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04:25<Anduin>gbee: didn't finish it tonight, should be in early tomorrow (GMT-8)
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06:18<DustyBin>im going to disable usb auto-suspend on my kernel on debian, to do this im going to do a
06:18<DustyBin>dpkg-reconfigure linux-image-
06:18<DustyBin>once ive disabled usb autosuspend, does the compile still need re-compiling?
06:19<laga>DustyBin: topic? :)
06:20<DustyBin>im doing to to make my nova-t 500 card happy!
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06:20<laga>DustyBin: yeah, but /topic? ;)
06:20<rooaus>lol, I think laga was referring you to the channel topic :)
06:31<DustyBin>Frosty uses a special /proc command what can tell if usb suspend is enabled or disabled, i havent a clue what he used now
06:33<janneg>DustyBin: that's nothing related to the development of mythtv except you want mythbackend to disable usb autosuspend
06:33<janneg>but that's probably a bad idea
06:33<DustyBin>shit im in wrong channel i thought this was mythtv-users
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06:34<laga>i should have looked at his host name earlier..
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07:16<purserj>gbee: you about?
07:18<gbee>yes and no, I'm pretty busy right now and I've got a pounding headache
07:19<purserj>no worries, just thought I would let you know mythnews seems to be broked, not sure if it was related to your last lot of changes or not
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07:20<gbee>broken how? Works here, at least the bits I haven't already declared to be broken
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07:20<purserj>can't actually select any news articles
07:21<purserj>pretty much everything else works, but when I try and select (using keyboard - Enter key) nothing happens
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07:29<gbee>purserj: ahh, yeah, know about that
07:29<gbee>figured no-one would notice since mythbrowser doesn't exist in trunk
07:29<gbee>but it's not hard to fix
07:30<purserj>gbee: okay
07:30<gbee>it will be fixed tonight, along with site adding/editing
07:30<purserj>ah yeah noticed that, thanks. I'll hold off porting this patch until tomorrow
07:30<purserj>thanks for that
07:31<purserj>I get the feeling that mythnews is a bit dead/under used at the moment
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11:14<Chutt>do we really need separate bugs for each and every coverity found defect?
11:14<Chutt>the volume is getting rather annoying.
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11:20<Drewgrange>I'm having problems with an ivtv card. It works when I do cat and watch the file in mplayer, but I get the following error message when I try to tune to it in mythtv (I've confirmed that it is pointing to the correct device): RingBuf(/storage/movies/mythtv/3007_20080404111507.mpg): Invalid file (fd -1) when opening '/storage/movies/mythtv/3007_20080404111507.mpg'.
11:20<GreyFoxx>Drewgrange: Try #mythtv-users
11:20<Drewgrange>oh ok, thanks
11:20<GreyFoxx>Chutt: it does seem a little excessive :)
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11:48<gbee>downloading and applying dozens of little patches takes forever
11:49<gbee>btw, that's my #1 feature request for trac, the option to automatically apply and commit a patch from trac without the hassle of downloading it :)
11:50<GreyFoxx>That would be quite nifty
11:51<GreyFoxx>assuming no edits need to be done :)
11:52<Cardoe>scratching my head here...
11:53<Chutt>Cardoe, heh
11:53<Chutt>yeah, um, no applying patches without testing
11:53<Chutt>even if they're obvious
11:54<Cardoe>that just cries for disaster waiting to happen
11:56<Cardoe>on a complete side note...
11:56<Cardoe>The thing that's making me wonder.. why am I getting XvMC VLD and XvMC pro support enabled..
11:56<Cardoe>and XvMC OpenGL support disabled..
11:57<Cardoe>it should be the other way around according to the configure script
12:02<janneg>Cardoe: you need to override the xvmc library to XvMCNVIDIA
12:03<Cardoe>the configure checks are just charlie foxtrotted from here to tomorrow.
12:03<janneg>for xvmc-opengl. vld and -vld-pro are enabled automatically
12:03<Cardoe>enabled xvmc_opengl && disable xvmc_vld xvmc_pro
12:03<Cardoe>not according to the configure script...
12:04<Cardoe>has_library libviaXvMC || has_library libchromeXvMC || disable xvmc_vld
12:04<Cardoe>I don't have any of those libraries so they should be disabled.
12:04<Cardoe>However someone forgot ( )
12:05<Cardoe>I hate bash..
