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02:18<rooaus>gbee: Maybe the db setting DBSchemaAutoUpgrade from [14673] is what you are looking for?
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07:42<OznOg>well wrong chan I gess, going to #mythtv-users
07:42<OznOg>bye :)
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09:26<gbee>Chutt: how did you seen additional screen stacks being used? Created once and that instances shared/re-used by different windows, or created/destroyed as required?
09:27<gbee>I need a new stack for a popup in mythflix and I'm thinking of creating a global 'popup' stack in mythmainwindow which is used for all popups
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10:28<Chutt>created/destroyed as needed
10:28<Chutt>but having a couple pre-defined ones are fine, too
10:31<gbee>ok, thanks :)
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10:32<Blaasvis>hi, i would like to know what receiver is should buy for my logitech harmony 1000 to use with mythtv
10:33<Blaasvis>hmmm i should have read the PM, sorry
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11:11<Chutt>danielk23, they added back the xv picture controls for newer cards, btw.
11:13<danielk23>not all of em though? I though just 3 of em.
11:13<Chutt>brightness, contrast, saturation, hue
11:13<danielk23>for all newer cards, or just top of the line?
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11:14<Chutt>for the 8's and 9's at least
11:15<danielk23>k, I'll try it out, I have one 8xxx as a built in card in one of my pcs...
11:15<Chutt>not on my 7050pv
11:15<Chutt>needs a fairly new driver, of course =)
11:15<danielk23>of course :)
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11:16<danielk23>I've been having problems with the 169.07 & 169.12 .. drivers, first one causes Xorg to use 100% CPU when V-Sync is enabled, and the .12 one causes hard lockups with 8xxx cards :[
11:17<Chutt>useevents = true?
11:17<Chutt>i'm on 169.12 with no issues on my 8800gt
11:18<danielk23>I don't know what's up. I have two independent reports from LinuxMCE users.. Happens after 5-6 hours of TV..
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11:27<MrGandalf>danielk22: the 100% CPU thing is somehow related to bringing up the guide. Try disabling then re-enabling vsync and the CPU will come back down to normal.
11:28<laga>i've seen reports where 100% cpu usage in the guide was somehow caused by the new frame doubling interlacers..
11:28<rooaus>gbee: Can you take a look at #5063 when you have time, if it is ok I will continue with the rest of the plugins.
11:28<MrGandalf>laga: I'm not using any of those.
11:30<gbee>rooaus: looks fine
11:31<rooaus>gbee: That was quick, thanks.
11:32<gbee>one or two places could probably use VB_GENERAL instead, but it's not worth changing that patches at this point
11:35<rooaus>gbee: Fair enough, I just swapped it out for VB_IMPORTANT as the logging was always enabled previously. I suppose cout could map to VB_GENERAL and cerr to VB_IMPORTANT. Easy enough to mod the patch I guess.
11:36<gbee>rooaus: yeah, it's just a good opportunity to move some of those messages to lower levels
11:37<gbee>but no need to modify the patches you've already supplied, just bare it in mind for the rest
11:38<gbee>95% of those would be vb_important (errors) anyway, only informational and low importance warnings need be vb_general
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11:39<MrGandalf>danielk23: furthermore, it only seems to happen with ~60fps content. I'm assuming it has something to do with the mode also being ~60hz.
11:40<rooaus>Will try and finish the rest of the plugins tom.
11:43<danielk23>mrg: The 100% CPU happens just playing video when the Composite extension is enabled (but only on motherboard nvidia hardware, and not with the 169.12 drivers.) I think it may have something to do with video memory, a kernel trace showed memory thrashing on a computer with 512MB.
11:46<MrGandalf>danielk23: sounds like there's multiple issues then. I just installed .12 so I'll see if my problem goes away. The way I got around it was by putting in a hack to disable vsync before entering the guide and enabling it again after exiting.
