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03:53<Dibblah>Chutt: There's been some futzing with I2C, but that's not really for the Hauppauge cards.
03:54<Dibblah>What was the error you saw (dmesg)?
03:55<Chutt>dma timeout
03:55<Chutt>just on one tuner of my 500
03:56<Dibblah>Oh, a 500 :(
03:56<Chutt>it was perfectly stable until i updated kernels
03:57<Chutt>unfortunately, that was months ago, and i have no idea what i used to be on
03:58<Dibblah>Any idea what the card returned to Myth?
03:58<Dibblah>(EBUSY / ...?)
03:58<Chutt>naw, lost the scrollback
03:59<Dibblah>You run mbe in screen? ;)
04:00<Dibblah>The last fix for DMA errors was some time ago.
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04:07<Dibblah>Are you on 2.6.24 gold, or .7?
04:07<Dibblah>There are some DMA changes in .7.
04:08<Dibblah>(Scatter / gather related, though, so it might not be applicable to this issue)
04:08<Chutt>Linux Phecda 2.6.24-8-generic #1 SMP Thu Feb 14 20:40:45 UTC 2008 i686 GNU/Linux
04:08<Chutt>older ubuntu hardy, i believe
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04:12<Dibblah>Sorry - The change was in .6 and related only to a crash.
04:15<Dibblah>You're not using VBI / CC I assume?
04:18<Chutt>it might be on
04:18<Chutt>i have no idea, really, i've never enabled it during playback
04:21<Dibblah>It has caused issues in the past, since it's 2 seperate DMA regions. But I don't see anything in the .24 changelog that should affect this.
04:22<Dibblah>On a completely OT topic, are you still happy with your Aeron?
04:22<Chutt>still comfy
04:23<Dibblah>Good. Thanks - Considering buying one, but have to get it approved by my home finance department :)
04:23<Chutt>find someplace to try one out first
04:23<Dibblah>Tilt adjuster / support options?
04:24<Chutt>i got the fully adjustable
04:24<Dibblah>I'm in the UK and have tried - Noone has it locally.
04:25<Chutt>at the office, they all have 'freedom' chairs
04:25<Chutt>humanscale's the company, i think
04:25<Chutt>also quite nice
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05:28<gbee>wish the v4l devs updated their own wiki, getting information on device support is painful
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06:36<zaheerm>is anyone working on figuring out the compression used by freesat in the eit names and descriptions?
06:37<gbee>they've compressed it? WTF?
06:41<zaheerm>they compressed the name and description in the eit
06:41<zaheerm>for the 7 day schedule eits
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06:42<zaheerm>they are also put in high pids, so identification is just by table id
06:43<zaheerm>what i've found so far is that they seem to have 2 codebooks: if the first byte is 0x1 it uses codebook 1 and 0x2 it uses codebook 2
06:43<zaheerm>i have found some patterns
06:43*gbee shrugs
06:43<gbee>stuarta: thoughts?
06:44<gbee>I'll probably stick with xmltv anyway, better quality data
06:45<zaheerm>i've written a small program that scans through a ts and outputs to stdout channel name: start date/time duration: name (as hex) and description (as hex)
06:45<gbee>maybe I'll shake the tree and see if any of our BBC contacts drop out
06:45<zaheerm>they have added series link info inside descriptors inside the eit so should be richer data
06:45<gbee>zaheerm: this is with what they are currently broadcasting? I expected any obfuscation to disappear before the launch
06:46<zaheerm>they were broadcasting in plaintext before
06:46<zaheerm>in feb sometime
06:46<zaheerm>then changed it in last cpl of months to compress name and description in the eit
06:46<gbee>ok, guess I'll have to put my EIT hat back on and see what I can find
06:47<gbee>annoying that they couldn't just stick to the standards, I expect such crap from sky and US cable companies but for the BBC to do it :(
06:48<zaheerm>well i am guessing they compressed it to save bandwidth
06:48<zaheerm>but the compression used is obviously part of the freesat spec for the stb manufacturers
06:49<gbee>I take it that you've tried the obvious suspects?
