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00:30<Chutt>kormoc, i updated this morning, still was happening
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00:46<superm1>j-rod, regarding perl bindings - installing to the right place, we have a patch we apply for it
00:46<superm1>if you'd like to see it :)
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00:48<superm1>which is coupled with
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05:02<gbee>hah! I was right, quake _was_ 5.3
05:05*gbee feels smug
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06:09<Dibblah>Is there something odd with the trac mailing list?
06:10<Dibblah>I'm getting lots of delayed / out of order mails...
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09:36<j-rod>sphery/superm1: thanks for the pointers on the perl bits
09:36<j-rod>launchpad seems to not want to respond to me atm...
09:37<superm1>take the .edge. out of the url if it was in it
09:37<superm1>the edge servers aren't necessary to be using
09:37<superm1>(and are sometimes slower)
09:38<j-rod>sphery: rpmlint simply wants them out of $perl5dir/site_perl directory, and over into $perl5dir/vendor_perl
09:39<j-rod>superm1: isn't even responding... :\
09:39<superm1>hm works for me
09:40<j-rod>meh. probably some ubuntu network admin looking at my IP, seeing its reverse-lookup is and denying me access... ;)
09:41<laga>eek. trying to add better mouse support to mythbrowser and the build is failing when i just #include <X11/extensions/XTest.h> :/
09:41<superm1>(that's the content of the patch)
09:41<j-rod> replied
09:43<j-rod>superm1: danke. I suspect all I really need is to add INSTALLDIRS=vendor
09:44<superm1>yeah probably. our vendordir has to end up within the sandbox if its going to be included in the deb, so that's why the extra prefix is there
09:45<j-rod>yeah, figured that was a dpkg-ish
09:46<j-rod>trying w/just adding INSTALLDIRS=vendor now...
09:46<j-rod>pretty sure that'll do the trick
09:48<j-rod>huh. now is forwarding me to whatevah
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09:53<j-rod>yeargh. I hate it when I don't get the tracking info until the day the package is already in town and out for delivery...
09:54<laga>hum. it seems that X11/extensions/XTest.h is overriding something which was included earlier. does anyone know how to get around such a thing? :)
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10:03<j-rod>superm1/laga: so do you guys build both the core bits and all plugins in one pass? Or just tightly couple the requirements between the core and the plugins?
10:04<superm1>j-rod, no they aren't in one pass. the debian package architecture wouldn't allow for that to nicely happen
10:04<j-rod>I have this big nasty srpm that carries mythtv, mythplugins, myththemes and themes now
10:04<j-rod>ah, ok
10:04<superm1>the requirements aren't as tightly coupled as they should be consistently
10:05<superm1>but the plugins are always built later, and that allow for smaller changes to say just the plugins when necessary
10:05<j-rod>not as big a deal w/released versions, but I found it to be kinda important when constantly running trunk
10:05<laga>j-rod: for the weekly build trunks, the plugins depend on the same version of libmyth-dev
10:05<laga>build-depend, that is
10:06<j-rod>where $version includes the svn rev, I presume?
10:07<j-rod>similar enough end result then
10:07<superm1>for release-0-21-fixes builds, the version is like this: 0.21.0~fixesXXX
10:07<superm1>for trunk builds it was
10:07<superm1>and for release-0-21-fixes after 0.21 comes out it will be
10:08<j-rod>I build everything in one pass, and the pieces all have reasonably strict requirements on the same %{version}-%{release}, with the svn rev as part of %{release}
10:08<superm1>which logically works the same way you read it
10:08<superm1>that's a lot more feasible with specfiles it would seem
10:09<j-rod>rpm does have its shortcomings, and spec files ain't perfect, but they do work reasonably well in this case
10:09<j-rod>rpm macros are... speshul...
10:10<j-rod>we have some seriously crazy shit in our kernel spec files now for all kinds of automagic build tricks
10:10<superm1>yeah i dont even understand out debian/ in the kernel build process for us either
10:11<superm1>they start including files from other packages
10:11<j-rod>half of the rpm tricks we use aren't even really documented anywhere... cult knowledge...
