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03:53<stuarta>gbee: there should be a ticket somewhere that relates to commit 16831
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04:46<gbee>stuarta: I'll have a look for it
04:46<gbee>there was a ticket I opened which Daniel closed when he partially fixed the problem, but he missed the visible/useonairguide cases
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10:52<gbee>danielk22: I've a patch somewhere which converts the underlying video window from a mythdialog to mythui, don't think it will help at all with #5107 but since it might conflict with any changes I can make it available or even commit it (just haven't checked that it works with all video renderers)
10:55<danielk22>gbee: I already have a patch for this.. it's preliminary, but it doesn't cause any problems when disabled.
10:56<gbee>danielk22: cool
10:56<danielk22>I'm planning to commit it as so I can use some of it's vars for fixing #2514, which is why I opened the ticket.. :)
10:57<laga>danielk22: thanks for comitting the glx address thing ;)
10:57<gbee>heh, that's an old bug
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10:58<danielk22>laga: np. what was the other ticket you were looking at? (BTW the glx + some other tickets are on my backport list for today).
10:58<danielk22>gbee: it only effects people with non-square pixel displays..
10:59<gbee>i.e. me and anyone else in the UK with a widescreen tv :) Though I've never really noticed the bug
10:59<laga>danielk22: the hue fix.. #5039
10:59<danielk22>gbee: NTSC/PAL pixels are close enough to square that people don't notice, so this is really for ppl with Plasma TVs and some old SD widescreen TVs.
11:00<laga>danielk22: i've already applied those to the mythtv package in ubuntu, so there's no need to rush them in (for me at least ;))
11:00<gbee>danielk22: yeah, most people in the UK will be using SD widescreen
11:00<gbee>since SD widescreen was the big thing over here for several years before HD
11:00<danielk22>laga: cool I'll try to look at that after #2514.
11:01<Cardoe>So I decided to play with trunk
11:01<Cardoe>just installed trunk as of last night
11:01<Cardoe>ran mythtv-setup for the first time
11:01<Cardoe>"MythTV wants to upgrade your"
11:01<Cardoe>that's all it says
11:02<Cardoe>my choice is "Exit" "Upgrade"
11:02<danielk22>gbee: my uncle in Iceland has one of those, it's not quite full wide-screen, right?
11:02<danielk22>cardoe: heh, I haven't seen that one.. but I had to manually apply the mysql utf8 upgrade so I may have missed it.
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11:04<gbee>full widescreen (16:9), at least that's what I've always believed, never bothered to measure the screen to be sure
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11:05<danielk22>maybe the UK had a different fad then, my uncle's was more like 14:9
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11:09<gbee>guess I'll need to rewrite that patch
11:09<gbee>should have committed it last week like I planned :p
11:09<Cardoe>So I clicked "Upgrade"
11:09<Cardoe>and I get..
11:10<Cardoe>"If your system becomes unstable, datal
11:10<Cardoe>that's it
11:10<Cardoe>I think wrapping is busted..
11:10<gbee>Cardoe: yeah, qt4
11:10<danielk22>I have a gazzillion patches that were written against the pre-Qt4 port.. oi
11:10<gbee>but probably not worth fixing at this point
11:11<Cardoe>gbee: I've got a 4.4 snapshot
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11:18<danielk22>gbee: I think Issac wants to eventually move the OSD stuff to MythUI..
11:20<gbee>he's mentioned it, I was going to leave it until last unless someone else wants to give it a go
11:32<gbee>it would need a progress bar widget, coincidently I was going to work on one tonight because it's need for mythnews
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11:40<gbee>newsengine.cpp:75: error: ?q3InitNetworkProtocols? was not declared in this scope << Any ideas? It's supposed to be a global function
11:41<gbee>guess I'll just put it back where I found it, quicker
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11:57<Anduin>gbee: probably just a missing q3network.h include
11:57<gbee>Anduin: found it in the end, but only by trial and error
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12:11<gbee>#5109 << talked about doing that a year ago
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12:22<okolsi>anyone knows/remembers if MythNews should be able to parse Atom feeds also?
