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14:26<MrGandalf>ok, I think this is my last experiment with running a slave backend.
14:26<MrGandalf>I have run across more bugs running a slave than I can keep up on.
14:27<MrGandalf>now I get a stuck lock on Scheduler::GetNextLiveTVDir()
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14:30<laga>darn, a friend of mine has segfaults in mythfrontend and the apport backtrace isn't really helpful.
14:30<laga>"?? () from /lib/" ;)
14:30<MrGandalf>looks like Scheduler::SlaveConnected() and Scheduler::GetNextLiveTVDir()are colliding with each other
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14:33<MrGandalf>laga: no debug symbols
14:34<laga>MrGandalf: there are some debug symbols, at least the backtrace looks like that. i wonder what's causing this
14:36<MrGandalf>that's a horribal backtrace alright
14:37<laga>we've got another one like that. in
14:39<MrGandalf>wonder if it could be bad memory..
14:39<laga>the backtrace or the segfault?
14:39<laga>the BT is done on a different box
14:39<MrGandalf>the segfault
14:40<MrGandalf>al, the bt probably should be done on the same box
14:40<MrGandalf>ah, rather
14:40<MrGandalf>to ensure the binaries are the same
14:40<laga>i assume that apport makes sure that the binaries are the same. if not, some yelling will ensue ;)
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14:53<MrGandalf>GreyFoxx: I think this might be what's hitting you with your slave backend.. I'm trying a loop in Scheduler::SlaveConnected() with tryLock().
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15:53<laga>i wonder if somebody is working on HAL support. that'd make shutdown and device mounting easier.
15:55<laga>for the love of god - why is almost nothing on properly documented?!
15:56<sphery>I'm sorry, Dave, I'm afraid we can't do that. (Sorry, ignore me. Just wanted the reference.)
15:57<laga>sphery: it's ok. too bad that i didn't think of that.
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16:22<janneg>MrGandalf: there are some locking issues caused by qt4 port
16:30<MrGandalf>janneg: I haven't switched to qt4 yet
16:37<gnome42>MrGandalf: problems with slave? How many cards in it? I'm curious what the symptoms are?
16:39<MrGandalf>gnome42: I have three cards in the master and two in the slave. I'm just seeing a lot of things I've never seen before mainly in QSqlQuery (I believe fixed with Qt 3.3.8, I was at 3.3.7) - all having to do with EIT, and now this with QMutex.
16:40<MrGandalf>I've managed to work-around or fix each of them, but it took my perfectly stable master and made it very unstable.
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16:43<MrGandalf>But it could very well be due to my more distributed active EIT I have now.
16:43<MrGandalf>(well, except for the QMutex issue)
16:43<gnome42>Ah, ok.
16:46<gnome42>I wonder if its the 2nd card that causes more issues too, I only have one in my slave.
16:48<janneg>MrGandalf: true, I forgot
16:50<janneg>no, my master/slave system was stable with 4 + 3 cards
16:50<MrGandalf>gnome42: in all reality, I'm sure it's EIT related. My EIT is a very high bandwidth stream.
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17:05<gbee>-O doesn't seem to get processed if -geometry is also defined
17:05<gbee>or at least "-O XineramaScreen=0 -geometry 1280x800"
17:05<gbee>doesn't work as it should
17:06<gbee>actually, it looks specific to that scenario
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17:36<sphery>yeah, -O ThemePainter=qt -geometry=800x600 definitely works for me
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19:26<gbee>huh, QT 4.4 is out, is that new or did I miss an announcement earlier in the week?
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19:33<sphery>gbee: Came out (rather quietly) on May 6. Works great with trunk.
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20:19<Chutt>sphery, oh, it does work? i was going to update my myth box to intrepid, and was a bit leary since they have qt4.4 in there
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20:35<sphery>Chutt: No problems on my (dev) system. I'm not using it on production, though. Didn't even require any changes for compilation.
20:37<sphery>(I'm actually still using a Qt3-based Myth on production.)
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