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00:21<xris>Captain_Murdoch2: got your linkedin message. I set you as a mgr, too
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01:09<conathan>I was just wondering how easy it would be setup, to be able to select the RCA inputs via mythtv (ChannelBrowsing is not an issue for me)
01:10*conathan was trying to turn his system from something that works great for recording/watching tv, to a more integrated media center
01:11<hads>conathan: Please read the topic.
01:11<conathan>ooh, sorry
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07:33<baalsgate>ok fess up who broke mythweb
07:34<Dibblah>baalsgate: #mythtv-users may be a better channel.
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07:40<purserj>n/win 11
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07:52<baalsgate>Dibblah i have already been there thought I would see if anyone is awake here
07:52<baalsgate>Dibblah its all good just keeping you on your toes
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08:35<areels>does it work with bt878 tuners?
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09:04<janneg>areels: what? and you might want to read the topic
09:05<areels>janneg: #answersfromareels
09:05<areels>i don't answer questions here
09:05<areels>that's because i'm stupid
09:05<laga>you have a point there.
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09:58<foolish>I'm trying to use xvmc to get better performance when playing video. I'm using the intel driver version 2.3.0 and I have XvMC enabled, my X log: When I try to play someting using the XvMC video output however, it fails with the following messages (mplayer):
09:59<foolish>What am I missing? I do believe the pre-compiled packages I'm using of mplayer, from, have XvMC support.
10:01<janneg>try to read the topic and compare the application names
10:02<janneg>hint try to compare more than the first character
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10:05<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: there?
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10:11<GreyFoxx>yeah but barely, in the middle of some stuff for a customer. What's up ?
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10:22<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: just wondering if I could get your oppinion on
10:23<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: looks to me like mysql disconnected, but I'm not certain.
10:23<MrGandalf>when you get a chance..
10:29<MrGandalf>maybe something like: "set session wait_timeout = 31536000;" on connect would do the trick
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10:40<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: Maybe something like
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11:57<GreyFoxx>tuxi: It will be auto deleted after a day unless you changed the expire values
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13:19<gbee>looks like the duplicate detection in mythmusic import is broken with QT4 - just pushed a bunch of files into the database even though they were already there
13:20<gbee>filename/directory_id should probably be a unique key
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13:32<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: did you see that patch?
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15:11<sphery>danielk22: Did you want to close #5157 in [17217]? I think the close got missed because of the typo'd ticket #.
15:14<danielk22>yup, thanks for reminding me.
15:19<Chutt>instead of fixing all the pthread_* stuff
15:19<Chutt>should we just switch to qt's threads?
15:24<famicom>Anyone here Know where i can find hte author of the mythweb themes
15:24<famicom>and the person who was workin gon php bindings for it
15:25<xris>me and kormoc, in that order
15:25<famicom>Tis me again
15:25<famicom>Not sure if you remember me
15:27<xris>not-enough-sleep guy from the other day?
15:30<famicom>Anyway, I was just using mythweb for some channel maintenance
15:30<famicom>and i just remembered how i hated the colorscheme
15:33<famicom>Mythweb itself is brilliant and the theme itself is structually sound
15:33<famicom>but the colors make it seem like some kid made it with frontpage
15:34<GreyFoxx>In your ever so humble opinion
15:34<GreyFoxx>Mrg: I saw it, and the patch looks fine, I just don't know that particular mysql setting :)
15:35<GreyFoxx>Mrg: What was happenning when it crashed with that?
15:37<xris>famicom: again with the lack of *constructive* criticism
15:38<famicom>actually, rather than critisize i'd rather improve it
15:39<xris>that's fine. but your comments tend to come out as rather rude criticisms
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15:40<xris>if you're interested in helping then I'm happy to look at mockup ideas -- image or html.
15:40<xris>heck, we've even briefly thought about moving things into smarty to make it easier to template things... although I'm still not a very big fan of smarty
15:41<famicom>smarty should burn in hell
15:41*kormoc blinks
15:42<kormoc>wow, rather strong comments. If I was a lesser man, I'd commit in smarty just to spite you :P
15:42<laga>i'd do it. ;)
15:45<xris>famicom: until you put some art where your mouth is, every comment like that just brings you closer to my /ignore list. If you're so inexperienced that you can't see the benefit in proper MVC separation of content (part of which smarty is a decent solution for, albeit a bit overkill for mythweb), you should start by doing some research into code architecture.
