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10:00<MrGandalf>I think I figured out the source of my instability woes.
10:01<MrGandalf>I suspect it's not the slave backend, but the fact that since I have a slave, with lower order cards, it gets LiveTV more often. That leaves both my DVB cards to gether EIT on the master.
10:02<MrGandalf>I suspect at times both cards gather EIT from the same source and collide with each other.
10:02<MrGandalf>but that's easy enough to get around.
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12:30<xris>For anyone interested, I just created a MythTV group at Click the logo at the bottom of my profile to join:
12:31*stuarta_ makes a note to do that when he gets home
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12:46*GreyFoxx goes to see what is :)
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12:56<xris>GreyFoxx: never used it before?
12:57<xris>it's actually a semi-useful social networking site.
12:59<GreyFoxx>Nope. I think I might have heard of it once
12:59<GreyFoxx>but I joined anyway :)
13:01<xris>I sent you a link to my profile
13:01<xris>it's actually semi-useful for hiring.
13:01<xris>ah, slick. even easier one-click joining:
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14:02<stuarta>xris: it's done :)
14:03<xris>that's quite a surname
14:03<stuarta>heh :)
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16:17<schtinky>what's the minimum amount of information needed to create a NuppleVideoPlayer object?
16:18<schtinky>I mean, what is it expecting in the ProgramInfo object passed when it's created
16:20<schtinky>nevermind, that question is too vague. gotta dig some more
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16:32<Chutt>schtinky, check the source to the 'mythtv' program, it builds that up from scratch (with just the filename)
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16:34<schtinky>seems to me that the NuppleVideoPlayer is asking for way more than the filename: NuppelVideoPlayer::NuppelVideoPlayer(QString inUseID, const ProgramInfo *info)
16:35<Chutt>did you look at the source to the mythtv program?
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16:36<schtinky>I'm looking at the myth suite source right now, is that what you mean?
16:37<schtinky>or are you talking about a specific "mythtv" program?
16:37<Chutt>the specific mythtv program
16:38<schtinky>I already know I'm going to get chastised for this... where is the mythtv program code in the directory structure?
16:38<schtinky>I don't see anything called mythtv.c or .cpp
16:39<schtinky>got it
16:39<danielk22>heh, that's one where find and grep won't work very well to find it :)
16:40<schtinky>no kidding, I got about a thousand results
16:40<schtinky>this'll take me a while to absorb, thanks for the help
16:40<danielk22>but all non-contrib programs are in mythtv/programs
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16:42<schtinky>actually I have another question: where does the "mythtv" program fit in relation to mythbackend, mythfrontend, nuppel and programinfo?
16:42<Chutt>test app
16:42<schtinky>testing what
16:42<schtinky>you can build a nvp with this program?
16:43<Chutt>that's all it does
16:43<danielk22>Also useful for WAF if you need to play a DVD and forgot to recompile the plugins :)
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16:43<Chutt>well, it calls TV::StartTV, which builds a NVP
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16:47<schtinky>more than building an NVP, i think what I need is to be able to build a dummy ProgramInfo without accessing the database
16:47<Chutt>if you look at the source, it does that :p
16:48<schtinky>all I see is ProgramInfo (void) and ProgramInfo (const ProgramInfo &other)
16:48<schtinky>passing an empty programInfo into NuppelVideoPlayer just segfaults
16:48<laga>danielk22: are you working on a CLI channel scanner? nice!
16:48<schtinky>because there's no information there, presumably
16:49<stuarta>laga: that would be pretty useful
16:49<schtinky>oh wait, I think I'm seeing it
16:49<danielk22>laga: yeah, but mostly just to force me to keep UI separate from implementation.
16:49<schtinky> ProgramInfo *pginfo = NULL; followed by a section adding date time etc
16:49<schtinky>then TV::StartTV(pginfo,false);
16:50<gbee>schtinky: look at programs/mythfrontend/main.cpp - internal_play_media()
16:51<danielk22>Someday I would like to have mythtv periodically run the channel scanner, save the data to temp tables, and then allow the user to approve channel creation and deletion after a series of scans have returned the same needed changes.
16:51<gbee>constructs a dummy programinfo, plugging in the required values manually before handing it to TV::StartTV();
16:51<danielk22>For that the UI and scanning need to be separated.
16:57<schtinky>gbee, I can't get past the line NuppelVideoPlayer* nvp = new NuppelVideoPlayer("flagger", program_info); in mythcommflag/main.cpp with my dummy programinfo copied from mythtv/main.cpp
16:58<schtinky>gbee, I'm having trouble discerning that dummy ProgramInfo section within internal_play_media
16:59<schtinky>is it everything from the declaration down to TV::StartTV(pginfo);?
