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00:10<famicom>I'll settle for a working hdmi sound output
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00:31<Lexridge>Could someone please offer some help with mythtv/lirc transmission. I've been at it for two weeks now and making zero progress.
00:32<famicom>Lexridge #mythtv-users
00:32<Lexridge>thanks...and sorry.
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06:54<stuarta>so there is some info on the freesat epg broadcast
06:55<stuarta>it is however 2003, so it is probably out of date
06:55<stuarta>ignore me, it's from feb 2008
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06:59<gbee>I was going to say, freesat probably wasn't even a gleam in the milkmans eye back in 2003 :)
07:00<stuarta>not free, not sat
07:00*stuarta goes looking for his brain
07:03<janneg>do they use the same description over DVB-S as over DVB-T?
07:03<stuarta>no idea, not seen the raw data yet
07:03<stuarta>apparently it's zlib compressed to
07:04<janneg>that won't help, it's compressed
07:04<clever>cant just decompress it on the fly?
07:04<stuarta>of course, we just haven't done any coding for it
07:04<janneg>and it is not zlib
07:05<stuarta>i might just order a card
07:05<janneg>at least according to the guy why who tried to decode it
07:05<stuarta>find out meeself
07:06<gbee>wish there was a more concrete timeline on when it might switch to DVB-S2
07:06<janneg>we're suspecting a similar appraoch as used in ATSC but with different Huffman tables
07:06<stuarta>wouldn't surprise me
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07:10<zaheerm>i have almost cracked their compression
07:10<zaheerm>and it is not zlib compressed
07:10<gbee>stuarta: btw, justinh was suggesting that a few people might want to split the cost of one of these and then send it to mkrufky -
07:11<gbee>unless janneg wants to work on a driver? :)
07:11<zaheerm>there are 2 codebooks
07:11<zaheerm>and yes similar to atsc, just different tables
07:12<stuarta>now that is a card
07:12<zaheerm>wow, yes get a driver done and i'll buy one :)
07:12<gbee>I especially love the price
07:12<zaheerm>only 31 GBP
07:12<stuarta>only dvb-s
07:12<clever>and look at the pcie connector
07:12<clever>so damn short:P
07:12<zaheerm>wonder if it allows operation of dvb-s and dvb-t at same time
07:13<stuarta>so bits of it may already work
07:13<zaheerm>problem is it is full height
07:13<clever>yeah wont fit a tiny box
07:13<gbee>bigger problem right now is that it's PCI-E
07:13<zaheerm>not a bigger problem
07:13<clever>i have no pcie motherboards
07:13<zaheerm>has higher bandwidth
07:13<clever>just a mini-pcie laptop
07:14<zaheerm>so more possible to send full multiple transport streams
07:14<clever>record 32 channels at once?:P
07:14<gbee>zaheerm: bigger problem because of the linux support, means longer to a working driver
07:14<janneg>gbee: If I have access to a dish I'll by that card
07:15<zaheerm>janneg, i could buy a card, put it in a machine that you can have full access to if you want :)
07:15*stuarta goes for lunch
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07:16<janneg>zaheerm: that wouldn't help much. writing pci drivers without specs and direct hardware access is almost impossible
07:17<clever>janneg: why you need direct hardware access?
07:17<clever>a few hi res scans would get you all the part numbers
07:17<clever>enless you want to start scoping out pins it should be 80% of what you need
07:17<janneg>and the motivation to get the card working isn't that high if one wouldn't use it for oneself
07:18<clever>yeah thats another thing
07:18<clever>and then theres the times you hardlock the box:P
07:18<clever>cant kick the power button
07:18<janneg>clever: reseting the machine after lookups, serial console, ...
07:18<clever>ive got serial console on my master server
07:18<clever>piping into putty on an xp box
07:18<zaheerm>janneg, i can buy you one for yourself too, just connect one here to a satellite so you can start working on it before you get a dish to connect your one to...can also provide you a serial console also
07:19<clever>but ive yet to find out how to hit sysrq over serial
07:19<clever>so i cant sysrq reboot it
07:19<clever>and sometimes even sysrq doesnt work
07:19<janneg>clever: sysrq works over serial
07:19<clever>yeah using the 'break' key
07:19<clever>but ive yet to get that to actualy work
07:20<janneg>zaheerm: I have first to find a flat where I can install a dish
07:21<janneg>and it would take time to get the driver working
07:21<clever>ive got a dish on my roof(it came with the house) but ive yet to get a card to see what i can pick up legaly
07:21<clever>(for free)
07:44<Dibblah>The drivers for that card are already being developed.
