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02:59<famicom>Quick suggestion for the lircd config files
03:00<famicom>oh, wrong channel, my bad
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06:29<gbee>feck, just learnt that someone I went to school with was killed in bus crash in Bolivia - it had been all over the news last week but I hadn't realised that it was the same girl :(
06:29<laga> :(
06:31<gbee>err, Ecuador
06:32<gbee>I left that school in 1991, but I'm suprised I didn't make the connection earlier - I recognised the name as someone I knew, I just didn't think it was her
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09:32<danielk22>Heh, ocean hazard radio -- brookhaven national laboratory -- picked up by new enhanced channel scanner...
09:36<danielk22> -- they are broadcasting a 8-VSB modulated radio signal, but without proper ATSC tables.. so either it's an experiment or it's only meant for signal relay.
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10:15<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>What would be neat is to the channel scanner to add nothing to the database until the user confirms/acks it
10:15<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>So I could scan, and if I choose not to add any new stuff it doesn't bother adding it
10:22<janneg:#mythtv>GreyFoxx: that's danielk22's plan
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10:32<danielk22:#mythtv>yeah, it's already that way in the channel scanner branch.
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10:59<kiu112:#mythtv>Hi developers, is there any document/solution about the current problems of importing dvb-c channels.conf into mythtv (failing to convert frequency, fec, etc correctly) ?
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11:51<Dibblah:#mythtv>600 active tickets again :(
11:52<clever:#mythtv>want me to open a few?:P
11:52<clever:#mythtv>empty commflag_update cause my frontends to abort() if they are playing the file
11:52<clever:#mythtv>i can probly patch it myself once i figure out how a QList works
11:57<Dibblah:#mythtv>I'm willing to bet that is a corrupt seektable.
11:59<clever:#mythtv>5114 seems to be my commflag ticket
12:00<clever:#mythtv>it probly exploded on pause when i was out
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12:06<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>Dibb: A Lot of them are the individual patches from Erik Hovland
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12:11<danielk22:#mythtv>75 of em
12:11<danielk22:#mythtv>maybe, let me create a report..
12:12<danielk22:#mythtv>report 20 lists them...
12:15<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>If I get a chance this weekend I'm gonna sit down and try and go through some of them
12:16<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>I want to go through all of the OSD timeout stuff too.
12:22<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>hmmmm so mplayer has taken over the abandoned libdvdnav stuff... wonder if we should look at syncing to what they have
12:22<beandog:#mythtv>its still a bit buggy
12:22<beandog:#mythtv>but its coming along.
12:22<danielk22:#mythtv>mplayer has never been great at handling dvd menus
12:23<beandog:#mythtv>at least someone is actively working on it again, which is good.
12:23<danielk22:#mythtv>ogle + xine do better
12:23<beandog:#mythtv>in fact, Im working on svn ebuilds for both of them right now
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12:23<beandog:#mythtv>but it breaks everything else that uses libdvdread, since they are modifying that as well
12:24*GreyFoxx:#mythtv needs to sit down and look at using storage groups to access a dvd
12:24<laga:#mythtv>GreyFoxx: for backups?
12:24<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>laga: No, for the remote DVD changer,
12:25<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>so I can have DVD's in the jukebox which are either video data files, or actual real dvd's and stream from the backend for the frontend to play
12:25<laga:#mythtv>ah :)
12:25<clever:#mythtv>a more proper way might be to make mythtv aware of the changer
12:25<clever:#mythtv>so it can request the changer to insert a certain disk
12:25<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>clev: Well of course
12:25<clever:#mythtv>based on what your tryign to play
12:25<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>and that is done
12:26<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>and it's simple for accessing individual files
12:26<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>so I can play any avi I have on a disk
12:26<clever:#mythtv>but if you try to access 2 diff files at once
12:26<clever:#mythtv>it would run into problems sharing the changer
12:26<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>but getting it all working for actually dvd playback is more complicated :)
12:26<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>clev: I wont allow sharing
12:26<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>treat it like a tuner in a way
12:26<clever:#mythtv>the backend could copy the file to /tmp/ and autoexpire the duplicate when needed
12:26<skamithi:#mythtv>i am gonna compare the libdvdnav myth uses with the mplayer one soon to see what they've fixed in dvdnav code. maybe they've cleaned up all those asserts stuartm noticed :)
12:26<clever:#mythtv>so it has a cache on disk
12:27<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>ska: hehe yeah that's what I was wondering :)
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12:28<clever:#mythtv>could also do my idea outside of myth
12:28<clever:#mythtv>a FUSE fs which knows every file on every disk
12:28<clever:#mythtv>and just claims they exist