11:47<rooaus>Still get "Widgets must be created in the GUI thread." error in mythphone. A random (uninformed) thought but could it have anything to do with the settings wizard that is run on startup as I don't have mythphone installed.
11:49<rooaus>s/installed/previously installed
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11:58<rooaus>night all
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12:17<gbee>rooaus: it's qt4 related, will get fixed eventually
12:18<gbee>oh, I misread, may not be strictly qt4 - but whatever the problem it will be fixed when we move to mythui anyway
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13:06<sphery>gbee: rooaus is right... Set DBSchemaAutoUpgrade to -1 (and you're on your own ;)
13:07<gbee>sphery: thanks, for some reason I thought it was a switch
13:07<gbee>in the end I used mythweb to stream the recording off that backend to watch locally - (stable backend, qt4 frontend)
13:09<gbee>wonder if I should add a hidden setting to disable transitions with the opengl painter, think it would make Justin happy :)
13:10<sphery>gbee: Yeah. It's an "undocumented" setting that's not really meant for user consumption, so not only do you have to manually create the setting, but you also have to give it the right value. 0 means ask, 1 means just upgrade and don't bother to ask.
13:11<sphery>Nigel's addition when people had issues with scripts not upgrading the DB.
13:11<sphery>He's since added the non-interactive checks, too.
13:11<sphery>but put in the back door for developers to run at whatever schema version (since they'll know whether doing so is safe or they'll be working on a dev system whose DB they don't mind breaking).
13:12<gbee>shouldn't need it much, I just wanted to watch a recording made on a pre-qt4 backend on my laptop
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13:17<justinh>just ran that appearance setting thing I wrote on my frontend for the 1st time. seems my mad dpi doesn't agree with it
13:21<justinh>hmm not according to xdpyinfo - that's saying 100DPI
13:23<sphery>justinh: a lot of (broken :) distros put in command-line args when starting X that override any settings in X config files
13:25<justinh>weird though - it started out with G.A.N.T (4:3 theme) on 100DPI (presumably, cos I didn't change it today) & putting the arrows in the right places screwed up the size. not by much, maybe 5-10%
13:26<justinh>still seems wrong on a wide theme too
13:27<sphery>stuarta: regarding your plans for the UK seriesid stuff ( ), did you see Bruce's take on the SD seriesid (and why it's probably still important that SD doesn't use it)?
13:27<laga>justinh: your appearance isn't working correctly here either if it's run for the second time. it'll make the window much smaller
13:29<justinh>worked fine before the mythui port AFAIK
13:29<justinh>remember having some concerns about how the current gui size is reported - maybe that's the factor in this
13:29<sphery>Perhaps it's not mapping the actual coordinates to the "logical" or perceived coordinates? (Just a guess, didn't look at code.) Does it work if you reset it to 0 overscan first?
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13:31<justinh>trying it out on another frontend now
13:31<laga>sphery: yes.
13:32<laga>i havent gotten around to do any debugging yet.. 0.21 had some other important stuff ;)
13:32<justinh>ahhh. for some reason if the gui is already resized, the arrows don't start life at the screen edges
13:33<justinh>it's scaled the arrow images
13:38<justinh>I think m_arrowsize_x = m_topleftarrow->GetArea().width() might be getting the scaled size rather than the true size, or vice-versa
13:40<justinh>I'll try commenting out line 91 & 92 to see if that fixes it - if so then I think in the interim I'll just go with hard-coded arrow sizes - unless I can figure how to work out hmult * wmult into it
13:41<gbee>Chutt: not sure where to create this new screenstack, logically it should be created with the other two in myththemebase, but it needs to be reachable in the same way as the mainstack e.g. MythMainWindow->GetPopupStack(), so either I modify AddStack and maintain a pointer in MythMainWindowPrivate or I create a new method there to pull named stacks from the stacklist e.g. MythMainWindow->GetStack("popupstack")
13:42<gbee>the second option seems more useful generally and can be used for accessing other stacks
13:47<justinh>yeah I think it's because the arrow image sizes aren't hard-coded
13:48<justinh>it'd be better to keep them non-hard-coded though, so I'll see if I can work out a way around it
13:51<gbee>GetArea().width() gets the scaled size of the image
13:51<gbee>justinh: I'll take a look in a while
13:53<justinh>it works fine with the size hard-coded - but that's not quite ideal in the world where stuff is meant to be themable ;)
13:54<justinh>I was gutted that even my own feature was gash ;)
13:55<justinh>thought "oo finally, I can set my screen size up precisely & it'll take 2 mins"
13:56<justinh>surprised it hadn't been reported already tbh. still, knowing what the problem is is half the battle
13:57<sphery>justinh: Though since it's probably mainly used by new users, even those who experienced problems may have been afraid to report issues thinking they were doing something wrong.
