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00:41<xris>heh, cool.. we made some press:
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05:00<gbee>anyone else think the default firefox theme is hideous? I'm trying out F3B5 and my usual theme isn't available yet :(
05:11<hads>Never liked it much myself.
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05:32<purserj>I think this qualifies as development related so I'll ask it in here - quick question, do any of the 'official plugins' use helper scripts?
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05:42<gbee>mythweather, mythvideo both uses perl scripts to grab data - because source websites change format frequently it's easier to have a drop-in replacement script than release a new version of the binary
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05:43<gbee>mytharchive uses python scripts - but don't ask me why because I don't understand the reasoning
05:44<purserj>I'm looking at making some changes to mythnews, and I was looking at building a helper script to do things like check for file age, delete files that are older than a certain date and pull down files for sites that have been marked as automatic
05:45<hads>mythvideo uses Python too.
05:46<purserj>might stick to perl, thats the one I know best
05:46<gbee>not sure I'd see the point of putting that functionality into scripts
05:46<gbee>but that's just me?
05:46<purserj>I know Perl better than I know C++ :) If someone wants to move it to the main mythnews code that would be cool as well
05:47<gbee>I'm just about to commit a large change to mythnews, so that may affect whatever patches you write
05:47<purserj>hrmm, trunk?
05:48<purserj>I'll grab that and then do a diff
05:48<purserj>I'm building against release at the moment until the qt4 stuff is settled in
05:48<purserj>gbee: you the news maintainer?
05:53<purserj>no worries
05:53<gbee>dunno that there is a maintainer for mythnews, possibly Kevin or Paul
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06:00<purserj>hrmm well current diff doesn't show much difference outside of my changes
06:02<hads>He did say "just about to commit"
06:03<purserj>yar I was just checking the current set
06:03<purserj>don't mind me
06:04<gbee>8 files changed, 664 insertions(+), 1461 deletions(-)
06:05<purserj>tah will pull it down and compare
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07:42<gbee>any ideas why QImage::Load() is failing on filenames with spaces in them? e.g. .mythtv/MythNews/scache/KDE News.jpg
07:47<purserj>not sure, I had the same problem with vod/podcasts
07:48<purserj>ended up just replacing the spaces with _
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08:05<gbee>heh, guess people listened to all those instability warnings, I broke mythplugins compilation on Tuesday and no-one noticed
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08:08<janneg>gbee: I built mythplugins with --enable-all yesterday successfully
08:09<gbee>janneg: strange
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08:33<teprrr>gbee, do you use QUrl to pass the url to the load()?
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08:42<gbee>ahh, not the spaces after all - mythnews makes the same stupid mistake as mythgallery, saves all images with a jpg extension even if they aren't actually gifs
08:42<gbee>qt4 doesn't like that, but qt3 permitted it
08:43<gbee>s/aren't gifs/aren't jpg/
08:53<purserj>gbee are you doing any work ont the enclosure download stuff?
08:54<gbee>just porting it to mythui and cleaning up the code a little
08:54<purserj>ah okay
09:00<gbee>don't really use mythnews, it's not that useful without mythbrowser and mythbrowser is worthless on a TV
09:01<gbee>hopefully a webkit based browser can be made TV friendly ...
09:01<purserj>right. I'm trying to turn it into something like an answer to miro on myth
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09:41<gbee>janneg: you didn't remove utf8 switches in the plugins?
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09:51<janneg>gbee: I removed all *utf8() from the database queries
09:52<gbee>janneg: there were some left in mythnewsconfig.cpp, mythflixconfig.cpp and several places in mythmusic
09:53<gbee>the mythnews/mythflix tables probably haven't been switched to utf8 as they don't use a dbcheck.cpp, instead the schema is defined in the constructor of the main screen
09:55<gbee>main config screen
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10:04<janneg>I've grepped for utf8 and converted all files manually, I don't know why I've missed them
10:04<janneg>and I missed the tables since I only looked for dbcheck.cpp
10:05<gbee>janneg: doesn't matter, I've removed the mythnews/mythflix ones but I've not modified the tables yet
10:06<gbee>mythmusic ones were easy to miss because the conversions weren't done in the same place as the queries
10:07<gbee>mythvideo/metadata.cpp has some
10:10<gbee>I'll deal with mythmusic
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10:37<Chutt>gbee, i like all the red in the trac changeset viewer =)
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10:57<gbee>going to spoil it by adding some green, need to create a new screen for the URL editor
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15:22<Anduin>gbee: I thought utf8 in bindValue was safe, not necessary but does it actually cause a problem?
