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05:01<rooaus>Chutt: fwiw I like the change, it always looked to me like a bug when there was only one a few repeating entries. Although the wrap around navigation is important, which does work as you said.
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06:25<janneg>Chutt: I dislike it too
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07:55<mnabil>do any one recommend a DVB-S card , which compatible with linux
07:55<laga>mnabil: try #mythtv-users
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09:54<gbee>janneg: seems that the Porting to QT4 guide doesn't cover all changes, there were some QKeyEvent changes which weren't documented in that guide but were mentioned in the documentation for QKeyEvent
09:55<gbee>don't know if you've seen other classes which are missing from the guide?
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10:02<janneg>gbee: I can't remember but I'm sure that the porting to qt4 document is incomplete
10:04<gbee>janneg: I'll create a page in the trac wiki where we can list any changes which aren't in the guide as a reminder/help to others involved in porting
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12:09<gbee>Chutt: do you forsee any problems with MythDialogBox adding itself to the stack by default? Simplifies the creation of popups and reduces duplication
12:12<gbee>same could be said for most screens really, I can't think of many places where we'd create a screen but delay adding it to the stack so I'd suggest having Create() add the screen unless we fail to find required elements in the theme
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12:31<Cardoe>you guys have any plans to support OSS4?
12:31<Cardoe>basically the new ioctl's for VMIX
12:34<gbee>I thought OSS was being ditched in favour of ALSA, but then ALSA sucks so someone decided to bring OSS back .... ?
12:34<Chutt>gbee, i'd prefer it if it wasn't automatic
12:35<gbee>Chutt: np, it's not like I've got nothing better to do ;)
12:50<danielk22>It's not just me, DTV tuning is REALLY slow now right?
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12:52<gbee>possibly slower, but not enough that I can be sure
12:53<gbee>between four and six seconds for channels on the same multiplex and it's not tuning, but all the bits which follow (if you believe the signal monitor)
12:53<danielk22>really, it's taking 15 seconds to get a lock for me, up from 0.20 t 0.40 seconds.
12:54<gbee>locking in one second here
12:54<danielk22>I get the "You should have gotten a lock..." on every channel change..
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12:54<danielk22>Ok, I'll try to take a look at it when I get a chance.
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12:55<gbee>my backend is at [16831] right now, I'll update and see if anything changes
12:58<danielk22>i also have some patches applied, i'll revert those and try again..
12:59<janneg>it's 6-7 seconds here and the on the same multiplex check is broken
12:59<gbee>I was just about to say that
13:00<gbee>I noticed it was no faster changing on the same multiplex and then realised that the 'same multiplex' message was missing
13:00<danielk22>hmm, I reverted my patches, and it is still slow.
13:01<danielk22>but I also notice that it's doing dumb MPEG program stream tuning instead of real ATSC tuning
13:01<danielk22>QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'DBManager0' is still in use, all queries will cease to work.
13:02<danielk22>is that something to worry about, I get that, then a long pause before anything happens in the tuning.
13:02<janneg>danielk22: is quick tuning activated? it does dvb tuning here
13:03<danielk22>it was for live tv..
13:03<janneg>I saw that message only on program exit. but database access is still a little bit wacky with qt4
13:03<danielk22>k, that was it. tuning is quick again..
13:04<danielk22>I wonder why "quick" tuning is so slow...
13:04<janneg>mpeg tuning should be faster
13:04<danielk22>it's WAY slower.. like 100x slower.. it's obviously a bug. :)
13:08<Chutt>danielk22, hdhr tuning is the same speed for me
13:08<Chutt>i just get crappy playback after it starts.
13:08<Chutt>some timestamp issue, i'd expect
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13:38<rsc-232>hey danielk22!
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15:06<gbee>would have been faster to re-write mythcontrols from scratch than it has been to convert it to mythui
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15:47<gbee>do we want to bother with fixes to uitypes and xmlparse?
15:50<Chutt>unless you really really want to
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16:03<gbee>no, just looking at Erik's tickets - wouldn't take long to apply/commit but it's not really worth even that small effort
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17:47<gbee>KeyBindings::GetConflict() isn't working, best I can tell it's nothing I've done so it might be qt4 related, could someone take a look? I want to get on with mythui
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17:55<gbee>some Q3DeepCopy going on
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18:16<neztit2>hi guys
18:17<neztit2>guys any one can tell me where is the channels be on mythtv?
18:18<kormoc>neztit2, you likely want #mythtv-users
18:18<neztit2>i cant find this ch.
18:24<laga>neztit2: type /join #mythtv-users
18:26<neztit2>laga: its ok thank you m8
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18:40<neztit2>what is the problem that i cant scan any transponder??
18:42<laga>neztit2: #mythtv-users
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19:12<Chutt>gbee, one more plugin down? =)
19:13<gbee>yeah :)
19:14<gbee>technically I started mythcontrols before 0.21 but I'd left a bunch of MythPopupBox's in there which were tricky to replace because MythDialogBox isn't modal
19:14<Chutt>well, it _is_ modal
19:14<Chutt>it's not blocking in the code, is all
19:15<gbee>true :)
19:16<gbee>I've still got mythgallery to complete, but that's complicated by all the image transition code, it's not a straight port
19:16<Chutt>i can imagine
19:17<Chutt>the opengl stuff in mythgallery's probably tricky
19:17<gbee>I'll probably tackle mythnews and mythmovies next - shouldn't be too hard and it'll give my brain a rest ;)
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19:18<Chutt>since they're basically identical
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19:58<jsumners>i'm setting my first mythtv box. i have a pcHDTV 5500 tuner card and i get my reception through OTA digital stations. i'm getting choppy video and audio on the myth box but it is just find if i watch the direct feed. any ideas what i can do to fix this?
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20:07<kormoc>jsumners, you could try going to the correct channel to ask your question
20:08<jsumners>oh sorry
20:08<jsumners>i forgot and didn't read the topic
20:08<ICM>jsumners, for that, you get this:
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23:06<sphery>gbee / janneg : The change to the list repeating top/bottom came from a patch that Ron Frazier posted on his site but didn't submit to Trac. When encouraged to put it on Trac, Captain_Murdoch suggested it be modified ( ), then Nigel independently (unaware of the conversation, it seems) committed the patch without change, and with your encouragement, changed it to what ...
23:06<sphery>... Captain_Murdoch had suggested. :)
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23:58<Chutt>fixed my font issues in mepo-wide by setting the default font in qtconfig-qt4 to be the font that comes with the theme
23:58<Chutt>weird that it's not workin, though
23:59<Chutt>works on my desktop, not on my myth box on the tv
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