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06:10<Dibblah>Are there delay issues with the mailing lists?
06:11<Dibblah>I'm not seeing Janne's (I assume) mail announcing the QT4 merge...
06:11<janneg>that's progress, the ComboBoxSetting is not anymore emitting valueChanged if the changed by arrow keys
06:12<janneg>using the mouse is fine
06:12<janneg>Dibblah: it arraived here almost instantly
06:13<janneg>1 Minute roundtrip time
06:13<Dibblah>Odd. I see stuartm's, but not yours.
06:15<janneg>Dibblah: odd. which mail from stuartm are you referring to? the latest I have is from 10 o'clock yesterday
06:16<Dibblah>3 minutes ago.
06:16<Dibblah>[mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] MythUI Port
06:16<janneg>I have them now
06:17<Dibblah>Do you have the message ID of your post available?
06:18<janneg>sure, one moment
06:18<janneg>Message-Id: <>
06:19<Dibblah>Odd. Something's dropping mail.
06:20<Dibblah>Anyway - Nice work on the porting - Looks like a large effort :)
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06:22<janneg>the porting itself is not the problem, just the all the little things which break :(
06:33<gbee>Dibblah: [mythtv] [ANNOUNCE] merging Qt4 branch to trunk
06:34<gbee>there are 3 replies to it as well, (two of them my fault)
06:36<gbee>check that you didn't add a filter way back to drop those emails from people requesting a QT4 port ;)
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07:14<janneg>lol, porting to qt4 will allow us to compile with gcc5
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07:34<gbee>janneg: you haven't ported the plugins yet?
07:36<janneg>gbee: no and I won't start soon. the setting problem is nastier than thought
07:37<gbee>ok, just want to avoid conflicts with mythui changes so let me know when you start and I'll make sure I've committed everything
07:39<janneg>the mythui changes haven't caused a conflict so far
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07:45<gbee>they are more likely to in the plugins because I'm adding/removing a lot of lines - I don't expect changes to libmythui to be a big problem
07:45<gbee>e.g. Just converting one mythgallery screen - 9 files changed, 467 insertions(+), 1032 deletions(-)
07:51<janneg>I don't expect to start converting the plugins today
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08:04*gbee installs the QT4 libs in anticipation
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09:00<janneg>making progress, the card setup screen is now updated on keypresses
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11:10<janneg>found the reason for the missaved settings, AutoIncrementDBSetting doesn't work
11:11<janneg>the reason seems to be lastInsertId()
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11:31<janneg>yes, problem solved for now
11:32<janneg>has someone already added the extra verbose level?
11:36<janneg>no, doesn't look like someone did and we are sparse on available bits in the enum
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12:11<Chutt>janneg, settings turning out to be the tricky bit?
12:12<Chutt>(the gui settings widgets, that is)
12:13<janneg>yes, lots of subtle bugs and me not being familiar with the code and qt widget
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12:13<Chutt>that's the point i gave up at when i looked at converting a few years ago =)
12:14<Chutt>figured that if the mythui port came first, then it'd be easier
12:17<janneg>probably, I'm not sure if the ComboBox would be fixed if I hadn't accidentially clicked on it
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12:19<janneg>remaining issues are the totally broken OSD (no text) and the missing text with opengl painter
12:20<Chutt>text in opengl is a bit weird
12:21<Chutt>i'm surprised that the OSD is busted, though
12:21<Chutt>that doesn't use Qt
12:21<Chutt>well, at least, not much
12:21<Chutt>how much work do you expect the plugins to be?
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12:24<janneg>there was a symbol conflict between qt and X11, some qt header define Status and X11 has a typedef Status. I got it compiling with including qt first
12:26<janneg>I hope the plugins will be straight forward
12:27<janneg>gbee: any pending changes for the plugins?
12:28<gbee>janneg: yes, want me to commit them?
12:29<gbee>just mythgallery so if you want to start somewhere else
12:31<Chutt>gbee, when do you plan on doing the settings ui?
12:31<gbee>mythgallery, on the surface is working with mythui but marking images doesn't work yet and rotating them isn't right either
12:31<janneg>it was the other way round. X11 defines Status as int and qt has several enum Status
12:32<gbee>Chutt: I'd hoped that I could leave it until last, but if it's going to help with the QT port then I can make it a top priority
12:32<Chutt>gbee, it'd at least make it less complex
12:32<Chutt>though it sounds like janneg has most of it sorted by now
12:33<janneg>I think if there are remaining issues I'll find them faster
12:37<gbee>It wouldn't be an overnight job, more like a month if I had help, I'm a couple of widgets short and I'd rather start from scratch on the settings wizard
12:38<gbee>doesn't have to be done the way I'm thinking of course
12:53<janneg>even the osd containers are wrong, they are all painted from the origin
12:57<gbee>one of the ideas I toyed with was defining settings in XML instead of hardcoding them, IMHO this would have a few benefits - less code replication, easier maintanance, users could customise settings pages etc
12:57<danielk22>janne you can put the X11 headers inside a X11 name space if you need to avoid name conflicts..