06:50<zaheerm>tell me the obvious suspects
06:52<zaheerm>it's not zlibbed
06:52<gbee>heh, morning janneg
06:52<zaheerm>i have a text dump and preliminary analysis inside my bzr repo
06:53<janneg>late morning here, probably time for lunch to be precise
06:53<janneg>what compression does Dish Network use?
06:54<gbee>that wasn't my guess at Dish, just throwing it out there
06:54<zaheerm>haven't checked if it is lzf
06:55<gbee>my DVB-S card won't arrive until early next week, so I can't play with it until at least the following weekend
06:56<gbee>zaheerm: that url is giving me a 403
06:56<zaheerm>sorry, let me fix that
06:57<zaheerm>gbee, you are using bzr not a browser right?
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06:58<zaheerm>coz it works fine with bzr
06:58<gbee>zaheerm: ahh, sorry, missed the bzr bit
06:59<janneg>zaheerm: have you tried contacting the bbc/freesat? I would guess that would have a real chance of getting infos
07:00<zaheerm>janneg, will give that a go, though i saw in the bbc backstage mailing list...that the spec is being kept closed for the moment to allow the current stb manufacturers a period of exclusivity
07:04<gbee>we've usually had good relations with the BBC, I'm sure they will help, it may just mean finding the right people (several mythtv users there)
07:05<zaheerm>so the code i wrote to dump the eit data to stdout is in the analysis folder, (uses gstreamer)
07:05<zaheerm>and the output and my analysis are in the freesat folder
07:07<janneg>dish network uses huffman encoding, apparently standardized in ATSC
07:07<janneg>I don't know if it's zlib compatible
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07:10<zaheerm>i'm guessing it is huffman also, with either code tables fixed on the set top boxes or being sent through a private descriptor
07:13<gbee>zaheerm: dvdsnoop doesn't work to dump it?
07:13<zaheerm>gbee, i cannot get dvbsnoop to output in a form that i find readable for this purpose
07:14<zaheerm>and as i have written the gstreamer dvb stuff, writing that program was easy
07:15<janneg>zaheerm: has the huffman tables used for atsc
07:15<zaheerm>janneg, thanks
07:17<janneg>it has two compression types 0x01 and 0x02
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07:20<zaheerm>aaah so could be the same
07:20<zaheerm>let me read
07:20<gbee>sounds familiar :)
07:21<gbee>lets hope it's that easy
07:21<zaheerm>i hope so
07:21<zaheerm>i'm talking to some bbc guys who work on kamaelia to see if they can dig up info
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10:21<danielk22>The huffman tables need to be language specific to be effective, but i could see them using the ATSC tables. American and British English isn't all that different, except maybe for more u's in the British variant.
10:21<zaheerm>definitely not the ATSC tables
10:22<danielk22>it was worth a try
10:22<zaheerm>I have built up almost all the tree where previous symbol is nothing and current symbol is x
10:22<danielk22>so we have to wait for these to become public?
10:22<zaheerm>for all x is capital letters
10:23<zaheerm>i am hoping to reverse engineer it
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10:23<danielk22>well you have the output text so it's possible
10:24<zaheerm>yah i'm referring to bleb and's tv guide for the output text
10:24<danielk22>have you determined if it is bit by bit or a dictionary type compression?
10:24<danielk22>bit-by-bit, like huffman makes the most sense to me, since these eit tables should be self standing.
10:24<zaheerm>there are definitely 2 codebooks stored on the set top boxes
10:25<zaheerm>and it is almost definitely stateful in that it depends on what the previous character is
10:25<zaheerm>and the characters are variable bit length
10:25<zaheerm>i'm working on codebook 1 currently
10:26<danielk22>k, probably a 2 stage dictionary then.
10:26<danielk22>good luck :)
10:26<zaheerm>hoping to be able to decipher most program titles by end of weekend
10:27<zaheerm>have also got someone at bbc pushing for freesat spec to be freely released
10:27<zaheerm>but it probably will happen after i have reverse engineered it all
10:28<zaheerm>well not all the spec, but at least the eit part which is a small part of the spec
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13:49*gbee makes a mental note to add a "Autodetect from H.264" transcoding profile
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