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01:51<sphery_>kormoc: Since you're busy with MythWeb tickets, #5065 is both a dup and invalid (as explained in ticket comments), so it should be quick to close
01:52<kormoc>kk, I'll take a gander at it :)
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04:26<d110_>is mytharchive broken in 17032?
04:31<Dibblah>d110_: Unless you're going to be submitting patches for any issues you come across, don't use trunk at the moment.
04:31<Dibblah>Use 0.21-fixes.
04:32<d110_>yeah I want to start submitting patches and i'm trying to compile all the plugins and was just wondering if mytharchive is broken
04:33<Dibblah>Pastebin the error.
04:36<d110_>I've done a ./configure --enable-transcode --enable-vcd --enable-aac --enable-festival
04:36<d110_>then 'make'
04:36<d110_>that's when I get those errors. It's under ubuntu 710
04:36<d110_>looks like I'm missing some dependency
04:36<d110_>some qt library I think
04:37<Dibblah>No offence meant, but really use 0.21-fixes.
04:37<Dibblah>Current trunk requires QT4.
04:38<Dibblah>There is nothing inviting in trunk at the moment.
04:39<d110_>yeah I'm trying to learn QT at the moment, but haven't done any QT4 yet
04:40<Dibblah>d110_: I am quite serious - Now is not a good time to be trying to build / use trunk.
04:40<Dibblah>There are known bugs which the relevant devs are busy fixing.
04:41<d110_>ok cool
04:41<Dibblah>... So start learning on 0.21-fixes.
04:42<d110_>ok i'll do that
04:42<Dibblah>There's quite a bit of code, and only the UI portions are really being ripped out and replaced wholesale.
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05:49<anxt>i was wondering when that would happen
05:49<anxt>cool beans
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06:44<gbee>wonder what benefits people seem to think QT4 will bring to MythTV? - there are one or two (greater portability), but the rest are mostly for developers
06:46<visit0r>I heard it's faster...
06:46<visit0r>optimized code.
06:46<gbee>startup is a little faster, but right not most other areas of MythTV are slower since the port
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06:48<visit0r>ok :I for example, I recall there is some aid for multicore programming, maybe it can be exploited in the future to get speedups for multicore
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06:49<visit0r>probably not useful for many spots in the UI code, though
06:49<gbee>we're already using threads in areas where there would be a benefit
06:52<gbee>but I'm just puzzled why so many non-devs are excited by the idea of the QT4 port - they have been for a couple of years, as though it would make an instant and noticable improvement to mythtv but I've never heard anyone try to explain why they believe that
06:52<anxt>version monkeys?
06:53<gbee>the two things you mentioned are good examples, they may not bring measurable benefits to Myth, but it's a good point
06:53<visit0r>well, at least I expected that it would bring speedup and smaller memory footprint, but I have no clue if it's true in practice
06:54<anxt>i hate programming threads
06:54<anxt>then again i am retarded
06:55<anxt>ring buffers and threads
06:55<anxt>i hate em both
06:55<visit0r>well for that qt4 brings tools, but the example I saw is mostly useful for these embarrassingly parallel tasks
06:55<visit0r>for example, mythvideo could benefit from that in its startup time when it builds the video tree and loads metadata
06:56<gbee>QT4 is great for devs, or at least I like it (reduced the number of maps/vectors/lists) etc Some functionality that we can take advantage of in the future to improve myth
06:57<gbee>mythui is more likely to bring immediate benefits for users - full mouse support, animation, greater theming potential etc
06:58<visit0r>how's that going, btw?
06:59<gbee>slowly but steadily
07:00<gbee>not a straight switch, mythui behaves differently - especially WRT to popups so code needs to be refactored in places, some screens more than others
07:00<visit0r>right, but an incremental conversion is feasible?
07:01<anxt>if any of you don't have a samsung 226bw panel
07:01<anxt>go get one :)
07:01<anxt>i wnet from a 176" crt with shitty focus
07:01<visit0r>hmm I do have a samsung, can't recall its model number. a 22" wide screen.
