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02:44<MrGandalf>TJ13820: No, ignore that error.. it should go away. It's harmless.
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04:08<gbee>MrGandalv: no it's not, it means that the qt3 qmake is being found in PATH before the qt4 qmake (or that the qt4 qmake isn't installed)
05:08<gbee>laga: envy-ng sounds like a good idea, though I'm not sure it's as simple as it could be - quoting from the wiki page - "Envy does not automatically update itself when new upstream drivers are released; but all that's required is to update the version of the driver in envy and set the new md5 of the installer."
05:14<gbee>the checksum of the installer isn't available on the ATi website, so you have to download it, generate the checksum, put the version and checksum into the envy config, then use envy to re-download it etc
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05:36<laga>gbee: i guess updated packages will be available from the developer's PPA (personal package archive) on launchpad
05:36<laga>ut i'm not sure about that :)
05:37<laga>TBH, i just use what's shipped with the distro as long as it works.
05:47<laga>maybe it'd be easier to give erik hovland commit access ;)
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08:46<MrGandalv>gbee: I was being sarcastic.
08:48<gbee>MrGandalv: sorry ;)
08:48<MrGandalv>gbee: :)
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12:25<danielk22>gah! a qstring segfault.. we really need to write that thread safe qstring replacement.
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13:31<sphery>danielk22: re: #5286 (Fix initial database creation), I'll do some patches for -fixes if you want. I'm just holding off to see how you want to fix trunk, first, and to find out how much change or just workaround you want for -fixes.
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13:42<laga>can someone look at the patch in "Unable to view programguide in LiveTV" - it fixes a problem for pvr 350 owners and some ubuntu users have requested it.
13:43<laga>we're usually more comfortable with pulling stuff from -fixes :)
13:45<danielk22>sphery: yup, it's on my plate.
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14:38<sphery>danielk22: Yeah, I saw you assigned it to yourself. I just wanted to say that I can spend my time on the -fixes patches and testing rather than having you spend yours (since you have a lot of other stuff on your plate, too).
14:41<danielk22>laga: I don't know if that patch is safe. There is probably a reason it's disabled.
14:41<laga>danielk22: i'll go dig into the svn logs then
14:42<danielk22>sphery: I think the correct solution is for the db settings cache not to return an empty value if the value is empty in the DB so that GetNumSetting and GetSetting always return the right thing.
14:43<danielk22>+ We should never call GetNumSetting for the DB version.
14:50<sphery>I agree we should fix the cache. I'm happy to do it, but didn't know whether to prevent caching the value or to cache, i.e. QString::null and do an isNull() check on anything we pull out (i.e. is there ever a valid case where the cache would store a null value for a setting).
14:51<danielk22>sphery: yeah it could, but we can just have the cache set a boolean.
14:51<sphery>I still think we need the changes to the initial DB creation, too. I'll make a patch for the GetNumSetting() call, too. (I suppose just do a GetSetting() and use toInt() to convert it, right?)
14:52<danielk22>yeah, but where are we calling GetNumSetting for DBSchemaVer I don't see that in a grep
14:52<sphery>not sure how to implement the boolean
14:52<danielk22>nevermind, found it
14:52<sphery>It's in CompareDBSchemaVersion
14:52<sphery>in dbcheck.cpp
14:53<danielk22>hmm, we really should not cache DBSchemaVer anyway..
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14:55<sphery>I did like that it caused the message to print out, "Current Schema Version: 0" rather than "Current Schema Version: ", though. (Of course, it's only different on the initial DB. :)
14:58<danielk22>heh, that can be done when printing it out :)
14:58<danielk22>so your going to work on a patch for this?
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14:59<danielk22>i'll concentrate on Mark Spieth's audio patches then..
15:00<sphery>I can. If you want me to do a boolean for the cache, I'll need more info. I was thinking just putting QString::null into the QMap<QString, QString> would be easy, but I'm not sure where to do a boolean.
15:01<danielk22>Let's disable the caching of default values first...
15:02<sphery>So, just let it check the DB every time? That one I could handle.
15:02<sphery>(only for default values, though)
15:03<laga>danielk22: looking at the annotate logs for the pvr 350 epg issue:
15:03<laga>it seems that it just wasn't tested?
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15:03<sphery>Do you think there will ever be a problem if a settings value "changes" mid-application? I.e. someone calls GetSetting() with one default, and it returns the default, then someone else later calls it with a different default (and it returns the different value)?
15:06*sphery thinks he understands the boolean, now--use a boolean in GetSetting() to specify whether to cache the value--i.e. whether the value came from the DB or from the default
15:07<sphery>Looks like the "found" boolean would do exactly that (and might be as simple as just rearranging the set default/store value blocks)
15:08<sphery>I thought you were saying to somehow use a boolean with the settings cache to say that the value was a cached "default" value.
15:09<danielk22>sphery: the only boolean i've contemplated for Get{Num,}Settings is to disable the settings cache for the current Get
15:10<sphery>Oh, I see.
15:10<danielk22>i have to run, feel free to e-mail me with any more questions
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15:13<sphery>Thanks. I think I understand where you want to go.
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18:56<sphery>Hmmm. If you do an svn switch from 0.21-fixes to trunk, the --version output will contain branches/release-0-21-fixes until you rm and svn up. (Or, in my case, I svn switched from pre-Qt4 trunk to 0.21-fixes and --version wasn't updated.)
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19:58<Ward1983>can i create a mythtv front and backend on one system without x ?
19:59<sphery>Ward1983: /topic
19:59<Ward1983>sphery, oops sorry
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22:12<clever>found another this=0x0 in isDVD()
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23:39<rwalker>Being new to MythTV I posted a question in the forums about doing a Miro type plugin, is this something you guys are not looking to include?
23:41<hads>rwalker: I'd suggest a post to the mythtv-dev list.
23:42<hads>You'll probably get an answer here but it may take some time.
23:43<rwalker>Already did the forum post on, so don't want to spam everywhere...
23:43<rwalker>Devs go to that forum?
23:43<hads>rwalker: I doubt it, it's not official AFAIK
23:43<rwalker>Is there an official forum?
23:44<hads>No, the mailing list is the standard communication format.
23:45<rwalker>Has bittorent suport been a negative topic?
23:45<rwalker>err support
23:45<GreyFoxx>LEgal minefield, and will never be official supported
23:47<rwalker>good to know, what is the reception on un-official plugins?
23:47<rwalker>Not here to create waves, just think it would be a great option...
23:48<GreyFoxx>If they are not part of the official app most wont care :)
23:48<rwalker>that's what I figured... :)
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