15:24<gbee>don't think it causes any problems, so it's only aesthetic
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15:26<gbee>it would probably cause some confusion with contributors, looking at mythflix/mythnews and the level of copy & paste that was done there you see mistakes multiply
15:27<gbee>but mostly I mentioned it because I thought Janne had replaced all instances
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16:41<DustyBin>UK HD FREEVIEW 2009!!!!!
16:41<DustyBin>:D :D :D
16:42<stuarta>too slow and the wrong channel
16:43*DustyBin bets that juski sod beat him to it
16:44<gbee>:( still the same crappy plan they outlined last year - i.e. reducing the quality of existing channels to squeeze them into existing space
16:46<DustyBin>thanks for spoiling what i thought was good news :(
16:47<stuarta>it is good news, since they were talking about just flogging it off
16:47<stuarta>gbee: the mux rearranging will come from them using probably dvb-t2 & h264
16:47<stuarta>same quality, less b/w
16:48<gbee>they still are selling it, switching to dvb-t2 & h264 on mux A and squeezing the bbc channels onto other muxes
16:50<gbee>so at the very least the quality won't improve on the other muxes but more likely it will decrease - those muxes can't/won't switch to dvb-t2 so there isn't suddenly going to be more space
16:51<stuarta>there was talk of a multi phase approach, with a complete move to dvb-t2 & h264 across all muxes in the 2nd phase
16:51<gbee>they can switch Mux A since it will carry all HD and will require STB upgrades anyway, but everyone will get upset if their STB is worthless after the switchoff
16:52<gbee>stuarta: 10 years from now maybe they'll switch the other muxes, but they'd upset a lot of people were they to do it any sooner
16:53<gbee>anyway, I'll believe it all when I see it ;) I'll have a DVB-S(2) card by then
16:54*stuarta wants one too :)
17:03<gbee>kormoc: 1.5Gb?
17:03<kormoc>gbee, Aye
17:03<kormoc>of course, I run a few compile jobs at once (-j 3)
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17:04<kormoc>but yeah, I always swap when I compile the thing
17:07<gbee>Anduin: do you want to run roo's script to sort out the wide themes for plugins?
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17:09<Anduin>gbee: I will eventually, if you want to do it though you won't see me complaining.
17:10<Anduin>I do have some stuff to commit tonight so if you can wait I'll add it to my list.
17:11<gbee>Anduin: no great hurry, just keep overlooking the -wide themes when I convert to mythui
17:12<Anduin>gbee: I'll add it to my list, shouldn't take too long, won't get to it until later today (probably six or more hours)
17:12<gbee>Anduin: thanks :)
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17:27<purserj>hrmm gutsy can't build 0.22
17:27<stuarta>well it needs a slap
17:28<stuarta>alternatively PEBCAK
17:28<purserj>nah, was just looking throught the qt4 libs, all seem to be 4.2
17:28<purserj>so will have to probably download the source
17:28<stuarta>so? debian has the same libs and it build svn
17:29<stuarta>building it now :)
17:29<purserj>hmm let me check
17:33<gbee>stuarta: you're running 4.2 ok? Janneg might be interested to hear that, we weren't sure whether it would work
17:34<stuarta>running? haven't tried yet.
17:34<stuarta>building yes
17:34<gbee>oh ok ;)
17:34<stuarta>i've been setting it up so my dev machine is both a production 0.21 slave backend and a standalone svn dev box :)
17:35<stuarta>progress is good :)
17:38<gbee>The date for my cable speed bump to 10Mbps is still TBC according to the website :(
17:41*purserj joins the living on the edge and builds against 4.2
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20:03<purserj>stuarta: around?
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20:29<janneg>gbee: I was supposed to tell nobody that it builds against qt4.2 after changing the qt version check in mythcontext.h
20:31<purserj>yay core dump against 4.2
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23:19<DustyBin>what advantages will there be with qt4 ?
23:21<purserj>it's current and is likely to be supported for quite a while longer than qt3?
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