07:44<Dibblah>Last progress report was before christmas, from Manu.
07:45<Dibblah>Basically, "there have been some communications problems regarding NDAs etc, but they should be getting resolved soon"
07:47<janneg>Dibblah: that's just the driver for the nxp bridge or for that card specially?
07:48<Dibblah>Bridge chip, AFAIK.
07:48<Dibblah>However, compared to that, tuners are easy :(
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08:06<janneg>and the tuners/demods are worked on too, TDA10046A/ZL10037
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08:12<gbee>Dibblah: went with that Satelco card
08:12<Dibblah>Delivery times are usually quite good with dvbshop
08:14<stuarta>like if i ordered today, i'd get by friday?
08:15<Dibblah>Quite possibly.
08:15<Dibblah>Anyone looked in any depth at pulseaudio?
08:15<stuarta>hmmm, not worth risking. home this week, office next week
08:16<Dibblah>It's an audio server with some interesting features. Automatic upmix / downmix (dumb, but still), network capable,...
08:18<gbee>I'd rather invest time in OSS4 - has all those capabilities built in
08:19<Dibblah>Argh. Backed the wrong horse again :(
08:20<gbee>well actually I don't know about networking, but I wouldn't be suprised
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08:45<MrGandalf>what's so great about OSS4 anyways?
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08:48<gbee>nicer API, easier end-user setup, better sound quality and upmixing etc
08:49<gbee>portable too, which alsa isn't
08:50<MrGandalf>I see
08:50<MrGandalf>isn't it lacking in features compared to alsa though?
08:51<gbee>no, more features or at least equivalent, but it does have fewer drivers than Alsa
08:51<Dibblah>And it appears to have proper enumeration for apps.
08:52<Dibblah>ie an app can get a list of soundcards.
08:52<Dibblah>Which is something not so user-friendly with ALSA.
08:54<gbee>it can get the cards, along with user friendly names etc (instead of Alsa's plugiec958:1,3 stuff)
08:54<GreyFoxx>You can likely get a prepackaged one if you don't need anything bleeding edge
08:55<GreyFoxx>is oss4 expected to replace alsa "officially" or is it just a competing driverset ?
08:56<gbee>GreyFoxx: right now it's not GPL'd, but they are considering that and then pushing to get drivers into the kernel
08:57<gbee>there is no official movement to get OSS in as an Alsa replacement, but there is a fair bit of outside pressure because everyone is sick of Alsa
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09:07<gbee>ok, so the OSS devs aren't pushing for OSS4 to go into the kernel -
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10:03<j-rod>debian and/or ubuntu users seen the fun openssl security alert yet?
10:04<j-rod>"We recommend that you upgrade your openssl package and subsequently regenerate any cryptographic material, as outlined above."
10:08<stuarta>i am really getting sick of debian's politics frigging with things
10:10<j-rod>related semi-amusing rant:
10:13<GreyFoxx>heh doh
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10:17<gbee>just realised that's Ben's blog
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10:35<stuarta>hmmm, i'm pondering an option to make the watch list show things in order of expiry
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11:09<gbee>cool, disabling the deblocking brings CPU usage down to 60% on each core and removes the last trace of prebuffering pauses
11:10<GreyFoxx>any image quality problems from it ?
11:10<janneg>gbee: do you notice visual differences?
11:28<gbee>janneg: no
11:29<gbee>which doesn't mean an videophile won't spot some difference, but it looked identical to me
11:29<gbee>it dropped total cpu usage from 150% to 120%
11:30<gbee>even with deinterlacing re-enabled that allows perfect playback on that machine
11:31<gbee>I managed to improve things by fine tuning the optimisations, but of all the changes I made turning off deblocking had the biggest impact on processor usage
11:32<gbee>when the dvb-s card arrives and I've got more samples to play with I'll let you know if it affects the playback of other streams
11:34<zaheerm>what channel are you trying to play?
