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04:59<janneg>Chutt: it is reentrant but not thread-safe. it was ok until I removed the static QMutex
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07:42<stuarta>morning all
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08:35<gbee>err .. afternoon
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09:57<gbee>Anduin: do you have a patch for custom record rules?
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10:22<janneg>gbee: is it still broken? with 16769 it should print just a warning
10:23<janneg>i.e. it's not important and we can defer it after the merge
10:33<gbee>janneg: ok, I missed 16769
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10:57<gbee>janneg: even with 16769 it is exiting after failing on those queries
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11:02<gbee>the exit(1) is still there, so either Anduin has a patch or I write one, or we remove the exit()
11:03<gbee>not sure we want to do the last one
11:04<janneg>gbee: oh, I thought it was a bindValuee without occurance in the prepared query
11:05<janneg>the mutliple usage of bindvalues should be easy to eliminate
11:05<janneg>please paste the error
11:08<gbee>there are several errors from scheduling, but that's the first of multiple placeholders with the same name
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11:17<janneg>gbee: fixed
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11:29<asathoor>I would like to correct certain grammatical errors in the danish translation of mythtv, but where are the files found? And where should I upload them?
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11:38<gbee>janneg: thanks
11:38*jamesd would like a dannish and a latte ;-)
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12:08<gbee>frontend now sefaults on startup
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12:18<gbee>ok, fixed that and it's now segfaulting elsewhere
12:18<gbee>looks like the root cause is some DB breakage though
12:21<janneg>how is it fixed? I can't see why it breaks
12:22<janneg>ah, I see the commit
12:23<janneg>but I still fail to see why it segfaults
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12:25<janneg>gbee: mythphone is working here
12:27<gbee>looks like my mysql client has crashed
12:27<gbee>err, no, wrong terminal
12:28<gbee>btw, error from the backend - 2008-03-24 16:25:17.025 mythbackend: Autoexpire CalcParams: ERROR: Filesystem Info cache is empty, unable to calculate necessary parameters.
12:37<gbee>database is FUBAR :(
12:39<czth_>and this is why we have automated periodic backups, boys and girls
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13:04<gbee>heh, db is only funky because I'm out of space on the root partition - guess the QT4 packages put me over the top
13:04<stuarta>ah that old chestnut :)
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13:05<gbee>I'm too mean when partitioning ;)
13:05<stuarta>i'm generous on /var :)
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13:10<czth_>myth uses qt4 now?
13:10<killaz>hi guys
13:10<Anduin>czth_: soon, only in a branch currently
13:10<killaz>I need some help installing an XMLTV grabber...
13:10*stuarta points to the topic
13:10<Anduin>killaz: #mythtv-users
13:10<laga>killaz: do not cross-post
13:11<killaz>laga: ??
13:11<czth_>publicly readable branch? when do you expect to RI to main?
13:11<laga>killaz: do not ask the same question in multiple channels at the same time
13:11<killaz>laga: why?
13:11<Anduin>czth_: Soon, days, or less, and yes readable, read the dev list.
13:11*stuarta offers laga the cluebat
13:11<czth_>ok, will do
13:12<stuarta>killaz: it's rude
13:12<killaz>sorry indeed this is not the users channel... sory Anduin
13:12<laga>killaz: a) because it's fucking annoying b) because you're wasting the time of people because multiple channels will try to solve your problem
13:12<laga>excuse my language.
13:12<stuarta>c) it makes people less inclined to help
13:13<stuarta>since they are often in both channels
13:13<laga>d) don't ask meta questions
13:14<killaz>laga: if I ask in channel A and don't get answer why is it a problem to ask in channel B? Don't think it's rude I already search the internet (google wiki's etc for my question) if I ask on channel A I dont get an answer it's logical to ask on channel B I think....
