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00:16<Captain_Murdoch>xris, what do you want that's different from QUERY_RECORDINGS?
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02:58<xris>Captain_Murdoch: query_listing?
02:58<xris>query_channel, maybe?
02:58<xris>part of it is tied to my wanting to re-evaluate how mythtv stores program info. switch to a more database-style way.. program record + schedule record, rather than combining the two.
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04:43<fstxx>I would like to have the off button on my remote control turn off the screen (via dpms) and turn off (mute) the sound. And then when pressing it again, it should turn on the screen and the sound again. You know, just like a tv... I have looked at the key bindings in mythweb,.
04:43<eharris_>Captain_Murdoch: hmm, the perl bindings appear to be missing a way to override the master_host and master_port. Guess I'll have to hack that in.
05:03<eharris_>what is the best method of submitting patches?
05:04<ma9mwah>raise a ticket and attach the .diff files
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05:30<gbee>laga: I'll do it today (sorry)
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05:45<eharris_>cool. Created ticket #4811 with patch to add override of master info to perl bindings.
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06:08<stuarta>what database table are we using to give the length of a show?
06:09<stuarta>since i managed to crash my box and corrupt some DB tables
06:09<stuarta>i've some 1hr shows that in the OSD come up as 3.30hrs
06:09<stuarta>which buggers up seeking badly, despite having rebuilt the seektables
06:20<gbee>there is a length column
06:20<stuarta>i'll look in there again
06:21<gbee>err, sorry remembered that wrong
06:21<gbee>length in the OSD is based on the size of the seektable
06:21<gbee>(I was thinking of filesize)
06:22<stuarta>size of the seektable?
06:22<gbee>rebuild the seektable for those recordings, should fix it
06:22<stuarta>nope doesn't
06:22<gbee>odd ...
06:22<stuarta>just deleted recordedseek for the relevant recording and rebuilt it
06:23<stuarta>no change
06:23<gbee>I'm not much help ;)
06:24<stuarta>i've no real idea in this area, hence throwing it out there :)
06:24<stuarta>atm i'm limited to "broken seeking" => "corrupt seektable"
06:24<gbee>I didn't get much sleep last night, but I feel I should know the answer to this question
06:31<gbee>ok, length definately comes from the position map (seek table) - see DecoderBase::SyncPositionMap()
06:32<gbee>it calls NVP::SetFileLength() after calculating the length based on the total number of frames / framerate
06:32<gbee>did you use mythtranscode or mythcommflag to rebuild the seektable?
06:36*stuarta goes to read the source too
06:37<gbee>iirc mythcommflag and mythtranscode use differnent methods, keyframe vs GOP - decoderbase doesn't bother checking which type, since it's called from avformatdecoder it probably assumes keyframe
06:38<gbee>nope, doesn't make that assumption - PosMapFromDb sets the keyframedist based on the seek table type
06:39<gbee>ahh, but GOP_START seek tables use a hardcoded keyframe distance of 15 (or 12)
06:40<gbee> ... I've forgotten where I was going with this
06:41<gbee>try rebuilding the seektable with mythtranscode --buildindex
06:44<gbee>unless the recording happens to use a 12 frame interval for the keyframe the length value is going to be wrong when mythcommflag is used to build the seektable
06:47<gbee>at one point the plan was to change NVR to use the same seektable method as the rest, that would eliminate this problem
06:50<stuarta><ding ding> bell rings
06:51<stuarta>when playing back it was saying the keyframe index was constantly changing
06:51<stuarta>interval even
06:52<stuarta>12->9, 9->12, 12->3, 3->12, 12->6, 6->12
06:52<stuarta>initial keyframe distance 3????
06:53<gbee>right, I'm off out for a Chinese meal with rels, back in a few hours
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07:05<laga>gbee: no worries :)
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07:14<fbn>hi, how can a touchscreen in the case be used with mythtv?
07:14<fbn>ah sorry I was not aware that this is the developer chat - ignore please
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07:29<stuarta>right, that fixed it.
07:30<stuarta>to conclude, mythcommflag --rebuild doesn't work if your recordings have variable keyframe distances
07:31<stuarta>you need to use mythtranscode -b
07:32<stuarta>however that doesn't actually repopulate recordedseek
07:33<stuarta>but it does fix the length in the OSD
07:35<stuarta>damn prebuffering pauses
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07:39<stuarta>hmmm, it fixes the OSD, but due to no recordedseek, still doesn't seek properly
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07:44<stuarta>that's endless prebuffering
07:44<stuarta>bug there that needs to be fixed
07:47<stuarta>essentially can't find the frame it's looking for since it's past what it knows about
07:47<stuarta>then decides to seek frame-by-frame to find it
07:48<stuarta>but it never will, it's too far away
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08:53<Balachmar>Hi, am I allowed to assume that /usr/include/kde/kmdcodec.h exists?
08:54<laga>probably not :) is it a plugin?
08:54<Balachmar>no, it is some header file amarok uses to calculate an md5sum and I thought maybe I could use it as well
08:55<Balachmar>I thought maybe it is part of some of the dependencies of mythtv
08:55<Balachmar>Since kde and qt are somewhat linked...