07:02<visit0r>oh, ok :)
07:02<anxt>visit0r: you prolly got the good one
07:02<anxt>beautiful display
07:02<visit0r>yep, won some magazine benchmarks
07:02<visit0r>it is
07:03<anxt>makes me wanna look at pr0n
07:03<visit0r>well sometimes :]
07:04<anxt>i found this freaking load balancer
07:04<anxt>it is about 8000$ tho
07:04<visit0r> this one
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07:05<visit0r>lunch time ->
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07:20<gbee>bought myself a 19" LG recently, very happy with it
07:21<gbee>in hindsight I probably should have gone for the 22" instead, but I'm not unhappy :)
07:22<visit0r>yep, not too expensive anymore.. 330€
07:23<visit0r>two code editors fit nicely next to each other
07:23<laga>330€? more like 250€ here
07:23<laga>my samsung 223BW was like 300€ when i bought it last year
07:23<visit0r>yep, .de has cheaper hardware. it's quite usual to order hw from de through the net to fi
07:24<laga>too bad it's got a TN panel :/
07:25<gbee>I'm using a 2 screen xinerama (seperate X) setup so I don't really need the extra space from a 22" but it would be nice for watching TV on ;)
07:26<laga>i've got a deidcated Tv for that :)
07:26<visit0r>got a projector
07:27<visit0r>for which I have ordered extra lamb from de, btw ;)
07:27<visit0r>yeah, but lunch this time for real ->
07:28<visit0r>lamp, not sheep
07:31<gbee>laga: ditto, but quite often I'll watch TV on this screen because it saves me moving rooms :)
07:31<gbee>I can have a programme playing on one screen while I work on another (mulitasking ;) )
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08:33<laga>Anduin: i think i found the cause for the python problem, now i just gotta find the solution :)
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10:02<GreyFoxx> /wii EvilGuru
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10:33<Karger1978>Has anyone ever seen this issue with a cdrom/dvd rom device
10:33<Karger1978>[59624.100289] hda: tray open
10:33<Karger1978>[59624.100653] hda: error code: 0x70 sense_key: 0x02 asc: 0x30 ascq: 0x00
10:33<Karger1978>[59624.100657] end_request: I/O error, dev hda, sector 1028
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11:12<kormoc>I just had a random thought. How hard would it be to toggle logging/output flags on the fly?
11:12<gbee>not hard
11:13<kormoc>I'm likely gonna play with adding a ui to toggle them on the frontend
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11:13<kormoc>or at least telnet interface to, so mythweb can
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11:23<gbee>kormoc: just need to alter the value of the global variable print_verbose_messages (see libs/libmyth/mythcontext.cpp and libs/libmyth/mythverbose.cpp)
11:24<kormoc>Sounds good, thanks :)
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13:45*stuarta waves at johnp__
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14:56*johnp__ waves back
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15:53<jimbalaya>hey - i figured this was more appropriate here than in #mythtv-users ... I've just upgraded to .21 on my debian etch system and I've noticed considerable improvements to mythmusic
15:54<jimbalaya>the track information display section fits correctly, and it's much more responsive when skipping to the next song ..... thanks a lot for the fixes!
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16:14<Vaelys>.wub 32
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16:58<gbee>I've added the mythui busy dialog to a couple of places in mythweather but it's not being updated properly because it's blocked by the execution of the script search stuff, are my only options to litter the code with qApp->ProcessEvents() or thread off the code blocking the updates?
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19:06<Chutt>gbee, yup, and preferably the thread, not the processevents
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19:17<gbee>ok, well I went with the processevents since it was quicker than the thread option, but I can change that (or someone can write the mythtv wrapper for QProcess with threading)
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19:20<Chutt>processevents is dangerous to use
19:21<Chutt>leads to unintentional side-effects
19:24<gbee>one more complication to the mythui port :)
19:25<gbee>mythweather will be the last plugin for a couple of weeks, at least
19:26<gbee>I want to get the remaining widgets finished, the virtual keyboard and progress dialogs done etc
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22:40<harryo>xris: I noticed that mythweb 18h forecast doesn't include precip. any objections if I submit a patch to add?
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22:41<kormoc>harryo, submit away
22:42<harryo>anyone know the procedure for adding translation text to mythweb? I want to add "Temp" and "Precip" headers
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22:46<kormoc>and then run the thing in the modules/_shared/lang/ or similar dir
22:50<harryo>kormoc: oy! seems like alot of trouble! I have my strings hardcoded for now and I'm not sure I want to scan all of mythweb to regenerate
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22:52<kormoc>it's rather fast and not that bad at all
22:53<orcon>does anyone have any comments on ?
22:53<harryo>kormoc: maybe I'll just submit the patch without the translation rebuild (i.e.: fake it) ;-)
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22:59<harryo>kormoc: k. submitted
22:59<kormoc>kk, I'll poke at it and hopefully get it in later this week
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23:30<Captain_Murdoch>kormoc, for changing the verbose level on the fly, it may be easiest to trigger it via the http interface on the backend that way you can control each backend individually. otherwise, if you use a command sent to the master backend, then you really should require a hostname to be specified because you may not want to modify the verbose setting for all attached backends. a backend message would be best but it is more complicated
23:30<Captain_Murdoch>. that would allow you to modify any connected program's verbose value, similar to the CLEAR_SETTINGS_CACHE message that is sent out.
23:42<kormoc>Captain_Murdoch, hrm, yeah, I need to dig though the code. I just know currently that it would prove helpful here and there lately
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23:47<Captain_Murdoch>yeah, there have been times I wish I didn't have to restart to debug and it might help in some cases where the backend is stuck in a weird state.
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