13:58<justinh>maybe I was on the wrong track when I was testing it shortly after doing it too :)
13:58<justinh>such a long time ago now I can't remember
14:08<justinh>anyway, if it's any consolation, I'm liking 0.21 thus far. much more perky, it seems - than 0.20 even on my c2d frontend
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14:35<justinh>wow. mythweather hasn't half improved since the last time I saw it. nice one gbee :)
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14:39<gbee>didn't do much, just enough to make it usable
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14:40<justinh>difference being it was just about usable before.. what a breeze it is now
14:51<gbee>I might have to play with mythappearance before I can see what the problem is
14:53<Chutt>gbee, named stacks
14:53<Chutt>and, for the fade, it'd be better if it were time based, instead of frames
14:53<gbee>Chutt: ok, liked that idea better
14:53<Chutt>that way it'd be set for a quarter second or so
14:54<Chutt>and not vary depending on the user's hardware
14:54<gbee>good idea
14:55<gbee>justinh: going to get something to eat and then maybe watch a film, but I'll look at it later tonight
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18:08<justinh>gbee: ok no worries
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18:09<gbee>I can see a couple of problems (post qt4 the offsets are no longer working for fullscreen windows)
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18:10<gbee>the other issue is that arrows are offset when entering screen setup with offsets already in place
18:10<gbee>was there another issue?
18:12<justinh>I didn't know about the fullscreen window offset not working
18:13<justinh>problem seems to be the arrows aren't at topleft & bottomright as they should be. I fixed that here by hard-coding the arrow x & y dimensions to 100 pixels (same as the default images)
18:16<gbee>offset problem only affects trunk post qt4, I can't see a way around it at the moment other than to treat windows with offsets as though they aren't fullscreen (which is logical anyway)
18:17<justinh>wouldn't be too fussed how it's done so long as it works ;)
18:17<gbee>justinh: odd, works fine here, unless as I said there were already offsets in place in which case it seems to apply them to the arrows when it shouldnt
18:17<justinh>yeah it'll work the 1st time from a size & offset of 0,0 0,0 (ie. normal fullsize dimensions without offset)
18:18<gbee>ahh, ok
18:18<gbee>bit tired now, I've made a note on my whiteboard and I'll take another look tomorrow
18:19<justinh>if I can fix it I'll give you a shout
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18:21<gbee>eww, so I've added a popup stack and name based access but for some reason focus is remaining with the top screen in the main stack
18:22<justinh>sounds icky
18:23<justinh>doh! I might've already fixed the arrow offset problem but I defined m_hmult & m_wmult as ints.
