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10:10<gbee>anyone familiar with alsa? I want to fix the situation in audiooutputalsa.h where we can only use the mixer on card 0
10:10<gbee>// TODO: This is opening card 0. Fix for case of multiple soundcards
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10:13<gbee>the api of snd_mixer_open looks to have changed
10:13<gbee>the older or alternative one allowed the card and device number to be specified, the new? one doesn't
10:49*stuarta wanders back in from hospital
10:49<laga>oh. what happened?
10:50<stuarta>elbow infection :(
10:50<laga>:( no more hacking this weekend? ;)
10:51<stuarta>don't need both handd for that :-P
10:51<stuarta>hands even
10:52<gbee>stuarta: ouch
10:55<stuarta>ouch doesn't come close
10:57<stuarta>its a bit annoying cause i didn't really do anything to cause it
10:57<stuarta>slight bump that you do occasionally
10:58<stuarta>but thats it
10:58<stuarta>= 3 nights in hospital
11:01<stuarta>anyway i do have some theories on the freesat eit data
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11:02<stuarta>but if that guy comes back, will worry about it then
11:07<mjj29>so, I know this is the wrong channel, but if anyone can tell me how to get my films in the correct aspect ratio on an 832x624 16x9 screen, that would be awesome
11:07*stuarta hasn't a clue anyway
11:08<mjj29>I have 16:9 set in monitor aspect ratio
11:09*stuarta beats mjj29 with the topic
11:10<mjj29> mjj29> so, I know this is the wrong channel
11:10<stuarta>so why do you expect an answer?
11:10*stuarta is grumpy after just getting out of hospital
11:14<mjj29>on the offchance that someone here happens to know and is feeling nice
11:15<stuarta>we refer questions there because most of us are in both channels and answer such questions in there
11:16<mjj29>s'fair enough
11:16<laga>and if people are not in #mythtv-users, there's probably a good reason for that :)
11:17<stuarta>in my case, i'm grumpy :)
11:17<stuarta>well not in a mood for -users chatters
11:18<laga>in my case, i try to spend less time on IRC. and limit the amount of frustration i get by repeatedly seeing "can't connect to database" questions
11:18<stuarta>it's a talent not many have
11:18<stuarta>probably why we don't see juski in there anymore ;-)
11:19<laga>spending less time on IRC or not getting frustrated?
11:19<laga>heh, yes
11:22*mjj29 fixes it by setting separate gui/playback modes and setting them to... the same mode
11:22<mjj29>ah well
11:28*stuarta calms down a bit
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13:14<Andreaz>How to uninstall mythplugins? I installed all and since then, the mythfrontend stuck at 99% in Image Prescaling...
13:26<gbee>make uninstall
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15:23<sphery>danielk_mothersd: (message for later) You know all the people who have been getting SIGSEGV in on Ubuntu? One of them installed the debug symbols for glibc and came up with this backtrace:
15:24<sphery>Wondered if it could be related to the dlcose() changes you were making as a result of Erik Hovland's tickets.
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17:20<danielk_mothersd>sphery: I don't think so, it looks like this dl_close() is being called from That's not something MythTV has any control over.
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17:26<danielk22>also, it looks like this backtrace predates all dl_close() changes since it's from the 0.21 branch :)
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17:34<gbee>gbee: any further HD performance improvements in the works?
17:35<danielk22>gbee: are you asking me?
17:35<danielk22>I'm more interested in making HD rendering prettier and slower, not uglier and faster :)
17:36<sphery>danielk22: Yeah, it is 0.21. Wasn't sure if any of those changes went into there. Should have read farther to the part...
17:36<danielk22>Really good CPU's & GPU's can be found in <$750 machines these days...
17:36<gbee>just a general question :) I made the wrong choice in CPU for a new frontend, get a single prebuffering pause every 6-10 seconds with 1080i material
17:37<gbee>so I was just curious to know if there were any improvements in current ffmpeg which might give the necessary edge
17:37<gbee>failing that I guess I'll have to look at the CoreAVC patches
17:38<danielk22>gbee: if you only need a few more % performance increase you can compile with more aggressive CPU options. For instance, gcc uses the legacy FPU rather than the much faster SSE by default....
17:39<gbee>thanks for the tip, I'll look into that then
17:39<danielk22>I would also be interested in a port to the icc compiler and would test and apply patches fairly quickly if someone took the project on.
17:39<gbee>really didn't want to try and sell on this cpu just to get the next model up :)
17:40<sphery>Never know, maybe the next ffmpeg sync will improve the H.264 performance, too.
17:40<gbee>well between mythui and my new found interest in OSS4 support I probably won't have the time, but I'll keep it in mind
17:40<danielk22>gbee: The first time I spent a some time on making HD faster was because my P4 was just a 'little bit' too slow at the time.
17:41<gbee>sphery: that's what I was hoping, although I'll have to backport the changes to 0.21 (my own tree) :)
17:42<sphery>I think I'd choose to use even post-Qt4 trunk on my production system before backporting the ffmpeg sync. :)
17:43<gbee>tweaking compile options may be enough really, it's not really maxing the CPU (150%)
17:44<gbee>sphery: well there haven't been many (any?) changes since 0.21 was released, I might get away with a simple merge
17:44<gbee>if I'm only looking at the h.264 changes then it may be easier too
17:44<janneg>gbee: there should be some improvement after the next ffmpeg sync
17:45<gbee>but I don't follow ffmpeg development very closely, so this is all speculation .... or not, as janneg now tells me ;)
17:45<MrGandalf>gbee: coreavc works flawlessly for me. But if you look at that solution, also look at enabling de-interlacing at the codec level and not in MythTV.
17:45<gbee>MrGandalf: thanks
17:46<MrGandalf>also there's a bug in the patch for Myth.
17:46<janneg>gbee: if it's h264 you could probably just disable the deblocking in-loop filter
17:46<gbee>the coreavc approach is appealing, even if I'd rather see libavcodec with better h.264 decoding performance in the long term
17:47<MrGandalf>though I sent Alan a new patch.. maybe he's uploaded it by now.
17:47<gbee>janneg: thanks for the reminder, I'd forgotten that
17:48<gbee>I've no idead if the BBC sample I'm testing with is close to what they are now broadcasting since it went officially live, I'll have to wait a week or two before I get the dvb-s card installed and running
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17:50<MrGandalf>gbee: also keep in mind that you'll fine some BBC feeds that are in PAFF-interlaced using spacial direct mode - ffmpeg won't properly support that.
17:52<janneg>no bbc HD for me :( even if I get a flat with satellite dish. I'm moving soon
17:59<AudioV>does the plugin architecture allow plugins to handle events from other parts of the front end, e.g. can it receive events such as recording/live tv is playing?
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18:10<gbee>any issues with using -march=native?
18:14<danielk22>gbee: Well it will make mythtv run slower and run on fewer ISAs, not much good about using it.
18:14<danielk22>But other than making
18:14<danielk22>but other than that it should be harmless :)
18:15<gbee>guess I shouldn't believe everything I read in the gcc docs ;)
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18:23<janneg>grr, I hate it when my server is down
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19:47<jams>gbee- good man looking at oss
19:49<GreyFoxx>fn2: -v all
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