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05:44<johnp__>stuarta, you around ?
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06:09<justinh>morning. I got to the bottom of the timestretch problem I've seen - it's deinterlacer related. AFAIK during timestretch playback, fields are blended but right now the deinterlacer I'm using is still deinterlacing (thus slowing the apparent framerate). Going to have a look & see if I can do anything about it. Don't hold your breath ;)
06:09<justinh>basically, setting the video scan type to progressive during timestretch playback makes the video look normal again (as normal as it ever looked in timestretch mode)
06:24<justinh>derrr. there I was about to go diving in the code.. I'd set the fallback deinterlacer to the same as the primary by mistake. Setting the fallback to onefield fixes the 'problem'. I'll go & stand in the corner facing the wall now
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06:37<laga>justinh: it'd be very very good if you could document this somewhere
06:37<laga>justinh: what's your primary deinterlacer?
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06:41<gbee>we should prevent that happening somehow at the time the settings are chosen
06:43<laga>yeah.. i wonder if justinh is using greedy or yadif, those are always deinterlacing AFAIK
06:43<laga>err, they detect if interlacing needs to done and don't care about the override
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07:38<justinh>using greedy I think. lemme check
07:38<justinh>ah no ... yadifdoubleprocessdeint
07:40<justinh>I think any of the deinterlacers which don't take more than two fields would be fine - though testing would have to confirm that
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07:44<justinh>the reason I thought it wasn't a deinterlacer problem though was the fact that playback in timestretch mode via playback groups was always absolutely fine until the video was paused or the speed was changed
07:59<justinh>wiki'd in the playback profiles page.
08:00<justinh>it'd be nice to see a description of how the various deinterlacers work - might have a dig about & see what I can find
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09:10<gbee>justinh: there is a description in the wiki I think
09:11<gbee>the help text is supposed to describe them, but it's not complete
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09:18<justinh>gbee: already searched for yadif, greedy, deinterlace, deinterlacer ... can't seem to find owt
09:19<justinh>if I can find a description somewhere I'll put it in myself
09:20<laga>i think they come from mplayer, so they might have a description
09:20<gbee> << Err, yeah, it's useless
09:21<janneg>yadif comes from mplayer, greedy from xine
09:28<justinh>I'll write something up in a bit
09:28<justinh>thanks :)
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09:44*GreyFoxx holds his breath and jumps into the QT4 pool and hopes not to drown :)
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10:06*gbee throws GreyFoxx a life raft
10:09<GreyFoxx>well, no complaints about the db upgrade, so that's good :)
10:11<gbee>stable enough for me, the lack of transcoding is a minor pain but all the important stuff works so I can live with the performance issues and minor bugs
10:18<GreyFoxx>doh! 2008-04-06 11:18:37.881 Unknown socket closing
10:18<GreyFoxx>2008-04-06 11:18:37.890 MythSocket(86b2538:-1): readStringList: Error, socket went unconnected
10:19<GreyFoxx>when my slave connects to the master
10:20<gbee>greg - QTDIR isn't used with qt4, if both qt3 and 4 are installed then QTDIR is more likely to point to the qt3 install
10:20<GreyFoxx>It appears that my starting the slave and killing it shortly after it connected to the backend, and then starting the slave agfain caused something to get "stuck" in the master
10:21<GreyFoxx>gbee: Ok I just made configure match the one in myththemes since it found the right qmake without me touching anything
10:22<gbee>think we need to copy over the qmake tests from the main configure
10:28<janneg>why do we use qmake for the themes? a handwritten Makefile should be enough
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10:31<GreyFoxx>Anyone see these messages before ?
10:33<gbee>good point
10:33<gbee>GreyFoxx: yeah, whenever I exit the frontend following the QT4 port
10:34<GreyFoxx>ok. In my case it was on the backend right after a preview was generated, so I guess that makes sense since it would have been the spawned instance of mythbackend exiting
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14:54<janneg>Anduin: you were a couple of seconds faster in fixing #5167
14:55<Anduin>janneg: I didn't check it, saved time.
14:56<janneg>I just did a svn up before commiting, after writing the commit message my copy was out of date
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15:41<gbee>xris, or anyone familiar with perl want to take this ticket from me?
15:42<xris>weird. they work fine for me
15:42<xris>but it's easy enough to just add . back into the path
15:43<gbee>works for me as well, but it's been too long since I worked with perl, plus I don't really have the time
15:43<xris>just add this to somewhere near the top (of each?): use lib '.';
15:44<gbee>thought I'd already done that .... hmm
15:45<gbee>ahh, did the following for the bbc scripts - use lib dirname($0);
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15:47<xris>that's even better
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16:36<Dibblah>Any chance that someone could make trunk authenticated downloads only? ;)
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16:49<gbee>if people could just read the list I'd be happy
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16:58<GreyFoxx>So far I've only enountered 1 problem since switching to trunk (slave reconnecting to the master makes the master not working on the master end)
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16:59<GreyFoxx>hopefully it continues this way :)
16:59<gbee>janneg: we should have announced that trunk was going to be unstable and that only people able to contribute patches should upgrade
16:59<GreyFoxx>trunk from this morning that is
16:59<gbee>and just to be safe, we should make several announcements
16:59<gbee>oh wait ... I think I remember doing that
17:01<gbee>can't wait for the tickets complaining that mythui converted screens don't look/behave exactly like they did in 0.21!
