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05:25<DaveMorris>Is there enough information on this bug ticket to move it upstream to mythtv. I'm actually the one with the problem so I can get more info for you
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05:27<laga>DaveMorris: just do it :)
05:29*DaveMorris is getting an earful from the other 1/2 at home as well :(
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09:54<user1> iam using tv card Philips Semiconductors SAA7130 Video Broadcast De coder (rev 01) . i cant make it work. any help?
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10:25<laga>user1: /topic
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11:05<hti_pro>i really hate to ask this here, as I know this isnt user support, but mythtv-users is dead. When I scan for channels I come up with T1-T14 with no signal, any idea what these are? btw feel free to tell me to get lost
11:06<laga>hti_pro: not exactly telling you to get lost, but it's such questions aren't answered very often in here. you have better chances on the mythtv-users mailing list :)
11:06<hti_pro>i understand
11:06<hti_pro>apreciate it
11:07<laga>there are more people there as well
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12:30<GreyFoxx>a sg is better
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16:55<zubwolf>hi there, is iptv as in udp/multicast stream yet implemented in mythtv? i'm using the newest release of mythbuntu - sorry for asking here, but an hour of google-search doesn't help
16:56*stuarta points to the topic
16:58<zubwolf>stuarta, yes, #mythtv-user doesn't know the answer, but i will not ask again here.
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17:25<danielk22>zubwolf: yes it's implemented. If no one in #mythtv-user can help search the users mailing list. Howto has been answered there.
17:26<stuarta>evening danielk22 :)
17:27<danielk22>hi stuarta :)
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17:53<gbee>typo in video renderer help text - "This video renderer uses OpenGL for scaling and color conversion and can offer limited picture contols. "
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18:01<stuarta>hmm, managed to get the backend to crash when trying to watch livetv
18:01<stuarta>it started on 1 channel, trying to change to another channel which i believe is on another mux it died
18:03<janneg>stuarta: trunk?
18:03<stuarta>it started on a channel on the currently recording mux
18:09<gbee>heh, someone let a patch slip into trunk with English spelling
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20:27<MrGandalf>janneg, stuarta: quick question, when calculating crc on section data - say SDT, is it calculated on the whole section minus the crc (last 4 bytes) or on something less?
20:28<stuarta>you'd have to check the spec
20:28<stuarta>it's probably the crc of the payload
20:30<MrGandalf>I see if I can find the spec.. I tried several different scenarios and none were correct.
20:30<MrGandalf>I'll do some more research.. thanks
20:30<stuarta>erm, you need to look for the relevant etsi draft.
20:31<MrGandalf>dvbsnoop may not even be giving me the entire section anyway
20:32<stuarta>you'll be able to tell
20:32<stuarta>the headers will tell you if there's another section to come
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20:36<danielk22>mrg on the entire section minus CRC.
20:36<danielk22>But if you include the CRC you should get 0 as the result.
20:36<MrGandalf>does the section start with the table_id or does it have headers?
20:36<danielk22>so that's another way to verify
20:37<danielk22>it starts after the TS packet stuff, not exactly sure where.
20:37*MrGandalf needs to read the spec
20:37<danielk22>mrg: just look at the code :)
20:37<MrGandalf>I could do that too :)
20:38<MrGandalf>thanks :)
20:38<danielk22>but the TS packets are wrappers and not included in the CRC.
20:38<danielk22>and not all tables have CRC's mandated.
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20:38<MrGandalf>like stuffing
20:38<stuarta>heh, that would be silly given they are only 0xff
20:39<danielk22>heh, well i meant not all valid PSIP tables have CRC
20:39<danielk22>PS Some broadcasters don't use the mandated 0xff stuffing...
20:40<MrGandalf>well, I'm using dvbsnoop.. I suppose I could always use the -crc option, but that wouldn't be any fun
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