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06:48<gbee>danielk22: I've committed the scanning fixes we were talking about the other week, I don't have time to make GetChannelSettings() more generic but that can be done later
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07:10<gbee>"[mythtv-users] Mytv Unreliable" <<< I've not read the thread, but has someone told this guy that it's his Nova-T 500 which is at fault?
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12:00<janneg>rotflol: "Our results are not the best." as the only discussion in a scientific paper
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13:22<gbee>rmeden around?
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13:24<xris>gbee: he's online in AIM, might be able to pm him
13:26<gbee>xris: just wanted to let him know that the na_dd grabber needs to lower case the value of the stereo element to be compliant with the xmltv dtd - #5057
13:27<gbee>not a serious issue, just thought he'd like to be informed
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13:42<xris>gbee: he says that the xmltv_dd code is fine
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13:44<gbee>xris: I'll email him through the xmltv-dev list, not sure if he means that the bug has been fixed in a more recent version or that the DTD is wrong (!)
13:44<xris>he said the code is fine
13:45<xris>at least, the current code
13:46<gbee>$prog{audio}{stereo}=lc($_->{dolby}) if exists $_->{dolby};
13:46<gbee>he's right
13:46<gbee>just remembered that I've got all the grabbers on this machine ;)
13:59<MrGandalf>$_ .. ugh
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14:45<gbee>sphery: what's the arg to ignore schema updates?
14:48<gbee>did I imagine that option? I can't seem to find it
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18:12<hadees>has anything been going on with the mythpython UI plugin? Can you develop a plugin with it yet?
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