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01:49<anxt>the company for 1u servers that isaac works at? i said i would buy next servers from them
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03:19*Captain_Murdoch didn't know that nvidia made 1U servers. xris used to work for and kormoc still does.
03:20<Captain_Murdoch>Silicon Mechanics are the guys who donated the server that runs on.
03:20*Captain_Murdoch goes back to bed
03:38<anxt>that is where i am ordering two from
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04:34<gbee>seeing a weird bug, probably driver related - recordings made from a certain mux have 'blocky' frames/sound for the first couple of minutes - as though it were a signal issue, after which it clears up and they are fine for the rest of the recording
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05:40<xris>anxt: if you order servers from simech, make sure you found out about them through mythtv (assuming you did). Always good to remind them that helping the FOSS community can pay off.
05:41<anxt>that is the plan
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05:56<xris>anxt: sales guys aren't comissioned, but feel free to ask for travis.. he's a good friend, and knows his stuff.
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07:55<neztiti>اه لعغس - اخص ه ؤشى لقثشف ةغ بشرخقهفث ؤاشىىثمس؟
07:56<neztiti>hi guys - how i can great my favorite channels list?
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09:44<MrGandalv>have the new ui and qt changes been rolled into trunk yet?
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10:04<stuarta>MrGandalf: quite a while ago
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10:09<gbee>well as far as the new UI, half a dozen plugins is as far as I've got
10:09<gbee>non-blocking dialogs are giving me a headache in mythweather
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10:54<MrGandalf>stuarta: relatively stable?
10:57<stuarta>more or less
10:59<stuarta>seems to work anyway
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12:07<gbee>MrGandalf: several bugs, but it's usable - definately wouldn't recommend it for a production system unless your wanting to develop on trunk and you don't have a dedicated dev box
12:07<MrGandalf>gbee: I see, thanks :)
12:08<MrGandalf>myth uses a period for the channel separator in ATSC channels, correct?
12:08<stuarta>think it's configurable
12:08<stuarta>but i've seen _
12:09<MrGandalf>configurable? I'll looks around, thanks
12:09<gbee>day to day stuff, like recording and playback work - most plugins work at their most basic level (e.g. you might run into bugs in mythmusic searches etc but plain playback works fine)
12:10<MrGandalf>I'm surprised it's that close to being done.
12:10<MrGandalf>that's a lot of workl
12:12<gbee>well QT4 port has gone pretty smoothly (still using QT3Support in a lot of place though), mythui is progressing slowly
12:21<gbee>customevents have decided to stop working for no good reason in mythweather :(
12:25<gbee>fooey, s/CustomEvent()/customEvent()/
12:31<Dibblah>Anyone know if debian-multimedia backported a schema change?
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12:51<gbee>that's not a recent or even post-0.20 schema change
12:52<gbee>err, may it was post-0.20 after all
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16:42<xris>Anduin: mind if I commit some cover-art fixes to
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16:46<xris>Anduin: anyway, I just committed a couple of fixes that make it better detect some blank cover posters.
16:54*xris ponders rolling this fix into -fixes.. it works a lot better
16:59<Anduin>xris: Yeah, I wouldn't have had any (other than whitespace changes), I'll merge your changes over to the new place that code lives (and check that the cinemablend version I have still works)
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17:01<laga>Anduin: btw, that workaround for the ubuntu/debian pyxml path changes doesn't work here. i'm investigating.
17:01<xris>Anduin: new place the code lives?
17:02<Anduin>laga: Probably my fault for giving up on resurrecting my Ubuntu test vm and only doing a fake test.
17:02<laga>Anduin: no worries
17:03<Anduin>xris: Yeah, I merged some of the common code in the perl scripts back when it looked like we would need to use a different user agent, 0.21 release and other things have kept it from seeing a commit.
17:04<xris>was wondering about why we still had .pl and .py versions of the script
17:07<Anduin>The only duplication is with the imdbpy stuff, and that comes from wanting to switch but not wanting to force the imdb python module on everyone. Still hoping to find a good imdb alternative and just bump it all out as well.
17:08<xris>ah. yeah, would be nice to not have to "circumvent" the imdb TOS...
