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00:07<Chutt>how did something as broken as the win32 build script get committed?
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12:43<esperegu>how can I use my new dvb-S2 card in mythtv?
12:43<esperegu>any particular reading to do?
12:47<esperegu>hmm... bbl
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15:33<abovebrew2>Hi, how do you know if your local cable company is broadcasting unencrypted QAM 256 OR encrypted signals? I am considering buying a HDHomeRun, but I'd like to make sure it would work with my cable provider. Thanks.
15:33<laga>abovebrew2: check the topic ;)
15:33<abovebrew2>crap man, sorry
15:34<laga>no problem
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16:58<skamithi>gbee: are u online ?
16:58<gbee>skamithi: here
17:00<skamithi>i'm testing the latest trunk..and i can't get embedded playbackbox to work right. my qt programming is not all that. when i activate the embedded playbackbox i get the error "QObject::setParent:: Cannot set parent, new parent is in different thread" and "Qobject::startTimer: QTimer can only be used with threads started with QThread"
17:00<skamithi>got any pointers for me on how to fix this ?
17:00<skamithi>the page also doesn't get when pageUp or pageDown is activated in the playbackbox code nothing gets refreshed
17:01<skamithi>did google searches on these messages to get some pointers but didn't get much help there either.
17:02<gbee>skamithi: think janneg would be able to help more than I can since he is leading the QT4 port, obviously there are threads in there which need to be converted to QThread but I can't say much more without looking at the code and I'm a bit busy with mythui right now
17:03<skamithi>ah..i was thinking about converting the pthread calls to qthread. cool looks like i wasn't on the wrong track. but i'll contact janneg if i get stuck.
17:04<gbee>ok :)
17:04<janneg>I would start with converting to QThread too
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17:06<gbee>although my QT and QT4 experience has greatly improved lately I'm still not an expert :)
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17:07<gbee>if you find anything about switching from QT3 to QT4 which you think might help others, then please add it to this page -
17:08<gbee>especially if it's about commonly used methods which have been replaced in QT4 but those changes aren't mentioned in the QT4 porting guide -
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17:30<Chutt>still no replies on the dev list :p
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17:45<janneg>on the scary build script?
17:45<Chutt>hopefully i didn't annoy him too much, but it _does_ need fixing
17:46<janneg>I have never looked at them. I hope the mac os script is saner
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17:48<Chutt>it's 1800 lines long
17:48<janneg>OTOH if the build mythtv command is just ./configure && make && make install I don't think a script needed at all
17:49<Chutt>the osx scripts are also pretty silly.
17:50<Chutt>check for dependencies existing in the configure script
17:50<Chutt>not some other random script :/
17:51<janneg>a script which creates from the make install result a native windows installer would be something I would expect in the scripts
17:51<Chutt>most of the script is getting (+ compiling) dependencies
17:51<janneg>maybe not expect but it would be something usefull
17:52<Chutt>a script to turn the 'make install' output into an installer would be reasonable, yes
17:52<Chutt>but a separate one, not some huge conglomeration :p
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17:53<Chutt>get binary packages of the deps - if those don't exist, they should be created
18:01<xris>for osx, there are a couple of different ways to get those unix deps, though
18:02<xris>and mac binary packages don't really work that way, which is why people end up using macports or fink
18:03<Chutt>how do you use svn to get a script, which then uses svn to get the sources, which contain the script? =)
18:04<xris>I wrote a shell script to manage that.. run script, it calls svn update to get a new version of itself, then does an exec with a "skip svn" cli parameter
18:04<Chutt>yeah, i'd think that's kind of busted
18:04<xris>it works well for software rollouts for web apps
18:05<xris>and the script in question is the rollout script
18:05<gbee>Chutt: Paul asked how we were going to handle multi-column lists (watch recordings, upcoming recordings etc) and that got me thinking about a big change to buttonlist so that each button is defined in the theme, something like this:
18:06<Chutt>gbee, two lists =)
18:06<gbee>it's pretty different to what we have now, but on the plus side it's more versatile and pretty powerfull
18:06<Chutt>or a port of the tree
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18:07<gbee>Chutt: for tree stuff yeah, but for lists which have columns of information e.g. title, filesize, date?
18:07<Chutt>lemme think a bit..
18:08<gbee>I quite like my solution, but I'm probably too close to it for an honest appraisal, which is why I've raised it
18:11<gbee>a button list essentially becomes a list of grouped widgets where those widgets are down to the themers - a little harder for people to get their head around maybe, but makes for interesting possibilities
18:12<gbee>I'll let you think it over, I'm working on centre hold scrolling right now which I need for the spinbox, but is also a common feature request for menus and coverflow effects
18:13<gbee>one thing I like about my idea is best demonstrated visually, so let me just knock up an image
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18:30<gbee>buttons laid out something like that become possible
18:30<Chutt>ok, go for it
18:30<gbee>ok, thanks
18:31<gbee>just making more work for myself, but hopefully it's worth it in the end
18:32<Chutt>more flexible, at least
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20:32<MrGandalf>for tuners which don't share hardware (ie: no need for input group), should an inputgroup table entry even be added?
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