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01:22<pyro>Can anyone help me with a prob? I have a pvr-x50 and it looks fine other than it show the same image twice, one on top of the other vertically, like having two tv's on top of each other, and the video is stretched obviously....
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04:50<gbee>err, weird problem: 2008-05-05 09:50:10.332 NVP: Couldn't find a matching decoder for: /mnt/myth2/1076_20080505094900.mpg
04:51<gbee>that's a channel which has never had any problems, it's managed to create a preview image just fine
04:52<gbee>problem was persistant until I restarted the frontend - cached result?
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05:12<Dibblah>gbee: I've been seeing that too.
05:12<Dibblah>NVidia card?
05:13<Dibblah>... Standard decoder or libmpeg2?
05:17<gbee>nvidia (though I'm not sure how that matters :) ) ffmpeg decoder
05:22<gbee>I've got to go out, but it's an interesting problem which I'd like to figure out and hopefully fix
05:45<Dibblah>For me it seems to be caused by a corrupted recording and is reproducable. But I don't have any examples at the moment :(
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06:50<MrGandalf>gbee: I've done some research into that.. what hanneps is if one of the av_* (which remember if it's av_find_stream_info() or another) is called on a garbage file, the frontend will have trouble opening valid files from that point on until restarted.
06:52<MrGandalf>the first of the two av_* calls simply sees the .mpg extension and returns, the other probes the file until it gets something recognozable - it's the second one that's at fault here.
06:52<MrGandalf>I think the first is in NuppleVideoPlayer() and the other in avformatdecoder
06:52<MrGandalf>(this is all from memory)
06:56<MrGandalf>I got the impression the probe thread never exited (at least not until the end of the file). I'm thinking it should somehow be given a subset of the file instead of the whole file.
06:57<MrGandalf>anyway, off to work..
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10:45<gbee>anyone know what H.222 is? Never heard of it, but it's apparently what at least one HD channel has started to broadcast
10:48<sphery>According to it's a withdrawn standard for "Frame structure for 384-1920 kbit/s channels in audiovisual teleservices" that's been merged with ITU-T H.221 (in 1990)
10:51<Dibblah>ITV HD?
10:52<Dibblah>Someone is saying that it's just h.264 in a TS...
10:53<gbee>Dibblah: yeah
10:53<Dibblah>Mislabeled. Apparently VLC plays it.
10:53<gbee>I suspect it may just be temporary and that they'll switch to native h.264 at some point - but for now they want to obscure it for some reason
10:54<gbee>Dibblah: any idea if ffplay can handle it?
10:54<Dibblah>No idea.
10:55<Dibblah>I haven't rescanned since freesat started.
10:56<gbee>ok, guess I'll find out when I finally get that dvb-s card ;)
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11:25<psicobra>hi guys i have myth tv installed and have set the parental setting on the video's i dont want my kid to see but now i can't see them either
11:26<psicobra>just lists his video's
11:30<rwalker>psicobra: You need to ask this in mythtv-users
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12:47<janneg>sphery: I think it's more probable that the autoexpire bug was caused by the new master backend without recorder
12:48<sphery>That could be. Though I think the situation I described can also occur, right?
12:50<janneg>not sure, there shouldn't have been autoexipreable recordings on the root partition if it has only 12G from 50G free
12:51<janneg>and i think the user uses only one big RAID
12:53<sphery>Oh, in that case, I agree, that's probably not what happened here. I didn't read the details too deeply (my brain hurt when I tried).
12:54<janneg>I'm not sure if I understood it correctly hence the request for the complete storage configuration
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13:01<janneg>Chutt: ?
13:07<Chutt>i'm home =)
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13:28<sphery>I wonder why I'm still getting "QSqlDatabasePrivate::removeDatabase: connection 'DBManager0' is still in use" messages at shutdown after [17131] (mythtv-setup from trunk/r17239)
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15:56<Chutt>all the QTimer changes Daniel did - would an easier fix been to have used QThread intead of a pthread?
16:21<gbee>more qt4 placeholder problems -
16:21<gbee>I'll open a ticket, I know janneg is busy
16:22<sphery>Yeah, I saw those. Looks like programmatically created placeholder names.