12:06<Cardoe>janneg: I'm up to date to 16946..
12:06<Cardoe>line 2736 & 2737 of configure
12:08<janneg>Cardoe: you're missing the enabled xvmcw && enable xvmc_pro enable xvmc_vld in line 2766
12:09<Cardoe>janneg: that line is also bad..
12:09<Cardoe>since it's calling two functions without a separator
12:10<Cardoe>enabled xvmcw && enable xvmc_pro xvmc_vld
12:10<Cardoe>would be proper
12:10<Cardoe>following the form of line 2768
12:11<Cardoe>enabled xvmcw && (enable xvmc_pro; enable xvmc_vld)
12:12<Cardoe>however.. based on the line below it..
12:12<Cardoe>it'd be more efficient to just do
12:12<Cardoe>enabled xvmcw && enabled xvmc_pro
12:12<janneg>Cardoe: yes, the enable should be removed
12:13<janneg>and where do yo see missing ()?
12:13<Cardoe>ignore that
12:13<janneg>the xvmc checks are a mess
12:16<Cardoe>they're going to be more fun if you guys add support for the new Intel driver features
12:22<janneg>Cardoe: would you prefer a hard failure if liXvMCNVIDIA is not set while xvmc-opengl is enabled or is a warning and disabling it enough?
12:22<janneg>I tend to the second solution since xvmc-opengl is afaik not stable
12:22<Cardoe>just annoying Gentoo users that insist on using it
12:22<Cardoe>it doesn't matter to me
12:23<Cardoe>2nd solution would be good
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13:18<gbee>cesman: lucky b*****d ;)
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13:19<gbee>good April fools though, probably the best I've seen actually
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16:28<Anduin>rooaus: I always feel like an idiot typing Roo, do you prefer Cameron when mentioned?
16:39<gbee>Anduin: thanks
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16:59<Anduin>gbee: Yup, only 20 hours late :)
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17:17<gbee>any preference between slots and events for triggering a reload of data in one window after a change of metadata in another? I like the simplicity of having mythscreentype emit an 'exiting' signal which can be connected to a slot in the window which spawned it for simple tasks
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17:36<purserj>nings all
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18:07<zippytech>any idea why the mythbackend pounds my hard drive
18:07<zippytech>non stop
18:08<kormoc>zippytech, might want to try the right channel
18:11<kormoc>zippytech, you might want to try the -users channel, as you're a user
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18:11<kormoc>zippytech, it's mentioned in the channel topic as well as the notice kvandivo sends you when you joined the channel
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18:22<rooaus>Anduin: Whatever you are comfortable with, Cameron is fine if you prefer. Roo is my nickname used by nearly everyone I know, from grandparents, parents and friends; even my teachers at school used to call me Roo.
18:22<Anduin>and every image is in then wrong place.. gr
18:23<Anduin>rooaus: I'll use whatever you like, Cameron actually took googling, usually I just use the name associated with the e-mail address as found in the mail archives.
18:27<rooaus>Anduin: Roo is ok. "and every image is in then wrong place" is that a result of the script?
18:29<Anduin>rooaus: Yeah, I don't know how I missed it, diffed the resulting tree a few times, they are in default/*.png not default/images/*.png, fixing it now.
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18:36<rooaus>anduin: Ah, that was deliberate... that way if they have the same relative path as default-wide and/or default, this allows them to fall back to the defautls if the image is missing from the default images without mixing paths in the xml (which can lead to confusion).
18:37<rooaus>^^^ IIRC
18:37<Anduin>rooaus: This is a .pro difference, basically the generated makefiles are not installing images.
18:39<rooaus>ok, I misunderstood
18:41<cesman>gbee: thanks!
18:41<cesman>gbee: I got several people with it...
18:43<gbee>it was well written and unlike most ones I saw this year, it didn't give itself away by being too bizarre
18:44<cesman>thanks again
18:44<cesman>I got a few last years as well
18:44<cesman>I don't think next year will be as easy ;)
18:45<cesman>well, I gotta head out...
18:45<cesman>I need to see about getting a quieter fan for my SBE
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18:50<rooaus>cesman: Just read the "news" article you mentioned, that is excellent. :D
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19:12<Frosty-->hey :)
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20:20<gbee>Anduin: the theme Makefiles need adding to svn:ignore
20:20<gbee>and the themenop files, whatever they area
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