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05:20<gbee>rooaus: "cerr << "abc123" << endl;" is ok qith qt4, "QString string = "abc123"; cerr << string << endl;" is not
05:21<gbee>but that said, VERBOSE should always be used instead of cerr/cout
05:21<gbee>if only because VERBOSE messages can be turned off and they are timestamped
05:35<rooaus>gbee: Yeah, meant converting to VERBOSE...
05:35<rooaus>VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT, QString("Important message follows: %1").arg(foo)) vs VERBOSE(VB_IMPORTANT, "Important message follows: " << foo)
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06:06<gbee>rooaus: that's correct
06:12<rooaus>gbee: both you mean?
06:32<rooaus>Gmail is useful... found what I was looking for after some searching, [14990], wasn't a utf8 issue after all. So you think VB_IMPORTANT is best, guess they wouldn't be in there if they weren't important? :)
07:03<gbee>rooaus: use VERBOSE instead of cerr
07:04<gbee>there is even more reason to use VERBOSE with QT4 because of changes to QString
07:06<rooaus>gbee: Thanks, it is appreciated.
07:07<gbee>admittedly VERBOSE(VB_GENERAL, QString("%1").arg(string)); is a little messier than "cerr << string << endl;"
07:08<gbee>but it's more useful in the end
07:12<rooaus>Yeah, just grepped *.cpp for cout|cerr and got 2002 hits, will try and knock a few of them off.
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07:18<janneg>rooaus: don't. that's wasted effort if you do it in trunk and not especially useful if done in qt4 branch
07:18<janneg>except for converting some of the plugins
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07:32<rooaus>janneg: Ok, haven't sorted out a qt4 build environment yet (not a big deal, I hope). Which plugins? From the QT4 branch I assume?
07:47<janneg>yes, from branches/mythplugins-qt4. iirc mythphone had a lot of cerr/cout
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09:54<janneg>so, my main backend is again on the qt4 branch
10:22<jams>is there an easy way to tell if a plugin was loaded via the menu vs "mythfrontend pluginname" ?
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10:42<janneg>mythweb is partially broken in after the db conversion. broken non ascii chars then mythweb uses the database directly
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11:00<wild_oscar>hi there
11:00<wild_oscar>anyone here responsible for the xmltv?
11:02<wild_oscar>I'm having a problem with tv_grab_pt, don't know who I should talk to regarding this issue
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11:20<wild_oscar>there is a dependency issue with the latest version of this file on ubuntu, if someone here knows who's responsible for it please let me know
11:21<laga>wild_oscar: #ubuntu-mythtv
11:22<wild_oscar>cheers, laga
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12:17<zion75>Hello! Having a problem compiling mythtv from SVN. Using ubuntu 7.10 and is getting this error: ERROR! You must have FreeType installed to compile MythTV.
12:18<laga>zion75: why don't you use the packages?
12:19<zion75>always (two years) been on svn and it has worked just fine
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12:20<peman>morrn morrn
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13:55<gbee>The theme (home) is missing a themeinfo.xml file
13:55<gbee>seems to be looking at /home instead of /home/{user}/.mythtv/themes/
13:58<janneg>gbee: that was an error in theme install. in share/mythtv/themes is a directory home
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14:23<gbee>janneg: ahh, ok
14:24<gbee>I didn't stop to check
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16:01<gbee>merge tonight?
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16:09<janneg>I don't know
16:10<gbee>want to replace Q3PtrList in mythlistbutton, but I'll wait for a merge first
16:10<janneg>haven't found the conversion in mythweb
16:26<gbee>mythweb/includes/util.php line 353
16:27<gbee>mythweb/classes/Services_JSON.php line 149, line 193
16:27<gbee>possibly ..
16:28<gbee>oh, neither of those seem to be used :/
16:31<gbee>OK, util.php line 253
16:32<gbee>function html_entities() { return htmlentities($str, ENT_COMPAT, 'UTF-8'); }
16:35<gbee>I'm not really helping ... :(
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16:35<janneg>no, there is no conversion. php seems to use utf8 strings. SET NAMES utf8; before the query fixes it
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16:48<Anduin>I guess I didn't waste too much time on the plugin conversions... janneg why the explicit charsets for the columns that are not special cased?
16:53<janneg>Anduin: I hope you haven't done anything. I forgot to send my conversion script
16:54<janneg>the explicit charsets are a leftover from debugging the updates
16:55<janneg>I missed a column in conversion and it stayed for mysterious reasons latin1
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17:04<janneg>mythweb fixed
17:05<janneg>anything left before the merge
17:12<janneg>gbee: mythfrontend -p segfaults after a db query
17:14<janneg>I thought it gets the db parameters from the discovered backend
17:15<Chutt>i'd prefer to give it another day or so
17:15<Chutt>ie, one day after any big change
17:17<Chutt>don't want something like the utf8 issue to pop up after merging
17:17<Chutt>cuz then certain people will bitch =)
17:19<gbee>janneg: so the db connection is invalid, should be easy to fix
17:21<gbee>Chutt: I think we've given plenty of warnings and given the number of commits I'd guess people are holding back, but another 24 hours isn't going to hurt
17:23<Anduin>There are still some problems with custom record (binding too many values), I'll look at fixing them in a little while (after switching production boxes to qt4)
17:25<gbee>heh, I'm very glad you spotted that Anduin ;)
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17:53<gbee>janneg: I'm not sure what's happening with the -p segfault, sorry
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17:56<gbee>damn, is there supposed to be an offset column in recordedmarkup? My table is missing it
17:56<feld>i do use mythtv and all, but has anyone here ever tried to get a pvr-150 MCE to display the composite input via vlc?