12:58<Chutt>gbee, translations are harder
12:58<Chutt>and there really isn't that much replication now
12:58<gbee>I've very quickly knocked up the sort of thing I'm talking about but I've only given some brief thought -
12:59<janneg>danielk22: including qt first should be fine since the qt enums are in the class namespace
12:59<gbee>Chutt: yeah, I didn't consider translations
13:00<gbee>oh well, doesn't matter too much and it's not directly tied to mythui in any way, so it could always be done in the future
13:01<gbee>translations might be handled through a themestrings type tool
13:01<laga>danielk22: i've fiddled with configure today to add an option to use glXGetProcAddressARB. how can i see which function is actually used? i don't have a box with the older nvidia drivers handy..
13:01<laga>danielk22: that's why i have right now
13:01<gbee>noticed that one of the things I left out of that mockup were label and help text attributes
13:02<gbee>but I'll leave the idea for the moment
13:05<gbee>janneg: do you want me to look at porting the settings to mythui?
13:08<janneg>no, I don't think it's important now. I should have the breakage under control
13:09<janneg>a second pair of eyes on the osd problem would help more. I've started converting the plugins instead
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13:31<gbee>Chutt: any better ideas for setting all buttons in a list checked/unchecked than what I've done here?
13:31<gbee>I don't really like exposing CheckState, but my brain is failing me right now :)
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13:35<danielk22>laga: I thing you will need to create a function definition for glXGetProcAddressARB for when it is not present in the header...
13:35<gbee>reordered the definitions of MythListButton and MythListButtonItem instead
13:45<laga>danielk22: well, it's only supposed to be used by people who know what they're doing (eg maintainers).. do i understand correctly: you're worried about compile failures when the headers are missing glXGetProcAddressARB?
13:48<laga>danielk22: i think i can add that, but i'd rather pass the responsibility to whoever uses --enable-glx-procaddrarb ;)
13:49<danielk22>well if the point is to add convenience for packagers I think adding the definition is good, since the ./configure option won't be in the help text I think few end users will be bitten..
13:51<laga>that's the point, yes.. as you said, it's better to just fix the glx headers for the other users
13:53<danielk22>but it's correct not to have glXGetProcAddressARB in newer glx.h headers.. it's just incorrect to have glXGetProcAddress in the headers for old drivers that don't support the function..
13:54<laga>sure. so newer glx.h headers are already fine, older headers need to be fixed by the software vendor and package maintainers use --enable-glx-procaddrarb to make sure MythTV works on older and newer drivers
14:09<laga>danielk22: ok, i'll remove --enable-glx-procaddrarb from the help text and add that patch to trac then..
14:10<gbee>janneg: committed mythgallery if you want to resync the branch
14:13<janneg>gbee: I'm converting the plugins one by one, you have some time for mythgallery
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14:14<gbee>janneg: ok, well I'm unlikely to change much tonight - there are two issues that I'll try and fix, but they are unlikely to cause conflicts
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14:29<sphery>gbee: Be careful about redesigning the settings stuff too nicely or someone will make a curses setup program and a web-based setup program and ... and they'll expect them to be committed to trunk for you to maintain forever... :)
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14:30<anykey_>gbee: being able to store some settings in a flatfile would be nice though ;)
14:31<sphery>a flatfile that can be used with LOAD DATA INFILE works... :)
14:31<gbee>anykey_: well I'm not proposing storing settings in a flatfile, just the definition of settings objects
14:33<gbee>but incidently, the idea sphery mentioned was another reason for going to the XML format - it allows html based setup in addition to mythui
14:33<jams>sphery- thats actually how I store the various settings profiles
14:34<sphery>gbee: Should I not ask about why the menu in MythGallery is always shown? Perhaps that's a better post-mythui-conversion question.
14:34<sphery>jams: For a distro's "startup defaults" or for your own systems?
14:34<gbee>sphery: I don't really like it that way, but I'm just porting not redesigning ;)
14:34<sphery>OK. Later. :)
14:34<jams>i allow user to save their settings at various points in time, and also copy settings from other frontend
14:35<jams>it's also used for the default settings.
14:35<gbee>sphery: it would be trivial to fix, I mean no more than 10/15 minutes work and maybe I'll use the mythui port as an excuse to change it ;)
14:36<jams>gbee- know of any easy way to poll the display size with myth?
14:36<sphery>I shouldn't be requesting that you do it as you're getting some much more important stuff done, so feel free to ignore me.
