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03:16<VanessaE>oops, wrong one.
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09:38<esperegu>Hi! I've bought a terratec Cinergy S2 PCI HD CI which has experimental support according to the wiki (there are no S2 supported yet according to the wiki). Then running scan on the device I get the following error: ioctl DVBFE_GET_INFO failed: Operation not supported Anyone has a link to a howto or something that is known to be working (or maybe someone who has working device)
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12:19<beandog>hey guys
12:20<beandog>I have a small tweak / bugfix (depending on how you look at it) that I'd like to get in MythVideo, or at least in my version
12:20<beandog>I can't code it myself, so I'll put a bounty on it, just need to find someone that's interested
12:20<beandog>should be a really, really, really simple fix too
12:21<beandog>how would I go about finding someone?
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12:50<GreyFoxx>Generally by emailing the -dev list. What is the "bug" ?
12:54<beandog>not display underlines _ on folder names
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12:55<sphery>Definitely ask on the list (or, better, search)... I think Anduin recently explained why that's there...
12:55<anykey_>beandog: just rename your folders to something with . instead of _ ;)
12:55<beandog>yah, I can't do that because of the wrapper script I'm using for playback. :T
12:55<beandog>as well as some other stuff
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13:04<kormoc>beandog, what about just renameing the folders with spaces rather the _?
13:06<beandog>kormoc, I could, but I'd have to fix a lot of stuff on my end, since I'm using custom ripping and playback stuff.
13:07<kormoc>beandog, would seem the saner way to go, as that view is a view of the filesystem, and having a filesystem view not match the filesystem seems really strange to me
13:07<sphery>So you'd rather someone else work around your issues on their end. ;) Anyway, here's the post I was thinking of:
13:08<beandog>kormoc, well in the folder view, individual files are the opposite way. They don't have the underlines in them.
13:08<beandog>or the extensions
13:09<sphery>beandog: explained in the post to which I linked (the invalid bug report asking for exactly what you're asking)
13:09<kormoc>that's cause they're scanned and stored in the db that way, the direcories are not. Slightly different ways of storing the data
13:09<beandog>I'm not asking to change upstream. I just want a hack for mine. :)
13:09<kormoc>until it breaks? :P
13:09<beandog>And I'm willing to put a bounty on it, since I can't do it.
13:10<beandog>kormoc, Im not planning on upgrading, Im using just mythvideo
13:10<beandog>so, no breakage
13:14<beandog>sphery, thanks for the link btw, I was having a hard time finding that
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13:27<GreyFoxx>Save your money :)
13:27<GreyFoxx>That patch (against trunk from like a week ago or so) replaces _ with ' ' in the text under the icon and if the text is over the icon rather than a folder.jpg
13:29<GreyFoxx>I didn't read the thread sphery posted though so I don't know if this will cause problems but I'd be suprised if it would
13:31<beandog>GreyFoxx, oh, rawk, thanks man ... Ill try it out when I get home :)
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13:47<Anduin>Yeah, my close message was just to explain, if a good patch had been attached to that ticket things may have been different. Metadata::FilenameToTitle() is a static function that does what it says and could be applied to directories before display as well.
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13:52<gbee>which painter is the default?
13:55<GreyFoxx>QT I would assume
13:56<GreyFoxx>there is no setValue() for it
13:56<GreyFoxx>first option in the menu is qt
13:56<sphery>yeah, qt, see libs/libmythui/mythmainwindow.cpp (around about line 284 for the pre-Qt4 version)
13:56<GreyFoxx>ahhh ok
13:57<GreyFoxx>is what I was looking at
13:58<sphery>I was going by default='if not specified', rather than default='value that's set when user pages through mythfrontend settings', but both default to qt :)
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14:10<gbee>just wondering because the alphapulse in GANT renders the UI completely unusable with the opensource Radeon driver :)
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14:13<gbee>it's really not much better with QT though, either way the default radeon driver is useless
14:17<stuarta>amen to that
14:17<stuarta>evening all
14:18<stuarta>nice UI work you've been doing.
14:19*stuarta feels that it's time for a distclean build
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14:46<xris>grumble. mythplugins not compiling... (old revision, trying to avoid qt4)
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14:55<Chutt>most stuff works in qt4
14:56<xris>yeah, but I'd rather not run into weird bugs during a demo
14:56<Chutt>live a little :p
14:56<Chutt>(or just use 21 fixes)
14:57<xris>I found my problem.. package build script was running svn update when it shouldn't have
14:57<xris>I assume the build issue was a compat problem between old libmyth and newer plugins
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15:09<laga>xris: which is why the ubuntu packages have a build-time conflict on libmyth ;)
15:09<xris>yeah, mine should, too. not sure why it didn't kick in
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17:07<gbee>the rebuilddatabase script could use a --auto option so that you can fire it off and come back later to find it finished
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17:09<gbee>and it doesn't populate the filesize column so it's broken in 0.21 - you can recover recordings but not play them back
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17:13<danielk22>doesn't a blank filesize get automatically queried and fixed by mythtv?