18:26<justinh>I think that's done it
18:27<gbee>focus problem is probably pretty simple, like we only send keypress events to the main stack or something, easy to fix but occurs to me that we need to allow stacks to opt-out of focus so that things like alerts don't block control of main stack screens
18:28<justinh>only for -fixes but I expect it'd be dory for trunk too
18:32<justinh>I remembered we had a discussion about whether or not we'd get the scaled or the actual image size.. and that was the problem
18:32<justinh>if only everything were as simple. I'd be all over the bugs
18:33<justinh>bugger. that wasn't it
18:34<justinh>wonder what the chuff that is then, if it ain't that
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18:36<justinh>der. only added the mults to the wrong place
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18:41<gbee>ahh, we're iterating through the stacks in the wrong order, events are going to the bottom stack first
18:41<justinh>oh crap. I just realised - this isn't so much a bug as it is a design flaw
18:42<gbee>I'll get some sleep and fix this tomorrow
18:42<justinh>I might need to undrink a few glasses of wine to work on this
18:43<justinh>g'night gbee. I'll mull this over & see what I can cook up
18:43<gbee>good luck with it :)
18:44-!-dekarl is now known as Atasir
18:57<justinh>that might just be the fix now. dunno what I was thinking making the top left arrow co-ords the same as the offsets...
18:58<justinh>still needed the hmult & wmult in there aswell. I'll try it out when my head's straight tomorrow
18:58<justinh>laga: got time to test a wee patch?
18:58<janneg>more qt4 settings breakage in the recording profiles :( I'll fix it tomorrow
18:59-!-beavis [] has quit ["Verlassend"]
18:59<justinh>anyway the patch is up at if anybody wants to test it
19:00<justinh>janneg: tomorrow's the day for fixings eh ;)
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19:25*purserj wonders whether he should mention his patch in here
19:26<justinh>you becoming a pirate?
19:27<purserj>arrrr matey, cept me patch as a few oles in thar!
19:27<purserj>damn it's not talk like a pirate day is it
19:27<justinh>I've got a patch wot I did tonight too
19:27<justinh>duh. thought I was in t'other channel.
19:28<justinh>top tip- don't IRC after drinking boozey stuff
19:34<justinh>purserj: anyway fwiw give your patch a mention. folks might wanna take it for a test drive. no harm in it
19:37<rooaus>gbee: Would the multiple screen stacks be useful for a system wide notification, not just during video like current mythtvosd?
19:37<gbee>rooaus: yeah, that's what I'm planning to use it for
19:38<rooaus>*very* cool :D
19:39<gbee>that mockup is from December - showing it being used for an rss feed
19:39<purserj>justinh: thanks
19:39-!-zippytech [] has joined #mythtv
19:39<justinh>gbee: that's nothing short of brilliant.. and coincidence cos I've been doing mockups of new stuff lately - I left enough space for such gadgets
19:40<gbee>but that's just one idea/application, what I'll actually do is extend the mythtvosd concept to the whole of mythtv so you can have anything show up
19:40<purserj>for anyone who is interested, I'm hacking on mythnews to try and make it more podcast/vodcast friendly. Current status is - Can download files and store them for later retrieval, but it is losing focus when attempting to play audio files
19:40<purserj>Can be found here:
19:41<gbee>that's partially what my recent scrolling text commits are leading upto, scrolling textareas which can be used for alerts (or long song names in mythmusic etc)
19:41<rooaus>gbee: That would be cool for cpu temp alerts, mail, current weather conditions etc.
19:42*justinh is tempted to use that word again.. might be the 2nd time this year...
19:42<gbee>rooaus: yeah, there will be built in stuff - like alerts about failed recordings etc and users can script all sorts of addon stuff
19:43<gbee>taking me longer than I had hoped to reach this stage, but most of the major pieces are now in place
19:44<justinh>I still plan on hacking the stuff on my to-do list
19:44<justinh>might aswell wait a bit til the code settles down some
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19:49<rooaus>gbee: I have been looking at Storage Groups for mythmusic, do you have any ideas on how to handle the fact that there can be multiple startdirs with storage groups?
19:50<gbee>rooaus: no, I've never look at the storage groups code - Captain_Murdoch should be able to help though
19:51-!-clever [] has quit []
19:54<rooaus>I mean the startdir used within the current mythmusic implementation, it appears it has been factored out to allow the music dir to be moved around etc. works well when there is a single root dir.
