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01:17<linux_jones>is anyone alive in here?
01:18<linux_jones>im having alot of trouble with the mysql part of the mythtv install on debian etch
01:18<kormoc>linux_jones, and you have a lot of trouble reading channel topics as well I see
01:19<linux_jones>kormoc, haha, i hadnt even looked up from the keyboard since joining, sorry
01:21<linux_jones>its a good thing you corrected me though, i was about to send my annoyingly long "i need help" message
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02:02<iltechie>is mythtv good for suse 10.3?
02:03<kormoc>iltechie, /topic
02:05<iltechie>kormoc: sorry good luck
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02:15<famicom>I got a freaky bug here
02:16<famicom>When i tell mythtv to stop, it opens the popup menu
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05:27<laga>yay. looks like i'll have to forward lots of segfaults to trac tonight
05:28<laga>i wish there was a good way to do that automagically from launchpad :/
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05:47<famicom>laga you got segfaults
05:47<famicom>what kind?
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06:05<gbee>famicom: not his own segfaults, ones reported to the Ubuntu bug tracker
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06:55<stuarta>morning everyone
07:05<stuarta>or evening to you :)
07:12*stuarta has 338 messages from mythtv-dev to read....
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07:30<rooaus>#5324 looks interesting... Mark has been busy.
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07:31<stuarta>dont think i've made it that far through my inbox...
07:32<gbee>it was posted this morning, the only overnight mythtv traffic oddly enough
07:32<GreyFoxx>roo: yeah, a busy bee :)
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07:39<adc>is there somewhere a howto for a powermate griffin knob?
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08:48<stuarta>danielk22: just looking at changeset 17217
08:48<stuarta>are the changes to lines 381-382 -> 389-390 correct
08:49<stuarta>in particular the ! seems to me to reverse the logic of the if statement
08:52<danielk22>yep, that looks wrong
08:53<stuarta>glad i'm not going mad :)
08:54<danielk22>i know what happened. I had changed that to an !var.empty(), but then realized that in the diff check realized that this was incorrect, so I changed it back but accidentally left in the "!"
08:54<stuarta>heh np
08:54<danielk22>i'll fix it in a few mins, doing an update now..
08:57<danielk22>btw eitfixup has a lot of very scary code..
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08:57<danielk22>QStringList list = something; list[1]; list[2]; with no checks on the length of the list..
08:58<stuarta>it's not fun doing a bunch of string rearrangements to unpick and massage what we get from the EIT monkeys
08:58<stuarta>hmmm, not looked at much code for a few months
08:58<danielk22>i guess this is because it's mostly 3rd party code that only a few people use?
08:58<stuarta>pretty much
08:58<stuarta>the uk one is probably the most used
08:59<danielk22>If you have time for mythtv coding again sometime, maybe you can audit it?
08:59<stuarta>i'll add it to my rainy day list :)
08:59<danielk22>it rains a lot in england, no? :)
09:00<danielk22>or are you in the north?
09:00<stuarta>fair bit. although it's sunny today (in London)
09:00<danielk22>k, I didn't see any other constructions like that. I'll commit as soon as it finishes compiling.
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13:33<Therock_>i know this is the dev chan, but did you guys put in the sql database way to choose multi livetv profiles?
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14:07<vyacheslav>Hi everybody ! I would like to know if there is any POSITIVE experience with satellite tv tuners (any model of PCI or USB). just I want to buy one which works under Ubuntu.
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14:08<sphery>vyacheslav: #mythtv-users
14:08<laga>or #ubuntu-mythtv
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16:01<sphery>Heh. Qt4's QStringList::size() returns int whereas Qt3's returned QValueList::size_type, which was defined to be an unsigned integral type. So, now we get a bunch of new "warning: comparison between signed and unsigned integer expressions" messages.
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16:17<MrGandalf>well, I suppose a QStringList can now be a negative size.
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16:28<gbee>sphery: yeah, we've already fixed a lot of them
16:28<janneg>yes, to blackhole QStrings. add a -1 long QStringList and add a QString and it will be gone
16:29<gbee>all size() and count() in QT4 now return int instead of uint
16:30<gbee>I read an explanation for the change on the trolltech mailing list, but I'm not sure even they really know why the change was made
16:31<gbee>the explanation was something like - "most applications want to compare count()/size() against an int, so to save them the trouble of casting we decided to return an int instead"
16:31<sphery>Cool. I just noticed the warning in some code I had previously submitted (and was committed while still using Qt3) and couldn't figure out why I submitted it with a bad index type, so I looked at Qt3 and Qt4 docs.
16:32<gbee>which isn't really an explanation, it's illogical ...
16:32<sphery>I'm willing to submit a patch that fixes it in code I wrote (i.e. code I understand). Is doing so worthwhile?