11:35<janneg>I can't spot visual differences either with in loop deblocking disabled
11:35<gbee>zaheerm: samples from BBC HD which I got from stuarta last year
11:35<zaheerm>aaah ok
11:35<stuarta>sadly no longer broadcasting on dvb-t
11:36<zaheerm>i've played bbc hd last year without issues (though i did not deinterlace it)
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11:41<desmopro>i use mythtv on archlinux and try use iphone for remote control
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11:41<desmopro>(escuse me for me english)
11:42<desmopro>please help me to setup MythWeb
11:43<j-rod>desmopro: see topic
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11:44<gbee>zaheerm: very much CPU dependant and since I underestimated the required speed I've have to tweak a few things to get smooth playback
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12:23<gbee>janneg: I wondering if we shouldn't disable the loop deblocking by default and offer it as an opt-in setting
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12:31<janneg>gbee: probably, but try to avoid adding options
12:34<janneg>I try ...
12:35<gbee>well I'm not sure of the best way to do that, we could disable it entirely and see if anyone complains about decrease quality
12:35<gbee>or we could make it complicated and decide to enable it based on the machines speed and number of cores available
12:41<janneg>or we could enable it by default and add a hidden setting
12:41<janneg>i.e. a database setting without ui
12:44<gbee>given the performance boost and lack of side-effects I'd suggest it was disabled, users might just assume their CPUs are too slow and buy new ones, but if the image quality was poor they'd probably look for other causes and discover the hidden setting
12:44<gbee>disabling it will give more users access to h.264 content
12:48<janneg>I'm not sure but for HD it is imho overkill
12:50<sphery>wonder if it could be part of the playback profile...
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12:54<janneg>if we add a ui setting it sould be part of the playback profiles
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12:58<gbee>janneg: the current patch attached to the ticket does that
12:59<janneg>gbee: if it looks correct and works apply it
13:00*stuarta heads to the couch
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13:39<janneg>gnome42: re #4240 do we want to have pic.pts = AV_NOPTS_VALUE
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14:26<Dibblah>gbee: Have you tried the other options for deblocking?
14:26<Dibblah>ALL is rather extreme.
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14:31<Dibblah>Search for skiploopfilter in
14:33<gbee>Dibblah: I'll play with different values
14:33<Dibblah>The issue is, if you never do deblocking, there is no reference frame ever.
14:34<Dibblah>(even keyframes need deblocking to become a reference frame)
14:34<gbee>it even states there that it's not really required for HD, so if it's part of the playback profiles it could be enabled for SD and disabled by default for HD
14:34<gbee>or at least operate at a lower level for HD
14:35<Dibblah>So the divergence between the intended picture and the displayed picture grows over the life of the decoder.
14:35<Dibblah>(deblocking is a 3d process, as far as I understand it)
14:36<gbee>I'm not going to pretend I understand what it's actually doing, but I get what you are saying
14:36<gbee>nonkey might be enough for HD?
14:37<danielk22>deblocking can be very useful for HD. It's what allows MPEG-4 at 15Mbps to look as good as MPEG-2 at 19Mbps.
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14:38<danielk22>It gets rid of those terrible 16x16 or 8x8 blocking artifacts..
14:38<Dibblah>There's some other pages that mention it as well. But yes, from my understanding, nonkey reduces most of the processing impact while still providing a non-degrading decoder.
14:39<gbee>a 30% reduction in cpu without deblocking and no apparent degradtion in picture quality for higher bitrate HD is not something I feel we can ignore
14:40<Dibblah>Indeed - But how long did you watch for?
14:40<gbee>the length of the sample which is only about 5 minutes admittedly
14:41<Dibblah>Should be sufficient.
14:41<Dibblah>It's only an issue on things with low-motion.
14:41<Dibblah>(talking heads, etc)
14:41<danielk22>gbee: I think we should have an option somewhere to disable deblocking for slow CPU's, just like we have the onefield deinterlacer for CPU's that can't handle HD deinterlacing.
14:42<gbee>danielk22: the patch I mentioned earlier, attached to #4653 does just that
14:42*Dibblah hates the idea of more options, but agrees on this one.
14:43<gbee>but Dibblah has got me wondering if instead of a simple on/off it should be a combo box ranging with values of Off, Low, Medium, High (mapped to actual skiploop options)
14:43<danielk22>dibblah: If it's integrated into the Video Playback profiles, it can just be made a default in the "Slim" profile.
14:44<Dibblah>gbee: See if there's any difference in benchmarking.