15:46<famicom>actually, I do know the model, view controller design pattern
15:46<famicom>But i jut can't stand smarty
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15:47<xris>I've never actually used it. I just know that it's one of the better recommended templating engines out there for php
15:47*xris ponders rewriting mythweb in C++ and integrating it with the backend. :)
15:48<famicom>Well, from experience I've learned that smarty gives more problems than solving them
15:52<famicom>xris do you have a place where i can find the current WIP version?
15:53<kormoc>Work in progress
15:55<famicom>thank you
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16:08<gbee>what's wrong with smarty? I really like it and IMHO it's definately one of the best template engines and considering the licensing probably perfect for most needs
16:08<beandog>yo Cardoe doggie
16:09<famicom>gbee mostly dependency issues
16:09<famicom>I cant count the amount of times I had a web application fail due to some inane error caused by smarty
16:09<famicom>smarty will scream bloody murder when it tries to write to some vague directory
16:10<famicom>that and the fact that the "template compiling" function keeps breaking
16:10<gbee>I started out with my own engine and abstracted the engine from the code so that I could slot in smarty or any other template engine, but I quickly dropped maintaining my own and I've gone with smarty ever since
16:10<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: re: What was happenning when it crashed with that? Nothing, just EIT active scan.
16:11<gbee>never once had problems with smarty that weren't due to programmer or user error - not saying it's perfect, just that I've had a very positive experience
16:11<famicom>gbee perhaps you are right, but for me it hasn't been a very pleasant experience
16:15<gbee>I'd like to see mythweb move to smarty, then I can create a metallurgy theme for it ;)
16:16<gbee>I wouldn't call mythweb unthemeable right now, but it's not themeable
16:16<famicom>gbee that depends
16:17<famicom>I've worked with several template engines int he past, it really just comes down to getting a feel for it
16:17<gbee>no, I'm trying not to hurt anyone's feelings, but I've tried with mythweb and it's hard going
16:18<sphery>MrGandalf: Do you know if it's possible with Qt4 to request a connection with auto-reconnect? Qt3 uses the MySQL C library defaults, which were changed in 5.0.3 to disable auto-reconnect. If we could get auto-reconnect, again, we could probably even remove the "workarounds" we have now (in changesets linked in thread at ).
16:18<gbee>which is why I only tend to work on mythweb issues sporadically :)
16:20<gbee>hmm, now using mythui's format for mythweb templating would be interesting - more work than it's really worth, but taking a widget based approach to html templates would be pretty novel
16:21<famicom>It's been done before
16:23<gbee>novel to me ;) Most template engines use a mix of html with the template language, but removing the html completely from the equation is not something I've ever worked with before
16:23*gbee makes a note to write the code just for fun
16:25<famicom>You would still have to write the widgets
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16:29<gbee>yeah, no big deal though, just time consuming and I probably don't have the time for it :(
16:29<famicom>I can do it
16:29<famicom>if you want
16:31<gbee>nah, I don't know it's what xris and kormoc want for mythweb, I'm only interested so long as I'm writing the code because that's the fun part :)
16:31<gbee>I mean if that's what xris/kormoc would like to see, go for it ...
16:32<famicom>Nah, but I've been workin gon widgets for a while now
16:32<famicom>along with a general html/css framework
16:35<gbee>I particularly like the idea of creating a truely portable themeing/template format where the actual page could be rendered in html/xhtml/xml/pdf or by an application such as mythtv
16:35<gbee>somthing in pure xml much the same as mythui's theme format
16:38<gbee>by it's nature it wouldn't be particularly flexible and it's a lot of effort for something that has a pretty limited scope
16:39<xris>gbee: part of the problem with theming mythweb is the plugin architecture
16:39<xris>wanting to support third party plugins at the same time as trying to keep the theme/skin files separate from the plugin code
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16:42<gbee>xris: wish I could propose a solution but I know very little about the internals of mythweb despite making some attempts :)
16:45<xris>I'll come up with something eventually
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17:07<xris>ok, good, can still see text. :)
17:13<sphery>Hmmm. I see test, not text. ;)
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18:15<gbee>Baylink has thrown his toys, not for the first time I seem to recall
18:16*kormoc blinks
18:19<gbee>Kevin deleted the "MythTV sucks" page on the wiki, a decision that I completely agree with and we're not alone - there was a pretty negative feedback to the idea and some well reasoned arguments against the page on the talk page, but Baylink seemed to think it was arbitrary and doesn't want anything to do with the wiki anymore
18:19<laga>ooh, drama. on the users list?
