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07:25<Dibblah>Ah, it's time for that particular giggle again.
07:25<Dibblah>"Oh noes, we can't have LAME!"
07:26<Dibblah>ffmpeg? That's fine, but LAME is evil!
07:27<Dibblah>... And it only rips it out for mythplugins. .... Huh?
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07:37<gbee>Dibblah: think it's more about practicalities, ffmpeg isn't a seperate dependancy but lame is - since lame is kept in a completely seperate repo it's impractical to require it by default
07:38<Dibblah>From what I can see, it's about the refusal to ship mp3 stuff with the base (real) distribution.
07:38<Dibblah>But anyway, it's still really silly.
07:38<gbee>yeah, which is why it's in another repo
07:39<Dibblah>... And ffmpeg doesn't infringe...?
07:39<Dibblah>(which IS in the base distribution)
07:41<gbee>low level packagers don't get to make the decision on which packages are allowed into the base repos - that's made at the commercial/company level by Mandriva and it's lawyers
07:43<gbee>if mythtv ships as part of Mandriva's base distro then it has to do so without lame, or at least without linking to an external version (would probably go unnoticed if we pulled lame into mythtv)
07:46<gbee>don't see the harm in optionally disabling lame usage in mythtv
07:47<gbee>we don't require that everyone build dvb/firewire etc support
07:47<Dibblah>Agreed - But how do you actually do it?
07:48<Dibblah>Look at NVR.
07:49<Dibblah>There's no ifdefs wrapping lame usage.
07:49<Dibblah>So... They can have mythplugins... But not Myth.
07:50<gbee>not that much work to disable NVR completely
07:51<gbee>svn: '/home/gbee/Development/myth/trunk/svn' is not under version control << WTF?
07:52<gbee>whoops, typo
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08:29<gbee>fixing bugs wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have to test the fixes, for every minute I spend working on the fix there are five or more spent compiling, installing and testing
08:35<visit0r>it would help if mythtv run without installing
08:35<visit0r>dunno how hard it would be to accomplish that with the build system
08:37<GreyFoxx>visit0r: You donmt need to install it
08:37<GreyFoxx>or at least not if you are only updating a couple libs
08:37<GreyFoxx>LD_PRELOAD is your friend :)
08:37<GreyFoxx>I use it to test stuff without installing all the time :)
08:47<gbee>if it was a dedicated dev machine I might not bother installing
08:47<gbee>depending on the changes I can sometimes get away with just installing the changed files which saves time
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09:22<clever>rip open the conf for qmake
09:22<clever>and change ALL the cp calls to ln!
09:23<clever>now it should install a crap symlinks to the build dir
09:23<clever>now any recompile will appear to be installed instantly:)
09:23<clever>but that doesnt save the 2hour svnversion call the upnp makefile ALLWAYS does!
09:24<gbee>2 hour??
09:24<clever>its not actualy that slow
09:24<clever>but when rebuilding 2 files it takes up 60% of the time
09:25<clever>ive edited parts of my qt so that instead of using cp durring the install it uses cp --remove-destination
09:26<clever>which deletes the targets before copying
09:26<clever>if the target is still in use by a running backend the kernel holds whats left of the file in place without the name
09:26<clever>so the trunc that cp sends doesnt sigbus the backend
09:28<GreyFoxx>I'm curious about what you are referring to as taking a long time during the compile of the upnp stuff
09:28<clever>its taking 25 seconds for my master to 'make'
09:28<clever>when the whole thing is allready built
09:28<GreyFoxx>define "it" :)
09:29<clever>i run 'time make' in a build dir
09:29<clever>and its taking 25+ seconds
09:29<clever>and with my other systems it gets even slower
09:29<clever>the holdup is on the updating of version.cpp
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09:32<clever>my slave just took 58 seconds to make when nothing had to be built
09:32<clever>19s now that the cache is prefilled
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09:41<gbee>ahh ffs, mythweather is suddenly broken?
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11:01<akv> - i'm having problems with running myth on a freshly installed ubuntu hardy. When trying to start mythbackend it get SIGILL - anyone?
11:24<laga>akv: are you using the packages?
