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03:52<kormoc>Chutt, janneg, [16211] should fix the konqueror issues if you want to give it a go
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05:39<laga_>oops, wrong channel
05:46<dekarl>wb laga, #mythtv can't be wrong :)
05:46<laga_>heh :)
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08:26<Daviey>Anyone @ FOSDEM?
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08:58<gbee>not I :)
08:59<gbee>haven't heard anyone say they were going to attend, I think it's more likely people will be at linuxtag
09:01<gbee>FOSDEM has never been high on my radar
09:02<laga_>dekar1: you're currently there, right?
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09:50*Daviey at FOSDEM atm
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10:37<dekar1>laga_: was busy, but I'm here
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10:37<dekarl>ohh, but here is not FOSDEM
10:38<laga_>dekarl: sorry, meant daviey :/
10:38<laga_>too tired :)
10:39<dekarl>at this time? Hehe, must have been a great Party then :)
10:40<laga_>ugh, just installed software on the wrong box
10:40<laga_>guess i'm _really_ tired ;)
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10:49<okolsi>CDev: was it you who knows the UPnP stuff?
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11:01<CDev>okolsi: Yes, I created the initial UPnP protocol stack. GreyFoxx has been doing a lot of work on it.
11:02<okolsi>CDev: okay.. I just have notice that browsing upwards in Video folders doesn't work with Nokia N95 phone
11:02<CDev>I noticed that the ParentId attributes are wrong for videos. GreyFoxx is looking into it.
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11:03<CDev>That would cause your navigation issues.
11:03<okolsi>CDev: okay, that sounds same issue.. glad that I asked, won't create a ticket then
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11:06<okolsi>CDev: another minor issue.. there is UTF8 corruption with music album names, song titles are okay
11:06<okolsi>CDev: have tried to look at the code but haven't spotted the problem yet
11:08<CDev>I know there have been some UTF8 fixes in the past. I think there may still be an outstanding ticket.
11:08<CDev>See if you can find an open ticket for it, and if not, create a new one.
11:08<GreyFoxx>I've got the Parent ID thing fixed, just working on some other stuff. I'll commit that fix today
11:09<CDev>be as specific as possible (a patch would be nice as well!)
11:09<CDev>GreyFoxx: glad to hear.
11:09<okolsi>CDev: yeah, I might not be able to fix this one :)
11:09<okolsi>GreyFoxx: sounds good
11:09*GreyFoxx goes to shovel out his driveway
11:10<CDev>GreyFoxx: once you commit the fix, I take a look at it in my test tool to verify it.
11:10<CDev>GreyFoxx: Just got done shoveling mine.
11:16<okolsi>CDev: I'll update some remaining details to #4372
11:16<okolsi>was a busy and didn't have time to test before gbee closed the ticket
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12:42<gbee>what character encoding do upnp devices expect?
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12:53<CDev>gbee: looking at the spec, it looks like UTF-8
12:55<gbee>ok, so when we have the directory/path info from QFileInfo etc in unicode we need to convert to utf8()
12:55<gbee>well it's worth a try anyway
12:56<gbee>ahh, no it might be simpler than that, we're storing the directory info in a temporary table without doing the utf8 conversions
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12:59<gbee>okolsi: will you be able to test a patch later tonight/tomorrow?
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14:18<jams>gbee- so mabye i'm being stupid, but how do you use a different background for mythcontrols?
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14:57<jams>gbee around?
15:00<Rigolo>good evening .... what can I do to get bug #3640 included in 0.21?? dvb-c scanning is broken at the moment for the @home, casema and multikabel in the netherlands (more than 3.7M subscribers with 1.2M digital)
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15:22<danielk22>rigolo: get in time machine, set back 3 weeks, fix, make an acceptable patch, submit.. :)
15:23<danielk22>if you fix it following janne's instructions on the ticket I'm sure it can get into svn head though...
15:23<Rigolo>0.21 was frozen 3 weeks ago?
