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01:16<Gokee2>My computer crashed now mythtv does not work. All my recordings are gone and I can`t watch tv. If I try and watch tv is says "failed to get pginfo" any idea whats wrong? Thanks
01:18<hads>Gokee2: Please read the topic.
01:18<Gokee2>O sorry
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03:12<jafa>Hi guys, I have a few HDHomeRun related patches... best to file a bug for each patch and include the patch?
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03:19<stuarta>jafa: are they related to each other or do they fix separate problems?
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04:22*stuarta waves to gbee
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06:15<laga>is it possible to create new tickets in trac via email?
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06:20<gbee>not a feature I've ever read about
06:22<gbee>maybe be a plugin to do it, or it could be easy enough to write a simple script for the purpose
06:23<laga>just trying to save work when forwarding bugs. copy & paste isn't too bad, but downloading the backtraces and re-uploading them to trac is going to be annoying
06:23<gbee>launchpad should probably be extended to support automatically sending issues to common bug trackers
06:23<laga>yes, that'd be great#
06:24<gbee>you might want to suggest that to someone, it wouldn't be hard to write
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07:00<adc>hello, i would like to use my laptop as a mythtv frontend, but when i start mythfrontend i get connection timed out how can i solve this
07:02<hads>adc: Please read the topic.
07:02<adc>ohhh again, sorry, this is not the user channel
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11:58<sphery>laga: Wouldn't be very hard to write up a script (using something "web-aware" like Perl or Python or even a shell script and wget/curl) that sends the appropriate HTTP request to Trac. Could even download what it needs from Ubuntu's bug database. Just make sure you send the trac_session cookie (your e-mail info so it's not anonymous).
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12:11<kormoc>not that hard at all
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12:16<gbee>IMHO it would best be done as an extension to launchpad along with support for other bug trackers, but it's not hard at all
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12:26<sphery>gbee: Yeah, but didn't know which is harder--modifying launchpad or writing up a temporary script until it gets modified.
12:26<gbee>well I guess the temporary script would be easier and faster
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12:35<laga>sounds like a fun hack.
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15:41<laga>hum, apport is complaining a lot that the retraces are failing. is there anything obvious wrong with this BT:
15:43<gbee>looks ok to me
15:43<laga>yeah. i'll just ignore the apport-retrace-failed tag then and put these in trac.
15:50<laga>StacktraceTop: "?? () from /usr/lib/dri/"
15:51<laga>heh. oddly enough, i seldom see these from the nvidia driver ;)
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16:31<laga>are SIGILL crashes worth forwarding? aren't these usually caused by hardware faults or unsupported instructions?
16:35<Dibblah>laga: Yes, they are. Can indicate packaging errors ;)
16:36<laga>bah. we don't make mistakes here, we're just consciously limiting our user base. ;)
16:36<Dibblah>As in 'they are usually caused by HW / illegal instructions', not necessarily worth forwarding directly.
16:37<Dibblah>However, Myth isn't particularly friendly to packagers in some ways.
16:37<Dibblah>(MMX / CMOV / ... are not handled very well for people cross-compiling, AFAIK)
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18:37<conathan>Greetings, I had a few questions about running a 64bit kernel on a 32bit userspace, in regards to mythtv.
18:38<conathan>Basically, everything I read makes it sound like there would be no problems, but mythbackend complains about unknown operations
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22:10<Chutt>stupid ivtv driver
22:10<Chutt>0-length file for tonight's scrubs, my wife's going to be pissed.
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22:50<danielk22>they are still making new episodes of scrubs?
22:51<Anduin>only a few more, the strike postponed the end
22:53<danielk22>ah, we record them, but i thought they were all reruns, i think there must be 60 episodes shown in a day... (at least for different season tracks going on too, adding to the confusion :)
22:54<kormoc>Yeah, I'm so confused, one day they're dating, then they're dating other folks, people are married, kids show up and then disappear... :P
22:54<danielk22>heh, exactly!
22:54<danielk22>although i think that happens even if you watch them in order.
22:55<kormoc>I like it well enough that I plan to just buy the dvd's when they're all done
22:56<danielk22>anyway, way off topic.. yes it sucks, when the ivtv driver gets confused. not much mythtv can do unless we run it as root so it can unload/load the driver, but that's a bad idea.
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23:22<sphery>Rumor has it that ABC is going to hold to their promise of 2 more years even though NBC is dropping Scrubs after this year. The final year will air on ABC.
23:27<Chutt>looks like it should be up on hulu sometime
23:30<Chutt>have there been any ivtv changes between 2.6.24 and the current kernel?
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23:44<xris>any way to tell from the db or a mythproto query which tuners (if any) on a backend are in use?
23:46<leprechau>mythtv-status shows you
23:51<hads>xris: I know you're a Perl guy but if you can follow this Python it shows the basic mythproto commands that you can use;
23:52<xris>mythproto is easy enough.
23:52<xris>ah, python bindings. I'll dig there.
23:53<hads>I guess you'd be able to do the same thing just as easy with the Perl ones.
23:53<xris>tired of myth not recording my stuff. going to enhance slicer's script from to be safe to run at any time.
23:54<xris>unfortunately, what we *really* need is for myth to just do what that firewire tester script does before it tries to record firewire
23:55<xris>but now I think I'll go eat something
23:56<hads>xris: Here's something I use to see if a DVB card is being used for my EPG run;
23:56<xris>ah, nifty
23:57<xris>I'll have to dig through the python bindings for those macros.. I don't think I wrote that into the perl bindings.
23:57<xris>but food first.
23:57<hads>Oh, missed a bit, you'll need the import sys at the top
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