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12:29<gbee>rss only I'd guess from looking at NewsSite::process()
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12:35<okolsi>gbee: yes it seems.. hmm.. I think I'll take a look if I can add basic support for Atom
12:41<gbee>wonder if qt4 offers rss/atom parsing
12:42<gbee>probably too high level
12:43<okolsi>well, I have stayed with 0.21-fixes.. I'll do it there, then it needs to be updated to trunk at some point
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12:49<Nicias>I recently noticed some changed behavior in my myth machine.
12:50<Nicias>This was due to a change made on the maxepisode counting code.
12:50<Nicias>I want the old code back.
12:50<Nicias>As I understand it I have two choices.
12:50<Nicias>patch my copy.
12:50<Nicias>or code up an option for the user to choose which version of the the code to use.
12:51<Nicias>my question is this.
12:52<Nicias>Should I bother coding up the option, that is, would there be a chance it would get incorporated?
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12:58<nubae>hi there...
12:59<nubae>I was wondering if anyone has worked with mythtv and imagenio (spanish set top digital tv box)
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13:03<nubae>been looking on the net but doesnt seem to be too much info on it... imagenio seems a pretty complete service so would be nice
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13:04<UglyBOB>hi, i just unzipped mythtv, but there's no exe to run... lol
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13:52<okolsi>well, I think I have now Atom feeds also working in MythNews :)
14:00<gbee>might need to create a spinbox widget after all :/
14:07<gbee>can at least be subclassed from mythlistbutton though which is close enough to the original plan
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15:48<janneg>gbee, stuarta: does the interactive tv work with mythtv file?
15:49<janneg>I could reproduce the segfault and it seems to do something as I get "dding MHEG key MENUTEXT:104:1" if I press F7
15:49<janneg>but I don't get a picture or drawing related errors
15:50<gbee>pressing F2 (Menu Red) should bring up the menu to the right of the picture
15:51<janneg>no, nothing
15:52<janneg>except "Adding MHEG key MENURED:100:1"
15:52<gbee>I noticed mheg wasn't working on that recording when played back from watch recordings but it worked fine when I watched the original in livetv
15:52<gbee>that used to work, so I'm not sure what has changed
15:54<gbee>just recording another sample
15:56<gbee>ok, this new sample works in watch recordings but not with mythtv
15:57<gbee>as soon as I stop recording it it no longer works >:(
15:57<gbee>looks like someone changed the behaviour
15:58<gbee>I see output with -v mheg but it's not being rendered
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16:14<gbee>can't find an explanation
16:15<gbee>I'm not an expert on the MHEG implmentation, stuarta might know more
16:16<gbee>if necessary I'll look at fixing the qt4 rendering problems when I get the time
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16:43<janneg>gbee: the last Q3 usage in libmythfreemheg is painting related. I won't convert if I can't test it
16:44<janneg>gbee: do you mind if I extingish Q3Support from libmythui?
16:45*janneg wants the kick of having one library qt3support free
16:45<gbee>no, go ahead - just mythlistbutton and some stuff that is shared with libmyth left
16:48<gbee>is the q3valuevector in engine.cpp used? I was grepping for q3 in libmythfreemheg
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16:50<janneg>no, I didn't look for q3 includes in the *.cpps
16:50<janneg>remove it
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16:50<janneg>Q3PointArray is the only Q3 thing left
16:55<janneg>hmm, I grepped only for Q3 but it means q3cstring.h is also unused
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16:59<gbee>looks unused, the q3pointarray stuff appears to be barely used as well
17:01<janneg>gbee: it's used to draw elipses and arcs and harder to convert
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17:05<gbee>my grepping must be missing something, or it's pulling in classes from outside the libmythfreemheg dir - DrawPoly() take a q3pointarray as the second argument, but I can't see where any instance of DrawPoly actually uses the array (it must do, but I can't find it)
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17:18<gbee>ahh, found it, mhi.cpp
17:21<gbee>think it looks worse than it is, I'll work on it
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18:32<qcjn>hi, i've installed, mythtv, with synaptic in Ubuntu. but it s chinese to me ?