16:33<sphery>gbee: especially illogical when you consider all the extra work in porting from Qt3 to Qt4--just to save me typing a 'u' every once in a while. :)
16:33<gbee>sphery: probably easier for us to fix those warnings as we go along - but that's just my opinion
16:34<sphery>That's what I figured. Thanks for cleaning up my old code, then. :)
16:35<gbee>sphery: yeah, I don't get it, it made sense than size()/count() would not be negative but to return an int just to make life a tiny bit easier for some lazy programmers .... seems mad
16:36<gbee>nowhere in the docs can I find anywhere that it _will_ ever return negative values
16:38<gbee>heh, inkscape has picked an ubuntu palette for me ... I'm pretty sure I didn't leave the selected colours brown/orange
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17:12<Jestrzcap>hey guys
17:13<Jestrzcap>anyone around? I solved a problem and I was wondering where the best place to submit it was
17:13<mattwire>Hi, been having a compile issue for the last few days. Have tried all the usual disclean, ccache -C etc to no avail... Looks like something to do with mythui
17:13<mattwire>/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `DBUtil::GetTableMap()'
17:13<mattwire>/usr/lib/ undefined reference to `createColor(QString const&)'
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17:14<gbee>not mythui
17:14<gbee>maybe something to do with changes danielk22 has made recently
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17:14<mattwire>duh... now i look it's obviously not mythui..
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17:15<mattwire>I take it you have no problems compiling atm gbee?
17:15<gbee>mattwire: no problems here
17:16<Jestrzcap>anyone hear of a 704x480 dvd before? It seems I have one. I had to put some lines into the DB to get support to rip it in good quality (e.g. xvid)
17:16<mattwire>k, cheers. It's strange cos I have the problem on two machines
17:16<mattwire>will have to investigate more..
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17:17<Jestrzcap>is that worth submitting?
17:18<gbee>Jestrzcap: worth submitting, it may take a while before someone gets around to fixing it though since it's not a high priority issue
17:19<gbee>mattwire: what version of gcc?
17:19<sphery>mattwire: Looks like you didn't get a clean checkout of libs/libmyth/dbutil.{h,cpp}. What does the following give: cat libs/libmyth/dbutil.{h,cpp} | grep GetTableMap
17:19<gbee>well it's a linking issue
17:19<Jestrzcap>yeah, I have no idea how many dvds out there are like it. it's a pretty simple fix, just a couple lines of sql. Just took me a long time to figure out what the hell was the problem
17:20<mattwire> gcc 4.2.3 (Ubuntu 4.2.3-2ubuntu7)
17:20<sphery>If that's not it, it may be the circular deps. You can fix that with rm /usr/{,local/}lib/libmyth*
17:21<sphery>then recompile/link
17:21<mattwire>come to think of it they are both the same distro (hardy) tho one is 64bit
17:21<sphery>(though don't blame me about any consequences of the rm command)
17:21<mattwire>i fixed it like that once before but this time it didn't make any difference when I removed all the installed libs
17:21<sphery>so what does the grep above give?
17:21<sphery>libs/libmyth/dbutil.{h,cpp} grep GetTableMap
17:22<sphery>oops, bad paste
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17:22<mattwire>yeah, I just looked for both the functions and they appear fine in the libs
17:22<mattwire>I've just installed the libs on their own and they seem fine too
17:23<mattwire>so now just to wait and see if /programs will compile properly
17:24<sphery>it compiles and links fine on my system (r17282, Wed May 7 11:40:40 EDT 2008)
17:25<sphery>the GetTableMap() change was quite a few revs before that, too
17:25*sphery is still surprised by the number of people running trunk on their production systems
17:26<sphery>specifically, GetTableMap() was in [17160]
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17:40<mattwire>huh, it's fine now...
17:40<mattwire>been struggling with that for a week now
17:41<mattwire>though not spending much time what with the nice weather :)
17:41<mattwire>seems I had to specifically install the libs before compiling the programs
17:41<mattwire>otherwise it would fail
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20:07<AudioV>is there much active development on the MythVideo part of MythWeb?
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20:14<kormoc>AudioV, just what I do, why?
20:15<AudioV>it's an area where i've made small changes on my mythtv install and have a few ideas but wasn't sure if i'd be repeating work, etc
20:16<AudioV>(i recently updating my mythbuntu install and love the new features in 0.21 so started to get interested in it)
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20:19<kormoc>Fire away
20:29<AudioV>my main ideas were pretty much dynamic/ajax tree for the directory structure (i have a large hierarchy which i don't want to scroll the whole page for), perhaps an optional list type view for the files, it might be faster/easier to browse through the list when searching for something and also the flash player for recordings (i'm more of a php & python person though but from what i've seen it looks like a perl backend
20:29<AudioV>driving that)
20:31<hads>That perl thing is meant to be temporary until the backend can do it's job natively I believe.
20:32<kormoc>AudioV, the mythweb video stuff is all php
20:32<kormoc>as for the dynamic ajax tree, you mean += expand/contract boxes basically?
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20:33<kormoc>As long as it was an option, I'd be fine with that going in.
20:34<kormoc>List view... I'm not too overly eger for. If you select the parent node and toss in text in the filter, it filters down the list 'live' and people seem to like that, and I don't really want to support two interfaces (esp when hundreds of people bitched about the list view)
20:35<kormoc>Ooh, you want to add flash streaming of videos? yeah, that's planned for when the backend can stream files on-demand (meaning not just recordings)
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