10:12<j-rod>haven't tried building a dpkg kernel in quite some time, but it wasn't pretty the last time I looked, I definitely prefer a spec file for kernels
10:12<laga>j-rod: cd /usr/src/linux/ && make-kpkg binary
10:13<j-rod>laga: yes. not pretty.
10:13<j-rod>i.e., how do you bisect patches?
10:13<laga>but be warned, that's gonna result in a 200M kernel package. you can do debian/rules $some-option and it'
10:13<j-rod>how do you reproduce the exact same build somewhere else?
10:13<laga>ll make nice, small packages
10:13<laga>j-rod: that's the way official kernels are built :)
10:13<laga>err, NOT
10:14<j-rod>just needs to be debug stripped to get the size down
10:14<laga>those kernels are built with special targets in debian/rules
10:14<j-rod>is there such thing as a src.dpkg?
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10:16<laga>j-rod: source for debian packages usually is a .dsc with meta data, the orig.tar.gz and a diff which holds debian/
10:18<j-rod>ok, yeah, that sounds vaguely familiar
10:19<j-rod>INSTALLDIRS=vendor makes rpmlint happy, puts the files where they're expected... now where's xris, so that change can be added to svn...
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10:20<superm1>laga, yeah there is a lot of cdbs black magic to kernel builds
10:21<j-rod>I suppose I could pick kyle's brain about how dpkg kernels are build and maintained...
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10:22<superm1>j-rod, just a curiosity, or are you looking to be able to do something with building them?
10:22<j-rod>just curious
10:22<superm1>or stea, er borrowing patches
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10:23<superm1>all of the kernel changes themselves go to git (as you'd expect)
10:23<superm1>which can be viewed at
10:23<j-rod>we still have this ultra-spiffy-super-speshul cvs thing...
10:23<superm1>the debian directory is part of the ubuntu-hardy-lum.git tree for lum, and then ubuntu-hardy.git for the kernel itself
10:23<superm1>well by using git we are able to grab commits directly from linus's tree
10:24<superm1>and rebase easily
10:24<j-rod>upstream tarballs/rc and git patches -> lookaside cache
10:24<superm1>so this way, EVERY patch has metadata to go with it, a history and all that jazz
10:24<j-rod>then spec and patches and other build infra in cvs
10:25<j-rod>yeah, we (rh kernel hacker) would like to move everything to git, but the whole fedora build system is tied to cvs atm
10:25<superm1>it was a big deal to switch things over from what i understand
10:25<j-rod>internally though, rhel4 and rhel5 are maintained in git trees now, with some scriptage that spits out crap to check into cvs so it can be pushed through the build system
10:25<j-rod>yeah, its no small thing
10:25<superm1>you can talk to BenC in #ubuntu-kernel if you'd like some advice on how they did the transition
10:27<j-rod>perhaps sometime...
10:27<j-rod>need to get back to beating up firewire right now... perl changes are happy, just need to bug xris to make sure its cool to add that one-line change to svn
10:28<j-rod>new firewire stack kicks the crap out of the old one, in terms of security and performance (at least for sbp2 devices), but still has some rough edges...
10:29<superm1>actually BenC used to be a linux1394 hacker before canonical slurped him up
10:29<superm1>you would do well to meet him then at some point :)
10:29<j-rod>he's still listed as the owner of the linux1394 git tree, and iirc, is on his hardware
10:30<superm1>well i'd be surprised if he has the time for anything on that project
10:30<j-rod>yep, I don't think he's even commented on the new stack at all
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10:34<melunko>Hi there... how can I get the card num where a specific program is been recorded?
10:34-!-jmk [n=jmk@] has joined #mythtv
10:34<melunko>what table should I query?
10:35<janneg>is or was?
10:36<janneg>for is do a mythtv protocol query for the recorders
10:36<janneg>was is not possible
10:37<melunko>I mean, is
10:37<melunko>what message should I send?