08:56<laga>mythtv doesn't depend on kde. the only thing that uses KDE is mythbrowser..
08:57<Balachmar>OK, and I am working on MythMusic so I cannot use it... damn
08:58<Balachmar>But well, then I might use some of the code in kmdcodec.cpp :)
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10:09<stuarta>don't we already have something like what is suggested in 4806
10:09*stuarta is sure we do
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10:36*janneg hopes that he has not to review C code submitted by Balachmar
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11:02<gbee>stuarta: maybe part of mythshutdown, I've never used it so I'm not sure
11:08<gbee>not sure why -b doesn't populate recordedseek - it should do so
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11:25<stuarta>ho hum. what's going on with make install???
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11:25<stuarta>util.h has changed, and needs updating in the installed directory.
11:25<stuarta>the make install should have done that....
11:25*stuarta trouts make install
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11:27*stuarta detects a PEBCAK
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11:59<stuarta>janneg: 2342 shouldn't occur anymore now that there is a static eitcache
12:00<stuarta>and in fact the channel locking in the eit cache can go as well (albeit post 0.21)
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12:22<gbee>someone has a keyboard with a sticky f - keep spotting instances of "iff" in comments blocks :P
12:22*stuarta hopes that was a joke :)
12:23<Anduin>I hate having to add it to spell check dictionary
12:23<stuarta>heh. i personally couldn't be bothered typing out "if and only if" all the tim
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12:37<gbee>stuarta: yes, it was - hence the :P
12:38<stuarta>thought so :)
12:39<gbee>maybe not a funny one - I'm over tired and in a strange mood as a result ;)
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13:04<janneg>stuarta: you're forgetting multiple backends and the locking should have fixed that bug too
13:05<janneg>but the locking should be replaced though
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13:37<sphery>stuarta: Did you see libs/libmythtv/NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp +5444 : If that does not work and this is a .mpg file, try 'mythtranscode --mpeg2 --buildindex --allkeys -c %1 -s %2'.
13:38<sphery>That should be a proper incantation (assuming--since it's the one recommended by the code...)
13:39<sphery>Also, Captain_Murdoch suggested someone with some time take the little bit of code that does the seektable rebuild for mythtranscode and put it into mythcommflag such that it's used for MPEG files (so for both types we'd use mythcommflag --rebuild). Eventually if no one else does it, I will, but it will definitely be post 0.21. :)
13:41<stuarta>sphery: interestingly the file i previously --buildindex'd seeks okay now, despite the lack of entries in recordedseek
13:41*stuarta goes to have dinner
13:42<sphery>Technically, it's supposed to work as well as xine/MPlayer without a seektable, but in practice, it hasn't for some time. Good that it works well enough for you, though.
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13:53<larrydag>hi. does mythtv natively support x10 or home automation?
13:53<laga>larrydag: #mythtv-users
13:53<larrydag>sorry thanks
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14:31<echosyp>suppose i have one tuner, and i want to watch the same thing on multiple computers
14:31<echosyp>can i do that
14:32<gbee>yes, but #mythtv-users is the best place to ask those questions
14:34<gbee>stuarta: --buildindex should insert entries into recordedseek, if it doesn't then it's not actually doing anything more than you'd get by deleting the seek table
14:34<echosyp>my bad
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14:35<gbee>if buildindex isn't inserting anything then it's broken and should be fixed for 0.21
14:35*gbee goes to test it
14:38*gbee decides he can't be bothered and goes back to watching tv
14:47<stuarta>nope it definitely doesn't
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15:25<clever[rev]>#0 0x0807e3e0 in RingBuffer::isDVD (this=0x0) at RingBuffer.h:92
15:25<clever[rev]>#1 0xb7972ecf in TV::ToggleOSD (this=0x842d1f0, includeStatusOSD=true) at tv_play.cpp:5143
15:25<clever[rev]>i think ive seen this one before
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15:28<gbee>clever[rev]: that isn't trunk?
15:28<clever[rev]>MythTV Revision : 16140M
15:28<clever[rev]>MythTV Branch : trunk
15:29<gbee>hmm, line number doesn't match up to my version
15:30<clever[rev]>had the same problem last time i posted a bug on tv_play
15:30<clever[rev]>ive got a patched version
15:30<gbee>not even close :)
15:31<clever[rev]>read danielk's reply
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15:31<stuarta>that's at least 200 version too old :)
15:31<gbee>since the line number corresponds to the exact line which is segfaulting, that makes it a little harder to see where the problem is
15:31<stuarta>crap 200-8 :(
15:32<clever[rev]>when i svn diff my build dir i dont see any patches to tv_play.cpp
15:32<clever[rev]>but ive svn up'ed it since the last install
15:32<gbee>that won't help :)
15:33<clever[rev]>i'll just up once more and install
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15:33<clever[rev]>and once AGAIN trac messed up my formating:P
15:33<gbee>anyway, it's just a null pointer, simple fix
15:34<clever[rev]>but is the proper fix to just not call the function
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15:34<clever[rev]>or totaly abort what its doing
15:34<tokka>i'm looking for help in setting up mythgame's romdb but after i run the command ... sudo mysql -D mythconverg < romdb-20051116-01.sql .... i get this error ...
