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01:40<famicom>Any dev know where i can get a copy of the mythtv artwork
01:45<famicom>does that include a large copy of the logo like the one in the wiki
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02:18<sphery>Oops... I should get some sleep. I just realized I just commented on a ticket that had been closed/invalid.
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09:24<schtinky>quick note: Check out my job posting on the mythtv-dev list. We could use your help!
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18:06<gbee>laga: I got lost ;)
18:06<laga>gbee: thought as much
18:07<gbee>I stumbled over a thread on the Ubuntu forums (via google) which deserved a reply, tried to register but someone had already registered my nick
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18:07<gbee>to avoid anyone confusing the fake me with the real me I thought I'd seek you out ;)
18:08<laga>you got my approval then ;)
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18:08<laga>btw, i'm not sure if it's a good idea that people install the upstream fglrx driver. using envy-ng for that might be a better idea
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18:09<sphery>how do you tell Trac not to do the stupid wiki formatting without putting ! all over your comment?
18:10<gbee>sphery: dunno, never really had a problem with it
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18:11<sphery>Oh well, the e-mail is readable. :) It's removing an or ("||") and other stupid stuff.
18:11<gbee>laga: don't really know much about the ubuntu packaging system - seems unlikely to me that the packages are staying current with the driver releases? (within a week of release)
18:11<laga>gbee: no, they're frozen. envy-ng is a tool which applies the ubuntu packaging magic to the current driver
18:13<gbee>laga: right, well I've never bothered building my own RPMs - way too much hassle IMHO, but if you want to add that advice because it's better for Ubuntu users then go ahead :)
18:14<laga>heh, one of the reasons is in the posting right above yours: "Installing with the driver package from the ati site outputted the mesa3d from fglrxinfo, and playback is a little better but is still too slow (i guess about 10-15fps)." ;)
18:15<jroysdon>Anyone with MyhtDora here? I want to know if MD4 will still install just fine (I don't recall if it needed internet access and repos to install)? I'm trying to install MD4 on an older box and test restoring my MD4 data to it and then upgrading to MD5.
18:15<laga>i'll pst a follow-up
18:15<laga>jroysdon: try #mythtv-users
18:15<gbee>I've always just used the Nvidia installer and now the Ati installer instead of the packaged drivers, takes two minutes - I'm guessing that the "rolling your own" route takes a little longer, though it probably avoids the problem of xorg/mesa updates trampling all over the gl files
18:15<jroysdon>ooh, sorry
18:16<gbee>laga: the opengl issue is a problem, but the framerate issues he describes were due to there being no xvideo support for the X1250 in that driver version
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18:32<jroysdon>gbee, packaged drivers meaning what ships with the distro?
18:33*jroysdon us a RH/Fedora/CentOS user - that means the packaged drivers are always very weak
18:34<sphery>gbee: looks like a bored person could have a field day closing tickets (as Erik Hovland is consolidating). :)
18:34<gbee>in any distro they tend to be a version or two behind and that can be the difference between a working or buggy version
18:35<gbee>sphery: trouble is that I'm tired and haven't got the energy to do anything productive tonight :)
18:36<kormoc>use video as the audio time base causes hd playback to be jerky out the wazoo
18:36<sphery>gbee: you deserve a rest, anyway.
18:37<gbee>I should really be getting an early night, but I'm trying to catch up with my email before I fall even further behind
18:37<kormoc>gbee, don't force us to remove your commit access for a day or two ;)
18:40<sphery>It seems to take much longer to link current trunk than the Qt3 version did.
18:56<jroysdon>gbee - with RedHat distros, unless you use a third-party repo (like livna or dries), you don't get any closed-source proprietary drivers, hence the weakness.
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19:44<Fjodor>Hi. What do I do about "Attempted to add a rate 32000 Hz, which is not in the list of allowed rates"?
19:44<kormoc>Fjodor, try the correct channel first
19:44<Fjodor>Oh, going to mythtv-users
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19:44<Fjodor>Just saw that. I'll be on my way, bowing my head in shame :-$
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22:13<TJ13820>in my compile for myth tv, i came across the error "qmake for Qt4 not found. Please specify the correct qmake with --qmake=" Does this mean i am missing Qt4 files?
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