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00:00<kormoc>it would likely solve most of the people's issues
00:00<HRearden>Then share it out via QUERY_TIMEZONE, which maybe just shares the offset, then let mythweb calculate from UTC plus that offset to do reads, not a local offset.
00:00<kormoc>yeah, that would get the 90% easily I'd venture to guess
00:01<sphery>but MythWeb needs to know when DST starts, which it can only tell with the actual timezone, right?
00:01<HRearden>Why does Mythweb need to know?
00:02<sphery>Oh, and kormoc, I don't yet know how to get the full timezone names, which is why I just gave the abbreviation (that strftime() gives me).
00:02<HRearden>Display might be screwed up if people truly have gotten it misconfigured, but at least it would work and return DB values.
00:03<kormoc>sphery, fair 'nuff
00:03<HRearden>and/or you could even try to detect blatant misconfiguration by doing your own delta offset check between UTC and localtime on the mythweb host and comparing with the backend delta.
00:03<kormoc>HRearden, ooh, wait, query_timezone wouldn't work
00:03<kormoc>think of the offset of -8 and then DST is -9
00:04<kormoc>anything you record at -8 becomes shifted when you do a query_timezone and get -9 back
00:04<kormoc>cause the offset just swapped
00:04<sphery>my brain hurts
00:04<kormoc>timezones suck
00:05<HRearden>Store files as UTC instead.....
00:05<sphery>I'd rather just eat breakfast at 1:00pm. It would be much easier.
00:07<kormoc>daylight savings even screws that up
00:07<sphery>HRearden: I think I remember Chutt saying he wanted to store listings info in local time (as it makes checking the DB, interpreting the DB easier). I'm sure filenames could be changed, but if the DB records use local time, we need local time to build the where clause.
00:08<HRearden>As you said, that's a fairly sizable change...
00:08<HRearden>Still seems like there should be a way to insulate MythWeb from the whole mess.
00:10<kormoc>yeah... hrm...
00:11<sphery>Even if the protocol spoke UTC, we'd still need timezone (for offset and DST) info to calculate starttime/recstartts/progstart, etc., if they're stored in the DB using local time, right?
00:13<HRearden>yeah -- again, massive change. Either you store everything in UTC and do all calcs on fly or do what we have now...
00:14<HRearden>A bit of deja vu from the initial TMS grabber and timezone problems there, since their XML is in UTC...
00:14<sphery>Well, for now, I'll plan to implement the offset-only-using-QDateTime-as-a-backup approach. I'll also look into whether I can get zoneinfo DB names (America/New York versus EST--since only the former tells us what we need to know about DST)
00:15<HRearden>kormoc, I've been scanning the archives but can't get a good feel for exactly what happened with this DST / php.ini thing. Can you give a two line recap?
00:15<sphery>I think, also, that PHP uses zoneinfo DB names (or at least something close to them)
00:15<sphery>HRearden: gbee might be able to explain it better--it actually happened to him. :)
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00:17<kormoc>HRearden, php.ini can actually set a different default timezone then the system timezone, if they don't match, you get really weird behavior
00:22<HRearden>I guess it goes back to detection vs. repair. If the goal is detection, delta offsets might still work. I'm guessing in this case, if you did a delta comparison between UTC and localtime in PHP, it would rely upon the timezone setting in php.ini. If you then compare it to the timezone delta from QUERY_TIMEZONE, you at least have enough info to say "GO CONFIGURE YOUR SYSTEM CORRECTLY AND DON'T FILE A TICKET" but not enough informa
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00:44<clever>kormoc: ive also manualy set the TZ env from a php function
00:44<clever>to affect php and all programs it spawns
00:44<clever>without having to change the server wide php.ini
00:44<sphery>The problem is determining what TZ to set
00:45<clever>i use the same TZ= that i wrap arround my mythtv programs
00:46<clever>wait no
00:46<clever>was using it for a diff zone
00:46<clever>but i got the value the same way
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05:32<hads>Looks like QT4.4 has been released.
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05:58<teprrr>not yet
05:59<teprrr>or yes, looks like it is
05:59<teprrr>at least today is the release day
06:05<hads>Well it's 2205 on the 6th here :)
06:06<teprrr>ye, 1pm in here, but I can't locate the release notes/news at least yet
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06:34<teprrr>janneg, ahh. well-hidden one then... though that's just an article/preview before the release as it wasn't "qt 4.4 released" or anything
06:34<teprrr>mm, now waiting that qt-copy of kde will get updated and someone ports pyqt and pykde to 4.4 too :)
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06:37<janneg>teprrr: not sure, the date in the article suggests something else (the date in the url is different though)
06:40<janneg>but the tarballs have also 2008-05-02 as date, so the release was probably propared then
06:41<teprrr>yup, it could be the release package already.. not sure though, if there's been some troubles in the last meters
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07:46<gbee>would someone tell me if this video plays smoothly on their machine, or is it just me?