14:44<Dibblah>I doubt you'll see significant difference between nonkey and all
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14:47<gbee>ultimately it might be pretty cool to auto-select playback options based on the bitrate, codec and resolution of the stream or the clock speed*number of cores
14:47<gbee>but I'm dreaming there, I don't expect to see anything like that for a long time yet
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14:49<mkrufky>janneg: ping
14:49<gbee>I'm happy to leave the commit for now until we can reach a consensus on the approach
14:50<MrGandalf>so, I suppose nobody has any thought regarding my dev list post about h264 streams.
14:50<gbee>mkrufky: we were wondering if you'd be interested in writing support for this, if we send you one?
14:51<gbee>MrGandalf: sorry, guess I missed it
14:51<MrGandalf>gbee: np
14:52<mkrufky>im not touching that with a ten foot pole, gbee
14:52<mkrufky>i dont even have a satellite
14:52<gbee>MrGandalf: the double length one? h.264 and decoding aren't really my thing either, so I can't help - sorry
14:52<mkrufky>and saa716x is bad news for linux
14:52<Dibblah>Well, they are rather expensive.
14:52<gbee>mkrufky: heh, ok
14:52<Dibblah>I personally don't have one either.
14:52<MrGandalf>gbee: I fear it's nobody's thing. :(
14:53<Dibblah>I have a dish, sure - But a satellite wouldn't get past household finance.
14:53<mkrufky>you will have a very difficult time dealing with that PCIe bridge chipset
14:54<Dibblah>Manu was saying negotiations over specs were ongoing before Christmas...
14:54<mkrufky>if it was a conexant bridge, then id manage to find a way to work on it, regardless of whether or not i actually have a satellite dish
14:54<mkrufky>Manu -- thats the key word
14:54<mkrufky>Manu is "working closely" with NXP on this driver
14:54<mkrufky>i have doubts
14:55<gbee>mkrufky: oh well, I feared as much, it would have been nice - ultra cheap, 2xdvb-s AND pcie
14:55<Dibblah>It's all about FUD. "We'll have drivers soon - Don't buy anything else!"
14:55<mkrufky>i have a feeling some other company might one day come out with such a product that uses some linux-supported PCIe bridge chipset, instead
14:55<mkrufky>just wait a few months
14:55<MrGandalf>usb tuners are the way to go
14:56<Dibblah>Network tuners are the way to go.
14:56<clever>usb also lets you use a laptop
14:56<mkrufky>i think usb is kinda silly for dvb-s , tbh
14:57<gbee>I'd just settle for a dvb-s2 card right about now
14:57<clever>ive got 2 laptops with tvout that would make real thin&silent frontends
14:57<clever>with the usb they can be master&front
14:57<mkrufky>wow -- i always stayed clear of this room, i thought it was for mythtv app development
14:57<mkrufky>now i know better
14:57<gbee>mkrufky: heh
14:57<mkrufky>i actually had an app devel question, thats why i am here
14:57<clever>ive run into an anoying bug
14:57<MrGandalf>I find USB tuners to be more stable.
14:58<gbee>I've lead the channel astray over the last week
14:58<clever>when i delete a show it causes a long rescedule, causing the network connection to timeout, causing a deadlock
14:58<gbee>OK class, back to work
14:58<mkrufky>MrGandalf: try a DViCO Dual Digital "usb" and you'll change your tune
14:58<Dibblah>clever: Back to -users ;)
14:58<jarle>When mythtv is tuning to a new channel it seems to be blocking ALSA. If I am listening to a mp3 in the background and tell mythtv to change channel sound disappears for a second, does it HAVE to be this way for some reason, or is this a bug? Any ideas?
14:58<MrGandalf>well, I'm sure there are exceptions..
14:58<clever>Dibblah: i can patch it myself:P, ive allready fix 2 of my other bugs
14:58<clever>was just wondering if some1 else has heardof/fixed it allready
14:59<gbee>jarle: we mute the channel to avoid squelch during the channel change
15:00<gbee>we can probably change the way we are doing it, I'm not familiar with the code in question, chances are we can just pause the audio instead and drain the buffer
15:00<jarle>gbee: oki, so ideally I should have "external" sound on another "channel" than mythtv is using then... if such a thing is possible...
15:02-!-famicom [] has quit [Read error: 110 (Connection timed out)]
15:02-!-foxbuntu [] has joined #mythtv
15:04<jarle>gbee: a related issue is that myth's "mute" function will mute all audio, not just myth's own sound. I guess some users might have a use for watching liveTV without audio, but still have audio from some other program...
