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00:37<zippytech>i have a frontend running and looks to be working as i can watch tv but all my pic's videos complain about file not found /var/lib/myhthv/videos?
00:38<zippytech>should be frontend be looking on local /var/... ?
00:41<hads>/topic This is the MythTV development channel. For mythtv related user support, go to #mythtv-users.
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08:54<pifou>I was struggeling with kubuntu, the drivers of my hdr 4000 and mythtv to get everything working, but I had glittering sound and a bad image. ....since I changed channel, and I see that on some channels, everything is ok.
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08:55<pifou>does it means that some channels are HD and my box is unable to handle them correctly ?
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08:59<gbee>mythgallery, now with 25% extra thumbnails:
08:59<gbee>pifou: you want the #mythtv-users channel
09:00<pifou>gbee: oops, yes thanks
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14:08<Jonny0stars>This is probably going to be a case of RTFM but where are the de-interlace settings in 0.21 they used to be under general > playback then on the first screen
14:09<Jonny0stars>woops sorry wrong channel
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14:48<gbee>not sure how to handle text scrolling speed, we don't want to scroll every pulse (70 per second), even moving just one pixel a pulse that's too fast, we could just count pulses and fire off every 250ms (~17 pulses)
14:49<gbee>if we really wanted to make it complicated we could take a pixels/second unit and then divide the number of pixels evenly over the second and get smoother movement + more granular control of the speed
14:53<gbee>having typed it out, I realise that the second option is really the best choice
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18:15<Wabi>yea that was it
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21:55<Kurtism>doh no user questions eh
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22:48<Majost>I am curious about the ffmpeg codebase in mythtv...
22:49<Majost>For starters, I am curious to find out if it is a snapshot of ffmpeg, or if it is heavily hacked up for mythtv.
22:49<GreyFoxx>It's not just a snapshot, and not "heavily" modded :)
22:50<GreyFoxx>but it is modified :)
22:50<GreyFoxx>I'm not sure what version the last sync was too, but if you check the svn logs you can find out and then do a diff to see the changes
22:51<Majost>ah cool
22:51<Majost>I will do that
22:52<Majost>I want to try an pull in a newer ffmpeg to better support the various mpeg4 formats being used
22:53<GreyFoxx>I don't think we're all that far behind
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22:55*Majost nods
22:56<Majost>If I may ask, is there any reason why mythtv doesn't just use the shared libraries from ffmpeg?
22:57<Majost>Although, after asking I can see where conflicts may arise with end-users. heh
22:57<GreyFoxx>Majost: Better control, and custom patches that aren't integrated upstream
22:57<GreyFoxx>and support sucks with users using god knows what version of the ffmpeg libraries :)
22:58*Majost nods
22:58<Majost>yeah, thats what I realized just after hitting enter. hehe
23:03<Majost>Sweet got it.. 11051. Thanks! =)
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