17:57<feld>oops my bad, mythtv-users is what i want. ignore that :P
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17:58<Anduin>gbee: Yes, varchar(32) (default NULL)
17:58<gbee>Anduin: thanks
17:59<gbee>think I got ahead of myself and deleted it after it was made obsolete by the recordedseek split
18:03<gbee>Table 'mythconverg.videobookmarks' doesn't exist
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18:07<gbee>shouldn't that have been removed? Along with the offset column it should have been removed from dbcheck after 0.20 or 0.21 was released
18:09<Anduin>gbee: videobookmarks was removed
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18:10<gbee>Anduin: I can't find a DROP TABLE for it in dbcheck.cpp, it's still getting created on new installs
18:11<Anduin>gbee: Hmm, I don't know when it moved to the main dbcheck.cpp but it is dropped in the myhtvideo dbcheck.cpp
18:12<gbee>Anduin: that would explain why it no longer existed on my install - that will need fixing then because it breaks the utf8() conversion update
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18:17<gbee>janneg: I've deleted the changes to videobookmarks
18:17<janneg>so it should be removed from the updates
18:18<janneg>gbee: thanks
18:18<gbee>the DROP TABLE for videobookmarks should be moved from mythvideo/dbcheck but that can wait for now
18:20<Anduin>I'll add a DROP IF EXISTS to libmythtv's
18:21<gbee>Anduin: k
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18:57<Anduin>The update seems painfully slow
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19:14<gbee>wasn't that slow here, but of course it'll depend on the size of your tables
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19:17<Anduin>My largest table that would be touched is credits at 32MB, 1216 took nearly 18 minutes, program has a large index, but still seems excessive.
19:18<Anduin>scratch that, 1216 took 28 minutes
19:25<gbee>took a minute here
19:28<janneg>it was awfully slow. both updates took 20 seconds each on an empty database
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19:31<gbee>well it was interrupted twice by the failures I mentioned, so a minute was just a guess and obviously not an accurate one
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19:44<Anduin>I think doing more than one modify per alter would speed things up, currently it seems to create the temp table, modify, drop old, rename, rinse and repeat for every column.
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19:54<Anduin>1h4m to update
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20:10<Anduin>Some scheduler bindValues brokenness Scheduler::BuildNewRecordsQueries and UpdateMatches, I have a feeling that unless someone who uses every permutation tests the Qt4 branch, well they will be disappointed.
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20:11<janneg>Anduin: yes, multiple modify statements will be faster. I discovered that in recordseek updates and forgot it unfortunately
20:12<Anduin>janneg: I'll try to work on speeding it up later if no one beats me to it.
20:13<janneg>Anduin: we better fix the scheduler brokenness or bjm gets mad
20:14<Anduin>janneg: Yes, I'll try, any basic power search seems to break it, easy to spot why just hard to find every one of these without hitting them.
20:15<janneg>I'll add a regexp that tests if the bindvalue is in the query
20:16<Anduin>Yeah, I was thinking we could punt on it that way, just output something and collect the broken ones so nothing would break.
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20:34<rooaus>janneg: Is the "ASSERT failure in QWidget" known about in mythphone?
20:38<rooaus>I have compiled all plugins which I don't usually do, will pastebin a bt, just a sec...
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20:47<rooaus>janneg: To clarify, I only see the problem if I install mythphone, if I clean out lib/mythtv/plugins it goes away and comes back when mythphone is installed.
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21:07<Chutt>janneg, is qregexp thread safe/reentrant now? (since you made it static in dbcon.cpp)
21:55<Anduin>1215 down to 1m23s from 28m with multiple mods per alter
22:04<Anduin>Yeah, I did change a few DB settings, but they seem to make no difference, I'll finish testing it and check it in.
22:05<Chutt>similar improvements possible for the second update as well?
22:06<Anduin>almost certainly, I don't know why I'm letting my slow test finish before testing that but I am
22:32<Chutt>that's slightly better than over an hour
22:41<Anduin>Apparently it was only 1m7s to the double keybindings context error, just under 2 minutes for all of 1216, still much better. It looks like with a larger log flush size I could have made the old stuff run in about half the time.
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23:58<Anduin> I'll commit it in a minute, still debating if the the hard-coded mythconverg is worth fixing
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