16:23<gbee>my backend log is full of them, several hundred Mb worth :)
16:23<sphery>./programs/mythbackend/scheduler.cpp +2229
16:24<sphery>I was afraid to touch the BUSQ, so I haven't considered making a patch. :)
16:26<gbee>I'm not even going to take a look
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18:21<clever>2008-05-05 19:21:19.699 message is COMMFLAG_UPDATE 1028 2008-05-05T17:58:00
18:21<clever>ASSERT failure in QList<T>::operator[]: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 394
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18:29<clever>patch made
18:30<clever>testing thru LD_PRELOAD
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21:39<sphery>Location of (now at mythtv/bindings/python/MythTV/ ) has changed since the "update also" comment at mythtv/libs/libmyth/mythcontext.h +125 was added.
21:42<Anduin>sphery: I'll fix it
21:42<Anduin>(unless someone has a pending mythcontext.h checkin)
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21:51<sphery>I'm about to submit a patch that changes the proto version. I don't expect it to be reviewed very quickly, though.
21:55<sphery>Always fun causing a recompile of everything for a comment. :) Thanks for updating it, though.
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22:52<HRearden>with respect to qt and time zone stuff. If you don't need the time zone def itself, you can compute current time and then also UTC time and subtract hours all via QT.
22:53<HRearden>would give you the "-4:00" part but not EDT
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22:55<sphery>Yeah, I noticed that Qt4's QDateTime supports getting time with UTC, but couldn't decide which approach would be better. I suppose if nothing else, I should have done the Qt-based approach for the Windows port.
22:56<HRearden>Just looking out for our Windows friends.... Not that I'll ever use it...
22:58<sphery>I'm also not exactly sure if just knowing -0500 is enough since one system could be at EST and another at CDT (which--if my timezone math is correct--would both be -0500). Then, when computing the starttime of recordings, MythWeb would do the DST conversions incorrectly.
22:58<sphery>The problem is that strftime()'s "names" aren't really standardized and are definitely not what PHP uses. :(
23:01<HRearden>I don't think that's right. If I'm in timezone Eastern and I set it to use daylight savings time then sometimes I'm EST -0500 and sometimes I'm EDT -0400. CST/CDT would similarly switch, right?
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23:12<sphery>I have to admit that I really don't know if a system could be misconfigured (which is what I hope to detect) to allow that. There are still some areas of the country that don't observe DST, so I thought a system could be set so it doesn't switch.
23:14<HRearden>I think you'd be OK in any case. I just went through the mythfilldatabase code, at least, and the data comes from schedules direct in UTC, then the QT functions are used to go from a UTC date back to local time. (Well, actually, those functions could use a rewrite under QT4 since the new QTDateTime has it directly now, but it does effectively the same thing). So if your reporter function just reported the delta, and all the deltas
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23:15<HRearden>A system can be set so it doesn't switch, but if you were in Central and non-switching (like Indiana at least used to be), you'd always be -0400 and never change to -0300. Delta's from UTC to local would still work.
23:16<HRearden>And also across windows, where some time string name would be totally meaningless.
23:20<sphery>I'll go ahead an implement the QDateTime-based difference calculation, but I'll add it ass a "backup" approach. The reviewer could then just delete the localtime_r() approach, if desired, and--even if committed with both--at least Windows gets something.
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23:22<HRearden>Only suggesting since you asked. For more info on timezone strings and how they work, there is some info here:
23:23<HRearden>I never use those actual strings on my "normal" boxes, but my hauppauge mvpmc boxes need them since they don't use distro-specific timezone files.
23:23<sphery>Yeah, I appreciate the feedback. I guess the problem stems from my lack of understanding of exactly what the problem is in MythWeb and, therefore, how to fix it. Perhaps xris or kormoc would better know what they need to fix it in MythWeb.
23:28*kormoc reads up
23:28<HRearden>Ahh. Just read 4683. Delta's may make the most sense there, as well, since there's no guarantee that the distro and timezone names would be consistent from the webserver running PHP to the mythbackend. MythWeb would just need to do the same delta calc.
