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05:41<gbee>does anyone think #5369 is a good idea?
05:42<stuarta>my question was, how does it affect video playback
05:42<stuarta>for the menu stuff i've not a problem with it (although 5 times per second is a little slow)
05:44<janneg>well 70Hz is a little bit high given that most displays are either 50 or 60 Hz
05:45<gbee>janneg: yeah, I'm not sure why 70, I really need to ask Chutt
05:45<janneg>why are we repainting if nothing has changed?
05:46<janneg>gbee: it's 70 wakeups/s not necessarily 70 repaints
05:46<gbee>janneg: well that's a good question, we shouldn't be
05:48<gbee>janneg: 70Hz is the current pulse rate, meaning any animation would result in 70 repaints a second - I wonder if this guy is using GANT (alpha pulsing logo)
05:50<janneg>gbee: the alpha pulse is broken
05:52<janneg>with metallurgy still high number of wakeups
05:53<jarle>gbee: ticket updated
05:54<jarle>gbee: compiletype did not seem to make any difference...
05:56<gbee>jarle: oh well
05:56<gbee>janneg: hmm, I'll look at it
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06:15<gbee>what would "parcel number" be in German?
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06:16<gbee>tried that, the result doesn't match anything on this invoice :)
06:17<stuarta>put things in the invoice into babelfish then
06:17*gbee tries everything in reverse
06:17*gbee is slow
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06:19<janneg>gbee: paketnummer
06:20<gbee>well I've got Calculation number, Order number, Customer number - but no parcel number
06:20<gbee>think I'll have to contact them :)
06:20<gbee>janneg: thanks
06:21<janneg>calculation number is rechnungsnummer?
06:22<janneg>correct translation would be invoice number
06:22<gbee>ahh, thanks
06:23<janneg> is probably better for one word translations than babelfish
06:23<gbee>maybe I should learn German
06:26<stuarta>babelfish is "approximate" to say the least
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07:45<rooaus>gbee: I wonder if the repaint interval could be set based on detected display refresh rate? Although the fact it is 70Hz currently makes me suspect I am missing something.
07:46<gbee>we aren't repainting every time, we are just checking whether we need to paint
07:56<rooaus>I wouldn't have thought it was worth polling for a screen update at a greater rate than the display refreshes. Easy enough to test I guess :)
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07:59<gbee>I don't think that will solve the reported issue though
08:03<Dibblah>Everyone knows these powertop people are nuts, right?
08:03<Dibblah>The power difference even on laptop CPUs that support the deeper ACPI states is on the order of .1%.
08:03<gbee>I don't really see a solution
08:04<Dibblah>Desktop CPUs, it makes literally no difference - There is no deep ACPI sleep.
08:04<gbee>we have to poll for changes to ensure we do redraw when required and it's not as though that's a CPU intensive bit of code
08:06<Dibblah>Well, the solution would be not polling (ie a signal/slot for changes). But that is stupid for this use.
08:06<rooaus>Dibblah: I was more thinking about the potential undersampling that may affect smoothness of animations etc.
08:06<gbee>just run powertop on my laptop with mythfrontend running, it's 7% - the nvidia driver causes more wakeups
08:06<Dibblah>useevents true?
08:08<janneg>blame the nvidia driver, it's different with intel or ati open source
08:10<Dibblah>Pretty sure useevents should be on.
08:10<janneg>ideally it should be possible to let the drawing code wait and when somethings requires a repaint it would just wake the painting
08:10<gbee>killed firefox which it claims is the worst offender
08:11<janneg>it would need some throttling
08:12<janneg>but I agree, it's not worth the hassle for the powertop people espicially since mythtv has only limited use while running on batteries
08:13<janneg>except recording tv during a power outtage
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10:13<danielk22>janneg: you around?
10:14<janneg>danielk22: yes
10:18<antgel>hi, i don't know if anyone is using mythtv with windowmaker, but i think /something/ is broken, would appreciate some help to find out where the bug is and raise a report
10:19<antgel>basically, when i run mythfrontend in windowed mode, there is no titlebar by default. if i explicitly enable titlebar in wmaker's "window attributes" menu, it doesn't appear. hence i can't drag it round the screen
10:19<antgel>i also can't drag it with my usual wmaker moving combo that works anywhere in the screen, that is Mod4 (windows key) and right mouse button
10:20<antgel>would appreciate guidance, am using 0.21
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10:32*gbee sighs
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10:35<antgel>gbee: are you sighing at me? do you consider this a question for #mythtv-users? i don't see what users would know about how mythfrontend in windowed mode handles itself wrt various window managers
10:42<gbee>antgel: you were talking to two devs in -users
10:44<gbee>if it's not working with WM then it's a window manager problem, or possibly a user issue
10:46<antgel>gbee: i didn't know who i was talking to. will follow-up in #m-u
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11:36<kormoc>danielk22, Mornin, you working on SD's server?
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11:47<danielk22>kormoc: No, why?
11:48<kormoc>danielk22, never mind (we were running low on space but it's all fixed now)
11:49<danielk22>if you need me to free up space I can.. I can transfer some stuff to my local machine.
11:50<kormoc>We removed a old snapshot or two and it's all golden for now
11:50<Chutt>how long was stuff down for?
11:50<kormoc>Chutt, I honestly can't say, Robert would likely know, but if he doesn't, I can check logs and get a exact number
11:51<danielk22>kormoc: I just freed up a few hundred megs..
11:51<GreyFoxx>30 minutes
11:51<danielk22>I'll compress some stuff to free up more.
11:52<GreyFoxx>first low disk space error was at 8:09am, current time on box is 8:48am
11:52<GreyFoxx>the rsnapshots routinely chewup a lot of space
11:53<Chutt>and nothing was cleaning them up?
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11:53<danielk22>yes they appear to be growing geometrically... and they are not bzipped.
11:53<GreyFoxx>xris has tweaked them over time to have less of them around
11:54<GreyFoxx>I tend to go in once a week and make sure logs are rotated and such, and I backup the box to here every morning
11:55<danielk22>actually they are bzipped, tar w/bzip inside.
11:55*kormoc blinks
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11:55<kormoc>that sorta breaks the point of rsnapshot, cause it's no longer incremental then
11:56<danielk22>kormoc: I'm talking about the DB backup actually..
11:56<danielk22>those chew up a lot of space.. but they are bzipped.
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11:58*kormoc heads out to an iview
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12:12<adc>hello i have a alphacrypt and a card but unfortunately it doesnt work, there was a tool in the past which i used in order to read information from the cam module does someone know which one this was?
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12:21<gbee>keys on need regenerating
12:22<janneg>Snow-Man: ^^^
12:22<janneg>hmm, no Chutt
12:23<janneg>xris: do you have the necessary rights?
12:24<xris>keys? I think that's a Snow-Man thing.
12:24<xris>I probably have perms, but am not really that familar with things beyond restarting apache, etc.
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18:14<pkendall>janne: are you about?
18:20<janneg>pkendall: I'm about going to bed but I have a moment
18:22<janneg>Chutt: gbee found that some keys on were created by debian's broken openssl package
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18:50<pkendall>Ok, sorry I was helping my daughter.
18:51<pkendall>What tim eis it there and I'll wait till you have a better time
18:51<Vaelys>u/win 30
18:55<gbee>pkendall: he'll be in bed now, it's nearly 1am there
18:57<pkendall>Ok, Its saturday morning here in NZ, so I'll keep an eye out tonight for him.
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