11:26<akv>i'm rebooting with a i386 kernel right now - the same packages work on my core2 duo laptop
11:26<laga>akv: there's also #mythtv-ubuntu-dev
11:26<laga>we probably have the wrong optimizations
11:27<akv>i'm also compiling it from svn
11:27<akv>laga: probably :)
11:30<laga>akv: yes, please try compiling it yourself
11:31<akv>it's compiling...not a very fast box. I'll return when i have some news...
11:35<laga>akv: make sure you save the ./configure output somewhere
11:36<akv>laga: okay
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11:59<laga>akv: ah, i almost forgot: please also file a bug report at
12:03<akv>yes's still compiling :)
12:04<akv>i'll file a bug report later when i've done some more testing
12:04<laga>yes, that'd be great :)
12:04<laga>just sayin' because i gotta run now :)
12:07<akv>okay, bye
12:07<akv>thanks for now :)
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12:58<superm1>akv, you can install the debug symbols
12:59<superm1>akv, let me get you a link
13:03<superm1>if you add that repository for ddebs
13:03<superm1>gdb is smarter
13:03<superm1>once you install a dbgsym package
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13:17<superm1>also apport should be catching your crashes
13:18<superm1>make sure that you have apport installed - and it can submit bugs directly for yo
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13:25<akv>superm1: okay
13:25<akv>i have svn version compiled now...just gonna test it
13:26<superm1>oh well you cant use the dbgsyms
13:26<superm1>those are for packages only
13:26<akv>i know :)
13:26<superm1>mkay just making sure
13:26<akv>it still crashes :)
13:28<akv>the newly compiled doesn't give away any more info than the packages...
13:36<superm1>did you build it with debug?
13:36<superm1>or release
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13:44<gbee>Chutt: are you planning to merge [16318] into fixes?
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13:49<dekarl>I took a look at #3413 "codec id not found" for always the same two codecs (which happen to be subtitles and VBI data) I'd like to get rid of the warnings about these codecs or at least make them somewhat more useful. (danielk22, you seem to be the only relevant GoToDev, mind to take a look at it?)
13:54<danielk22>dekari: I'm a bit stressed for time at the moment, so I'm concentrating on segfault causing bugs..
13:55<dekarl>I see, would you have time to look at a patch? Then I'd give it a try, would be nice to have useful warnings at least in 0.21
13:58<danielk22>depends how small + easy to test..
13:58<dekarl>I'll just give it a try then and get back :)
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14:16<macogw>hey what would be a reason for getting this? Error: DVDPerfectThread read failed for 228 blocks at 1306344 The disk isn't scratched, and it's a brand new DVD drive (replaced last week)
14:17<macogw>oops i didnt read the topic sorry
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14:27<beoba>hi, given that mythtv 1) accepts remote commands over the network 2) spawns an instance of mplayer to play non-tv video files, and thus doesnt have control over video playback over the network, has anyone looked into using this within mythtv so that commands sent to mythtv are then forwarded to mplayer?:
14:31<beoba>ive only been using mythtv as a "play videos already stored on this machine" facility so i have no idea if this applies to people whose videos are all recorded off a tuner card
14:31<beoba>(since it sounded like those were instead played internally via ffmpeg)
14:40<gbee>beoba: just don't use mplayer - the internal player is intended to make player etc redundant
14:40<beoba>how do i configure mythtv to do that?
14:40<beoba>right now its "run this command on video files" with an mplayer line by default
14:40<gbee>change the player command from mplayer to Internal (capital I)
14:41<beoba>at the moment, ive customized the command to use a larger size for subtitles, can similar flags be sent to Internal?
14:41<gbee>in 0.21 the internal player plays 99% of files without issue, can't seek in matrovska but then neither can mplayer
14:41<beoba>(assuming they turn out to be needed)
14:41<beoba>actually i think the flag was used to make them smaller now that i think about it
14:42<beoba>sorry this is dipping into user help
14:42<gbee>iirc subtitle size is configurable, but I don't use it so ...