14:36<jams>thinking of adding that to the "About" screen
14:38<gbee>jams: MythContext::GetScreenSettings() might be what you are after, anything in MythContext is globally available - gContext->GetScreenSettings()
14:38<jams>thank you
14:38<jams>i'm tired of opening a console to find that info.
14:39<gbee>see mythappearance for an example of it's usage
14:55<gbee>wonder what that qbuttongroup.h header is doing in mythcontrols.cpp
14:56<gbee>looks redundant to me
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15:36<janneg>is there any compelling reason not to die in configure if mmx is not enabled on x86?
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16:03<gbee>looking at the changes required for QT4 in mythnews I wonder if it wouldn't have been much easier if ported to mythui first
16:03<hachi>I'm changing the `description` column on recordedprograms, but the changes aren't being reflected in the interface. Why table/column is actually used by mythtv for actual display of this data?
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16:44<janneg>gbee: mythnews conversion was simple, most did qt3to4. mythphone is nasty
16:45<janneg>btw why aren't the plugins using VERBOSE?
16:45<gbee>janneg: many of the plugins were copied from an original plugin which was probably written before the macro existed
16:46<gbee>some of the plugins use VERBOSE, mainly the ones I've worked on
16:46<gbee>but there are still some old, unfixed instances of cerr
16:46<gbee>& cout
16:47<gbee>there is a high level of duplication in the plugins, mythflix for example is a complete copy of mythnews and still includes code that it doesn't actually use
16:53*gbee goes in search of the qt compat headers
16:57<janneg>gbee: they are probably in another packet
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16:59<gbee>janneg: yeah, it actually looks like I forgot to install the -devel package on this machine earlier ... I was installing it on three machines at the same time and missed one :)
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17:37<janneg>gallery, music, weather, video and zoneminder left
17:38<gbee>janneg: I've finished with mythgallery for tonight, I don't have any patches which will conflict if you want to do that next
17:40<Anduin>I can do video if you like.
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17:52<janneg>Anduin: you can do if you want, I expect it to be much more pleasant than mythphone
17:52<janneg>mythweather was just fine
17:54<Anduin>I'll do it, it will make me prepared for the switch anyway.
17:55<janneg>Anduin: ok I commit the qt3to4 changes in a minute
17:58<gbee>not too sure how I'm going to tackle the folders in mythvideo/mythgallery without specific hacks which is what I was trying to get away from with mythui :(
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18:04<janneg>Anduin: if you have questions just ask
18:04<Anduin>janneg: will do, still sorting out doing the Qt4 build... looks like it is going
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18:05<janneg>most annoying conversions are caused by QStrings not implicitly casted to char* anymore
18:06<janneg>the best action for cout/cerr is to convert to VERBOSE
18:06<gbee>ouch :(
18:06<Anduin>Yeah, mythvideo should have fewer of those (I hate that QString ever did that), and MV was converted to VERBOSE some time ago.
18:07<janneg>and replace if (qstring) with if (!qstring.isEmpty())
18:08<gbee>I've been converting to isEmpty() for a while
18:21<janneg>3 plugins left, mythzoneminder was also pleasant
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18:35<gbee>janneg: are you still planning to merge back to trunk in the next 24 hours? I don't want to continue working if it's likely to cause conflicts, I'd rather wait if it's not going to be too long
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18:39<janneg>gbee: I want but I doubt I can fix the OSD issue until tomorrow
18:40<gbee>maybe I should take a look at that
18:49<MrGandalf>janneg: how far along in total is the qt4 port?
18:50<janneg>MrGandalf: until completion or until merge?
18:50<MrGandalf>completion - all code ported
18:51<janneg>maybe 10%
18:51<MrGandalf>that's a lot of work
18:52<MrGandalf>I did a port from qt3 to qt4 once and it took me a bit longer for the same amount of code and I used all the conversion classes.
18:52<MrGandalf>but I think my project used a lot more higher level widgets than Myth uses.
18:55<janneg>the conversion classes don't count, the port to qt4 + qt3support is ~95% finished
18:55<MrGandalf>I see. But you plan to dump the conversion classes though.
18:56<MrGandalf>it's been years since the kde guys started their port.
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19:03<janneg>it's not that bad, grep finds ~1000 hits for Q3 in mythtv sources
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19:04<gbee>am I right that many of the conversion classes are used "just in case" but that most instances can be replaced with the QT4 versions without side effects?
19:08<gbee>maybe not, those classes don't seem to exist in qt4 ... guess I need to read the QT4 porting guide
19:08<Anduin>Hmm, I like not converting to char * by default, but tagging the char * constructor explicit sucks a bit.
