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03:25<lwizardl>oops sorry wrong channel
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04:21<clever>2008-04-27 05:20:39.253 MythEvent: COMMFLAG_UPDATE 1011 2008-04-26T22:00:00
04:21<clever>ASSERT failure in QList<T>::operator[]: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 394
04:21<clever>Aborted (core dumped)
04:21<clever>cant get a proper backtrace because the framepointer isnt being saved
04:21<clever>damn you -O !!!
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05:07<clever>2008-04-27 06:07:11.404 MythEvent: COMMFLAG_UPDATE 1011 2008-04-26T22:00:00 44272:4,49696:5,59317:4,64706:5,74998:4,80938:5
05:07<clever>i see the problem now
05:07<clever>the 3rd field is missing
05:07<clever>so the tokens[3] comes up invalid
05:20<laga>clever: try compiling with --compile-type=debug ;)
05:20<clever>i am
05:20<clever>but the qt libs wherent made with debug on
05:21<clever>i still managed to track the problem down though
05:21<laga>too bad
05:21<clever>just need to find out how to count the items in a QList
05:21<clever>list.count() im guessing
05:23<clever>it seems the flager is reporting updates with no flag map
05:23<clever>causing the frontend to explode
05:28<gbee>hmm, not many PCI-E wireless cards about
05:28<clever>i do have a mini pcie card
05:29<laga>gbee: there's not a lot of pci-e hardware at all. which annoys me
05:31<gbee>laga: I'm just discovering how frustrating it is, it's been so long since I bought any new motherboards because I switched to prefering laptops over desktops
05:32<clever>ive seen a few minipcie to pcie addapters
05:32<clever>and newer laptops use minipcie
05:32<laga>gbee: i'd love to see more pcie x1 VGA cards, but those tend to cost a lot of moneys
05:32<clever>laga: i have 4-5 video cards that are pcie
05:33<clever>not shure if itx x1 but they are pcie
05:33<laga>clever: they're most likely x16.
05:33<clever>yeah they are faily long
05:33<clever>not like the ram i had for the 286(foot long!)
05:33<clever>but they arent damn short either
05:34<laga>the mythbuntu forums make me sad today
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05:38<gbee>ram for my 286 had to be soldered onto the motherboard chip by chip
05:38<laga>mine has sockets for the RAM
05:38<clever>maybe it was a 386
05:38<clever>it was a foot long expansion card on the isa bus
05:39<clever>another even older pc
05:39<clever>the cpu wasnt on the mobo!
05:39<clever>the cpu was on an isa card!!!
05:39<clever>the motherboard was ONLY a crude bus connecting the isa slots
05:39<clever>and practicaly nothing else
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05:41<gbee>4x 1Mb chips
05:42<clever>i have a 486 laptop which still works
05:42<clever>and ive ran linux on it recently
05:42<clever>20mb ram
05:42<clever>1mb would be alot for that
05:42<clever>i still need to figure out how to use pcmcia over isa
05:42<clever>to get the ethernet going
05:43<clever>then id have a good thin client for X
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06:48<DaveMorris>I've got 2 different things which crash my backend. However when I run it through gdb I get no stack trace etc, no logs reporting an error or anything different to normal from mythtv logging. What can I do to create a useable bug report
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08:48<danielk22>dave: "ulimit -c unlimited" <-- this will allow the backend to create a core file
08:49<danielk22>once you have a core just run "gdb -c mythbackend" and then follow the regular instructions..
08:50<danielk22>ls "core*" will usually find the core unless there is a funky config.
08:50<danielk22>make that: ls core*
08:50<danielk22>no quotes.
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10:09<antgel>just browsing svn. is there a test suite? seems that myth has more regressions and bugs than i'm sure we would all like. i know it's complicated software, but still. i'd be interested in helping write a test suite, if there isn't one already
10:10<antgel>er, and thanks for all the good work just in case i come across as if i'm flaming :)
10:12<danielk22>antgel: A test suite would be a great asset.
10:12<danielk22>You probably only want to tackle a subsection at a time though.
10:13<antgel>danielk22: i see. would you say it's too difficult to write one now so much code has already been written? i'm now heavily into the "write the test first" idea. ;)
10:13<danielk22>Probably best to decide on two things you want in the test suite, write tests for those plus the support code that makes writing more tests possible.
10:14<danielk22>90% of the stuff in mythtv can't be tested automatically with today's computers.
10:15<antgel>danielk22: is that because one relies on what is actually being displayed etc?
10:15<danielk22>But it would be great to have tests for the stuff that is testable, like the myth network protocol.
10:16<danielk22>And there is no one right thing to be displayed... depends on hardware, etc.
