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07:43<gbee>ok, so disabling the deblocking entirely isn't a great idea - start to see the problems with some BBC Motion Gallery samples I just downloaded
07:44<janneg>pkendall: I've time now
07:47<janneg>gbee: blocking artifacts? it doesn't have to be related with disabling the deblocking filter. ffmpeg has still problems with some h264 features
07:47<gbee>janneg: no artifacts with the filter re-enabled
07:48<gbee>I'm going to start trying different values for skip_loop_filter to see if I can find a good compromise
07:55<janneg>ok, I was not sure that you already tested with deblocking enabled
07:56<gbee>the higher bitrate broadcast stuff is fine but the downloads look pretty bad
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08:04<janneg>the broadcast is around 20mbps?
08:06<gbee>top is download, bottom broadcast - although I've no idea if the bitrate is representative of what they are currently broadcasting now that they are out of trials
08:09<gbee>:( nonkey isn't good enough, still jerky and blocky - so I don't think there are any usable options for my CPU
08:10<janneg>Premiere HD is by now between 10 and 13. but they were already weel below 10mbps. started to look crappy at those bitrates
08:11<janneg>BBC HD is apparently now between 16-17mbps
08:12<janneg>gbee: are the downloads also HD?
08:12<gbee>yes, but 720p instead of 1080i
08:13<janneg>if not using two playback profiles and adding the deblocking there would be a solution
08:13<gbee>janneg: yep
08:14<janneg>that doesn't help, 720p needs almost the same cpu to decode
08:15<gbee>I see no problem with leaving deblocking enabled for SD profiles and it looks like it needs to be left on by default for HD as well, but with the option to turn it off
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08:16<gbee>if profiles could be created based on resolution and bitrate that might help, but that's something for the future
08:23<gbee>I shouldn't have been so cheap when I picked the CPU, I could have got a 4800 for just £10 more
08:24<laga>time for some overclocking?
08:27<gbee>board doesn't really support it and even if it did I'd sooner sell the current CPU on ebay and buy the faster one
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08:41<janneg>pkendall: going shopping now, back in one hour
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08:57<janneg>pkendall: it probably helps if you just ask your question. I'm probably not the only one who can answer it and I'll answer it then I'm back
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10:52<GreyFoxx>Well I have another of those recordings which report double the show length.
10:53<GreyFoxx>I checked recordedseek and there are 9637 entries, but after running a mythcomflag --rebuild it only has 4048 andf returns the right info
10:56<danielk22>A simple hack might be to detect these programs and run a quick rebuild.. (A rebuild happens at > 1800 fps here...) Obviously we do want to fix this correctly, but no one has done it yet...
10:57<GreyFoxx>I know with MrGandalf's example it was an h264 interlaced recorded, in mine it's an mpeg2 progressive frames
11:00<janneg>for MrGandalf's h264 I know there the bug is: we're counting fields instead of frames
11:00<janneg>I just need some time to fix it
11:00<GreyFoxx>I should take a chunk of this recording and pump it through the dummy reecorder. I imagine it would show the same results
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11:02<janneg>danielk22: I went out yesterday and I'm about to leave for todo aswell without time to look after the driver. sorry
11:03<janneg>if you want to start preparing mpegrecorder, the virtual file recorder in mpegrecorder should help.
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15:02<jarle>where should I look for the code that marks a recording as watched after you have played it?
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15:50<gbee>jarle: why?
15:53<gbee>oh ... hmm, don't really consider that a bug IMHO, there were good reasons why I left it that way
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16:09<jarle>gbee: the last comment for me?
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16:27<jarle>I am just trying to get an overview over the large mythtv source tree, where can I find more info on m_playbackinfo?
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17:17<jarle>I am looking to make a small patch for NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp, but so far I haven't quite figured out the "correct" way to check if the video is marked as "watched" or not? Any starters?
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17:24<gbee>jarle: yes, the comment was for you
17:54<gbee>xris: is SD using PayPals IPN?
17:54<xris>too hot for me to think today...
17:55<gbee>Instant Payment Notification - meaning that verified payments are posted back to the originating website so that the transaction can be completed
17:55<xris>though sometimes paypal's system breaks down, or things take awhle to post
17:56<gbee>apparently it's been broken for the last 48 hours, so customers paying in that time may not get what they paid for - just thought you might like to know
17:57<clever>ive had problems with that before on antoher online site
17:57<clever>money left my act but i never got the service
17:57<gbee>nasty little glitch because it means those transactions need to be manually verified and completed
17:57<clever>i just stoped playing that game
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17:59<gbee>clever: all merchants use similar systems, whether it be with Paypal or another card processing service - I've used IPN for sites before and never had a problem reported, but that doesn't mean it never happens and this latest outage just seems to be bigger and longer than most
17:59<clever>this was more complex
18:00<clever>the game cant use paypal
18:00<clever>it forces me to go thru a 2nd online site
18:00<clever>so my money goes from bank->paypal->3rdparty->game
18:00<clever>and it got lost somewhere along the line
18:01<gbee>the incident has taught me that I need to start including methods to ease the manual processing of transactions which have been confirmed by email should IPN fail
18:01<xris>gbee: yeah, I think robert had added stuff like that
18:03<clever>also i cant even access the payment part of the site
18:03<clever>until i login thru java
18:04<clever>some kind of anti keylogger/autofill thing
18:04<clever>and java kills firefox 90% of the time lately
18:05<clever>just stuck at 100% cpu load
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22:53<pkendall>janneg: I understand that you are the maintainer of the ffmpeg code in mythtv and the patches to it.
22:53<pkendall>I wanted to let you know that I have just started doing the same thing here as I needed to update the ffmpeg
22:53<pkendall>code do I could try DVB-T here in NZ. I see from the myth svn repository that the version of ffmpeg is around
22:53<pkendall>2000 revisions old. I wanted to know if you had a seperate repository or set of patches that you keep up to
22:53<pkendall>date with ffmpeg or if you wanted to just check and take mine to update ffmpeg in the trunk of myth.
22:53<pkendall>I also have a patch to myth and a patch to ffmpeg to include latm support for NZ, Norway and others. This patch is C++ code so it probably won't be accepted by the ffmpeg folk. I may look at re-writing it in C and
22:53<pkendall>submitting to them later on. If I can help in any way, let me know.
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