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12:28<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>feel free to implement that
12:28<clever:#mythtv>then picks the disk(or /tmp/ cache) on the fly when you try to open things
12:29<clever:#mythtv>i'll look into it when i get bored:P
12:29<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>for now Myth's database will know what files are on ever disk and do the appropriate thing (changing disks as such) :)
12:29<laga:#mythtv>copying 4GB to /tmp/ from optical media sounds like a great idea
12:29<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>Disk 117 is the SpongeBob DVD, but disk 83 is 10 avi files, etc etc
12:29<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>I plan to feed directly from the device
12:29<clever:#mythtv>laga: i mean keeping that on disk cache under a set size limit
12:29<clever:#mythtv>like myth's auto expire
12:30<clever:#mythtv>so that the dvd changer can be shared between diff readers
12:30<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>That doesn't sound like it's worth it for what I expect most users to do
12:31<clever:#mythtv>you may have 3 frontends and 3 family members
12:31<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>cause if I wanna watch a DVD, A: I'm not waiting for 20 minutes for the dvd to be ripped to disk
12:31<clever:#mythtv>and they may want to watch stuff from different dvd archives
12:31<clever:#mythtv>it wont need to fully rip to disk
12:31<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>and B: if I'm using the disk directly to avoid the caching delay and the file you wanna play is not cached you are outta luck
12:31<clever:#mythtv>to start streaming
12:31<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>cleve: until I start jumping chapters
12:31<clever:#mythtv>it can start copying&streaming it at the same time
12:31<clever:#mythtv>ah yeah that would begin to be a problem
12:32<clever:#mythtv>but that would start a new file on the disk
12:32<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>Or a bookmark tries to jump to a spot not cached
12:32<clever:#mythtv>also im thinking more for data dvd's
12:32<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>It's not worth the reward
12:32<clever:#mythtv>the cache could just act like a 200mb readahead buffer
12:32<GreyFoxx:#mythtv>I plan to treat it like a tuner, you only have 1 stream per :)
12:32<clever:#mythtv>so that it can go fast enough to catch up and let something else use the drive
12:47<sonny_jim:#mythtv>Hi there, I've just installed mythtv on my gentoo box and mythbackend just segfaults, see for output
12:47<sonny_jim:#mythtv>ah whoops
12:47*sonny_jim:#mythtv notices title
12:47<sonny_jim:#mythtv>Sorry, I'll post it in the appropiate channel
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13:57-!-Irssi: You are now talking in #mythtv
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14:20<danielk22>ok, Erik's tickets are down to 65 :)
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15:37<schtinky>if I wanted to post a coding job for a myth expert, where would I do that?
15:38<schtinky>the results from the job would be open-source, of course
15:40<danielk22>Just post to the mythtv-dev mailing list.
15:40<Anduin>schtinky: the -dev mail list sees that sort of thing on occasion
15:42<schtinky>ok thanks
15:43<beandog>that remidns me, can we get the mailing lists setup on gmane?
15:44<beandog>has anyone looked into that
15:44<xris>I think there were technical reasons why they're not there.
15:44<beandog>hmm. poop.
15:44<xris>we use gossamer-threads for the list archives
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16:15<Dorward>I'm developing a user job script, and was wondering if there was a nice way to delete a recording once the job had run. Any suggestions? Thanks.
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16:24<tidjy>hello everybody
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16:59<sphery>Dorward: You can use MythXML to do it. See MythXMLTest in contrib for more.
17:01<Dorward>sphery: OK, thanks.
17:05<sphery>danielk22: if you're looking for more easy tickets to close, #4986 is a waste of space on a ticket report :)
17:08<danielk22>done :)
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17:10<danielk22>I'm actually just trying concentrating erik's tickets; some of these are easy to verify and fix errors, others not so much. I'm just trying to off some of the easy ones right now.
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17:40<sphery>Yeah, I just figured since you were on a roll (and since it was originally from one of your DB updates). :)
17:40<sphery>danielk22: BTW, did you really want to leave L3590 in there?
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17:54<danielk22>nope, just missed it, gone now.
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18:06<sphery>danielk22: thx. Looks like you get the wrong ticket # on [17217] (eitfixup stuff)? (perhaps you meant #5157)
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18:06<danielk22>heh, ok -- time for me to take a break
18:07<danielk22>I also typo'ed typo in another commit message.
18:07<sphery>Yeah, you've been working way too hard. Thanks, though.
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18:41<jroysdon>Is the mythmusic list of songs stored in the frontend or backend? I'm trying to automate updating it w/o using the GUI (for use with a cronjob to move seasonal music in and out of the directory)
18:41<GreyFoxx>You were told.
18:41<GreyFoxx>The frontend fills them into the database
18:42<GreyFoxx>there is no commandline tool or --switch for it
18:42<jroysdon>Doesn't that seem lame? Same with MythVideo deletes?