17:10<laga>Anduin: this is.. interesting. <- the first instance works perfectly. fire up a second interpreter, make it throw a NameError and the same code stops working?!
17:10<xris>anyway, I'm just happy that I can grab cover art for everything again. :)
17:10<xris>and that it was an easy fix
17:11<Anduin>I have no idea how Freevo received permission from them, they seemed very unwilling to admit giving permission to others.
17:15<kormoc>maybe money was involved
17:16<xris>from freevo? doubtful
17:16<xris>freevo is TINY compared to mythtv
17:16<xris>Anduin: and the freevo folks haven't been forthcoming about how they did?
17:16<Anduin>seems unlikely, not the price they advertise at least
17:18<Anduin>xris: I've only tried contacting them once, I may try on irc next.
17:20<xris>certainly sounds like the thing that FOSS projects should work together about.
17:32<Anduin>laga: strange, I can't reproduce that
17:34<laga>Anduin: using python 2.5.2?
17:34<Anduin>No, 2.5.1
17:35<laga>the backend has 2.5.1 i'll try it there
17:37<laga>that probably doesn't make sense because i dont have to set sys.path there
17:38<Anduin>Yeah, to test I removed the installed _xmlplus and moved it to a non-searched directory
17:40<laga>i'll try tomorrow, SWMBO is here now :)
17:41<Anduin>Yeah, I'll be less lazy about my Ubuntu vm
17:41<laga>you'd need hardy anyways
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22:24<Allen_Petersen>Greetings all.
22:25<Allen_Petersen>I've been working on a modification to MythVideo to do full backup of DVDs (not transcoding them) using vobcopy.
22:28<Allen_Petersen>I'm surprised how complicated the plugin code actually is. I spent an hour just tyring to figure out how things mapped from the XML actions to the code. Finally I was able to add a config option :)
22:28<kormoc>Allen_Petersen, you do realize that myth will play iso's (dd if=/dev/dvd of=dvd.iso) right?
22:30<Anduin>and that the code inside vob copy is nearly identical to that in mtd
22:30<Allen_Petersen>I have not tried playing an ISO before.
22:30<Allen_Petersen>I wanted an easy way for my wife to backup and play the DVD images though.. she isn't going to go out and run dd :)
22:31<kormoc>well, it's more if you want to submit it as a patch, one less dependancy is one less dependancy :)
22:31<Allen_Petersen>I currently have a partition with a lot of DVDs I have 'vobcopied'
22:33<Allen_Petersen>Well that is good news.. maybe I should go the route of adding a 'backup dvd' that grabs an iso and sticks it in the videos directory.
22:33<Anduin>or look at what is already there, but that only saves time.
22:36<Allen_Petersen>I was thinking of managing the list of 'DVD backups' separate from the videos but if I were to create a directory per DVD (with my original vobcopy plan) it doesn't look like I would be able to reuse much of the current video browser/gallery code.
22:39<Allen_Petersen>I'll keep it simple for now and just add the ability to create a full iso image and attach the movie metadata so I don't have to touch the video browser and gallery code.
22:42<kormoc>Allen_Petersen, I think Anduin's point was it already exists in mtd
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22:55<Allen_Petersen>I haven't seen a way in the current UI to create a full image including menus and all chapters... this is what I want to add or get working.
22:56<Allen_Petersen>if the mtd code already can create a full copy then it should be a simple matter of wiring it up to the UI
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22:57<Anduin>iso copy was added, and I'm not actually looking, but year(s) ago.
22:58<Anduin>it is a dumb copy, so as good as dd, not as good as the dd that continues on failures though.
22:59<Allen_Petersen>I see 'iso quality' per title but not a full DVD iso..
23:00<Allen_Petersen>I'll keep looking
23:01<Anduin>Allen_Petersen: You are overlooking the fact that the DVD screen UI sucks.
23:01<Allen_Petersen>I just tested adding a DVD iso (made with dd) to the list of videos and collecting the movie metadata this is good.. just what I want.. all the menus work.
23:01<Anduin>all of this should be over in #mythtv-users
23:09<Allen_Petersen>If you think the functionality is already there then I guess you are right.. I couldn't find it so I figured I would have to modify the code... Thanks for your help.. I'll keep looking.
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