07:47<gbee>plays fine in ffplay, but not in mythtv - get maybe a second in before we get buffer underruns, prebuffer timeouts and finally it gives up
07:50<GreyFoxx>Plays for me
07:50<GreyFoxx>a few complaints of video behind ahead of audio, then behind audio, then ahead again
07:51<GreyFoxx>but it does play for me without any prebuffer stuff or failures
07:51<GreyFoxx>the odd thi8ng is I don't HEAR any audio at all
07:52<GreyFoxx>and this time, playing for a second time not even complaining about video being out of sync with the audio
07:52<gbee>GreyFoxx: I get no audio with ffplay but I do with mythtv
07:52<GreyFoxx>weird, maybe my audio on this machine is wacked anyway
07:52<gbee>but ffplay plays it smoothly
07:53<GreyFoxx>ok, my audio is unplugged :)
07:53<gbee>this isn't the fastest machine in the world, but it's not had problems with low res h.264 before now
07:53<GreyFoxx>but otherwise the video played just fine
07:54<GreyFoxx>I let it play all the way to the end and at the last second got some prebuffer pauses literally in the last second
07:54<gbee>I might still lodge a ticket, if ffplay can handle it on this system then mythtv should be able to
07:54<GreyFoxx>and I see this : TV Error: nvp->IsPlaying() timed out right at the end of the video
07:54<GreyFoxx>but I got almost 2 minutes of playback before that happened
07:54<gbee>not that I really want to watch CNet videos, I just stumbled across the problem when debugging stuff in mythnews
07:55<gbee>No DTS Seeking Hack! << That's new
07:55<gbee>probably unrelated but it's the first time I've seen it
07:56<janneg>gbee: it plays fine for me
07:56<GreyFoxx>I put that in to let us know when the DTS coming back from avcodec* was 0 and I was forcing something to make seeking work
07:57<gbee>GreyFoxx: ahh
07:57<GreyFoxx>hopefully something that can be removed at somepoint
08:00<gbee>with -v playback -
08:10<GreyFoxx>It's odd that the DTS hack message would be there unless you were doing a seek. Did you FFw or rew it?
08:11<GreyFoxx>Not still using that old patch forcing a seek to frame 0 from a while back ?
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08:18<gbee>no seeking, only patches are in libmythui/libmyth - nothing in libmythtv
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10:53*MrGandalf is compiling qt with -debug
10:53<MrGandalf>found another instance of QSqlQuery() bombing out
10:54<MrGandalf>I hope 4.4 is better.
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13:01<adc>can i see some logs about execution of jobs done in the background?
13:04<janneg>adc: read the topic and if you had waited longer than 2 minutes I would have answered your question in #mythtv-de
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13:06<adc>ohh this is not the user channel
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14:05<laga>xris: do you care about XSS in mythweb?
14:06<xris>laga: theoretically, yes
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14:07<xris>though I don't get the "insert" bit
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14:07<xris>sounds like the user is complaining that you can insert code into the code to print out the cookie
14:07<laga>just insert it into the search box
14:09<xris>that's a bug, then.
14:09<xris>that code should be getting escaped on output
14:09<laga>ok, i'll forward it to trac then.
14:12<xris>yeah. should be an easy fix
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14:23<gbee2>escaped on input as well, surely?
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15:22*stuarta wakes up from the weekend
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15:44*stuarta goes back to sleep
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16:04<gbee>gnome42: those livetv fixes you wrote a while back, are there any which haven't been applied which might help with #5261 ?
16:06<gnome42>gbee: I'm not sure what the root problem is on #5261. So short answer is no.
16:07<gbee>well I was thinking that it might be worth some of those affected trying the patches, if they don't work then nothing changes, but if they do then we've saved some time debugging problems for which we already have fixes
16:08<gnome42>I may have it fixed in my tree here but I need to get some info outta those guys to confirm where the problem is.
16:08<gbee>sometimes it's easier just to provide the fixes and get feedback on those than squeezing usable info from the reporter
16:08<gnome42>Yeah, I thought of lobbing a few ideas/fixes out there but I decided to try and get a log first :)
16:09<gbee>was there a ticket for those patches? I didn't keep track
16:09<gnome42>you might be right, but I don't want to make it worse or more confusing. It's probably a few different buglets around.
16:09<gnome42>there was the other ticket which you opened way back
16:10<gbee>heh, ok, didn't remember my own ticket :p
16:12<gnome42>those might be useful for the 'JumpTo 1 issue'
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16:24<gbee>I'll try and bring them to the attention of danielk22 or janneg_, my memory of the livetv code is a little too distant, but if they've still not been reviewed in a month I'll make the time
16:26<gnome42>gbee: OK. I've been running those patches (on #3618) and they seem to help.
16:27<gnome42>gbee: Last that I recall daniel had taken a quick look at the patches and then asked Chutt to look for the same reason :)
16:29<gnome42>I'm cool though. They're there if needed. :)
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16:29<gnome42>gotta run ...
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16:47<xris>hmm, mythtv apparently displays the SD expiration info in DD/MM/YY format instead of US-preferred MM/DD/YY -- confused at least one user.
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16:51<Anduin>xris: 6/21/08 here
16:51<xris>Anduin: hmm.. I wonder if that user is set up using GB english, maybe...
16:51<Anduin>Yeah, if it doesn't obey the locale that would be a bug
16:51<janneg>xris: it's probably using mythtv's date format
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16:55<Anduin>it is using Qt::LocalDate (datadirect.cpp:434)
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17:19<gbee>we should be used the mythtv date format for all dates - I want to tidy up that stuff and tie in the defaults together depending locale, but it's a low priority job
17:23<Anduin>Yeah, locale is important elsewhere, I'll close with invalud (and a hint about locale)
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17:35<Anduin>Using the myth date format there doesn't seem to make sense, the short version has no year, a problem many of the longer versions share.
17:37<adc>mythweb sends html pages rendered for mobiles, even though i use the desktop browser firefox. whats going wrong here?
17:37<adc>i called these mythweb pages with my mobile phone and since then it even sends to a different computer mobile pages
17:37<xris>adc: you probably have a mobile cookie.. (best ask in the support channel and not the dev channel, though)
17:37<adc>ohh i'
17:37<adc>i'm wrong again
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19:12<Anduin>Isaac is the only mailman admin still right?
19:13<danielk22>something broken?
19:14<Anduin>Oh, my hosting people switched to postini, which I'm going to default to blaming, but without an actual bounce notice it is just a good guess (mad better by it never hitting my mail server)
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