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02:28<Chutt>no HDHR replacement until next thursday :(
02:30<GreyFoxx>Was the QT4 merge gonna happen tomorrow?
02:30<Chutt>not until there's a way to fix the utf8 issue
02:31<GreyFoxx>ahhh opk
03:51<xris>Chutt: I have a spare. :)
03:51<xris>granted, the guy from LFNW finally emailed today asking for raffle donations...
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14:42<gbee>QObject::connect: Cannot queue arguments of type 'bool&'(Make sure 'bool&' is registered using qRegisterMetaType().)
14:43<gbee>not sure where that comes from, since QT fails to give adequate info
14:43<gbee>there is an instance in the preview generator of a signal/slot using a bool
14:54<MrGandalf>trade it out for an int
14:54<janneg>I saw the same message with SignalMonitorValue which is understandable
14:55<janneg>but according to it should aleready know bool
14:55<Chutt>a reference to a bool, though?
14:56<janneg>ah, probably not
15:00<janneg>I'm writing atm an awk script to generate the db update for fixing utf8 with qt4
15:01<Chutt>janneg, cool =)
15:01<janneg>I think I'll settle in converting to BINARY and BLOB
15:02<janneg>if someone has a huge preference for utf8 he might convince me to add that
15:03<janneg>but easiest way to convert existing databases to utf8 needs the BINARY conversion too
15:06<Chutt>might ask on the dev list to see if anyone has any other opinion
15:06<Chutt>unless you don't care =)
15:11<janneg>I was thinking of it but discarded it in the fear of a endless discussion
15:13<janneg>but I'll ask and commit that I think is best after a day or so
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15:22<jams>GreyFoxx- you about?
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15:36<MrGandalf>Isn't there a performance hit on utf8 tables?
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15:41<janneg>MrGandalf: I don't know. if you can find a source with more information please repply to ny post
15:41<MrGandalf>janneg: I just remember from experience
15:43<MrGandalf>what's the min. supported mysql version now days?
15:47<janneg>are there telnet clients with readline support?
15:48<laga>janneg: rlwrap?
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15:54<janneg>editing recordings over the network control is ...
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15:59<sphery>janneg: If we need to go from latin1->binary->utf8, to go to utf8, anyway, going latin1->binary now works, then if a reason for utf8 is found, we can "finish" later, right?
16:03<janneg>sphery: that's at least the easiest way to convert the data I know
16:04<sphery>so, that approach makes the most sense to me--there's really no reason that the utf8 conversion has to happen now.
16:04<sphery>(if ever)
16:17<MrGandalf>and why doesn't latin1 work?
16:17<MrGandalf>(sorry, I know it's been discussed here)
16:20<janneg>latin1 would work only for latin1 chars
16:21<sphery>MrGandalf: And, what we've been doing--storing utf8 in latin1 fields in the DB-won't work with changes to the QT MySQL driver in QT4.
16:24<MrGandalf>I see.. I didn't know Myth did that.
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16:38<Anduin>The switch to binary fields is going to break anywhere we depend on automatic case conversion (LIKE) and DB sorting will be nonsense.
16:43<MrGandalf>from what I've read, mysql versions > 4.1 handle utf8 correctly and is now the standard.
16:47<sphery>Anduin: And all the users who "know" how to use MySQL directly will wonder why their queries no longer work like they used to. :)
16:48<Anduin>sphery: Yeah, I personally don't care, I'll have to rewrite a few custom searches, and in fairness it isn't as if current DB sorting works for everyone.
16:49<Anduin>It looks like we should require 5.0.19 though (they seem to have sorted out padding/stripping issues by then)
16:53<sphery>Currently the DBMS version check in dbcheck.cpp is only comparing to version 5. If we change MINIMUM_DBMS_VERSION to 5.0.19, the check should still work (but we'd want to change the log message that's output for failure to remove the ".0" after MINIMUM_DBMS_VERSION.
16:53<janneg>I don't care about db sorting but missing case conversion is imho blocker for BINARY
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16:53<Chutt>i'd agree on that
16:53<janneg>the first stable 5.0 release was iirc 5.0.18
16:54<xomp>just installed mythtv and when I try to run it; it tells me "Cannot login to database?" then just goes into this never ending cycle of setup. Any suggestons?
16:54<Anduin>xomp: #mythtv-users
16:55<xomp>ah, thanks
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16:56<sphery>The DBUtil::CompareDBMSVersion() should work relatively well even for major/minor/point comparison, but if users are running MySQL versions that don't use a relatively "sane" server version string (which can be changed), they'll end up needing to use DBMSVersionOverride .