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10:43<melunko>janneg, I know GET_CURRENT_RECORDING, but how can I guess the card id that is currently recording?
10:43<melunko>should I query all cards ids from cardinput database and query all of them?
10:45<melunko>anyway... this seems to work for me, thanks
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10:49<janneg>melunko: you could exclude recorders from GET_FREE_RECORDER_LIST
10:50<melunko>janneg, good idea...
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10:56<Cardoe>j-rod: does that mean the linux1394 are actually going to make a release of the userspace libraries?
10:57<j-rod>Cardoe: ...
10:57<j-rod>some day, perhaps...
10:57<Cardoe>it's be nice for a version that's compatible with the new stack be released..
10:58<Cardoe>and some actual documentation
10:58<j-rod>yeah, no kidding
10:58<Cardoe>some of the libraries don't even have a single comment in the code
10:58<j-rod>I think the ultimate plan is to release when the library can detect which stack you're running and adapt on the fly, rather than having to build for one or the other
10:58<Cardoe>well right now that leaves people in a crappy spot
10:58<Cardoe>if they picked the new stack
10:58<Cardoe>no libraries for you
10:58<Cardoe>all your apps break
11:00<Cardoe>there'd be no Linux if everyone had the mentality of "until we can do everything 100% perfect, we won't release"
11:02<Cardoe>j-rod: how's LIRC going?
11:02<j-rod>Christoph has been silent lately
11:03<j-rod>sent a stack of patches to him about a month ago, a few got committed, but the last big checkpatch cleanup, no comment...
11:03<j-rod>need to ping him again
11:11<j-rod>as for the firewire libs, I guess I could kick the respective maintainers and try to talk them into taking in patches
11:17<j-rod>is there a policy on what end-of-line encodings should be used on files in svn?
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11:18<j-rod>like, can make the shit with windows EOLs sane?
11:24<j-rod>screw it, I'm doing it
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11:29<j-rod>superm1/laga: I went ahead and committed the addition of INSTALLDIRS=vendor, btw
11:30<j-rod>heads up so you can adapt your patch accordingly
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11:30<laga>jeffc91_: thanks
11:30<j-rod>sphery: yell loudly if that broke you, but it shouldn't have
11:32*gnome42 still pondering EIT pids
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11:41<GreyFoxx>CDev: Can you try this out when you get a chance? It fixes the parent ID's and such
11:41<GreyFoxx>when I try and test it on my backend with recordings and music the test tool crashes
11:42<GreyFoxx>but on my test machine with just videos it's fine
11:42<GreyFoxx>so I figure the crash is due to too many music/video/recording entries
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11:49<gnome42>janneg: I'm not too sure but is it possible that we can orphan open eit pids even after [16278] ...
11:55<gnome42>If we have some open eit PIDs and then we change channels and do _eit_pids.clear(). Doesn't that mean that DVBStreamData::GetEITPIDChanges(..) will never be able to put those open pids on the del_pids list?
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11:58<gnome42>Ideally managing the eit pids with HasEITPIDChanges(_eit_pids) and GetEITPIDChanges(_eit_pids, add_eit, del_eit) would be best? without having to manually clear _eit_pids?
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12:04<gnome42>Another similar problem I thought might happen is, if for instance we are using PREMIERE_EIT_DIREKT_PID for eit and then switch channels and _desired_netid != PREMIERE_ONID. Will the PREMIERE_EIT_DIREKT_PID be removed?
12:05<gnome42>Probably talking nonsense, I'll shutup now :)
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12:07<Cardoe>j-rod: INSTALLDIRS=vendor?
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12:08<j-rod>Cardoe: yeah... no like?
12:08<j-rod>rpmlint bitches about stuff going in perl_sitelib
12:09<j-rod>or site_lib, or whatever it is
12:09<j-rod>3rd-party stuff is all supposed to go in vendor_lib, according to the fedora perl packaging docs...
