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05:04<clever>cp -f -r /media/mainlv/sharedbuilds/7.10/mythplugins/mytharchive/mythburn/themes/G.A.N.T. - Animated /media/mainlv/root/7.10//share/mythtv/mytharchive/themes/
05:04<clever>cp: cannot stat `-': No such file or directory
05:05<clever>cp: cannot stat `Animated': No such file or directory
05:05<clever>make install is broken on plugins!
05:05<clever>i can probly fix it myself
05:05<clever>but the patch still needs to be commited
05:07<teprrr>clever, sounds like missing quotes
05:08<clever>i just need to figure out which .pro needs the patch
05:08<teprrr>or char escaping
05:11<clever>mythtv has finaly switched over to using 'install' instead of cp
05:11<clever>like i asked for in a ticket months ago and got refused:P
05:12<clever>COPY = cp -f
05:12<clever>COPY_DIR = $(COPY) -r
05:12<clever>explains why grep failed to find cp -f -r
05:17<clever>ive found the problem in the makefiles
05:17<clever>but its useless to fix them
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05:35<Eckos>i got a question. do you have to have a tv tuner card or what?
05:35<hads>Eckos: Try #mythtv-users
05:35<Eckos>oh okay sorry
05:35<Eckos>my bad
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06:04<justinh>nuts. that 'fix' hasn't worked. needs some deeper thought
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06:14<justinh>the current case will only work once, and only when the gui size has been at the maximum without any offsets
06:29<gbee>missing commit emails for the last 3/4 commits
06:30<gbee>ah, damn, my email server changed certs again
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06:43<svu>can mythtv be used not as upnp server but upnp client?
06:44<svu>sorry, wrong channel, going -users...
06:47<justinh>gbee: anyway I reset the size on my frontend, then resized it with the arrows. worked just fine with the current code
06:48<justinh>that limitation has always been there I think & can't right now figure a way around it. the arrow movement limits might need a tweak but otherwise I think it'll have to be a case of make do for now
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07:59<gbee>justinh: I think I can see a way to get the arrow positions correct with existing offsets, but I really need to take a long look at the code before I'm sure about it
08:00<gbee>in the long term I'm actually thinking about offsets and size adjustments which don't affect the main window, just the theme positioning within that window, so you'd be able to scale up as well as down
08:11<justinh>is the 'signed' flag not supported in 0.21?
08:13<gbee>it should be
08:14<gbee>scheduling using it isn't, but it's not in trunk either
08:15<justinh>just that the icon is always showing here
08:15<justinh>commented it out for now
08:15<justinh>trying to make glass-wide non-sucky
08:15<gbee>odd, which theme?
08:16<gbee>might need a visible="no" arg to hide it by default
08:16<gbee>hmm, mythcenter is always showing it too
08:17<gbee>oh wait, no that might be the subtitle icon ... can't remember what they look like
08:18<justinh>I made my signing icon look like a hand forming the letter 'o'
08:18<justinh>'signed' is the image name
08:18<justinh>unless I simply had the image name wrong of course
08:22<gbee>huh, didn't create an image for metallurgy, could have sworn I had
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08:23<gbee>justinh: image name="" should be deafsigned
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08:48<justinh>yeah I had to get rid of a lot of superfluous crap.
08:51<gbee>looks good, pretty different from other themes which is always nice
08:51<justinh>pinched some ideas from you & from mepo
08:52<justinh>losing the frames around the selection stuff is probably the best thing I've ever done I think. just way too busy before
08:53<justinh>_hopefully_ I'll be happy enough with the end result & will want to keep going with it. might take months to finish
08:54<justinh>still plan for it to be used with different backgrounds to effectively allow for different colour schemes though
08:55<justinh>and there'll be just about enough room left for the status notification thingy along the bottom of the screen. since it's much easier to resize the gui now the overscan areas aren't as off-limits as they were ;)
09:16<gbee>don't know if you noticed, but the text area is too wide in the watch recordings screen, text is disappearing beneath the image
09:16<justinh>yeah that's just the mockup
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13:14<laga>so, is it true that mysql.txt is deprecated in favor of config.xml in 0.21? the perl bindings don't seem to support mysql.txt anymore
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13:33<gbee>laga: yes, config.xml + autodiscovery are supposed to replace mysql.txt (in theory)
13:35<laga>gbee: is there support for system-wide configuration using config.xml? eg, now /etc/mythtv/mysql.txt is used, but at least the perl bindings only use $HOME or $MYHCONFDIR
13:36<gbee>don't know, auto-discovery and config.xml have deviated from the original plans and I didn't keep up
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13:38<laga>i'll look at the code then
13:39<laga>is there a dtd for config.xml somewhere?
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14:08<wswanson_>latest svn move to qt4?