15:06-!-jpabq [] has joined #mythtv
15:08<janneg>mkrufky: hi, you seem to be pretty busy
15:09<mkrufky>how do you know im busy, janneg?
15:09<mkrufky>...watching me talk to khali ?
15:09<janneg>haven't seen you on irc since the week before last
15:09<mkrufky>yes, been very busy
15:09<mkrufky>also, i been trying to sign online less during the daytime and more during the nighttime
15:09<mkrufky>its very addicting
15:10<janneg>and it was just a guess
15:10<mkrufky>i find that once i sign on while at the office, i basically stay logged in all day
15:10<mkrufky>do you have a few minutes for PM , janneg?
15:11<janneg>that's not the problem. you just have to learn to ignore the irc client
15:11<janneg>mkrufky: sure
15:36-!-mkrufky [n=mk@unaffiliated/mkrufky] has quit [Remote closed the connection]
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16:49-!-enyalios [] has joined #mythtv
16:50<enyalios>which db option turns on 'avoid conflicts with live tv'?
16:50<enyalios>is it 'lastfreecard' in the settings table?
16:50<enyalios>oh sorry wrong channel
16:52-!-enyalios [] has left #mythtv []
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18:58-!-brunes [] has joined #mythtv
18:59<brunes>hey MrGandalf - that channel map code works OK, btu there is a minor issue... if you change to a mapped channel, when you bring up the guide again, it is pointing at the *original* channel
18:59<brunes>so you lose your place in the guide
19:11-!-foxbuntu [] has joined #mythtv
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19:14-!-Chutt [] has joined #mythtv
19:16<kali67>Hi, is there more info on the Python bindings for Mythtv , Any sample scripts ?
19:16<kali67>or a library for interacting with the backend ? How does mythweb do it ?
19:17-!-kormoc [n=kormoc@unaffiliated/kormoc] has quit []
19:18<foxbuntu>kali67, what are you trying to do?
19:18<kali67>I'm trying to write some scripts ( like delete a set of shows or record a set of shows )
19:19<kali67>currently I'm using scripts to drive the web interface which at best is a kludge
19:19<Chutt>changing channels around for qam tuners is a pain
19:19<foxbuntu>kali67, why not just bind your scripts to the mythconverg db on the be and modify the appropriate tables?
19:20<brunes>kali67: if you are running mythfrontend it has a pretty good telnet command API. The native myth protocol API i find is very poorly documented right no on the wiki; its a real moving target. the only way to understand it is grock the code yourself I think
19:21<foxbuntu>kali67, for what you are trying to accomplish, I am not sure why you need it to use the myth applications
19:22<kali67>foxbuntu: that is a an idea that I'd like to do as a last resort
19:22<foxbuntu>hmm ok
19:22<kali67>here's what I'm trying to do - on the command line, record say 5 hours or 6 hours of show on a particur channel
19:23<kali67>but I want to retain the program titles .
19:23<foxbuntu>retain the program titles where?
19:23<kali67>I want to do the equivalent of someone accessing mythweb and going to the program listing and selecting the shows for the next 5 hours for recording
19:24<MrGandalf>brunes: it brings you to the first that that channel appears on the guide.
19:24<kali67>I already have a script that I can run to record the shows on a "manual schedule "M
19:25<foxbuntu>kali67, all that info is still in the DB
19:25<kali67>for example - I can say record --channel=3 -starttime=13:00:00 --length=30
19:25<kali67>foxbuntu: I guess, I will have to go that route
19:26<foxbuntu>kali67, Im thinking you could read the guide data from the db, parse out the upcoming program data from time x to time y
19:26<kali67>foxubunt: I do not exactly know all the tables and their dependencies
19:26<foxbuntu>then set a record for each show individually
19:27<foxbuntu>time x to time y on channel z (edit)
19:27<brunes>MrGandalf: no.. it brings you to the original mapped channel
19:27<foxbuntu>then you just use the data you found to generate a one time recording list
19:27<brunes>MrGandalf: In my example - I have channel 802 mapped to channel 2
19:27<kali67>foxbuntu: if I'm accessing the db , then I might as well update the recording tables
19:28<brunes>MrGandalf: If I go into th eguide and pick channel 2, it tunes correctly. but if i then bring up the guide again, it says I am on channel 802
19:28<brunes>it always goes to the original channel
19:28<foxbuntu>kali67, you could do it that way as well... I was just giving you the other option because of the worries about editing the right tables
19:29<brunes>kali67: You can easily connect to the MythFrontEnd telnet protocol at any time and tell it to start recording and stop recording
19:29<brunes>kali67: So you can justc all that from a crontab
19:29<MrGandalf>brunes: odd, doesn't do that for me.