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14:48<dekarl>does anybody still get messages about unknown codecs? Looks like the "Parser not found for Codec Id" is gone since the ffmpeg merge 4 months ago
14:49<gbee>think you'll always see unknown codec errors, all sorts of weird streams out there and plenty which we're never going to want to support in mythtv (proprietary data streams)
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14:50<dekarl>gbee, I'm looking at #3413
14:50<dekarl>getting errors for VBI and some DVB subtitles
14:50<gbee>they are rarely connected to the playback problems which people report (but try telling people that)
14:51<dekarl>That's why I'd like to get rid of them :) but it seems they are gone already
14:51<gbee>yeah, those errors have nothing at all to do with transcode failing
14:52<dekarl>the message is just confusing.. it tries to say "duh, no idea what this is, I'll just copy it over"
14:52<gbee>maintaining subtitle streams in lossless transcoding is more difficult than it sounds - Geoffrey commented on this a while ago
14:56<gbee>you need to rewrite all the timestamps for a start and cutting frames may mean losing or destroying sections of the subtitles (they aren't always broadcast in sync with the video but a few frames early to allow decoding/rendering etc)
14:58<dekarl>I see, subtitles are nice to have, but I'm more into getting rid of strange messages that confuse random users searching for causes of their error (aka me ;)
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15:09<gnome42>Heya gbee, you mentioned that livetv wasn't finding a free tuner for you? Is it resolved?
15:10<gbee>gnome42: no, this was with current trunk last night
15:10<gbee>well unless there was a fix in the last 48 hours
15:10-!-jamesd [] has joined #mythtv
15:11<gbee>it's going into livetv but on another input for the busy tuner instead of the completely free one
15:12<gbee>which wouldn't be a huge problem except that you can then only browse the channels on that transport
15:16<gnome42>Hmm, Ok. So it does choose a free tuner but that tuner might be shared with a busy card and therefore you are limited to channels on the tuned transport?
15:16<gnome42>Just trying to see if I understand correctly.
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15:23<gbee>no, it chooses a free input on a busy tuner (gets a little complicated with multirec ;) )
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15:26<gnome42>Heh yeah, that's the part I'm having trouble parsing '... chooses a free input on a busy tuner ...' :/
15:27<gbee>yeah, terminology is tricky because we've been calling the inputs "virtual tuners"
15:28<gbee>but that confuses the issue because they aren't tuners at all ...
15:30<gnome42>yeah, agreed confusing. :) They are implemented as tuners. Was my understanding.
15:30<gnome42>Maybe, if/when you have time you could post some logs.
15:31<gbee>right, but my card already has two tuners, so in this case saying that it's tuning to a free tuner on the same card != tuning to the _same_ tuner, on a virtual tuner, on the same card
15:31<gbee>gnome42: sure
15:32<gnome42>hehe, yep even more confusing.
15:32<gbee>AFAIK it may not even be a bug, it may be done this way by design, but it's not the desired behaviour either IMHO
15:33<gbee>off to eat/watch a film, I'll get logs later
15:33<gnome42>Ok, cool. Have fun!
15:37<akv>superm1: sorry, i was a away...still here?
15:38<akv>how do i enable debugging on the one i'm compiling myself?
15:39<superm1>akv, well look at ./configure --help
15:39<superm1>it will tell you how to enable the profile, debug, or release builds
15:39<superm1>the ubuntu build is a debug build
15:39<superm1>with symbols stripped
15:39<superm1>and put into the dbgsym package
15:39<akv>ah, i mean from svn
15:39<superm1>if you just switch back to the ubuntu build and install that dbgsym package you will have all the symbols necessary
15:40<akv>i get it
15:41<eharris_>Question regarding the recorded.deletepending flag. If I set that flag on a record, will the mythbackend catch it and delete the recording?
15:42<eharris_>Is there any way to trigger the delete of a program via changes to the database?
15:46<eharris_>Would a patch to trigger a delete of a program that is marked as deletepending be likely to be accepted?
15:46<akv>superm1: i'm compiling for debug now...probably gonna take a while :)
15:48<Chutt>eharris_, i wouldn't think so
15:48<Anduin>eharris_: What is wrong with using the protocol interface to do it?
15:52<eharris_>I am writing an external program to sync recordings and recording metadata to a remote backend over an intermittent network connection. This functionality is external to mythtv, so I don't have access to the api functions.
15:53<Chutt>you don't need access to the api functions to use the backend protocol
15:53<Chutt>how do you think mythweb works? =)
15:54<eharris_>Hmm, hadn't considered that.
15:55<eharris_>got a link to a good reference doc for that?
