is impossible.
21:50<xris>but shouldn't the individual committer be responsible for the merge?
21:51<Chutt>read the developers list?
21:51<xris>I must have missed something there
21:51<xris>auto-merge scripts rarely work
21:51<Chutt>no, but me doing it manually every few days should.
21:51<Chutt>right now, everything but mythweb was a clean merge.
21:52<Chutt>mythweb dir was a giant clusterfuck.
21:52<xris>mythweb had all of its changes applied to both trees at the same time
21:52<Chutt>no, it didn't
21:52<xris>yes, it did
21:52<kormoc>xris, but alas, svn doesn't know that
21:52<xris>trunk was just further ahead than .21
21:52<Chutt>kormoc, sure it does.
21:52<Chutt>merge checks to see if things are the same.
21:52<kormoc>it doesn't know that commit [xxxxx] and [xxxxx+1] are the same
21:52<xris>Chutt: yes. but it doesn't check to see if one had the changes applied and then later had some other changes.
21:52<Chutt>deleting the entire directory and copying over some other dir _didn't_ help.
21:53<Chutt>i can't see why you'd ever even do that
21:53<xris>I don't have a .21 install.. I can't dev in .21.
21:53<xris>I dev in trunk, then merge in the changes as necessary to .21
21:54<kormoc>Chutt, Industry standards, mainly I didn't follow them when I made the first directory, so I updated to follow them
21:54<Chutt>so you're not testing?
21:54<kormoc>I'm testing 0.21-fixes
21:54<xris>for mythweb? I didn't have to.. at least, not the stuff that I merged over.
21:54<xris>esp. since trunk and .21 are supposed to be nearly identical
21:54<Chutt>you made changes outside of mythweb.
21:54<xris>Chutt: yes, and I tested them by themselves.
21:54<Chutt>did you test them? even a compile?
21:54<Chutt>in the branch?
21:55<xris>brb, food burning
21:57-!-MaverickTech is now known as MavT
22:00<Chutt>there, managed to trick svn merge into liking the mythweb dir
22:01<Chutt>heh, except the README
22:02-!-kreat0r [] has quit ["Lost terminal"]
22:03<xris>because they're different.
22:03<Chutt>well, yes
22:03<xris>I was just working under the assumption that this branch was like any other... so I was merging all changes into the branch
22:03<xris>kormoc and I finished what we want for .21 in mythweb, so I gave him the go-ahead to push big changes through
22:03<Chutt>it will be, once the release is cut.
22:04<Chutt>until then, it'd be nice to actually try to keep things stable.
22:04<xris>didn't realize other people were going to touch the mythweb code
22:05<xris>I actually re-branched mythweb today... once trunk was ready, I wiped .21/mythweb and re-copied it.
22:05<Chutt>that's what caused most of the problems
22:05<xris>anyway, sorry for that.
22:06-!-squee [] has quit ["Leaving"]
22:06<Chutt>it's ok
22:06<Chutt>just, if you're making changes in the branch, please test them in the branch.
22:06<xris>willdo. daniel's patch that I committed in the main code only affects the perl/php stuff
22:07<xris>so I knew it would work.
22:07<Chutt>still should've been tested
22:07<Chutt>4 minutes is _probably_ not enough to merge and compile those three changes :p
22:07<MrGandalf>ya know, gentlemen, beer makes all look better in the end.. especially on a Sat. night.
22:07<xris>esp. with my ccache stuff not working.
22:08<xris>Chutt: actually, on my quad core box, it's only about 6 minutes to compile mythtv from scratch
22:08<Chutt>yeah, but merging would still take a bit :p
22:08<xris>that was only about 3 seconds
22:08<kormoc>I actually premerge both branches, test both of them and then commit both at the same time if it works
22:08<xris>well, 30, since I had to hand-edit one of the mythweb files
22:08<Chutt>but, mythcontext.h changed
22:09<Chutt>so that's _basically_ a full recompile
22:09<xris>gives me an excuse to build myself a better packaging environment... I'll need it for the livna/rpmfusion package build stuff, anyway.
22:09<xris>anyway, food's ready. back in awhile.
22:10<Chutt>(irc as scratchpad, sorry)
22:12<xris>I use bash history for that. :)
22:14<Chutt>i tend to accidently close terms
22:15<xris>that's what the history is for.
