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00:16<superm1>GreyFoxx, has there been considerations of trying to adapt to something more agnostic like gstreamer, maybe as a possibility at least for playback on the frontend?
00:16<superm1>and at some point for V4L2 based capture on the backend
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09:44<i_is_cat>i cant seem to get the volume knob on my antec fusion case to work with mythtv
09:44<i_is_cat>my remote works and irw shows codes for both the remote and the knob, the knob is in the lircrc file and set to volume but it does nothing
09:44<i_is_cat>anyone know whats the deal is?
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10:20<gbee>superm1: ffmpeg seems to be maturing to support just about every codec now, it's increasingly being used by projects as the only media player plus the way we use it it has no external dependancies - gstreamers support depends on what the user has installed etc
10:21<gbee>basically I don't see the need for gstreamer (not that I know it very well)
10:23<gbee>I don't think gstreamer is going to handle things better than ffmpeg does
10:24<gbee>e.g support more codecs natively, have less problems with bad streams than ffmpeg and be just as portable
10:33<janneg>isn't most of gstreamer only a wrapper around ffmpeg
10:34<gbee>janneg: yeah, it's just a framework for plugin codecs - the biggest of which is ffmpeg
10:35<gbee>if you are starting a project from scratch it might make sense to use gstreamer, but trying to replace what we've already got with it doesn't make much sense to me
10:35<gbee>there aren't any real benefits
10:39<gbee>what gstreamer does allow is the user to add additional gstreamer compatible codecs and filters (plugins) to extend what mythtv is capable of playing - but we're at the point now where ffmpeg can play all of the common codecs and a lot of obscure ones too
10:40<gbee>the work involved in switching just doesn't seem justified when there are other areas of MythTV which we know need work
10:40<gbee>but that's just my opinion
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11:49<sphery>Majost: Don't merge the new ffmpeg libs. See (entire thread) at . It will happen when the time is right.
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11:53<janneg>right, I'm currently occupied by different project. but I expect the merge in the next 2-3 weeks
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12:24<superm1>gbee, yeah a majority of it is a wrapper around ffmpeg (gstreamer), but the advantage to it is the architecture, allowing folks who don't want to / can't ship plugins w/ questionable legality since they are additional plugins. i agree though that there are much higher priority items at this point.
12:25<superm1>i think in the future though, it would allow a more complete distribution of mythtv to add it in during a release, and eventually plan to switch
12:26<superm1>personally in Ubuntu we can let it live in multiverse, but i'm referring to getting it into debian, and to the things i've read about folks with i think mandriva complaining that it can't build without plugin XY or ZZ support
12:27<gbee>what legal issues are there with ffmpeg? I guess some of the decoders violate patents?
12:28<gbee>we plan to move mythmusic over to ffmpeg at some point and the dependancy on lame in the recorder will be removed (dunno what's planned, but we could offer ogg encoded audio or something else that ffmpeg offers)
12:30<gbee>software encoder cards are starting to become old tech these days though, I think most people would chose a hardware encoder like a PVR or DVB/ATSC or IPTV etc if they were building a new system
12:32<sphery>gbee: I think people using Ubuntu often don't have MP3 support in ffmpeg (and it affects their ability to use MythWeb's Flash streaming).
12:32<sphery>(Though I'm firmly for the integrated ffmpeg so-users-can't-mess-it-up-so-easily approach.)
12:36<xris>sphery: "always" not "often"... unless they compile ffmpeg by hand
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14:46<mattwire>gbee: just wondering, the mythui progress dialogs that you started on... are they used anywhere yet?
14:47<gbee>progress dialog isn't yet, it's not even finished - busy dialog is and it's used in mythnews and mythweather
14:48<gbee>I'm working on all these widgets at the moment, I want to get them finished before I continue working on porting plugins
14:49<gbee>once I've finished the progress bar widget the progress dialog won't be far behind
14:49<mattwire>the new mythui stuff is really looking nice by the way, just seen mythgallery for the first time since the conversion.
14:50<gbee>glad you like it, it's not really been properly themed to take advantage of mythui yet - that's pretty much the most basic appearance it could have
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14:51<mattwire>all the stuff that's moved to mythui has a much slicker feel to it
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15:00<gbee>lots of cool things are possible with mythui and when I get the time I want to add a reflection capability to mythimage (to appease those users wanting 'bling')
15:02<gbee>actually pretty simple, I just don't know whether the method I have in mind is fast enough
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15:14<gbee>might just play with the mirror/reflection idea tonight, it's low priority but fun ;)
15:14<gbee>quick too, if it works ...
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17:54<gbee>cool, mirror/reflection works - one step closer to that Apple effect everyone loves
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18:09<mattwire>heh, nice one
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18:15<gbee>alpha channels not working exactly right, would help if I could find a better explanation of how it's applied in QT
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18:42<gbee>QPainter::setCompositionMode: PorterDuff modes not supported on device << Hmm
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19:46<baalsgate>anyone using for guide data notice that xmlguide is missing ?
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20:46<superm1>gbee, yeah it does boil down to some of the decoders and patents. hence why our ffmpeg in 'main' is so crippled.
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21:01<Chase>what methods are possible for on the fly transcoding of livetv to send to a device incapable of rendering the mpg output from tuner cards?
21:01<Chase>I've seen gmythstream, but it seems in sorry shape
21:03<kormoc>Chase, there isn't one currently
21:03<Chase>that's what I was afraid of...
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