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09:06<|chiz|_>Is there a way to configure the mythbackend without X? I'm trying to setup the backend remotely.
09:08<|chiz|_>apparently wrong channel
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09:42<schtinky>so I've been scrounging around in the myth code looking for a way to use the mythcommflag program on a single show, outside of the myth database
09:43<schtinky>all I've been able to find is mythtv/programs/mythcommflag/mythcommflag which gets into the database and does some sort of batch processing
09:44<schtinky>can someone tell me if there's currently a command line utility that'll give me something like this: "mythcommflag aprogramtoflag.mpg" and return a simple cutlist?
09:44<Merlin83b>Wrong channel, schtinky. Tried -h or --help ?
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10:11<schtinky>first, I'm asking developers questions about something only developers would know about... so I'm not sure how I'm in the wrong channel. Command-line commercial flagging isn't really a standard use of mythtv...
10:12<schtinky>second, yes I tried mythcommflag with -h and there is an option to specify a specific file
10:12<schtinky>and it still attempts to retrieve info from the myth database
10:13<schtinky>what I'm looking for is to do blank frame searches and commercial flagging completely separate from the DB
10:13<schtinky>(and I do appreciate your help, even if I am in teh wrong channel)
10:14<schtinky>also, I'm working on a way to commercial flag by closed captioning signals, so I think this belongs in the developer area
10:15<Merlin83b>Calm down, schtinky. Talk about a new commflag method would indeed belong here.
10:16<GreyFoxx>mythcommflag -f filename generates the list and dumps it to the database, mythconflag -f filename -getskiplist will output the current commercial list
10:16<GreyFoxx>I suggest looking at mythcomflag --help
10:16<GreyFoxx>modifying it to not place the cutlist into the database at all and only outputting to the console would be fairly trivial
10:17<schtinky>well when I run ./mythcommflag --file file.avi I get an "unable to find in database" error
10:18<GreyFoxx>Yes,because -f is for recordings
10:18<schtinky>what exactly does it need form the db?
10:18<GreyFoxx>--video is for non recorded videos
10:18<GreyFoxx>though I suspect thatmight only generate a seek table
10:18<GreyFoxx>If you are looking to run this on non recordings then you might need to make a small mod for that as well
10:18<schtinky>when I use --video it does some processing, but then a whole giant list of errors scrolls across about how the DB doesn't exist (and it doesn't)
10:19<GreyFoxx>mythcommflag expects to be able to pull at least basic data from the database
10:19<schtinky>the help text says that --video only does seek table, but after running with --video, it gives a "Finished commercial break flagging at Wed Apr 23 10:19:00 2008" message
10:19<GreyFoxx>what specifically you can see in the code
10:19<GreyFoxx>That's just poor wording in the message --video is seek only
10:20<schtinky>what do you think 'basic data' is, precisely?
10:20<schtinky>length of show?
10:20<schtinky>or is it more complex like genre and stuff?
10:21<GreyFoxx>You have the code before you :")
10:21<GreyFoxx>I don't know offhand
10:21<schtinky>just seeing if you knew
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11:48<Chutt>danielk22, you're probably listed as the contact for mythtv
11:57<danielk22>ah, ok..
11:58<danielk22>y not you?
11:58<Chutt>no idea
11:58<Chutt>those emails that were sent out were fairly silly
11:58<Chutt>1 per, instead of per project?
11:58<Chutt>no mention of the project name/etc
11:59<danielk22>so should I forward 10 of the codes to you?
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11:59<Chutt>if you want, i don't mind
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12:29<sphery>schtinky: (which has a reference to the program you probably really want, as well as info on adding new commflag methods). See, also, the rest of the thread.
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13:15<iamlindoro__>gbee, Any chance you are documenting your new additions to MythUI for theme development purposes? Thought I might give it a go, but would like to experiment with the new functionality as it gets implemented
13:16<gbee>is the theme format - hasn't been updated for the most recent changes yet
13:16<iamlindoro__>Beautiful! thank you!
13:17<iamlindoro__>I'll bookmark and keep an eye on it... my first theme so I'll likely build it slowwwwwwly
13:17<gbee>looks at the default theme for actual usage, and plugins for code
13:31<iamlindoro__>Ah, the MythBusyDialog is snazzy.
13:52<iamlindoro__>gbee, Just an off-hand question, but how does your new reflection code handle images with transparency?
13:52<iamlindoro__>any issues that you know of, or...
13:53<gbee>haven't tried it, but it should work I guess
13:53<gbee>I'll give it a go in a few minutes
13:53<iamlindoro__>Cool, figured it would but no myth box to test with ATM :) Thanks, sorry for picking your brain
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14:08<Anduin>gbee: Yeah, I'll fix it, never occurs to me at the time of course.
14:09<gbee>Anduin: thanks, I keep seeing it but then forgetting about it
14:11<gbee>I could have taken a look I guess, just thought it was better passed on to the python bindings maintainer which AFAIK is you?
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14:15<Anduin>Yeah, more by default than anything, simple issue, just me forgetting that I can't count on bash.
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15:02<GreyFoxx>Now that looks cool
15:07<gbee>iamlindoro: if you want to play with that example here is the transparent star - and the XML
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15:35<Chutt>qt4 port to wince + wm
15:47<iamlindoro__>gbee, Sorry, just back from lunch, looks perfect for what I had in mind, thanks-- figured it would behave that way
15:54<Christoph_vW>I would like to have a client which is able to switch channels and displays EPG
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16:15<gbee>keep getting random disconnects from IRC with the new router :(
16:15<stuarta>you were getting them before as well
16:16<stuarta>so i wouldn't be blaming the router
16:16<gbee>really? ... didn't notice and I thought I might ..
16:17<gbee>I've been getting disconnected a couple of times a day since installing the new router, I'd go days without being disconnected before that
16:18*gbee shrugs
16:18<stuarta>dunno, maybe it is more frequent
16:18*stuarta shrugs too
16:19<gbee>I should probably look at a decent IRC client, one which reconnects automatically - I was typing for a while last night before I noticed that I was no longer connected *doh*
16:20*stuarta prefers irssi
16:20<laga>i use irssi on my server
16:20<laga>jinx ;)
16:21<gbee>keep meaning to look at irssi but never get around to it (like a lot of things)
16:25<sphery>irssi + screen :)
16:25<stuarta>the magic combo :)
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16:36*stuarta chuckles at the closing of a ticket as a duplicate of itself
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16:44<Chutt>yea ya
16:44<Chutt>i had them all open in tabs
16:44<Chutt>started at the wrong end :p
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18:24<iamlindoro>Here is what may be a dumb question (and which may not make sense)-- in theme development, coordinate values make sense, but for the sake of scaling, I presume the development is done against a fixed resolution value-- for a -wide theme, is it 1280x720? Also possible that I don't understand some fundamental aspect of how the scaling occurs.
18:26<gbee>iamlindoro: -wide themes are assumed to be 1280x720
18:26<iamlindoro>Gotcha, thank you very much
18:27<gbee>but that will be changing once I get my arse into gear and finish the themeinfo stuff - themeinfo.xml will define the resolution against which the theme was developed
18:27<iamlindoro>ok, I see. Well, should be safe to work for now and add that definition once it's required, I suppose
18:27<gbee>so you could work with 1920x1080 or 320x480
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