14:10<clever>trunk head has been merged with the qt4 branch
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14:21<wswanson_>is it running smoothly enough to upgrade?
14:21<wswanson_>to latest trunk head
14:22<janneg>if you don't mind a couple of missed recordings
14:24<wswanson_>would you recommend waiting a week or two? i usually upgrade to latest trunk every couple of days (for many years). will my wife whine? lol
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14:26<wswanson_>bah -- i'm going for it
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14:31<sphery>Hmmm. Descriptions of janneg's [16844]/[16845] and #5071 (submitted 2 1/2 hours after janneg's change) sound the same, but the changes look nothing alike.
14:32<janneg>sphery: they look identical to me
14:33<janneg>compare with
14:34<sphery>I mean the patch in #5071 looks nothing like your changes
14:34<janneg>sphery: sorry, I should have read completely that you said
14:34<sphery>My bad. I could have been more clear.
14:36<sphery>In #5071, he also fixed Kabel 1, but otherwise descriptions were the same. I don't know the EIT fixup code, so I don't know if the end result of the changes is the same.
14:37<janneg>nah, I just expect to screw up one of this merges and so it was my first thought that I had screwed up 18445
14:37<janneg>sphery: they are different. my committed changes are for DVB-T while #5071 is for DVB-C
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15:01<stuarta>ahhh, now i finally have a separate dev & production system :)
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15:35<ajh>So, what's the thinking behind having watch recording and delete recording in separate sections? Woudn't it have been easier just to have a list of recordings and let people watch or delete from there? It would be less moving around in the interface for sure.
15:35<GreyFoxx>I don't know the original purpose
15:35<GreyFoxx>but I never use the delete recordings screen
15:35<GreyFoxx>you can delete right from Watch Recordings
15:36<ajh>OK, guess I need to get all the functions on my remote working. Just starting to use the UI and there are some areas that could use some simplification for sure.
15:36<justinh>ajh: there's not really enough room onscreen for all the info you need for both in one place
15:37<justinh>and no, making all the list fonts 8 point isn't the solution either ;)
15:37<ajh>justinh, guess having the HD and non HD ui separate would be an option then.
15:37<justinh>nothing to do with hd & non-hd
15:37<ajh>More and more screens do have the space now.
15:38<justinh>more to do with humans being able to read small text 10 feet away
15:38<kormoc>ajh, press the right arrow button and it brings up a menu for that recording. bottom option is delete
15:38<ajh>kormoc, ah ok. Thanks.
15:38<justinh>ajh: and when you put a bunch of recordings in a playlist you can delete more than one recording at the same time
15:39<ajh>OK, just trying to do the 'end-user' approach to UI analysis :), I know when you've used something for a long time you lose perspective on that.
15:40<justinh>nope. I'm very positive about not fitting more on screen by making fonts too small to read
15:41<ajh>no, I agree with that for sure, though many of mine are still showing up tiny, like in the System Status page
15:41<justinh>yeah well, some of the things in the status info page are on my list. I dunno what anybody else has planned for them
15:42<ajh>Is the list public? :)
15:42<justinh>might be some time before I get around to it, what with life etc
15:43<ajh>The one thing that seems to be an issue right now, and I may be wrong of course, is when a new channel is added, you have to do a full rescan of the transports... bringing back any of the channels you already deleted.
15:44<justinh>technically that shouldn't happen very often, so that case doesn't have much call for it (in theory)
15:44<ajh>Yeah, but if you've done lots of channel list editing, that takes a whole lot of time.
15:44<justinh>the source is all there...
15:44<ajh>I'd really like to provide space for a Myth mini-summit before the Linux Symposium in July if there's enough interest to make it worthwhile.
15:45<kormoc>ajh, we've talked bout it, and we're just too far apart, nor have the money to meet up
15:45<kormoc>in any mass sense that is
15:45<kormoc>so unless you have a pile of plane tickets? :P
15:46<ajh>Well, I'd be willing to help coordinate things, and get costs down.
15:46<kormoc>we have a lot of international devs, so from the uk, australia, etc
15:46<kormoc>there's not much to cheapen those tickets up
15:47<justinh>I'll get cracking on that teleporter again
15:47<ajh>Potentially, but then, sponsors could help.
15:47<ajh>like say the card vendors who stand to profit from a good free pvr :)
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15:47<justinh>heh. it'd need more money than the last bounty project raised, all those tickets
15:48<justinh>flights to Canada from the UK are surely at least £400 each
15:48<ajh>Well, I'd be willing to work on some preliminary numbers, may not make it free for people, but if the costs can come down./
15:48<ajh>Well, $400 isn't much.
15:48<ajh>$3000 from AUZ is the problem.
15:48-!-cecil is now known as cesman
15:49<ajh>but if someone wanted to make an 'invitee list' and where they're from, etc I could look into how much could be done.