12:09<Cardoe>j-rod: I was just wondering if that was a change to the build system of myth and what it did
12:10<j-rod>just changes which subdir the perl bindings get installed into
12:10<j-rod>I get /usr/lib/perl5/vendor_perl/5.8.8/MythTV/ now, instead of /usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.8/MythTV/
12:11<Cardoe>make INSTALL_ROOT=${D} INSTALLDIR=vendor ?
12:11<Cardoe>${D} is a Gentoo thing
12:11<j-rod>yeah, INSTALL_ROOT is still there, should work fine
12:12<Cardoe>j-rod: wouldn't it make sense to call it..
12:12<Cardoe>PERL_INSTALLDIR or some such
12:12<Cardoe>so it's clear its for perl
12:12<Cardoe>I know I'm being nitpicky
12:12<j-rod>INSTALLDIRS is an official perlism.
12:13<Cardoe>it just seems weird that it's at the top level
12:13<j-rod>yeah, its a standard option passed to perl makefiles or whatever (I don't know perl that well)
12:13<j-rod>what top level?
12:13<Cardoe>the top level make
12:13<j-rod>its not
12:14<j-rod>its in mythtv/bindings/perl/
12:14<Cardoe>so does that mean I need to cd mythtv/bindings/perl
12:14<Cardoe>make install
12:14<Cardoe>or from cd mythtv
12:14<Cardoe>make install, will install the perl bindings?
12:14<j-rod>nope, if you have the bindings building, they'll install from the top-level make
12:15<Cardoe>so that's what I'm saying
12:15<Cardoe>the top level make will have make INSTALL_ROOT= INSTALLDIR=
12:15<Cardoe>it just seemed confusing. that's all
12:18<j-rod>oh, hrm.
12:19<j-rod>I don't specify any INSTALLDIRS
12:20<j-rod>I just use what's provided in for the perl bits
12:20<Cardoe>oh oh
12:20<j-rod>default INSTALLDIRS is apparently site
12:20<Cardoe>so it's nothing I as a user need to change when installing
12:20<j-rod>er, was
12:20<Cardoe>the .pro file just has it fixed.
12:20<Cardoe>to what it calls in the perl Makefile
12:20<j-rod>no, although if you have an old build installed, you might wind up w/'em in both places
12:21<xris>Cardoe: perl picks its install dir... that's how perl installs work
12:21<Cardoe>ok. sorry for the confusion
12:21<Cardoe>j-rod: that's true.
12:21<xris>site_perl for manual installs, vendor_perl for packages
12:21<j-rod>xris: ah, there you are... hope that change doesn't make you gag... :)
12:21<xris>I didn't look at the contents... but kormoc and I can fix it up
12:21<xris>if necessary
12:21<Cardoe>I was wondering if I as a packager needed to change the parameters I gave the install
12:22<j-rod>just added INSTALLDIRS=vendor to by default
12:22<xris>Cardoe: for the rpm stuff, I actually use sed to change the paths in the pro file before compiling
12:22<j-rod>ah, so maybe I shouldn't have made that change...
12:22*j-rod knew he should have waited for xris... :)
12:23<xris> sed -i -e 's#perl Makefile.PL#%{__perl} Makefile.PL INSTALLDIRS=vendor OPTIMIZE="$RPM_OPT_FLAGS"#' \
12:23<xris> bindings/perl/
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12:24-!-dekar1 is now known as dekarl
12:25<Cardoe>I might actually have a similar sed
12:25<j-rod>xris: I've been hammering through trying to kill all rpmlint output I possibly can
12:25<j-rod>I'm on a mission to have something to submit to rpmfusion asap
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12:26<xris>I should send you my spec
12:26<j-rod>mos def
12:26<Gammelmark>when designing UIs for a myth plugin, is there a reference to the available element types and attributes some place?
12:27<dekarl>danielk22: From a look at the code of the DBOX2Recorder the move to udp streaming never happend (was talked about in late 2005) Am I missing something?