16:59<schtinky>or does pginfo need to actually go through the StartTV function to be filled?
17:04<schtinky>does nuppel need lenMins to be accurate? or does it do its own deciding on that
17:29<stuarta>\o/ woo hoo
17:29<stuarta>just found a little patch from mark Spieth that fixes my osd scaling issues
17:30*stuarta wonders if it's a) been submitted b) ticketed
17:30*stuarta keeps reading the mailing list
17:31<Chutt>there's a ticket
17:31<Chutt>feel free to commit
17:31<Chutt>it looked correct to me
17:31<laga>to -fixes as well?
17:32<stuarta>it works a treat on 0.21-fixes
17:32*stuarta plays hunt the ticket
17:32<Chutt>if you really really want to commit on fixes
17:32<stuarta>i will, given that's where i'm testing it :)
17:32<sphery>stuarta: #5256
17:39<schtinky>doing a mythcommflag without the database should be a simple as 1. create dummy program info 2. run nupplevideoplayer with "flagger" and the programinfo 3. spit out the results
17:39<schtinky>nothing is happening... it's so dang wedded to the database in there
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18:01<gbee>schtinky: have you looked at the program sphery suggested, the one which uses a forked copy of mythcommflag to create a standalone application with closed caption support?
18:02<schtinky>can't use it because it only supports mpeg
18:03<schtinky>I have this working, so long as I have a mysql database there
18:03<schtinky>the show isn't even in the database
18:03<schtinky>mythcommflag just seems "comforted" by the fact that it's there
18:04<schtinky>as soon as I start stripping out all the database communications, it all goes to crap
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18:06<gbee>schtinky: run with -v database to work out where and why it's accessing the database - it's probably looking for settings related to playback and handling of files
18:06<schtinky>I started from scratch, would you mind to take a look if you can see why I'm segfaulting at the nvp flagger line?
18:07<schtinky>inside the NVP constructor, I've got debugging cerr statements but they don't appear at all
18:08<gbee>schtinky: I was planning to take a break from the computer and watch some tv, but I'm sure someone else would be happy to help
18:08<schtinky>thanks anyway
18:08<schtinky>quick question:
18:08<schtinky>the private declaration of program_info is ProgramInfo* program_info = NULL;
18:09<schtinky>and in my main() I have program_info = new ProgramInfo;
18:09<schtinky>are those compatible? I don't know my c++
18:09<schtinky>should it be = new ProgramInfo();
18:10<gbee>should be "new ProgramInfo();"
18:11<gbee>well, doesn't matter really
18:11<schtinky>at the top of the file in BuildNewMarkup it has it wihtout paren
18:12<schtinky>how do I make my cerr statements print out before the segfault?
18:12<schtinky>flush after every one?
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18:12<kvandivo>cerr flushes automatically
18:15<schtinky>is gContext global?
18:17<schtinky>pretty sure my dummy program_info isn't being filled properly
18:18<schtinky>because a call to TV:StartTV(program_info) at the same location gives another segfault
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18:30<schtinky>need some help. I'm segfaulting out at the NVP declaration. Can anyone tell me why? What does NVP need from my programinfo that I'm not giving it?
18:31<schtinky>I haven't touched my NVP class
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19:47<Anduin>schtinky: You are bypassing too much, look at the main()s in the other programs, it is likely that you segfault on gContext (how it is created is revealed in those other main() functions)
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19:49<Anduin>You will also need a QApplication for other Qt things to work
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19:53<Anduin>This is easy stuff though, many of the people in here are also in -users (where people are less likely to become irritated by this)
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20:17<schtinky>thanks for the help, sorry if i'm taking up precious idle lines of chat space
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20:19<kormoc>schtinky, there's no faster way to alienate folks then by being passive-aggressive...
20:20<Anduin>I frequently give up on scrollback without a ding for my name because it is too long, idle is relative.
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22:37<mcquaid>just a user here. i'm asking because no one is sure in mythtv-users. i was watching live tv and fell asleep. i had two recordings scheduled but only the first recorded
22:37<mcquaid>the first prompt while watching live tv, has a default to switch to scheduled recording and watch
22:37<mcquaid>but the second prompt for the second recording doesn't default to record the scheduled show, it stays on that channel treating it like live tv
22:38<mcquaid>i've encountered this before in .20 and was hoping it wasn't still in .21
22:38<mcquaid>someone told me this was by design and not a bug and I wanted to confirm this
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23:36<Chutt>i hate windows mobile 6.
23:36<Chutt>it takes forever to compile :(
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