13:15*stuarta ignores killaz
13:15<laga>killaz: you asked in #ubuntu-mythtv *one* minute before asking in here
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13:25<tgelter>hey all, trying to install mythtv on fedora 8. Anyone know of a guide I could follow?
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13:26<stuarta>tgelter: topic
13:26<tgelter>stuarta: yeah, thanks, I just saw that
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14:27<gbee>czth_: there have been at least three seperate announcements to the -dev list, but unless you are currently using trunk (in which case you should be subscribed to the -dev list) then don't rush to upgrade - QT4 brings no end-users benefits to mythtv so there is no reason to hurry
14:28<gbee>what QT4 does bring is bugs, lots of them
14:30<kormoc>Three cheers for QT4!
14:32<janneg>frontend startup is much faster with qt4 but how often do you restart the frontend? it's nice for developers though
14:33<gbee>yeah, not worth it for users though until it's stable again, you get faster startup but a less stable frontend
14:34<gbee>with the mythui port and QT4 happening at the same time, I'm expecting clueless users to assume that the improved visuals come from QT
14:36<gbee>just like they'll assume that the switch to utf8 in mysql means that mythtv didn't use utf8 earlier
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14:41<janneg>but the previous utf8 handling had many bugs since not all fields with non ascii strings were handled properly
14:44<Anduin>janneg: The various set type columns are still latin1, is this intentional? (Yes I do realize they all fall in the utf8-latin1 friendly space)
14:49<janneg>Anduin: no, I just missed them. not sure if it's worth effort to convert them
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15:15<janneg>multirec might be broken in the qt4 branch
15:17<gbee>janneg: broken how?
15:17<janneg>no it is. at least not always
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15:18<janneg>I had two almost simultaneously starting recordings. the first was 196kb and the scond 0b
15:22<janneg>after a backend restart both recordings worked as expected
15:22<gbee>mythphone is still segfaulting
15:24<janneg>same bt? even after mysqlrepair?
15:25<gbee>same bt after repairing the db
15:31<gbee>wonder why we are converting those to latin1
15:31<gbee>not that it's related to the segfault
15:36<janneg>gbee: that's wrong, the shouldn't be converted.
15:37<janneg>I won't do the merge today. I'm going out. bye
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15:58<stuarta>gbee: what's that tv_grab command that tells you the available grabbers?
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16:02<gbee>think I need to make distclean the plugins, I deleted mythphone and now mythweather segfaults with another db related problem
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16:15<gbee>believe it or not, I've still got issues with it using the qt3 version of qmake - I can't figure out where it's getting the path from
16:16<Anduin>gbee: on RH it adds it in /etc/profile.d/qt.blah
16:17<MrGandalf>ya know, tis a shame.. mythbackend has been up since the 12th for me.. the longest it's been running for years.
16:17<gbee>right, seems to do the same here, although re-exporting PATH without the qt3 location doesn't change anything
16:18<Anduin>gbee: In my build script I do that, put the qt4 one in, and unset the various QTblah env variables
16:22<gbee>removing it from PATH _AND_ replacing the QT**** vars seems to work
16:22<gbee>if test -x $QTDIR/bin/qmake; then$QTDIR/bin/qmake QMAKE=${QTDIR}/bin/qmake
16:22<gbee>that should probably be replaced if QT4 doesn't use the QTDIR env var
16:23<gbee>janneg: can you just confirm that QT4 doesn't use/require that?
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17:33<laga>heh, commits by justinh
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18:56<janneg>gbee: no, qt4 doesn't need QTDIR to be set. we should add the same qmake check from mythtv/configure. I'll do it tomorrow
19:01<gbee>damn, looks like you were right, qt4 + multirec don't work well together
19:02<gbee>lost two recordings
19:08<janneg>there are some locking related changes wrt qt4
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19:10<hads>Trunk is still pretty safe at this stage is it not?
19:16<Anduin>hads: Yes, it is still largely the same as the release.
19:19<hads>Thanks Anduin, thought as much.
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