12:27<j-rod>I'm obviously duplicating some things you've already fixed. :)
12:27<xris>j-rod: there, much to play with. :)
12:27<xris>I'm still stuck trying to get myth compiled on my mac.
12:27<laga>dekarl: janneg has been working on that
12:27<laga>dekarl: on the dbox2 recorder, that is
12:27<xris>though I took a brief look at gpac/mp4box which would be nice if I could run to "fix" a bunch of my mp4 nuvexport encodes to work with itunes
12:27<j-rod>xris: I started up an build last night, but it croaked... new build failure...
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12:28<dekarl>laga: Ahh great. I just took a look at udrec to see how it works, but with all the choices I could'nt even figure out how much work it would be. (udp streaming of multiplexed PES with on demand resent via TCP and stuff)
12:29<dekarl>I'd like to use it for the -trunk backend in a VM that I'm setting up right now
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12:30<j-rod>xris: ew, get that dvb tarball crap outta there. ;)
12:30<xris>didn't know it'd work without it.
12:30<j-rod>(just build against the dvb headers in /usr/include)
12:30<xris>I haven't had much time to experiment with it.
12:31<laga>dekarl: yeah, udrec is pretty nifty
12:31<xris>I'll just use your spec when you're ready with it.
12:31<xris>and create a build script to get rid of the svn update magic/evil that I use.
12:31<j-rod>our specs are very very different now, have diverged quite a bit since they were forked from axel
12:32<xris>I'm more inclined to trust yours
12:32<xris>just figured there might be things like the perl bit that you could use
12:32<j-rod>oh, definitely
12:32<j-rod>I'm reading through 'em now
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12:32<dekarl>laga: does that involved rebuilding a TS in the recorder or can we hand multiple PES to the backend?
12:32*xris really wishes that rpmspec markup had a "comment" character.
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12:34<laga>dekarl: no clue. i think he just did a channel scanner and some fixing. ask him :)
12:34<j-rod>Cardoe/superm1/laga: I just reverted that INSTALLDIRS change for now.
12:35<j-rod>looks like we could use a --with-perl-options flag for the main configure or something (for example, that's what rrdtool does, anywho)
12:36<dekarl>janneg? do you reassemble a TS in the new UDP DBox2 recorder or just have the dbox send a TS or can we hand multiple PES to the backend? (I'm playing around with an icecast recorder, just handing a PES down would simplify things)
12:37<laga>dekarl: not sure if he ever implemented udp recording. i wasn't clear on that one :)
12:38<dekarl>laga: Ohh, looking at the collisions on the interface the dbox is on I'd be very interested in that. :)
12:40<Cardoe>j-rod: :(
12:40<Cardoe>j-rod: I just removed my sed
12:42<j-rod>Cardoe: d'oh, sorry
12:43<Cardoe>j-rod: it's a good change!
12:43<Cardoe>we all just need to coordinate when it happens
12:47<jeffc91>laga: ?
12:52-!-_gunni_ [] has joined #mythtv
12:59-!-Viiru [] has joined #mythtv
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13:30<laga>jeffc91: oops. my irc client messed up auto complete when you joined :)
13:45-!-czth_ [n=dbrobins@nat/microsoft/x-28112b20e12a720c] has joined #mythtv
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14:15-!-jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
14:15-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
14:26<Anduin>j-rod: What is the purpose of the shebangs in those files?
14:27<j-rod>Anduin: first and foremost, shuts up rpmlint. :)
14:27<j-rod>since they're not typically executed directly, it might have been better to remove the execute permissions on the files instead, but...
14:27<Anduin>j-rod: Ah, ok, good enough.