22:16<Chutt>yeah, but it never seems to work right when i have 20 term windows open
22:16<xris>lol, ok, good point
22:16<xris>I try to limit myself to 3 or 4
22:17<xris>btw, I'll be re-copying the nuvexport directory over to .21 before we release... too much hassle merging small individual changes over
22:18<Chutt>you _can_ merge a range easily
22:18<Chutt>that's what i just did
22:18<Chutt>everything but mythweb was: svn merge -r 15931:HEAD svn+ssh://
22:19<Chutt>(in my trunk working dir)
22:19<xris>yeah, you won't see nuvexport edits in that
22:19<xris>not that I've made very many
22:20<Chutt>that was branch -> trunk, of course
22:20<xris>yeah, I've only committed nuvexport stuff to trunk so far
22:25<kormoc>xris, Do you know offhand why there's a sleep in the forget old delete recording logic with the comment of 'Delay a second so the scheduler can catch up'?
22:25<xris>kormoc: exactly what it says
22:26<xris>when you delete a show, the scheduler query reruns.. the deleted show can affect the results of that query
22:26<kormoc>I'm confused as to why that would help when we're not looking at a page that involves scheduling
22:26<xris>er, forget old
22:26<xris>because the "upcoming recordings" page uses the same code
22:26<kormoc>(esp with ajax calls, it only slows them down)
22:26<xris>shouldn't use ajax for anything that would affect the schedule displayu
22:27<xris>at least, doesn't delete+forget just call forget_old() and then delete?
22:27<xris>could add a "skip sleep" parameter to forget_old....
22:28<kormoc>nah, it runs it's own routine in the top of recorded.php
22:28<kormoc>which should only be used on the recorded page...
22:28-!-Dsem [] has joined #mythtv
22:29<xris>ah, then I may be mistaken and it's just left over from copy-paste
22:29<kormoc>I think it is
22:32<xris>could always ack for another instance of sleep
22:33<kormoc>yeah, it's there in upcoming.php and detail.php
22:34<kormoc>I wonder if there is a way to ask the backend if the scheduler is running and if so wait for it to finish before displaying rather then sleeping
22:34<kormoc>(esp given the scheduler takes 15 to 20 seconds to run on mine, so 1 second doesn't help any)
22:40<xris>and I thought 1s was bad. heh
22:47-!-Gokee2_Laptop [] has joined #mythtv
22:50-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
22:50<Dsem>xris, I think you're in charge of this--In order to get flash streaming to work in mythweb, I need to remove the end of the ffmpeg command ("2>/dev/null") in the script
22:51*kormoc blinks
22:51<Dsem>otherwise I get "Unable for find a suitable output format for '2>/dev/null'" errors in apache logs
22:51<xris>kormoc: it's because I switched it over to the list format for open() instead of string
22:51<xris>Dsem: thanks. and lame.. wonder how I avoid that
22:52<kormoc>not redirecting stderr leads to huge logfiles
22:52<Dsem>yeah, i've noticed that too
22:54<xris>I'll look into it when I'm done with what I'm currently working on
23:07-!-rod__ [] has joined #mythtv
23:09*xris ponders just reverting that ffmpeg commit
23:15-!-grokky [] has quit []
23:25-!-rod_ [] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
23:27<xris>Dsem: try now
23:34<Dsem>Premature end of script headers:
23:34<xris>using trunk?
23:35<Dsem>i just updated the script, were there changes to other files?
23:36<xris>depends on how long it's been since you sync'd
23:36<xris>everything works fine for me
23:36<Dsem>k, I synced a few hours ago
23:37<xris>might make sure there are no conflicts in your files, too... that premature end of script bit will usually come with a more detailed message about some other error.
23:38<Dsem>k, i'll be looking into things
23:40-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
23:43<Dsem>success indeed, thanks
23:46<xris>what was the issue?
23:48<Dsem>i think it was svn, I had changed the file in a couple of places. deleting the file and updating again seems to have things working
23:49-!-Gokee2_Laptop [] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
23:51-!-grokky [] has quit []
23:58<xris>ok, that's officially all of the mythweb/nuvexport/perl/contrib tickets on my plate for .21 that I can actually fix for now.
23:58<sphery>xris: Just have a second, but at first glance, it looks like [16106] and [16107] won't handle the 100x0x155 format (WxHxS) from before gbee changed the PNG filenames (which are still used by the backend/frontend if they were previously generated). All the other delete/rename code in the C++ code is now using <basename>.*\.png .
23:59<xris>sphery: thanks.
23:59<sphery>Looks like it will skip (orphan) those files. Hope it helps.
23:59<xris>sphery: thanks. easy fix
---Logclosed Sun Feb 17 00:00:43 2008