15:55<Chutt>not handy, no
15:55-!-mrunagi [] has joined #mythtv
15:57<eharris_>ok, thanks. I'll see what I can find,
15:57<Captain_Murdoch>eharris_: why not just add a method to the perl bindings to send the DELETE_RECORDING command to the backend?
15:57-!-mrunagi [] has left #mythtv []
15:57<Captain_Murdoch>reference doc == running "mythfrontend -v network" and watching what the frontend does. :)
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16:00*Captain_Murdoch is afk
16:01-!-dlblog [] has joined #mythtv
16:02<dekarl>eharris_: libmyth from mvpmc (or it's docs) might have a hint on that, too
16:02-!-CDev [] has joined #mythtv
16:02<eharris_>Captain_Murdoch: I'd be happy to use the perl bindings, but don't know how to.
16:02<eharris_>dekarl: thanks, I'll look for it.
16:03<stuarta>evening all
16:03<eharris_>Captain_Murdoch: I'm assuming if I dig into mythweb, it has examples on using them?
16:05<dekarl>mythweb asks for rescheduling after chaning recording details
16:06-!-wesw02 [n=wesw02@] has joined #mythtv
16:06<dekarl>eharris_: umm, that should be "asks for deletion after deleting in the recorded shows page"
16:07<eharris_>dekarl: thanks. That should be exactly what I want.
16:08<wesw02>I cannot seem to find the mythtv backend config file, can someone point me in the right direction
16:08<gbee>wesw02: no such thing, settings are stored in the database
16:09<wesw02>lol, i knew that
16:09<wesw02>do you know what table the data path is stored in?
16:11<gbee>wesw02: depends what information you are after, but this is really a user question so I'd ask in #mythtv-users
16:12<wesw02>ah, i'm sorry
16:12<wesw02>i didn't read the topic closely enough
16:34<akv>superm1: - nothing usable...
16:35<superm1>akv, still have that gdb live?
16:35<superm1>try typing "backtrace full"
16:35<akv>ok, just a sec
16:36<superm1>and then
16:36<superm1>thread apply all backtrace
16:36<stuarta>thread apply all backtrace full
16:36<superm1>sorry :)
16:36<superm1>i read that wrong
16:36<akv>No symbol table info available.
16:37<stuarta>won't help much then
16:37<laga>did you uninstall the packages?
16:37<superm1>well which threads don't have symbols though
16:37<superm1>if its qt threads
16:37<superm1>you can install qt dbgsym packages
16:37<akv>laga: no, i'm testing the svn version
16:37<superm1>and get those symbols
16:37<laga>akv: you need to uninstall the packages when you build from source!
16:38<akv>aah, okay, yes :)
16:38<laga>to make sure it's picking up the correct libs etc
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16:49<akv>compiling again...
16:51<dekarl>janneg are you around? I'm playing around with the dbox2recorder and got some questions
16:53-!-jhatch [] has quit ["Terminated with extreme prejudice - dircproxy 1.2.0"]
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17:22<akv>superm1, laga: it seems to work with the one i compiled myself...
17:22<laga>akv: configure output?
17:30<akv>laga: any data i can help with? or maybe the problem has been fixed?
17:31<laga>akv: please also upload config.mak
17:31<laga>i'll take a look soon and compare with our build logs
17:32-!-joobie [] has joined #mythtv
17:34<akv>laga: i'm going to try and install all the packages again...and recompile the library that fails to see if i can fix it...
17:35<akv>my girlfriend can't watch tv while the mythbox is down...which means she will keep bugging me until it's up again :)
17:36<akv>laga: i'm always online on freenode, just msg me if there are anything i can help with...
17:36<laga>thanks, that's great
17:36<laga>i'm currently fighting with the debian installer so it can take a while
17:37<akv>ok :)
17:42<laga>akv: what version of the packages were you using?
17:46<laga>yes, that's current
17:47<akv>it's from the development branch of ubuntu
17:48<laga>there are a few possible causes here. the ubuntu packages are built with -march=pentium3 -mcpu=pentium3 -fomit-frame-pointer -O3
17:49<laga>while yours are built with -march=pentiumpro and without optimizations.
17:49<laga>akv: do you think you can do a profile build to narrow it down?