18:20<gbee>"... seemed to think the deletion was arbitrary ..."
18:21<gbee>laga: no, it's just played out on the wiki between Kevin and Baylink as far as I know, but I'm not subscribed to the -users list so it might have started there
18:21<sphery>I didn't see anything there.
18:23<kormoc>Poor folks...
18:23<sphery>I notice there's still a link to the Why MythTV Sucks page from the Feature Wishlist page (though I'm afraid to delete it)...
18:23<laga>the page also ticked off justinh
18:24<laga>though that's not the first time either ;)
18:24<sphery>I really want to see the talk page for the deleted page, now--I never took the time to read it.
18:25<laga> - sphery
18:25<laga>it's still there
18:26<GreyFoxx>That's a new one
18:26<GreyFoxx>someone started all over
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18:26<laga>no, dagmar's ncomment has been there for some time
18:27<sphery>laga: thx--I don't know MediaWiki well enough to know how to find that (or even that it still existed)
18:28<laga>i just clicked on the "discussion" link ;)
18:34<gbee>thought there was more to the discussion page than that ... guess some of the discussion played out in other places, either other wiki pages or in IRC
18:35<sphery>Wow. Having read that, I'm glad I just finished up the last part of my #4760 patch (so I actually feel like a helpful user). Now to update to head and see if it needs changes for Qt4.
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18:38<gbee>sphery: not sure how it made you think you weren't helpful or that users who don't participate in discussion aren't helpful
18:38<kormoc>gbee, ooh! you can delete pages! There's a absolute metric ton of no content / no linked pages that should be deleted
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18:40<sphery>gbee: Actually it just made me want to be useful. (Kind of a guilt trip thing--reminds me how you devs work so hard and give me a great product, even if there are things to be improved.)
18:42<gbee>kormoc: if you stick {{Ready for deletion}} at the top of those pages then they can be looked at, they will be put into the 'deletion' category so they can be found/deleted by anyone with the right privs
18:44<sphery>kormoc: from the link gbee gave: 20:02, 22 July 2007 Baylink deleted "Rob Smith" (content was: '{{Ready for deletion}}')
18:44<gbee>sphery: I worry about coming over too strong, especially since I can always do more myself - you've contributed more than some devs IMHO and I don't think you have anything to feel guilty about
18:45<kormoc>sphery, you know, I had a funny feeling I knew that before, but I wasn't sure... whoops :P
18:45<kormoc>I blame the alcohol from last night!
18:46<sphery>I'm just glad you didn't disappear after the deletion (like a bad Arnold S/Vanessa Williams movie). We need you for MythWeb.
18:47<kormoc>My new mac pro just showed up, I'll be more active with the new box methinks
18:51<gbee>if anything I should feel guilty - I promised Paul that I'd have the widgets he wants written soon but I've been too preoccupied with other things, mythweather setup is partially broken and it's my fault :/
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18:52<laga>i'm torn. should i send gbee on a guilt trip or should i thank him for doing such a great job on the mythui conversion?
18:52*laga opts for the latter
18:52<laga>gbee: i don't know where you get the energy or the time to do that conversaion, but it's much appreciated :)
18:52*gbee breathes a sigh of relief
18:53<sphery>gbee: You definitely didn't come off too strong (nor should you, of all people, feel guilty). I'm just easily guilted into wanting to help. (Why I can't watch Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.) Besides, I'd guess we're going on 2 years of promised for automated backups, now. :)
18:54<sphery>I think you and danielk22 have both earned your immunity from getting voted off the MythTV island in the form of commits.
18:57<gbee>you can't convince me of that ;) I don't think anything I've done really compares to what danielk22, janneg, Chutt, nigel or a half dozen other devs have contributed
18:57<gbee>I'm not looking for reassurance or pats on the back, that's just the way I see it
18:59<sphery>I agree they've done a lot, too. I've just seen your name on a /lot/ of commits for quite some time, now.
19:00<gbee>quantity != quality :)
19:02<gbee>I'm just having fun, I wouldn't be doing it otherwise (well money wouldn't hurt :p )
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19:10<xris>sphery: deletion?
19:11<gbee>xris: the wiki page "Rob Smith" was deleted in July last year
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20:02<MrGandalf>spery: I appologize, you asked me a question before I left a few hours ago?