15:24<Rigolo>danielk22: know anyone with access to that can reset the time on that machine? :-)
15:27<dekarl>Rigolo: afaik it's frozen only for some definitions of frozen :)
15:28<Rigolo>okee, 1.2M (potential) mythtv user that are affected fall out of that definition I hope :-)
15:29<dekarl>I bet that if you come up with a clean patch you could get it fixed in 0.21, too :)
15:30<Rigolo>well ... that would be tricky ... I've never programmed "for real" .. but I'm a very good tester :-)
15:30<Rigolo>(excel macro's and simple perl scripts don't count as "real" programming)
15:32<Rigolo>What I do find intresting about this ticket is that I had dvb-c working in an older version (most likely before 0.20.2) where I could just import a channels.conf and dvb-c was working
15:32<Hannibal->the scanner has changed a bit in 0.21 from 0.20
15:33<Hannibal->the scanner is very unstable for me in 0.21; crashes during scans -- but was rock solid in 0.20
15:33<dekarl>And importing channels.conf is not really a working scanner :(
15:34<Rigolo>well ... the scanner is using the imported channels.conf as a sort of "initial tuning file" and than starts it's own scanning
15:34<dekarl>I see
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15:34<Rigolo>at least .. that is what I think is happening .. from looking at the behaviour in the database
15:36<Rigolo>I have a channels.conf with only 6 channels in it, all FTA spread over 3 transports. When I import that I get those 3 imports in dtv_multiplex PLUS all the other multiplexes from the "default" network ID
15:37<Rigolo>the 6 channels are linked to the 3 transports from the default network ID instead of the 3 correct transports
15:37<gumby600m>Hi, I'm using mythbuntu 7.10 and I can't get my channel listing from The mythsetup finds the correct "Data Direct lineup", but the "Channel Scanner" doesn't find any channels. I'm using a DCT6200 + firewire & an analog ATI TV Wonder card. Any ideas???
15:37<dekarl>Tried #mythtv-users already? (see topic)
15:37<gumby600m>oops, sorry!!
15:38<Rigolo>updating the channel table to point to the 3 "correct" multiplexes fixes this
15:38<dekarl>can't we turn that around? Usually the channel without postfix is for chatter with the devel split out
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15:39<dekarl>Rigolo: I have no idea about scanning. Maybe janneg and stuarta have something in the works?
15:39<Anduin>dekarl: it isn't going to happen
15:40<dekarl>anduin: It's just a thought that crosses my mind every time I see the topic
15:41<Rigolo>janneg has a patch in #3640 .. no idea if it works .. then I need to start to manually compile mythtv .. never done that before ..
15:41*Rigolo thinks it is time to setup a mythtv compilation system .. and just try it :-)
15:41*dekarl agrees, that's the mythtv definition of a good tester ;)
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15:42<Rigolo>any good "mythtv compilation" how to's around?
15:44<dekarl>plenty. Depends on your platform. I've seen some on the wiki
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15:46<Rigolo>using mythbuntu at the moment .. because I was lazy ... used gentoo a lot so that might help .. just create a custom ebuild with the patch included
15:47<kormoc>epatch for the win
15:48<Rigolo>would be handy if I had the scripts that mythbuntu is using for their weekly autobuilds
15:49<Hannibal->as much as i like packages / package management, i just use svn to pull the fixes tree every week or so. the configure lines are really straight-forward. the nice thing to steal from the packages is the startup scripts.
15:49<kormoc>Hannibal-, Portage (Gentoo's packaging system) understands svn
15:49<kormoc>It's snazzy
15:50<dekarl>Rigolo: google dug up this thread
15:51<Rigolo>thx .. that is really handy :-)
15:52<Rigolo>I'm lucky I have 5 more weeks off from work ... had some accrued leave days :-)
15:52<dekarl>Perfect time to get a new backend running
15:53<Hannibal->kormoc - yeah, i know, i'm just too lazy to write an ebuild for it ;-)
15:54<kormoc>Hannibal-, the offical ebuilds in the tree are svn based ebuilds, you just need to change the revision number and it magically works.
