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04:43<^Willie^>is there a working livecd around somewhere ?
04:44<laga>^Willie^: /topic
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04:46<^Willie^>fix the topix remove the . afther the channel name will help verry mutch
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04:51<laga>stop bitching *shrug*
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05:49<rooaus>gbee: Have you considered relative steps for animation like +10,-5? Also different cycle modes, like 1->2->3->1->2->3 versus 1->2->3->2->1?
05:51<gbee>rooaus: not sure I can see the benefit of relative steps to exact coordinates? I've considered different types of cycles, defined delays between steps/cycles etc
05:53<rooaus>gbee: Just seems easier when tweaking themes to move the starting point and not have to adjust all points in the animation path, but maybe not worth the extra effort to code it?
05:54<gbee>that's a good point
05:55<gbee>so long as it's relative to the initial position and not the last position then I think it could be done that way
05:57<gbee>if it was relative to the last position you run the risk of the widget 'walking' off the screen because two different animation cycles get in the way or a cycle which is restarted before it has completed
05:57<gbee>we could code protection against that but it might become messy
05:58<gbee>I'll think about it
06:05<rooaus>cool, just thought I would mention it.
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06:52<gbee>rooaus: thanks for doing so, I asked for feedback for a reason - I'd like to implement something that is well designed and that everyone is happy with
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07:00<rooaus>np, I really look forward to seeing the fruits of your hard work. ;)
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10:45<laga>captain manual to the rescue!!
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11:22<gbee>puzzled that my new router doesn't think it important to log the IP with dropped packet log events
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23:32<Anduin>janneg: Any objections to Tom Dexter's post (AC3 CRC checking)?
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