17:49<superm1>laga, well that depends on where he using the packages from
17:50<laga>it's somewhat painful to keep rebuilding but i don't know what's causing it
17:50<superm1>they were pentium-mmx i think before
17:50<laga>superm1: true
17:50<superm1>akv, the best thing you can do
17:50<superm1>nuke your build from source
17:50<superm1>and then install the packages
17:50<superm1>and all the appropriate dbgsym packages
17:50<superm1>there are like 5 of them you will need
17:50<superm1>and then you should get symbols in the backtrace
17:51<akv>i have removed my own build
17:51<laga>sounds sensible.
17:51<akv>i'm just trying to build the libmyth package by myself
17:52<akv>there are no dbg packages for myth
17:55<superm1>its not a dbg package
17:55<superm1>its a dbgsym package
17:56<superm1>and its on that ddeb repository
17:59-!-kvandivo [] has quit ["leaving"]
18:00-!-kvandivo [] has joined #mythtv
18:01-!-Viaken [] has joined #mythtv
18:01-!-Viaken [] has left #mythtv ["ptwang!"]
18:02<akv>libgmyth0-dbgsym - debug symbols for package libgmyth0
18:02<akv>gmyth-utils-dbgsym - debug symbols for package gmyth-utils
18:02<akv>mythbuntu-artwork-usplash-dbgsym - debug symbols for package mythbuntu-artwork-usplash
18:02<akv>those are the only dbgsym packages available
18:04<akv>ah, found more... had to add multiverse too :)
18:06-!-ThunderGod [] has joined #mythtv
18:08<akv>there you go
18:13<superm1>which dbgsyms do u have?
18:13<superm1>it would look like you are still missing some....
18:14-!-grokky [] has joined #mythtv
18:14<akv>just a sec
18:15<akv> - the two marked are installed
18:16<superm1>can you also install the QT one to see if those are QT threads doing that?
18:16<akv>ah, ok
18:19<akv>just installed libqt3-mt-dbgsym libqthreads-12-dbgsym
18:19<akv>but it didn't change anything
18:20<superm1>well that's not cool.
18:20-!-aevil [] has joined #mythtv
18:20<akv>no :/
18:21<superm1>have you tried to do that other command
18:21<superm1>thread apply all backtrace full
18:21<superm1>to see if its any more fruitful
18:21<akv>i'll try
18:22<akv>nope :(
18:22<akv>NetInterfaceTrafficStats (this=0xb6f77f80) at groupsock/NetInterface.cpp:152
18:22<akv>152 groupsock/NetInterface.cpp: No such file or directory. in groupsock/NetInterface.cpp
18:22<akv>but that one puzzles me...
18:22<superm1>well wait a sec.
18:22<superm1>what release are you on
18:22<superm1>hardy or gutsy?
18:22<superm1>ok. then that really puzzles me too
18:27<akv>i'll continue compiling libmyth myself to see if i can get it up and running
18:27-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:29<gbee>quiet weekend
18:33<GreyFoxx>Anyone see a problem with this patch?
18:33<GreyFoxx>it gets around the libav problem of returning bogus dts info allowing us to seek around in mov/mp4/mkv files
18:33<GreyFoxx>certainly not perfect, but it works and wont affect anything that was working before
18:33<Dibblah>gbee: mplayer / ffplay both can seek in matroska.
18:34<GreyFoxx>Dibblah: They dont use the cur_dts value, we however do :)
18:34<Dibblah>Sure - gbee seemed to say earlier that it didn't work.
18:35<GreyFoxx>oh, missed that
18:35<gbee>Dibblah: not what I was told, but I'll assume I got bad info
18:35<Dibblah>Just tried it here.
18:35<Dibblah>Only myth trips up.
18:35<GreyFoxx>Using that patch, along with the commits I just put in for seeking to frame 0 I can now play and seek around fine in all the mp4/mkv and vob files I've tried
18:36<Dibblah>GreyFoxx: :)
18:36<laga>Anduin: have you had a change to look at
18:36<GreyFoxx>for vob files if we seek to frame 0 libav returns a dts and start_time of the end of the file so we think we are at the end
18:36<GreyFoxx>putting the position info as if we were done and not letting us seek around
18:36<Anduin>laga: Yeah, only delayed by flu, working on it now.