15:55<Rigolo>that is my I like gentoo ... but it takes a lot of work to get a system to the same level as ubunut I think
15:56<kormoc>It takes me a lot longer to remove all the cruft to get a Ubuntu system like my Gentoo one :P
15:57<dekarl>Rigolo: might be interestint too
15:57<Rigolo>breezy? that is 100 years ago :-)
15:57<Rigolo>I ran into this dvb-c issue with mythbuntu HH alpha 2 :-)
15:58<Hannibal->that's good to know; i'll have to try that -- i've just gotten so used to doing the svn myself; hard habit to break - normally i don't update all that much... but that myth crashing on tuner change is killing me. so i check from time to time to see if it gets any better. it usually takes me 4-5 shots to switch to a diff tuner. mythfrontend crashes, and drops out the whole gnome session right back to login.
15:58<ma9mwah>i used the above instruction on hardy heron without issues
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15:59<Rigolo>okee, lets give it a shot .. (in the morning .. almost 22:00 here)
16:03<Rigolo>no .. girlfriend :-)
16:03<Hannibal->ah, whipped.
16:04<Rigolo>almost :-)
16:06<Rigolo>she is doing nights at the moment .. so in the morning lots of time :-)
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16:18<Rigolo>have to go ....
16:18<Rigolo>I'l be back ...
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16:37<okolsi>gbee: not tonight, I can test patch later, now have get some sleep
16:58*xris grumbles about still not being able to compile mythtv in macos
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17:02<gbee>okolsi: np, I've not managed to work on it anyway - too busy dealing with the thiefs/vandals who keep getting into the garden :(
17:04<Hannibal->human or animal thieves?
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17:12<ChrisC35>is KnoppMyth or LinuxMCE a good way to setup a home theature box (with a tv card) ?
17:12<hads>Read the topic.
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17:14<MrGandalv>Is it me, or do others see mythbacknd segfaults in QValueListIterator more frequently than anything else as well?
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17:17<gbee>don't see them that often, QString segfaults are more common from my perspective
17:18<MrGandalf>it always seems to be when extra data is being added to a QStringList.
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17:21<gbee>any particular location? QStringList and it's iterator are almost certainly not threadsafe, but I don't know of many (any?) places where we are sharing an instance between threads
17:22<MrGandalf>this one was in mainserver.cpp in customEvent()
17:22<MrGandalf>but I know I've seen it elsewhere
17:22<MrGandalf>but I could be wrong
17:26<danielk22>MrG: any time you assign one QString to another it creates a shallow copy unless you use QDeepCopy<QString>()
17:28<MrGandalf>Would you suggest that be done in MythEvent then? An iterator with QDeepCopy on each QString into a different QStringList?
17:29<danielk22>where is the code?
17:29<MrGandalf>the segfault was in mainserver.cpp in customEvent(): broadcast += me->ExtraDataList();
17:30<danielk22>You can use QDeepCopy for the whole string list using QDeepCopy<QStringList>(), but this copy must of course be protected by the same lock as is used for the QStringList itself.
17:31<MrGandalf>yes, so it wouldn't make sense in mainserver, but maybe in MythEvent
17:32*MrGandalf seems to be a magnet for Myth bugs..
17:33<danielk22>Isn't that customEvent() entirely contained in the Qt event thread? I think whoever is generating the event should make sure that the strings can be used in another thread... that's the only safe way..
17:34<MrGandalf>danielk22: I haven't traced it out, but I'm thinking that MythEvent is shared between two threads, the second being the one running customEvent().
17:34<danielk22>hmm, it looks like MythEvent already does a QDeepCopy for message, but for some reason it does not for extradata...
17:35<danielk22>I think extradata = lextradata; on line 33 of mythevent.h needs to be "extradata = QDeepCopy<QStringList>(lextradata);"
17:36<MrGandalf>I can test that out.. should work and certainly wouldn't hurt anything even if it doesn't solve the issue
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17:39<danielk22>It might take a performance bite, but this is certainly a bug that should be fixed..