17:02<GreyFoxx>heh actually I just had a weird UI thing
17:03<GreyFoxx>note the black bar in the middle
17:03<GreyFoxx>leaving watch recordings and going back in shows it again
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17:06<janneg>GreyFoxx: master and slave are working here. but there are some socket related oddities
17:07<GreyFoxx>If my slave disconnections (from me stopping it) and then reconnects shortly later the master keeps spitting out errors about unknwon socket and the slave never actually connections
17:07<GreyFoxx>but too be honest I never left it in that state for more than a minute before manually stopping and restarting the master
17:08<GreyFoxx>err make that disconnects and connects hehe no ion :)
17:09<gbee>GreyFoxx: which painter?
17:10<gbee>err, nevermind, watch recordings screen doesn't use either of them
17:11<gbee>I've not seen that problem might be theme specific - looks like mythcenter(-wide)?
17:12<GreyFoxx>First time I've seen it, it appeared after using a jumppoint to Watch Recordings. mythcenter-wide is the theme
17:13<gbee>if I can reproduce I'll look at it, but I won't waste much time on it because chances are that it won't be a problem once playbackbox is switch to mythui
17:14<GreyFoxx>hmmm is the highlight over options in the setup screens theme dependant in anyway ?
17:15<gbee>sort of, the colour is decided by the qtlook.txt file in the theme root
17:15<jams>GreyFoxx- qtlook.txt
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17:15<GreyFoxx>k cause now I can barely make out the highlight at all
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17:54<janneg>gbee: transcoding should be fixed
17:55<gbee>janneg: saw the commit, I'm building already :)
17:58<janneg>I looked the other night at the totally wrong file
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20:42<hadees>If i'm going to write a helper script for mythtv well specifically the new mythrecipe what lang should i write it in? I am basically just converting a script i wrote in ruby that grabs recipes off the net. I know ruby is probably out there for mythtv but what about python? I say python because it is the only other lang that has the scraping lib i used. If i rewrote it in perl i would have to redo more of it.
20:50<hads>hadees: I wouldn't have thought it would matter. There's a lot of scripts in Perl in myth and there's some in Python. If you want to use Ruby for your script then go for it. It just may not work for people who don't have Ruby.
20:51<hadees>hads, well i was trying to be nice and not make more dependencies but there are python scripts? then i guess i got my answer, python it is.
20:52<hads>hadees: I understand, it's more of an optional dependancy than a requirement though, if you don't have the language it won't work :)
20:53<hads>hadees: There are Python scripts for mythvideo at least. There's also the Python bindings since 0.21 which will probly interest you if you want to interact with the mythdb at all.
20:55<hadees>hads, cool
20:55<hadees>yeah i plan on putting the recipes in the mythrecipe table or however the dev who is doing it will make it
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23:36<wylie>ASSERT failure in QCoreApplication::sendEvent: "Cannot send events to objects owned by a different thread. Current thread 8413ee8. Receiver '' (of type 'QObject') was created in thread 818fd80", file kernel/qcoreapplication.cpp, line 269
23:37<wylie>I'm seeing lots of these kinds of errors that are crashing the backend as often as every 30 seconds with the latest SVN tree. Any thoughts?
23:40<kormoc>wylie, sure, gdb would likely be the tool you can use to figure out what's going wrong and then you can fix it and submit a patch or two
23:40<clever>kormoc: im also getting alot of assert crashes on my frontend
23:40<clever>and when i do report a backtrace in irc the channel goes silent
23:40<clever>ive opened a few tickets for them
23:41<clever>but the mythtrancode fault is still puzeling me
23:41<clever>cracked inside liblame
23:41<kormoc>clever, the announcement that went out was, "Trunk is going to be very unstable for the next while. Please only run it if you're going to submit patches". Do those tickets have patches?
23:41<clever>ive got no idea why its happening
23:41<clever>so no i havent patched any of it recently
23:42<kormoc>seems like that's the answer on why you're getting ignored then, isn't it?
23:42<clever>i didnt see that msg:P
23:42<clever>that sounds like something to work on in a branch
23:42<clever>ive mainly been focusing on why mythtranscode segfaults since they are the bigest problem for me
23:45<clever>but my liblame lacks debug symbols
23:52<wylie>I guess I shouldn't have braved moving to a qt4 update while taking on a new job. I don't have time to debug right now. :-/ Anyone know what the last good svn was before qt4? I don't remember... I have managed to stay with the latest svn trunk without too much trouble for five years.
23:53<kormoc>16613 is the one I'm holding out on personally
23:55<wylie>ty for the tip. ;)
23:57<wylie>pulling out 16613 now. ty. hat tip
23:59<wylie>... and note to self -- it is time to separate my dev and prods.... will please the wife too.
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