16:57<sphery>sane means that the first string of contiguous digits is the major, second is minor, third is point. I.e. "CoolDBMS2-5.0.19" would parse to version 2.5.0.
16:58<sphery>I'm guessing it won't be a problem for most, but mentioning it in case we do require a specific point release.
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17:17<frankr>Hello.. I just setup mythtv on a debian box, it has a radeon 7000 card with 64mb, glxgears runs very smoothly but when I run mythtv in opengl mode the fades go suuuuper slow
17:18<sphery>We can do DB sorting with something like "SELECT CONVERT(binary_col USING utf8) FROM tbl_name" and if we specify a collation of utf8_general_ci we'll still be able to do case-insensitive stuff. It may be better for searching, etc. to do the conversions beforehand, though.
17:18<sphery>frankr: #mythtv-users
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17:29<gbee>why are so many people running mysql without innodb?
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17:41<hads>gbee: This is a comment in the default Debian my.cnf "# You might want to disable InnoDB to shrink the mysqld process by circa 100MB."
17:42<gbee>huh? doesn't use anything like that on my machines
17:43<sphery>And the line after it says, "# If you do, eventually gbee will fix the MythWeather foreign-key constraints requirement"
17:43<gbee>at least don't think it does, mysql is way less memory hungry than mythbackend ...
17:44*gbee says as he notices that his backend is leaking
17:44<hads>gbee: I don't know of the actual effects but I just remembered seeing it.
17:44<gbee>I'll get around to fixing mythweather sometime before 0.23, though maybe someone will just submit a patch and save me a tedious job
17:45<sphery>gbee: Or, we can go to MySQL embedded, then we can switch everyone to InnoDB, then we can use foreign keys, etc. everywhere.
17:46<sphery>As you said, QT4 claims to make embedded MySQL a breeze... :)
17:46<gbee>it's not nice to tease ...
17:46<gbee>shame there is more to switching to an embedded database than just that
17:47<hads>gbee: I just checked with top. Restarted mysql with innodb enabled, 124M VIRT, restarted again with it disabled and 44676 VIRT
17:47<gbee>so I was wrong :)
17:47<hads>Just thought it would be interesting to see if the comment was right :)
17:47<sphery>gbee: To encourage someone to write a patch (or at least to prevent someone who might otherwise write it from being discouraged), you might want to add a comment to that ticket explaining why running without InnoDB may not be a good idea.
17:48<sphery>hads: I'm running at 125MiB virt (almost 120 writable/private) with InnoDB.
17:48<gbee>sphery: already did (before the latest comment)
17:48<sphery>Yeah, but last word always wins...
17:49<sphery>Now that someone said, "It works if you just take out the innodb word..." (or whatever).
17:49<gbee>meh, maybe tomorrow, I just want to watch TV for the first time this week
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19:04<janneg>ugh, I'm creting 500 lines db update just for the main mythtv tables
19:08<janneg>should I set the charset of the columns explicitly to utf8 or should I just change the default charset and expect a unmodified db schema
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19:30<sphery>I think after fixing the columns, you'll want to do an ALTER TABLE tbl_name DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8; so that any new (character-based) columns added to the table will be utf8. Also, might want an ALTER DATABASE mythconverg CHARACTER SET = utf8 COLLATE = utf8_general_ci; to ensure new tables use the right charset and that new connections use the case-insensive collation. Neither does any conversions.
19:30<sphery>But I'm not sure if that's what you were asking...
19:34<janneg>not sure either, but don't think I want to set all columns explicitly to utf8
19:35<janneg>so I have to change the default database charset to utf8 before converting the columns back to char
19:36<janneg>make install
19:44<sphery>The ALTER TABLE tbl_name CONVERT TO CHARACTER SET utf8; (instead of "DEFAULT CHARACTER SET utf8") normally tells MySQL to convert each (character-based) column in the entire table to utf8, but to tell it to convert each column in the table to utf8, maintaining the appropriate size, but if you first convert to binary, the columns are no longer character-based, so they won't be converted.
19:45<sphery>d/ but to tell it to convert each column in the table to utf8,/
19:45<sphery>copy/paste issue
19:47<sphery>So I would expect you'll have to explicitly convert each column from binary to utf8. AIUI, the database default is only used when creating new tables and to specify a value for new connections to use.
19:51<janneg>the actual data is already utf8. so no explicit conversions seems necessary
19:54<sphery>Oh. Nevermind. I missed the part about converting each column back to char type. It sounds like it should use the default charset. You may need to set the default for the table (as above) first, though (as it would override the database default).
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21:02<jonathan_poon>hey guys..
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21:32<sphery>I wonder if someone should update the 0.21-fixes checkout instructions on to match (or perhaps just refer to)
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