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17:20<gbee>danielk22: we assume it to be a failed zero-byte recording, it isn't checked against the actual file - but I suppose that's a logical change to make
17:38<gbee>anyone using the ati driver for a radeon card? I'm getting an error from VideoOutput that it's unable to find an XV surface and that it's falling back to X shared memory
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17:39*stuarta makes a note to try it
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17:39<danielk22>maybe you need an xvideo Xorg option?
17:40<laga>gbee: i'm using it.
17:40<laga>gbee: on my main frontend. it works fine. what does xvinfo say?
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17:41<gbee>laga: it says "command not found" :p
17:41<gbee>looks like I might be missing something
17:42<gbee>thought it was bundled with xv, but I guess they unbundled it
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17:47<beandog>GreyFoxx, ping, I dont suppose you could do the same for the VideoGallery::updateText function?
17:47<gbee>laga: mind pastebining your xorg.conf?
17:47<laga>gbee: it's pretty scary.
17:47<laga>wait a second
17:48<gbee>laga: you can trim it down to the relevant stuff if you want, I'm just not at all familiar with ATi cards under linux and their various quirks etc
17:50<gbee>hmm, xvinfo is telling me there are "no adaptors present" on screen #0
17:50<gbee>not good
17:50<laga>i need to find out the IP address of my main box first. upgraded the router today :)
17:50<laga>gbee: did you ever have any proprietary drivers installed on that box?
17:51<gbee>gbee: fresh install
17:51<gbee>talking to myself ....
17:52<laga>pastebin your Xorg.0.log?
17:53<gbee>laga: sure, give me a minute, I'm just running XFDrake to see if it sorts out the problem
17:53<gbee>sure enough it's pulling down some missing packages
17:53<laga>gbee: - but i don't think it's related to your problem. just for reference: setting accelmethod to EXA and migranheuristic to greedy seems to give me the best performance for mythfrontend. without that, EXA has always been very sluggish
17:54<gbee>scary indeed ;)
17:54<gbee>what version of the driver are you using btw?
17:55<laga>with a patch to enable vsync w/o 3d apps
17:55<laga>i used to drin 6.6.3 due to other problems, i think it also accepted those options
17:57<gbee>ok, I've got 8.471, seems they changed the version number format
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18:02<gbee>did add a couple of lines from the wiki but XFDrake stripped them out again
18:02<laga>gbee: is it intentional that you're using the proprietary ati driver?
18:03<gbee>laga: yeah, thought it was supposed to work better? Did I misunderstand?
18:03<laga>if you're using that, you need some special options to enable Xv AFAIK. but i'd try the free driver first
18:03<laga>X1300 might even be supported OK
18:04<stuarta>don't tell me it's possible to make the free driver play well
18:04<stuarta>i got zero accell
18:05<laga>stuarta: have you seen the snippet i pasted from my xorg.conf? it is possible ;)
18:05<stuarta>thought that was for the proprietry one :)
18:05<laga>i thought gbee was using the free one (apologies)
18:06<stuarta>well, maybe it's time for me to add a few options :)
18:06<laga>stuarta: most options aren't needed. in fact, it worked OK w/o any options, but mythfrontend was very slow
18:07<stuarta>there any particular version requirements for that?
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18:07<laga>stuarta: what GPU do you have?
18:07<gbee>free one complains about being unable to display the full framerate at my resolution - that's not promising for full HD
18:07<laga>stuarta: i use 6.8.0 at the moment, but 6.6.3 should work as well
18:07<gbee>hmm and it's still missing the XV surfaces
18:08<laga>gbee: i wonder if it's using the correct libs.
18:08<laga>gbee: Xorg.0.log?
18:08<stuarta>i got 6.6.3
18:08<laga>stuarta: what ati gpu do you have? r200 and r300 are supported reasonable well
18:10<stuarta>pretty sure sure it's r300, it's a 9550 iirc
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18:11<stuarta>ATI Technologies Inc RV350 AS [Radeon 9550]
18:12<laga>that's r300 i think
18:12<stuarta>at it's heart yes i believe so
18:16<laga>why does it load
18:18<laga>gbee: oh. excuse my ignorance. i've just noticed that the free "radeon" driver probably doesn't support your card. i assumed it was older. :/
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18:18<laga>and radeonhd might not be there yet
18:18<laga>gbee: sudo aticonfig --overlay-type=Xv
18:19<laga>try that
18:19<laga>when you're using fglrx
18:19<laga>that'll edit xorg.conf.
18:22<gbee>nope, still being told there are "no adapters present" by xvinfo
18:22<gbee>laga: lets move over to -users
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18:53*xris curses UPS
18:53<xris>they lost the box of fliers for linuxfest.
18:54<xris>it's somewhere in seattle
18:54<xris>which means either the truck will show up to drop it off at my place, or it's in the office where I can pick it up. assuming they would know where in said office to look
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18:58<stuarta>when's the fest?
19:00<xris>tomorrow 8 am
19:01<xris>I need to leave "now"
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22:59<clever>tv_play.cpp is deadly
22:59<clever>it eats up so much ram that distcc times out
23:00<clever>causing the system to forget about the job
23:00<clever>causing 5+ compiles to pile up
23:00<clever>on all distccd hosts
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