18:33<qcjn>it ask me for a host,,mysql or sql server ?
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18:47<gbee>err, whoops - made scroll arrows focusable without considering how that would screw up keyboard nav
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18:50<richards>Question: bug or mis-config: release-0.21-fixes revision 16776: In program guide current record status not correct, e.g. highlight program, type "R" display not updated to indicate new record status.
18:52<gbee>richards: works here, you probably just need to wait for the reschedule to complete before it updates
18:52<janneg>gbee: that would be a good screen to test mythlistbutton?
18:52<gbee>fwiw I've considered adding some indicition that a scheduling decision is pending
18:53<gbee>janneg: mythcontrols, mythflix both make heavy use of mythlistbutton
18:54<gbee>you might want to update first though, just fixed a mistake/bug affecting the behaviour of mythlistbutton
18:56<richards>gbee: it never gets it right on the program guide
18:57<richards>it is scheduled
18:58<gbee>richards: I don't have a problem with it here, it's just slow and without any indication that your button press is being acted upon
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19:00<janneg>I can't remove the qt3support from libmythui yet since it pulls much qt3support with mythcontext.h
19:00<richards>shows as scheduled in "upcoming" just not in "program finder" or "program finder", almost as though the DB query for those two is failing
19:03<gbee>janneg: yeah, aside from the QPtrList in mythlistbutton that's why I'd not completed it
19:04<gbee>[16903] - another MLB bug, would only affect screens where we populate the list before building the focus list (not mythcontrols ... I think)
19:07<gbee>I did get 90% through removing QT3support from MLB, but because I changed my mind between STL and Java iterators it got messy and I decided to start from scratch
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19:24<richards>gbee: located the issue: Timezones, mythtv backend running in UTC, mythtv frontend in BST
19:25<gbee>handling mixed timezones is on the cards, just not a high priority at the moment
19:27<richards>not an issue normally, it is just that all my boxes run in UTC and I correct the time zone on a per user basis, I just forgot to do the mythtv backend user.
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19:29<janneg>gbee: I started with converting to stl-style iterators but reverted to java-style after a while
19:31<janneg>but the whole class it messy, it holds positions and iterators to the top and selected items
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19:34<gbee>janneg: yeah, you'd have to ask Chutt why it was done that way, I just made the minimum number of changes to implement new features or fix bugs
19:38<janneg>GetIterator() is unused, I think I remove the iterators. the qt Java-style iterators aren't save against modifying the list
19:47<gbee>a few functions seem to only exist to make it compatible with what the old UI code did, but they aren't really used or required
19:48<Chutt>it's because it's a mix of code, really
19:48<Chutt>wasn't written from scratch
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20:01<gbee>mythnews uses a bunch of regexps to replace extraneous whitespace, the comment explains that QString::simplifyWhiteSpace() can't be used because it replaces newline characters ..... those newlines are added in the lines immediately prior to the regexps! Did it not occur to the author that they need only change the order around?
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20:07<janneg>nice, 3 files changed, 75 insertions(+), 125 deletions(-)
20:10<gbee>8 files changed, 668 insertions(+), 1460 deletions(-)
20:10<gbee>that's converting mythnews to mythui (and doing some house keeping while I'm there)
20:11-!-melunko_ [n=hmelo@] has joined #mythtv
20:12<gbee>not that it's a competition ;)
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20:37<janneg>gbee: nice. my real diffstat is 3 files changed, 51 insertions(+), 117 deletions(-)
20:38<janneg>I had much debug code left
20:39<janneg>gbee: the four text insert boxes in mythcontrols are overlapping the scroll arrows with GANT
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20:44<Chutt>janneg, qlist is direct access, right?
20:46<Chutt>ie, it's an array, not a list
20:47<Chutt>the stored iterators were there as a speed optimization for large lists (ie, like in mythmusic)
20:47<janneg>it is at least array based but when pointers are stored they should be stored directly
20:48<Chutt>should be fine
20:51<janneg>I suspected that after looking the third time at a cout << "speedy" in a function using iterators
20:58<janneg>we shouldn't use the Java-style iterators since only one can be used and the container can only be changed using the iterator
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