18:43<GreyFoxx>I humbly await your patches to remove the lameness :)
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19:06<kormoc>jroysdon, it's not hard to do, the mythvideo web interface will scan and update and all that jazz, it's not perfect but does the job well enough. Wouldn't be too hard for you to write your own version
19:07<laga>i wish people in the "XvMc-OpenGL and OpenGL-OSD" would trim the quotes
19:07<GreyFoxx>I was just complaining about that in -users :)
19:07<laga>i should probably be quet because my thunderbrd is still set to HTML ;)
19:07<jroysdon>a pox on you
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19:09*laga queries google
19:09<laga>"So "Pox on you!" means "I hope you get syphilis!"
19:09<laga>gee, thanks.
19:09<jroysdon>I think that's a fitting punishment for folks who have their email client set to use html ;-p
19:10<laga>jroysdon: no. i manually override it every time i send mail
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19:13<jroysdon>kormoc - Are you cretain mythweb video actually updates the db? I would think it just shows what is in the db
19:13*jroysdon goes to do a quick check
19:13*laga pops some mercury to cure the pox and goes to bed
19:14<GreyFoxx>jroy: it updates imdb stuff, don't think it adds/removes videos though
19:14<xris>it'll add new videos if you do a scan
19:14<xris>I use it all the time because I hate mythvideo's frontend interface
19:14<xris>(esp. the imdb part)
19:14<GreyFoxx>I use it for the imdb updates
19:14<GreyFoxx>easier than navigating the video manager to do it
19:15<xris>I really wish there was a "grab imdb data" right in mythvideo on the details screen right before playback
19:15<kormoc>jroysdon, given I wrote it, yes, I'm sure it twiddles the db
19:15<jroysdon>kormoc, ah, good to know, and I see the "update" button there
19:16<jroysdon>So it doesn't automatically do it, but the coding does know how to do it if you submit the update
19:16<jroysdon>kormoc, Care to write something like that for the music side? ;-p
19:17<kormoc>jroysdon, not overly given I don't use it :P
19:18<jroysdon>Heh, I don't either, but the Wife does
19:20<jroysdon>kormoc, I wish mythvideo web had the "Parental control" option or whatever mythfrontend has
19:21<jroysdon>(It's how we limit what the kids can see without a grownup putting in the code)
19:21<kormoc>jroysdon, and the current one doesn't work?
19:21<jroysdon>Not even to filter what was shown on mythweb, but just to allow editing if the field.
19:22<jroysdon>I don't see the parental levels referenced anywhere in the mythweb version.
19:22<xris>they're not
19:22<xris>there is a ticket about that
19:23*jroysdon has another suggestion while he's at it:
19:24<jroysdon>Create user/views (we do this already with filters) - but specifically the ability to have your own set of schedules/and quota of storage space. ;-p
19:24<kormoc>there's a key thing in there
19:25<jroysdon>We have pins/passwords on the filters, if that's what you mean.
19:25<kormoc>admin key:
19:25<kormoc>I thought for sure it respected those already
19:25*kormoc shrugs
19:25<jroysdon>Oh, it works for limiting access to the filters.
19:25<kormoc>jroysdon, editing the video in mythweb does also allow parental level (second to last field)
19:25<jroysdon>But nothing stops one users from scheduling too much crap and deleting other users stuff or filling the disk
19:26<kormoc>jroysdon, patches will be accepted
19:26<kormoc>jroysdon, what version of mythweb?
19:26<jroysdon>MythDora 4 appears to ship with 0.20.1-161
19:27<kormoc>that stuff has been improved for 0.21
19:27<GreyFoxx>ancient :)
19:27<kormoc>quite a different setup now
19:27*jroysdon needs to upgrade to MythDora 5, but plenty of customization which will have to be fixed in the new version too.
19:28<jroysdon>Anyknow, quotas for users would be great at some time ;-p
19:28<jroysdon>Kids aren't much of a problem (yet), but the Wife always is...
19:28<jroysdon>oooh, pretty
19:28<kormoc>editing the video allows everything to be edited these days
19:29<jroysdon>Cool, I'll hopefully upgrade this weekend.
19:29<jroysdon>I'll be doing the fresh install method, so I just have to document schedules and backup all my customization, and then have at it
19:30<sphery>document schedules = , fresh install (with that documentation) =
19:31<jroysdon>sphery, Is that safe to do from Mythtv 0.20 to 0.21?
19:32<jroysdon>(I was just going to manually add them back in... there's only two dozen schedules anyway)
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19:37<the[V]oid>How can I manually add channels? There's an option for this in the channel editor, but the only thing I can specify here is the channel's id and name
19:38<the[V]oid>How to specify frequency and so on?
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