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00:06<wylie>what schema version does 16613 use? [i'll know soon enough]
00:08<Chutt>you'll need a backup from before.
00:08<Chutt>dump the database and recreate from backup, etc
00:11<wylie>yep, this was my assumption. hoping it is 1208 or 1213 or i'll be doing some digging
00:14<wylie>ok, good. 16613 = schema 1214
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00:24<wylie>whew -- alive and kicking again. ty again
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07:26<laga>gbee: re your latest mail to -dev: IANAL, but some googling leads me to believe that renting a DVD in germany and then creating a copy for your own use is not illegal. unless you need to circumvent any copy protection :)
07:27<laga>gbee: of course, i get your point so i won't argue publicly
07:28<gbee>laga: well I stand corrected, Germany seems to be a little different from the rest of the world :)
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07:30<gbee>over here and in most countries copying something which you don't own copyright on is illegal - it violates copyright law
07:31<laga>here you have the right to create copies for private use and actually give them to close friends, AFAIK
07:31<gbee>unless you have the permission from the copyright holder of course
07:32<laga>gbee: like that's ever going to happen for movies :)
07:32<gbee>there are fair use clauses in UK copyright law IIRC, which allow you to make limited copies for personal or eductional use, to quote from copyrighted works etc
07:34<gbee>you can't copyright fact, but you can copyright the presentation of those facts - so the name, start time and cinema are not copyrightable, but the description of the film, the rating and the layout of the page are copyrighted
07:36<laga>we actually pay for that - for every DVD-R you buy, the GEMA gets some money :)
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07:38<gbee>which is both good and bad, DVD-Rs aren't just used to copy movies but store personal data, so it's not a targetted tax
07:39<gbee>cold here :/
07:39<laga>yup. (to both ;)
07:41<gbee>5/6cm of snow here yesterday, which isn't normal for this time of year
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07:42<laga>we didn't get as much snow, but it's still annoying
07:53<Chutt>gbee, janneg, #5172: dispatchNow -> dispatch in the autoexpire.cpp?
08:03<gbee>I can look at it tonight if janneg doesn't get there before me
08:04<gbee>I shouldn't have replied to the ticket, I was just grumpy this morning
08:05<Chutt>and given that error, we need to look at other dispatchNow's
08:05<Chutt>and sendEvent calls
08:24<gbee>sendEvent can be replaced with postEvent?
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08:27<gbee>that's a yes ... (last couple of paragraphs of that section)
08:29<gbee>and now I see what you mean about replacing MythObservable::dispatchNow with MythObservable::dispatch in autoexpire.cpp
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08:36<gbee>guess we need to get rid of DispatchNow or somehow ensure it only sends events to listeners in the same thread - not sure how to do that
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09:41<janneg>gbee, Chutt the only problem is that we don't use QThread for all threads
09:45<janneg>clever: the transcode segfault should be fixed
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10:28<clever>janneg: i'll update asap then:)
10:54<gbee>Chutt: 4:3 theme with widescreen, but this is the busy dialog animation in motion along the lines you suggested -
10:55<gbee>need to work on the graphic I think, but demonstrates the idea
10:58<clever>janneg: yep it appears to be fixed!
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11:17<jams>gbee- will it autosize to fit the text?
11:20<gbee>jams: no, but it's entirely theme defined - I've just put an animated image behind a textarea to create a basic example
11:21<gbee>text is optional, I just find that it helps if you add some context for the 'radar' busy animation
11:21<jams>sure sure
11:22<jams>i just know i have seen some fairly long text with some of the current busy boxes
11:25<jams>will support displaying the percent complete as text ?
11:36<gbee>jams: the progress dialog will, which is similar but different to the busy dialog
11:37<jams>gbee- yeah i assumed you were going to kill two birds with one stone
11:37<gbee>well the progress dialog already does, but it's currently unfinished because I've yet to write the progress bar widget to go with it
11:38<gbee>jams: in a way I have, I've written both, they appear in the same file but I've kept them as seperate screens for now - could merge them but there seems little point, they don't have much in common
11:38<jams>it's good work
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16:33<[diablo]>evening #mythtv
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16:34<[diablo]>guys, It's been about 6 months since I last tried myth... I had issues with the fact I have 3 x LNB's, and found problems switching lnb... just wondered if the code had matured any.. I remember some developers here said that the code to handle lnb switches was a little iffy
16:34<kormoc>[diablo], you might want to try the -users channel
16:34<[diablo]>hi kormoc
16:35<[diablo]>well, as I say, I'm asking with regard to the lnb code
16:35<kormoc>sure, of you could talk to the folks using it and see what they've experienced lately as well.
16:36<[diablo]>kormoc, ok
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17:25<gbee>[diablo]: no open tickets that I'm aware of on the issue of switching
17:32<[diablo]>thank you gbee
17:32<[diablo]>I had a nightmare last time I tried myth to be honest
17:32<gbee>doesn't mean there isn't a problem, just that it hasn't been officially reported to us
17:32<[diablo]>just was a no go with switching
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