19:12*GreyFoxx goes looking for the QT4 porting guide
19:14<gbee>Looking at it, it's more of a reference manual than something you would read cover to cover :)
19:14<GreyFoxx>next to install a backend and frontend in a vm for this as my wife would lynch me if I did it on the main systems :)
19:14<gbee>but there are detailed guides on which classes are deprecated and what can be used instead, including differences and improvements
19:17<gbee>it's a little depressing though that just as I'd got used to QT3 I now have to forget some of that and start again
19:24<gbee>QDeepCopy is no longer required?
19:30<danielk22>gbee: QString is still not threadsafe in Qt4
19:30<gbee>but QDeepCopy has been removed ... so what are the options?
19:33<gbee>porting guide says they are threadsafe, so is the lack of thread safety a bug?
19:34<danielk22>gbee: after the Qt4 port I'll write a MString that is safe...
19:35<gbee>danielk22: ok
19:35<danielk22>From Qt docs: "Note: All the functions in this class are reentrant, except ascii(), latin1(), utf8(), and local8Bit()."
19:36<danielk22>In Qt4 it is safe to look at the value of a string in two or more threads so long as no one uses those four functions and no one ever modifies a string.
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19:37<gbee>ok, thanks for clarifying
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20:07<janneg>bah, I'm exhausted, mythgallery not finished. going to bed now. good night
20:12<gbee>g'night janneg
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20:20<gbee>janneg: shell script version stuff is failing here, grep: "/home/gbee/Development/myth/branches/mythtv-qt4"/libs/libmyth/mythcontext.h: No such file or directory
20:20<gbee>the " in the middle is the problem
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20:48<gbee>there is a test in configure for libqt-mt but it doesn't exist with qt4? At least I can't find any reference to it and it's definately not installed with any QT4 packages on Mandriva
20:51<kormoc>gbee, "Earlier versions of Qt offered an option to build the library without thread support. In Qt 4, threads are always enabled."
20:51<gbee>kormoc: yeah, that's what I thought - so I'm just wondering why no-one noticed that the test for libqt-mt was still in configure :)
20:52<gbee>guess they still had both qt3 and qt4 devel libs installed and referenced
20:52<kormoc>Yeah, tis da strange
20:54<gbee>I'm removing it from configure
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21:16<gbee>for some reason I can't stop it use the qt3 qmake - QTDIR is correct but the tests at the very end of configure just aren't even being used
21:18<gbee>guess it will have to wait till tomorrow
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22:10<kormoc>Anyone know offhand what oldprogram is used for?
22:11<GreyFoxx>recording history
22:12<kormoc>I thought that was oldrecorded?
22:12<GreyFoxx>doh, you are right
22:12<GreyFoxx>I was thinking of oldrecorded;
22:12<kormoc>oldprogram has oldtitle and airdate, that's it
22:12<kormoc>and it is being updated by something but I can't see what it provides that other tables don't
22:13<GreyFoxx>yeah I see data in mine as close as 2am this morning and as old as May 1st 2007
22:14<GreyFoxx>but its definately not show I've watched or recorded
22:15<kormoc>it seems to be 1 entry for every show that's shown up in my program table and the last seen airdate
22:18<kormoc>yeah, that's exactly what it does, and it's used for stuff like the "What's New" list and the like
22:18<kormoc>I would imagine there should be a better place for that to live tho...
22:19<kormoc>or a better name...
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22:48<Captain_Murdoch>oldprogram should contain the program table info for programs that you've recorded.
22:48<Captain_Murdoch>just like oldrecorded does for recorded
22:49<Captain_Murdoch>hmm, I thought it did.
22:51<Captain_Murdoch>I thought we kept that info around in an old* table, but it's 'recordedprogram' taht I was thinking of.
22:51*Captain_Murdoch tells himself to just shut up and go back to watching TV.
22:54<kormoc>Captain_Murdoch, heh, it's only used in 4 places in the code, mainly just for 'this is a new (never seen before) show' query
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23:09<Captain_Murdoch>I regularly use that screen. :)
23:10<Captain_Murdoch>I have Myth setup to record all new shows, but only on certain networks, so I goto that screen often and do a quick visual scan to see if there is anything interesting on other networks.
23:11<GreyFoxx>I dont think I've ever seen that screen
23:11<GreyFoxx>but that would be an interesting recording rule
23:13<sphery>kormoc: You're right. oldprogram is a 320-day rolling view of program titles that have been seen in the listings. It's only used by What's New. See
23:13<sphery>kormoc: Also--since this is probably more of interest to you--
23:16<kormoc>sphery, thanks, I'll peer at them
23:19<kormoc>ahh, yeah, I saw that in my grepping
23:20<kormoc>it's just a weird name as it didn't really have the data I expected given the other old tables and what they hold
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