20:02<MrGandalf>sphery rather
20:03<sphery>20080502 16:18:24< sphery> MrGandalf: Do you know if it's possible with Qt4 to request a connection with auto-reconnect? Qt3 uses the MySQL C library defaults, which were changed in 5.0.3 to disable auto-reconnect. If we could get auto-reconnect, again, we could probably even remove the "workarounds" we have now (in changesets linked in thread at ).
20:04<MrGandalf>dunno, I could check.. my I content that having to reconnect is a work-around in itself.
20:06-!-purserj_ is now known as purserj
20:06<MrGandalf>don't see anything in setConnectOptions()
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20:06<sphery>MrGandalf: in that case, you could always adjust your own wait_timeout and inactive_timeout in /etc/my.cnf . :)
20:06<MrGandalf>yes, you could
20:07<MrGandalf>and I have mine setup but for some reason it doesn't take effect
20:07<sphery>I didn't see anything, either, but I was hoping you might have better luck than me. I'd think someone would have updated the Qt MySQL drivers since the 5.0.3 change...
20:07<MrGandalf>and I figured this might eliminate all those work-arounds.
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20:08<MrGandalf>and some people may not want to set that global.. this sets only the session
20:09<sphery>I was just thinking that is seems only the EIT code is affected, so it may be nice to allow connections to die when not needed. I'd guess (though I haven't looked) that the EIT code is just holding on to a query too long to let the workarounds work.
20:10<MrGandalf>I don't even know for a fact it effects the EIT code. I'm gussing by my backtrace.
20:12<sphery>I'll admit I don't know the EIT code well enough to even know if it's reasonable for it to release an MSqlQuery and get a new one more often, so...
20:13<MrGandalf>well, my EIT is very high bandwidth so if this is going to catch anyone, it would be me :)
20:16<danielk22>EIT does a lot of inserts, so it wouldn't make sense for it to get a new connection on each insert. But it is certainly possible for it to drop the connection every few minutes or every few thousand inserts, whichever comes first.
20:16<MrGandalf>the default timeout for mysql is 8 hours
20:17<danielk22>We already do a bit of throttling in the EIT Scanner to prevent overwhelming mysql.
20:17<danielk22>so is the timeout since last insert?
20:17<MrGandalf>danielk22: where is that done? I may want to throttle a bit more
20:18<danielk22>mrg I haven't looked at the code in a LONG time, but I think the throttling is controlled via some settings in mythtv-setup general.
20:18<MrGandalf>danielk22: not sure.. I get a segfault every once in a while and it looks to be on a select within AddEIT()
20:18<MrGandalf>danielk22: all, handy
20:18<MrGandalf>ah, rather
20:19<MrGandalf>good God, I need more alcohol.
20:19<danielk22>really? the eit code was all written after we were aware of the QString problems.
20:19<MrGandalf>I don't know that I have the segfault anymore..
20:19<MrGandalf>if someone has it in their IRC buffer still..
20:19<MrGandalf> link
20:20<MrGandalf>ah, here we go:
20:21<MrGandalf>I'm really not sure what's causing that
20:22<danielk22>this is a Qt bug, hopefully fixed in Qt4
20:23<MrGandalf>do you know that for a fact, or just an intelligent guess
20:24<danielk22>The backtrace is going deep into QSqlQuery, and there are no QStrings here, the mythtv portion is pretty much provably ok using simple c++ code + Qt lib access. :)
20:26<MrGandalf>ok, I agree it's not in Myth, but I was thinking the bug could be triggered when mysql disconnects.
20:27<MrGandalf>but either way, it would be a qt bug
20:27<MrGandalf>I'm just trying to avoid it :)
20:27<danielk22>Yeah, i don't know what kind of qt but it is, if you compile qt with debugging symbols we could trace it...
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20:28<MrGandalf>I should do that someday
20:32<danielk22>I always compile qt with debugging symbols; a number my backtraces end up in there.
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21:48<MrGandalf>ok, this is getting old now
21:49<MrGandalf>I'm going to rewrite get_chan_id_from_db() to cache all the chanid's up front
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23:10<danielk22>guys, I just fixed a few QTimer uses in tv_play.{cpp,h} ... has anyone done an audit of the rest?
23:10<danielk22>This "grep QTimer */*/*.{cpp,h} | wc" returns 85 QTimer's to check..
23:11<danielk22>They are still work if only one thread both creates it and talks to it (via start,stop,etc.)
23:12<danielk22>and it only sends signals to objects created in that same thread.
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