15:49<ajh>done it for the Kernel, GCC, and Desktop Dev's so far :), this year we're also doing SElinux, Linux Wireless, and some others.
15:50<ajh>Just email if you want to look at the possibilty, even getting 10 or 15 people together can make a difference.
15:50<kormoc>justinh, hell, it's $700 from Seattle to Ottawa, $400 from the uk is a steal
15:51<ajh>Anyway, it's one of the things I do, so if I can help out.
15:51<justinh>kormoc: $800
15:51<kormoc>that's amazingly cheap, wow
15:52<justinh>even so, finding $800 lying around ain't easy
15:52<kormoc>ajh, well, you should likely talk to Chutt, as he's the leader of the project and is best to decide invitee list and the like
15:52<ajh>kormoc, OK, I'll do so this week.
15:53<justinh>heh it's on at about the same time as lugradio live. not going to that either though
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16:08<wibbit>Ello all
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16:11<wibbit>I just spotted "freesat" on the web, and a mention of it on the bbc hd data, any one know mucha bout it?
16:12<stuarta>yes, but it's not a topic for this channel unless you are programming for it
16:13<wibbit>I apologise (I was wondering why it was so quiet), off to -users.
16:15<GreyFoxx>ajh: I was informally bugging people for a gathering a little while ago
16:15<GreyFoxx>I'd love to see a gathering of the devs
16:15<GreyFoxx>And I'm in Canada anyway :)
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16:22<ajh>Is there hidden on-line documentation somewhere in the UI?
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16:27<wibbit>justinh: isn't is in the source? :p
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16:29<kormoc>that's not hidden :P
16:30<wibbit>tusche (or however the french word is spelt)
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16:49<TheDukeNY>For a while I have been trying to understand how the tv schedules are done in mythtv. Could someone point me to a website that makes sense to someone who doesnt know that much about it? Does you have to pay to get the schedules?
16:49*stuarta points at the topic
16:50<TheDukeNY>i suppose that means yes
16:51<kormoc>TheDukeNY, he means go to the -users channel, as you're not developing for myth
16:51<TheDukeNY>oh sorry
16:51<TheDukeNY>using a new version of IRC client...
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17:32<drnoone>Hi. How do you assign the coding tasks? I've been using mythtv for a while and I thought I would be cool to help in the development process...
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17:58<Anduin>drnoone: They are not assigned, you do something, submit a patch. If you think you will be duplicating effort you start a thread on the dev list to see if someone is working on something similar. Also mentioning it in here is good though only some of the people writing code are here.
18:01<Anduin>rooaus: That one was fixed in the branch... or am I missing something?
18:02<Anduin>Oh, you mean the theme directory I never check out...
18:09<gbee>ajh: better to hide channels than delete them for exactly that reason, myth can't know that you've previously deleted a channel unless we actually keep the information in the table and that's equivalent to hiding it
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20:31<hadees>is MythPython usable to make a simple plugin?
20:32<hadees>i just want to create something to list my video podcasts as they come in.
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20:38<Ward1983>i did everything the tutorial said and it still doesnt work
20:38<Ward1983>cannot connect to the database
20:38<justinh>Ward1983: wrong channel
20:39<Ward1983>justinh, thanx for supporting mythtv users
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20:39<Ward1983>if im that unwanted, byebye
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20:40<laga>how dare you, justinh! :)
20:48<jamesd>you know if all the developers moved to #mythtv-dev there would be a lot less of that...
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20:48<laga>ya know, that's been discussed to hell and back :)
21:00<kormoc>jamesd, meet the dead horse, dead horse, meet jamesd.
21:00<kormoc>jamesd, and in this case, it wouldn't. He was in -users, didn't get any answers he liked, so he came here
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21:31<Chutt>maybe half my recordings since the qt4 conversion are broken
21:31<Chutt>0 bytes
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21:40<jamesd>Chutt, that is a feature... you should be able to store at least double the amount of recordings now.
21:42<Chutt>don't be annoying in here.
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21:55<Anduin>multirec involved?
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22:48<Chutt>Anduin, naw, ivtv broke
22:49<Chutt>reboot looks to have reset the tuners enough so they all work again
23:00-!-Piffer [] has joined #mythtv
23:00<Piffer>hey, where does mythtv look for cover art files?
23:04<Piffer>thanks kvandivo... over to mythtv-users :-)
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23:28<Decepticon>what remote control and reciever should i get?
23:29<kormoc>Decepticon, try the correct channel first
23:29<Decepticon>i was hoping to get the feedback of mythtv users
23:30<Decepticon>what worked best in their experience
23:30<kormoc>Decepticon, if you read the topic, this is the developers channel, -users is the users channel
23:30<Decepticon>im so sorry
23:30<Decepticon>wont happen gain, sorry
23:31<kormoc>no worries
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