17:44<MrGandalf>I've been getting segfaults from that for years now..
17:45<MrGandalf>every few days
17:46<danielk22>k, I'm compiling now.. :)
17:46<kormoc>MrGandalf, you sir are indeed a bug magnet and I applaud that you keep using myth givne it segfaults every few days, that's a unnerving level of commitment :P
17:46<MrGandalf>heh, thanks :)
17:46<MrGandalf>well, I've been using it for nearly 5 years now
17:47<MrGandalf>as my main means for watching TV
17:47<kormoc>I'm bothered when mine crashed once a year... :P
17:49<danielk22>It looks like mythevent has had QDeepCopy for only message and not extradata for at least two years...
17:49<danielk22>probably for even longer..
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17:50<gnome42>danielk22: I saw that and wondered if it should be deepcopy
17:51<danielk22>gnome42? You think the users of MythEvent are already using a deepcopy? Even if true, ::clone() would be unsafe.
17:52<gnome42>I was agreeing with you that the extradata needed the deepcopy
17:52<danielk22>ah ic
17:54<danielk22>This is taking forever to rebuild though, mythevent.h must be included everywhere...
17:55<MrGandalf>I don't think Clone() is used anywhere, testing now
17:57<MrGandalf>hmm, looks like it is..
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18:04<MrGandalf>hmm, segfault
18:04<MrGandalf>maybe need to make clean first..
18:05<MrGandalf>yeah, that's probably it
18:06<danielk22>I'll put a make distclean warning in the commit...
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18:06<MrGandalf>good idea
18:12<danielk22>yeah, no segfaults after a make distclean..
18:14<MrGandalf>can't say the same
18:14<MrGandalf>getting a malloc memory corruption
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18:15<MrGandalf>doesn't make any sense
18:16<danielk22>nope.. can you put it in pastebin for me to look at?
18:19<MrGandalf>think I have a better one.. sec
18:21<gbee>do we need the library api version in the --version output? If I see another bug report which states that as the MythTV version ....
18:21<MrGandalf>um, in MythEvent: MythEvent(const QString lmessage, const QStringList &lextradata), why the & ??
18:30<Hannibal->gbee = stuartm ?
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18:30-!-adante_ is now known as adante
18:30<Hannibal->ok ;-) thought there was telepathic link or something going on
18:35<gbee>dunno why this issue bugs me so much, don't think anyone else cares about it :)
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18:43<danielk22>MrGandalf: the & prevents an extra unsafe shallow copy from being made. I'm working on a patch that does that for lmessage as well.
18:44<MrGandalf>danielk22: I see, I wasn't thinking of it being used that way..
18:44<MrGandalf>I expected a pointer if that was the intention
18:45<MrGandalf>makes it easier to keep track of.
18:45<sphery>gbee: we care (and we feel your pain), but we know it bugs you enough that you'll fix it ;)
18:46<danielk22>gbee: I think I just inadvertently closed a bug report because of it..
18:47<gbee>danielk22: probably no reason to close #4579, I was just exclaiming at the reporter giving the api version despite my previous efforts to give the revision/branch higher visibility
18:49<gbee>the api version is useless for 99% of bug reports, usually it's weeks or months between changes to the api version so it doesn't tell us what the user is running - yet time after time people mistake it for the application version
18:49<kormoc>I've been wondering if adding in a field into trac's tickets specifically for svn revision(s) would be useful
18:49<danielk22>gbee: just reopened it...
18:49<gbee>danielk22: yeah, spotted that - sorry if I confused anyone
18:50<danielk22>MrG: I gotta run, but I'm in the middle of a fix..
18:51<MrGandalf>danielk22: np, I've suffered through years of it.. I can suffer a little while longer :)
18:51<MrGandalf>my next segfault isn't due for another 2-3 days anyway
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21:38<sphery>Don't know which turned out more verbose--the database backup script I wrote or the ticket summary for the patch that includes the script...
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