15:34<tokka>ERROR 1050 (42S01) at line 11: Table 'romdb' already exists
15:34<clever[rev]>for example do you skip removing the screws on the tv and continue taking it appart if the tv doesnt even exist?
15:36<gbee>clever[rev]: ok, direct cause of segfault fixed in trunk
15:37<clever[rev]>gbee: dont forget to update ticket 4815
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15:38<gbee>clever[rev]: didn't see the ticket until after I'd committed the fix, but it's now closed (just need to merge it to -fixes)
15:38<clever[rev]>WARNING: MythTV was unable to backup your database.
15:39<gbee>clever[rev]: went for the simple fix, if you can reproduce the situation and it has other funky behaviour re-open the ticket
15:40<clever[rev]>id have to restart the program that was eating 900mb of ram(and swap) to fully reproduce what was happening
15:40<clever[rev]>and that ignored my attempts to kill -9
15:40<gbee>I could spend a couple of hours figuring out how it got to toggleosd without an active ringbuffer but ...
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15:40<clever[rev]>i was watching tv at the time without any problems
15:40<clever[rev]>i hit the i key to see which episode and it blew up
15:40<clever[rev]>from the pre recorded list
15:40<clever[rev]>but it was recording
15:41<gbee>hmm, looks like ringbuffer wasn't assigned to activebuffer under some circumstance, but since it was playing fine I'll assume that this is an extreme corner case bug which might not even matter
15:42<clever[rev]>the entire system was laging from massive swaping
15:42<clever[rev]>which drags all the cornercases out
15:42<gbee>we only care that we have activebuffer if playing a DVD at that point and the DVD code path may make a more robust attempt to assign a valid pointer in the first place
15:43<clever[rev]>i tried to check the history of tv_play on trac
15:43<clever[rev]>but the file was too large to be displayed
15:44<clever[rev]>and i remember another bug ive found this week
15:44<clever[rev]>i cant cancle any recording past march 12th
15:50<clever[rev]>i hit dont record
15:50<clever[rev]>it reschedules
15:50<clever[rev]>its still a conflict
15:50<clever[rev]>i suspect its the DST rules
15:50<clever[rev]>when i checked the schedule i saw the override several hours away from the show
15:50<clever[rev]>(in mythweb)
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15:51<gbee>reminds me to ask xris if the DST bug in mythweb is fixed, not sure there is even a ticket and it needs sorting before 0.21
15:51*laga is getting a segfault when prescaling glass-wide
15:52<clever[rev]>futurama is set to record on channel 20 at any time
15:52<gbee>laga: well you know what to do ;)
15:53<clever[rev]>on march 12th 9pm is futurama route of all evil
15:53<laga>gbee: just checking if someone yells at me for not being up to date
15:53<clever[rev]>marked as dont record in mythfrontend
15:53<clever[rev]>and now it isnt recording...
15:54<clever[rev]>maybe that make install i just did fixed it....
15:57<clever[rev]>seems fixed!
15:58<clever[rev]>even that other scheduling defect where it seemed to queue and rescedule 1 thing at a time
15:58<laga>gbee: done :)
16:05<xris>gbee: not fixed -- I don't know how to do it
16:06<xris>gbee: however, I'm pretty sure the pixmap bug is fixed, though
16:06<gbee>xris: yeah, that's a weird one - no direct fix was committed for that :)
16:09<gbee>laga: it's in the autodiscovery code, so the fact that it's prescaling glass-wide at the time is just a coincidence
16:09<laga>gbee: ok
16:09<laga>gbee: i was in a bit of a rush
16:10<gbee>yeah np, backtrace is the most important thing
16:11<gbee>unless you are submitter of #4756 and then I'm baffled because the backtrace tells a different story to the explanation ;)
16:12<gbee>hmm, does MyISAM support foreign keys yet?
16:17<CDev>GreyFoxx: I put in a fix for the childCount and cleaned up they way client specific code was handled. Could you please test the XBox360. I already tested the ps3, wmp11, dsm-520.
16:53<stuarta>dunno why we don't just use InnoDB on all our tables anyway
16:54<stuarta>save having to do these damn seektable rebuilds all the time
16:54<stuarta>well not really all the time
16:54<stuarta>but it comes up often enough in -users
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17:16<GreyFoxx>CDev: K, I'll try it out
17:18-!-splat1 is now known as splAt1
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17:23*gbee chuckles at the X-Files talking about a battleship sailing from Leeds
17:25<GreyFoxx>CDev: So far it works just fine with the 360
17:26<GreyFoxx>the music is back to showing tv eps, but that's fine cause playback was broken there anyway
17:26<GreyFoxx>so I'll fix that post 0.21
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23:48<Captain_Murdoch>eharris_: I just realized/remembered that I already added "QUERY_RECORDING <basename>" and "QUERY_RECORDING <chanid> <starttime>" commands to the backend a long time ago, so you could easily add support for those to the perl bindings.
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