18:37<laga>Anduin: i hope you're better now :)
18:37<Anduin>laga: I have it mostly fixed, just trying not to abandon PyXML
18:37<GreyFoxx>so if we are seeking to 0 I force the dts and starttime to 0
18:38<GreyFoxx>Only mkv I've had trouble with is one that apperas to have variable fps
18:38<gbee>GreyFoxx: I assume those are standalone vobs and not complete DVDs?
18:38<GreyFoxx>which we dont currently handle
18:38<GreyFoxx>gbee: yup
18:38<GreyFoxx>vobcopy pulls of stuff of my futurama and stargate tv set dvds
18:39<GreyFoxx>my ISO dvd playback seems to be fine
18:40<GreyFoxx>and the bbc.hd.ts file plays and shows the right position where according to iamlindoro it didnt before
18:40<GreyFoxx>I'd had him testing these too since he has a variety of this files too
18:42<GreyFoxx>I've got a few "glitchy" mp4's made from handbrake, but those appear to be using variable fps or something
18:44<gbee>vobcopy has a 'full copy' mode too which gives playable/navigable DVDs but obviously doesn't save any space
18:46<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok. So far I've just tried individual titles
18:54-!-renatofilho^ [n=renato@] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
18:56-!-TelnetManta [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
19:03-!-TelnetManta [] has joined #mythtv
19:03-!-joobie [] has quit ["Leaving"]
19:07<eharris_>does anyone know of an existing program that uses the perl bindings for mythtv? Or is there a developer api available? I've been looking at mythweb, but it's all in php.
19:07-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
19:14<rooaus>eharris_: I think MrGandalf updated the find orphans script to use the bindings (I will try to find the ticket), otherwise check in mythtv/contrib, there may be some there.
19:15<MrGandalf>mine uses very little of the bindings.. there wasn't much I could use in that script.
19:20<rooaus>MrGandalf: Cool, just remember sphery saying that he thought it was better because it uses the bindings :)
19:21<rooaus>eharris_: The ticket was #4599 just in case it helps.
19:24<eharris_>rooaus: yes thanks! the ticket number let me find it pretty easily.
20:01-!-|gunni| [] has quit ["KVIrc 3.2.4 Anomalies"]
20:12*Captain_Murdoch thinks the perl bindings and MythWeb could benefit from a couple new backend commands: "QUERY_PROGRAMINFO <CHANID> <STARTTIME>" and "QUERY_PROGRAMINFO <BASENAME>" why reinvent the wheel in each of the various languages when we can just call ProgramInfo::GetProgramFromRecorded() on the backend.
20:17<Captain_Murdoch>eharris_: you need the program info to pass to DELETE_RECORDING, not just the chanid/starttime. it would be easier for you to implement the above QUERY_PROGRAMINFO commands on the backend in programs/mythbackend/mainserver.cpp and just add a little glue in bindings/perl/MythTV/ rather than adding all the logic to fill in the program info in perl. you need to pass more than just the chanid/startime, the delete code als
20:17<Captain_Murdoch> filesize, the recstatus, the backend hostname, etc..
20:17-!-greend139 [] has joined #mythtv
20:20-!-TelnetManta [] has quit ["Ex-Chat"]
20:21<Captain_Murdoch>on the backend, you're probably looking at less than 20 lines of code and it doesn't have to be modified again. if it is reimplemented in perl, then it has to change everytime we change something related in libmythtv/ProgramInfo.cpp
20:21*Captain_Murdoch shuts up and goes to fix some dinner
20:25-!-jamesd [] has joined #mythtv
20:30-!-greend139 [] has left #mythtv []
20:34<laga>gbee: did you ever get around to adding a LICENSE file to metallurgy?
20:42-!-matty- [] has joined #mythtv
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21:39-!-mzb [] has joined #mythtv
21:59<xris>Captain_Murdoch: yes, I've sort of been waiting for that stuff.. would be nice to be able to query for a whole LIST of program info, too.. and not touch the db at all.
22:21<Anduin>GreyFoxx: In 16315 you added some extra semicolons to the LOC stuff, mind if I remove them?
22:26-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
22:37<Anduin>which rtsai already did but never pushed to release... doing it
22:48-!-ahbritto_ [] has joined #mythtv
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