19:54<rooaus>Unless I am missing something the storage group code is pretty easy to use, it does appear that the streaming needs to be handled separately using mythprotocol and a ringbuffer, but I haven't got that far yet.
19:56<rooaus>I will keep plugging away, an obvious approach may become apparent.
19:56<sphery>rooaus: Did you see (MythVideo Storage Groups discussion). They talked about that in the thread...
19:57-!-clever [] has joined #mythtv
19:57<sphery>I think they have a plan for handling it for MythVideo. Should probably do the same for MythMusic (which may require waiting on George's patch(es)).
19:59<rooaus>sphery: Thanks, I need to reread that thread, did have it bookmarked. I was hoping to see George's patch to see how he handled local files versus streaming remote files.
20:00<gbee>rooaus: ahh, ok, no I've not given it any thought
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20:02<rooaus>sphery: The startdir thing is unique to mythmusic's implementation, mythvideo already handled multiple video dirs.
20:05<rooaus>gbee: np.
20:07<sphery>Oh. I just figured regardless of how it is, it should be made to be like MV will be, but I know nothing of MM, so that may not make sense.
20:08<rooaus>sphery: hey, I could be barking up the wrong tree as well :)
20:09<rooaus>Either way you are right, it is a good idea to review a experienced (real) coders implementation.
20:10<sphery>I was thinking more for long-term maintenance than questioning your coding/design skills, though.
20:12-!-Atasir [] has quit ["byebye I'm teaching cyc some more about the laanx cult"]
20:13<rooaus>Heh, I always question my C++ coding skills... VHDL is a different story though, that is my native tongue.
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20:29<purserj>sigh, sent with wrong email address
20:32-!-_packetscan is now known as packetscan
20:37-!-ajh [] has joined #mythtv
20:39<ajh>Where would I find the docs on the theme xml format? For some reason it's not picking up the right font size for the program guide channel names and block data.
20:40-!-Puhi [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
20:41<ajh>I don't see this as a bug in trac.
20:44<GreyFoxx>Not sure there are any official docs
20:44<GreyFoxx>Might be something in the wiki
20:45<rooaus>yeah, there is a theme developers wiki page, let me find it...
20:48<ajh>I actually just found some, though MythUIThemeFormat
20:48<ajh>Is the failure of guide fonts to adjust with dpi a known bug?
20:49<ajh>oh, nice, you're supposed to spoof the DPI? isn't that a bit hackish?
20:49<GreyFoxx>That info is pre 0.21 I believe
20:50<ajh>the page is wrong too, since my TV does respond with EDID.
20:50-!-JoeBorn [] has quit ["earth hour"]
20:50-!-davilla [] has quit ["Leaving"]
20:50<ajh>The Display_Size page that is.
20:52<rooaus>actually I believe that myth no longer uses X's reported dpi, it calculates the required info. Have you tried adjusting the small,medium and large font size from the setting menu? I thought that worked for me.
20:55<ajh>Yes, those affected everything else.
20:55<ajh>Setting the DisplaySize made X totally unusable btw.
20:56<ajh>I haven't looked too much at how the themes work yet, but something isn't inheriting those size settings properly for sure.
21:02-!-exec87 [] has quit []
21:02<ajh>might be something to look at fixing though :)
21:04<rooaus>ajh: Have you tried "Fine Tune Font Size" from the appearance settings? I think the theme can be designed to ignore the small, medium and large font setting.
21:17-!-ahbritto [] has joined #mythtv
21:38-!-Puhi [] has joined #mythtv
21:39<ajh>Yeah I did, I found the issue, I had to go into the theme and change it manually.
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23:10<AsZ>ouin ouin ouin
23:11*ICM tilts head
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23:34<ajh>Oh, any interest in doing a Myth mini-summit before the Linux Symposium this year, the space would be provided free.
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