19:29<kali67>foxbuntu: you are right, but the issue that I have faced is that I've had to reverse engineer the mythweb interface
19:30<MrGandalf>it stores the channum somewhere.. maybe change that to chanmap
19:30<brunes>kali67: Why? there is a pretty good 'help' command...
19:30<foxbuntu>kali67, join me in #mythbuntu-dev
19:30<brunes>MrGandalf: Does it store it in the guide?
19:30<MrGandalf>brunes: haven't a clue
19:31<brunes>MrGandalf: See, I think the problem is the code basically does a kind of "replace" with 2 -> 802 just beore the tuning. So, once tuned, all mythtv knows at that point is it is on channel 802, it doesn't know the channel you originally picked on the guide to arrive there
19:31<MrGandalf>it's startchannel in guidegrid I think
19:34<brunes>hrm it looks like startChanId can be either a channel id or a channum... we'd have to change it to also check for a chanmap
19:36-!-jamesd [] has joined #mythtv
19:57<Chutt>danielk22, did qam scanning ever get fixed?
19:59<Chutt>adding stuff to dtv_multiplex + channel manually is annoying =)
20:00<brunes>Chutt: Sure is :/
20:00<brunes>I don't get why myth doesn't have support for this; so many providers are doing it now.
20:00<brunes>With my digital cable I had before I got DVB, the same channel was actually mapped to *three* differentnumbers for some of them
20:01<brunes>One or the old analog "where it used to be", one for the network grouping and one for the HD grouping
20:04<GreyFoxx>brune: That info is not transmitted in a fashion we can get at
20:05<GreyFoxx>scanning for QAM channels doesn't give you info like channel callsigns or "numbers" like they are displayed in the settop box. That's usually received later or downloaded by the stb
20:05<brunes>GreyFoxx: OK I will take that. Bt it would be nice for me to be able tomanually map a channel to another number like this via the GUi :/
20:06<GreyFoxx>I do it via mythweb,
20:06*Anduin thought it was just a reference to the -release channel scanner crashing all the time
20:06<brunes>I dont mean edit the channel number (like mythweb), I mean make like a copy of it, like MrGandalf's patch allows (almost)
20:07<brunes>Anduin: I fin with current mythbuntu the -releasse scanner problems now allw ent away... makes me wonder ifg it was X related
20:07<brunes>either that or they backported something
20:07<brunes>because I was totally up to date the day before I upgraded and my scanner crashed
20:07<danielk22>chutt: Not yet, but I'm working on it.
20:08<Chutt>they just redid all my digitals here
20:08<Chutt>absolutely nothing is the same :/
20:08<Chutt>why's the dtv_multiplex required for the hdhr? =)
20:10<danielk22>chutt: if you could scan with the channelscan branch scanner and send me the contents of the channel scanning tables I could probably come up with a solution for your cable company..
20:11<danielk22>dtv_multiplex stores the same stuff: frequency, modulation method, system info standard.
20:13<danielk22>I think you told me your cable company used a atsc major == constant + atsc minor == channum, which is detectable and a heuristic could be applied...
20:16<danielk22>tables needed: channelscan, channelscan_dtv_multiplex, channelscan_channel
20:21-!-mattwire [] has joined #mythtv
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21:15<Chutt>danielk22, might be a while
21:19-!-kali67 [] has quit []
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22:00<Chutt>danielk22, and they use atsc_major = 1008, atsc_minor = 0
22:01<Chutt>for every channel
22:15<Chutt>yay, looks like it's all working again
22:17-!-jhulst [n=jhulst@unaffiliated/jhulst] has joined #mythtv
22:17-!-brunes [] has left #mythtv []
22:35<danielk22>chutt: what about programid (aka serviceid) does that == channum?
23:00-!-otwin_ [n=otwin@] has joined #mythtv
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23:36<danielk22>they really don't make it easy.
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