14:28<j-rod>I have an rpm that has only one remaining complaint I want to address that I'm going to push for rpmfusion soon
14:28<Cardoe>j-rod: if they're not executed directly, they shouldn't have shebangs in them
14:28<Anduin>I didn't think they were +x (they are not here)
14:28<gbee>#3682 << bug or feature? I'd lean towards bug but I don't want to update the protocol version at this late stage without checking first
14:29<Cardoe>j-rod: infact, that appears to imply they are executable when they're not and would actually give a python error when executed
14:30<Cardoe>j-rod: they also don't have the +x bit set
14:30<Cardoe>so its potentially an error in rpmlint or an error in the spec
14:30<Cardoe>the only file that should have the shebang in it is
14:30<Cardoe>because that file is meant to be executed
14:31<Cardoe>its the only one with +x
14:31<Cardoe>and it has a __main__
14:31<j-rod>oh, crap, I think I know what's up. yeah, probably spec error leading to them being +x, then rpmlint bitching because they're +x and don't have shebangs
14:32<j-rod>yep, there it is. Okay, I'll undo that.
14:33<Cardoe>j-rod: the one fix that is needed is needs the execute bit turned on
14:35<j-rod>so leave the shebang there
14:38-!-reynaldo [n=rverdejo@] has joined #mythtv
14:39-!-bobbens [] has joined #mythtv
14:39<bobbens>Hello, I have a dvb-t card that back in the day wasn't able to handle some channels (bad antenna), if I wanted to try again, what approach should I do?
14:40<bobbens>mmm, read message too late, cherio
14:40<Cardoe>j-rod: where are you guys installing and
14:40-!-bobbens [] has left #mythtv ["sorry, but channel name is confusing :)"]
14:40<j-rod>into /usr/lib/python2.5/site-packages/MythTV
14:41<Cardoe>j-rod: ok. same here.
14:41<Cardoe>I was just wondering if you're providing a /usr/bin/MythTV type symlink to execute it..
14:41<j-rod>and that's for both x86 and x86_64 (i.e., not into /usr/lib64, since there are no compiled bits)
14:42<Cardoe>j-rod: so Fedora has /usr/lib, /usr/lib32, and /usr/lib64 as all different?
14:42<j-rod>no lib32
14:42<j-rod>we do have /usr/lib and /usr/lib64 though
14:42<j-rod>x86_64 and ppc64 libraries go into /usr/lib64
14:42<xris>annoying as heck, too. heh
14:43<j-rod>so that you can also have the 32-bit versions installed in /usr/lib/
14:43<xris>since there's no bin64 to differentiate between 32 and 64 bit binaries.
14:43<j-rod>yeah, that one's obnoxious. I hate rpm coloring.
14:43<j-rod>does unexpected shit in some cases
14:43<xris>I mainly just want to make sure that firefox only ever runs in 32 bit mode
14:44<j-rod>like on ppc64, if you install both gdb.ppc and gdb.ppc64, rpm coloring means you're running the 32-bit one
14:44<j-rod>which is a lose if you need to debug 64-bit bits
14:44<j-rod>generally, ppc is preferred over ppc64, since it runs faster, but sometimes you do need the ppc64 version
14:44<j-rod>ppc64 is super-special when it comes to multi-lib, even more so than x86_64
14:45<j-rod>xris: why ff only ever 32-bit?
14:45<j-rod>I run 64-bit all the time, everything works just fine
14:45<xris>no 64 bit flash/adobe
14:45<j-rod>which ones?
14:45<j-rod>that works with 64-bit firefox too. :)
14:45-!-adante [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
14:45<laga>nspluginwrapper \o/
14:45<xris>and the plugin wrapper thing only works about 80% of the time.
14:46<j-rod>laga beat me.... hrm, has never failed me, but I don't use it that heavily, I guess
14:46<gnome42>gbee: Re: #3682 Not sure if it's bug or feature. But, I do regularily feel the pain of not having the year available in all places.
14:47<laga>i use it all the time here. i don't think it makes the flash plugin more unreliable than it already is
14:48<j-rod>I lose. No channels available from the office.
14:48<gbee>gnome42: I'm pretty sure I'd call it a bug, but not a serious one and something that could easily wait for 0.22 if needed
14:48-!-stuarta [n=stuarta@unaffiliated/stuarta] has quit [Read error: 104 (Connection reset by peer)]
14:48*j-rod has a new Hauppage HVR-1500Q in his laptop...