23:30<sphery>kormoc: discussion is regarding , which is supposed to provide a means to allow you ;) to fix #4683
23:31<kormoc>And I assume someone considered using unix timestamps and thought that wasn't acceptable?
23:33<sphery>Well, that would require a /lot/ of changes to a lot of parts of Myth. It's probably a good long-term goal, but may be a very long-term project.
23:33*kormoc nods
23:34<sphery>testing would be the really hard part--then again, now would be a great time to introduce unstable changes (right along side the Qt4 change :)
23:35-!-brandon__ [n=brandon@] has joined #mythtv
23:35<kormoc>Yeah, unix timestamps would be the better way imho, but I understand if it's just too much. We'll be able to figure out a work around one of these days well enough
23:37<brandon__>Is there an environment setting to disable upnp for mythfrontend? There is a --noupnp for the backend but an option was never added for the frontend and a upnp device I can't shut off is segfaulting the frontend via upnp.
23:38<kormoc>brandon__, /topic
23:38<brandon__>kormoc: yup, read it. I wrote a few thousand lines for myth a couple years ago.
23:38<kormoc>heh, fair 'nuff
23:39<kormoc>it's an automatic reflex these days...
23:41<brandon__>no problem.. :) I asked on users just to be safe, thought I'd pop in here and see if I could save myself a couple hours, since I spent most of my night tracking it down. There used to be a configure option to disable upnp but that was removed too. I've made a few fixes to bugs but sadly upnp is too broken for my use.
23:41*Captain_Murdoch2 steps in long enough to say that it might be better to just add a QUERY_TIME to get the current backend date/time and let the client do the offset calc itself if necessary.
23:42<brandon__>Just to save sanity and watch a movie tonight to relax.
23:42<brandon__>that or I set an iptable rule to block it :)
23:43<sphery>kormoc: do you think you can make MythWeb work even if the MythWeb host has a differently-configured timezone from the backend with just a backend time or offset?
23:43<sphery>and, which would you prefer? :)
23:47<sphery>I think the symptom was that programs recorded during DST didn't show (MythWeb requested using recstartts 1hr too early) during standard time on a MythWeb host whose timezone wasn't properly set (wasn't specified in /etc/php.ini). gbee could tell you exactly what was set on the backend and the MythWeb host, but I was thinking it was British Summer Time and UTC, respectively.
23:48<sphery>a lot of users had the same issue (on the lists almost always described as "missing preview images" or "missing recordings" in MythWeb)
23:53<kormoc>if I had the orig timezone, I can do the conversions
23:53<sphery>does that mean just the original timezone's offset or do you need more?
23:54<kormoc>Well, the offset isn't enough, as with daylight savings, -5 becomes -6 or -4 or whatever it is
23:54<kormoc>I'd need the actual code for the timezone
23:55-!-danielk22 is now known as danielk_zzzz
23:55<kormoc>least, that's my understanding, as if it's just a date -5, is that form a computer that respects daylights savings or not, I don't believe one can tell
23:55<kormoc>but PST/PDT EST/EDT is explicit what it's being based off of
23:57<HRearden>I guess I was thinking more of retrieving the UTC offset from localtime from the backend, then doing a forward calculation from UTC in PHP in mythweb based on that same delta.
23:57<HRearden>That way timezone settings on the mythweb host become irrelevant.
23:57<sphery>kormoc: Except for EST/EST (Eastern Standard Time/Eastern Summer Time in Australia)
23:58<kormoc>well, whatever the short name for eastern daylight savings time
23:58<kormoc>HRearden, thing is, I seem to recall a number of broken setups where people hard code one offset, and then the offset to UTC is just wrong
23:59<kormoc>sphery, ooh, I see
23:59<kormoc>sphery, could do the 'full' names
23:59<kormoc>and it gets more complicated by the minute!
23:59<sphery>yeah, it works for almost all, but there are exceptions (and if someone has Eastern Standard Time (US) and Eastern Standard (or Summer) Time (Australia)), we couldn't tell the difference with what I'm giving you.
23:59<HRearden>If they've screwed up the hard coding on the mythbackend, they won't be able to schedule stuff correctly. What I'm saying is take that value as the one constant.
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