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04:59<gbee>make distclean isn't doing a thorough job, ran it twice on this checkout but it still ran into lirc objects from the old i386 build
05:00<laga>gbee: how's the ati card?
05:01<gbee>laga: finally managed to get xvideo with the latest official driver from the website and the --overlay-type=Xv arg to aticonfig
05:02<gbee>xvideo support should have been in the driver version before that - 8.471 (it's in the changelog for that version) but it wasn't until I installed 8.476 that it started to work
05:13<gbee>I've not actually seen how well playback works yet though, had to recompile because of changed libs
05:18<gbee>this hasn't gone as smoothly as it should have ;)
05:20<laga>proprietary ati crap :)
05:23<gbee>I'm going to be charitable and acknowledge that they are making an effort to improve the situation, just comes a little late
05:40<gbee>they are releasing new versions each month, that's how the new numerbing schema worked from Nov 2007 (7.11) to April 08 - (8.4)
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05:58<emja>oops. wrong channel
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09:25<esperegegu>anyone knows what I have to put in xorg.conf for propriety ati drivers to stop tearing?
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10:02<mjj29>why does mythcommflag on a 2hr recording always cause my machine to thrash itself to death
10:06<danielk22>mjj, esp, wrong channel, see mythtv-users
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10:07<mjj29>danielk22: I'm not sure it is a mythtv-users question, and I've already asked
10:09<danielk22>Try the users mailing list then. It's definately a user question.
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15:32<sphery>gbee: regarding, weren't there plans to create a MythTV "export" format (i.e. an XML file that has the database info)?
15:33<sphery>I'd love to get rid of the (always broken) script (that was never--and probably never will be--updated to use the Perl bindings).
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15:34<sphery>I was considering rewriting it to do it better/use the bindings, but recently I decided that it makes no sense to have a contrib script for and I plan to do a patch to put its functionality into Myth proper. Was wondering if the same approach made sense for (import/export functionality in Myth proper).
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15:50<clever>sphery: that sounds like the export that mytharchive puts to dvd
15:50<clever>sphery: ive got a few disks with raw nuv files and xml's explaining the recorded table row it came from
15:51<laga>except that you dont always have that xml file
15:54<sphery>laga: right, we'd still need a user-interactive approach. But, with an official export format, it would be easier to "automate" things as gbee wanted.
15:55<gbee>no idea about the "export" idea, may have been mentioned before but I don't remember
15:56<gbee>I did think that maybe we should be automatically discovering recordings in the directory and adding them to the database without the need for a seperate scripts
15:58<gbee>we can discover them, add them to the database, rebuild the seektable (and in the process find the length/filesize) then just allow users to edit the title/subtitle/description (currently possible to edit the first two)
15:58<sphery>gbee: and, by putting them in a new recording group ("Found Recordings" ;), we could make it easy for end users.
15:59<gbee>I think it's reasonable to assume that any files in that directory/storage group should be included in the database
15:59<sphery>we already have title editing in the playbackbox, so it wouldn't be hard to include subtitle/description.
15:59<gbee>subtitle is there along with the title editing, we just don't have a multi-line text edit yet
16:00<gbee>hence, I believe, why there is no description editing
16:02<sphery>That actually works well with the idea I have to put functionality into Myth. We can identify metadata with no associated file and identify files with no associated metadata (myth_find_orphans goes both ways like that, so it has partially overlapping functionality with By importing new files directly, we make it easy for users to idnetify them.
16:03<sphery>Would a single-line text edit control just scroll? (not great for UI, but functional)
16:04<gbee>sphery: I plan for a multiline text edit in mythui ... but a single line text edit should just scroll to accomodate as much text as you put into it, but without allowing newlines
16:04<sphery>Of course, if MythTV automatically picks up new videos in the recordings storage group directories, users will want similar for MythVideo... :)
16:05<gbee>heh, yeah
16:06<sphery>do descriptions tend to have newlines? They don't here.
16:06<gbee>I'd thread off the process of looking for new files so that it doesn't slow down accessing the list
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16:07<sphery>Yeah... Wondering which thread is best and how often to scan. Housekeeper. Autoexpirer. Only on demand (with a "Video Manager" ;).
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16:27<clever>gbee: about editing the title/subtitle/description
16:27<clever>gbee: it keeps reseting the scroll position after each change
16:28<clever>so it takes longer and longer to scroll back to where you where and keep editing
16:28<clever>and you cant set the description
16:28<clever>ive got half a patch done to solve it
16:28<clever>im saving the title/subtitle/description(and other fields) from program at the end of mfdb(to my new table)
16:28<clever>all i need now is the half to pick a row and stamp its fields over the recording
16:31<clever>only major problem i can see is that this table is ever growing(6mb so far for me)
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16:33<clever>1966 is the oldest show i have(going by originalairdate)
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17:32*antgel reads topic
17:32*antgel goes to #m-u
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19:04<gbee>any chance that the Display Aspect setting can be available even if the system doesn't have dual head/xinerama so that it can be used instead of setting displaysize?
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19:19<clever>gbee: you read what i said about fixing the subtitle/description?
19:40<gbee>I have now :)
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19:42<gbee>I've got to say, once you get past the driver issues the TV-out over svideo from this Radeon is much better than what I was getting from a Geforce
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19:44<gbee>so long as you force the resolution down to the correct size anyway (insists on using 1024x768 instead of 720x576, force it to 800x600 and it looks much better
19:49<clever>ive got tvout bearly working on a 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: ATI Technologies Inc Rage Mobility M3 AGP 2x (rev 02)
19:49<clever>but its unstable
19:49<clever>you need to xrandr a few times while standing on your hands
19:49<clever>before the signal is usable
19:49<clever>and even then the brightness is off the charts
19:49<clever>so its horid looking
19:50<clever>the xorg driver cant tvout on its own
19:50<clever>so i use the atitvout program(which even works from CLI!)
19:50<clever>to force the registers into tvout mode
19:50<clever>but that damages the resolution stuff causing the signal to be useless
19:51<clever>which xrandr seems to fix(cycle the resolution until it works)
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20:16<gbee>clever: this is a Radeon X1250 with the latest Catalyst driver, so a newish model - a ten year old Rage Fury I had never really worked for tv-out under linux but that doesn't suprise me much, it was already an old card before I tried it
20:16<clever>ive only used the tvout on 3 'cards' in linux
20:16<clever>all of them 'work' at one level or another
20:17<clever>theres another card or 2 which have tvout but are agp based
20:17<clever>only system they would fit is theP4 which allready has a nvidia tvout thats works great
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