14:49<gnome42>gbee: yep, agreed.
14:49-!-jwhite [] has quit ["Leaving"]
14:49<gbee>I'll make a decision based on time
14:51<gnome42>that reminds me, I made a couple small patches to ease maintenance a little by removing the NUMPROGRAMLINES define from myth
14:52<gnome42>not from mythweb though, it still needs it.
14:53-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has quit [Read error: 113 (No route to host)]
14:58-!-Cardoe [n=Cardoe@gentoo/developer/Cardoe] has joined #mythtv
15:02-!-stuarta [n=stuarta@unaffiliated/stuarta] has joined #mythtv
15:02<stuarta>grrr, damn video drivers
15:04-!-jwhite [] has joined #mythtv
15:06<danielk22>hari: The shipping to your address was $70+ which just doesn't make sense for a $30 usb device.. :(
15:08<danielk22>sorry, that last message went into the wrong IRC window :)
15:11<MrGandalf>even so, still doesn't make sense.
15:11-!-reynaldo [n=rverdejo@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:16<xris>danielk22: nice of silicon dust to donate a device for linuxfest
15:27-!-cattelan [n=cattelan@] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:27<GreyFoxx>the hdhomerun doesn't currently work with multirec does it ?
15:32<xris>I think it needs a driver update or something like that
15:33<xris>I remember seeing something about them intending to support it (for mythtv?) but not yet
15:33<xris>I just want to know how well it'd work with my cable connection.. if it works well, I could get rid of one of my firewire boxes
15:34<Cardoe>OpenGL vsync is a toggleable option in mythfrontend right?
15:34-!-foo8ar [] has joined #mythtv
15:35<laga>Cardoe: yes
15:50-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has joined #mythtv
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16:40<CDev>GreyFoxx: Just tested the patch. The id's look good, however, the childCounts are still wrong.
16:44-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
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17:53<knowledgejunkie>gbee: should I raise a ticket for the Never Record missing from the conflict resolution menu issue?
17:54<gbee>knowledgejunkie: please, without a ticket I'm liable to forget
17:54<knowledgejunkie>gbee: OK
17:58-!-Cardoe_ is now known as Cardoe
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18:05<richards>probably covered in the howto but can not find immediately, has the min version of gcc changed between 0.20 & 0.21 ?
18:06<sn9>wasn't 2.95 still commonplace when 0.20 was released?
18:06<gbee>richards: dunno, but if you tell us which version you've got we can probably tell you if it works
18:07<richards>gbee: can compile 0.20 but not 0.21. gcc version 3.3.4
18:08<laga>error message?
18:08<richards>sn9: slackware
18:08<sn9>slackware still uses 3.3?
18:09<richards>sn9: sorry slackware 10.2
18:09<sn9>slackware 10.2 still used 3.3?
18:10<gbee>3.3 was fine the last time I used it, but that was a long time ago :) Think most devs are on gcc 4.x by now
18:12<gbee>pastebin the error
18:13<sn9>3.3 is deader than WfW 3.11
18:15<richards>gbee: laga:
18:18-!-Sembiance [] has joined #mythtv
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18:23<gbee>richards: think you'll have to consider upgrading
18:24<richards>fair enough
18:24<gbee>just how old is 10.2 anyway? 12.0 was released July last year, 11.0 in 2006
18:26<richards>not sure, the projects I am mostly involved in are not critical on the compiler so if it ain't broke ...
18:29<gbee>honestly I'm suprised that we 3.3 isn't enough any more, but there are probably other dependancies which aren't met by an old distro anyway
18:31-!-_gunni_ [] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies"]
18:37<knowledgejunkie>night all
18:37-!-knowledgejunkie [n=knowledg@unaffiliated/knowledgejunkie] has left #mythtv ["I want my, I want my, I want my MythTV"]
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18:42<richards>night all, thanks for your time and patience, see if I can go to bed and not be shaken out of it :-)
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