10:16<clever>i made a script to use the network control protocol
10:17<clever>and start the fe thru xinetd
10:17<clever>so i could repeat the same action 100 times to try and hammer a bug out
10:17<danielk22>But writing tests is by no means impossible now nor useless.
10:17<clever>but i havent had THAT bug happen ONCE when i wanted it to
10:17<danielk22>clever: I have one of those too. does something 1000 using network control..
10:18<danielk22>1000 -> 1000 times
10:18<clever>my system would refuse to play mpeg2 files
10:18<clever>until the frontend was restarted
10:18<clever>nuv files played fine
10:18<danielk22>I used it mostly to debug bugs in network control though.
10:18<antgel>danielk22: i need to look at the design of the software more, and perhaps have a look in trac to see what bits break the most. unfortunately i probably won't have time to get into it for several months :(
10:18<clever>i tracked it down as far as the mpeg2 decoder failing to init
10:18<clever>but the ivtv decoder worked fine
10:18<clever>getting things mixed up:P
10:18<clever>need sleep
10:19<gbee>many of the recent regressions and bugs are expected as part of the qt4 switch - which is incomplete
10:19<danielk22>antgel :(
10:19<antgel>danielk22: yeah, i know, but maybe i planted a seed. i'd like to help, don't get me wrong
10:20<danielk22>gbee: and those regressions are slowly going away :)
10:20<danielk22>antgel: unfortunately many have talked about writing tests, none has delivered :|
10:21<antgel>danielk22: hehe. often the way. at least i'm not promising!
10:21<gbee>antgel: we'd all agree a test suite would be a great thing and we'd already have one by now if we had the time or inclination to put improvements on hold to write it
10:21<antgel>danielk22: but sometimes it's good for a project to take a step back to go two forward
10:21<antgel>gbee: what i just said more or less = what you said :)
10:22<gbee>antgel: we've made steady improvements in stability and reducing bugs, 0.21-fixes is without question the most stable release in the last 3? years
10:23<antgel>i don't want hand-holding or anything, but if someone could offer a clue as to which components (1) are testable and (2) are most buggy, i can make a note and then work on it as my bandwidth allows
10:23<antgel>gbee: i don't doubt that. but as you said "we'd all agree a test suite would be a great thing"
10:24<gbee>sockets and all things backend/frontend communication still has a few hard to find and even harder to reproduce bugs
10:26<janneg>and the socket stuff is one part of things which need heavy porting to get rid of qt3-support
10:26<gbee>antgel: yeah, I'm just saying that we don't have an increasing number of regressions or bugs atm in the stable branch - bugs in trunk right now are expected and were well signposted, it's not the lack of a testsuite which allowed those regressions just the size and managability of switching from QT3 to QT4
10:27<gbee>which as I said, does not mean we don't think a testsuite would be a good idea, just that it's no higher on our list of priorities than it was before
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11:15<antgel>hmm. do i have to make clean after changing --prefix? seems like a shame if i do. if i make install without making clean, it installs some files into the previous --prefix.
11:15<antgel>specifically some perl stuff
11:22<antgel>sorry, will take it to #m-u
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12:45<^Nita^>Hi. I tried to ask this in #mythtv-users but people don't even understand what I am asking.. So, I read that mythtv does support using G200's hardware mjpeg encoder, but does mythtv also support G400, G450 or G550?
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12:47<justinh>^Nita^: you're in the wrong channel
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13:44<xris>Anduin: you around?
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13:48<Anduin>xris: for a moment
13:52<xris>is there a way tochange which file patterns mytmusic scans?
13:52<xris>and now I rememver you're video, not music
13:52<xris>not much sleep this weekend.
13:54<xris>oh well, nevermind.. kormoc found some mp3 files, that'll work
13:54<xris>5 minutes until my presentation.
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19:13<DaveMorris>I'm currently gathering the info for this bug - what else do you guys need for it before I move it upstream?
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19:16<danielk22>dave: that backtrace doesn't have line numbers
19:16<DaveMorris>how can I get them added?
19:17<DaveMorris>install the dbg symbols I'm guessing
19:17<danielk22>you need to load the symbols
19:17<DaveMorris>how do you load them?
19:17<danielk22>yup, I don't know where ubuntu puts them but I know they are extracted and kept somewhere.
19:17<danielk22>You need to ask the ubuntu ppl
19:18<DaveMorris>ok, I wasn't sure if it was a gdb thing
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19:21<DaveMorris>danielk22: at the start of the trace it says - Loaded symbols for /usr/lib/ - so it seems to be getting the symbols
19:22<danielk22>I don't know anything about how this works in ubuntu. You need to talk to the ubuntu guys, ask them how to get line numbers in your backtrace.
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19:32<gbee>DaveMorris: laga and superm1 are the ubuntu packagers
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