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06:41<laga>has somebody done some benchmarks regarding CMOV? i wonder if not having CMOV hurts a lot
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07:40<gbee>laga: I'd be interested in that
07:48<gbee>I fixed fast cmov detection on my frontends, but at the same time as making a bunch of other performance related changes so it's not easy to see what difference it made
07:58<laga>gbee: we've got some users complaining that mythtv doesn't work anymore on their VIA cpus
08:00<gbee>laga: I'm no expert on the various supported instructions sets
08:00<gbee>Via doesn't support CMOV or it won't work without it?
08:01<laga>gbee: mythtv on ubuntu is compiled with cmov support and older via cpus don't support vmoc.
08:01<laga>vmoc isn't mandatory in the i686 set AFAIK
08:02<gbee>it's a shame that you have to tailor the packages for the lowest common denominator :(
08:03<laga>who saidn we have to? :)
08:03<laga>but you're right. we should either disable CMOV or provide another set of packages
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08:15<gbee>laga: providing packages for via is what I would do, but then I'm not a packager and I've not idea how much additional work that would create
08:16<laga>it should be doable, but it'd require two builds from the same source package.. not straightforward, but possible. it might happen for the next ubuntu release
08:19<gbee>x86_64 build uses a different source?
08:20<laga>gbee: no, there's one source package from which all binary packages are built
08:20<laga>(and a separate one for mythplugins, of course)
08:31<sphery>laga: did you see the comment in here on 20080512 21:51:06 (EDT) where famicom, who's using the ATI binary drivers, thought that the segfault in was caused by the --enable-glx-procaddrarb ?
08:31<laga>no. thanks.
08:32<sphery>can't verify his findings (I only have nvidia), but it sounded like it was worth looking into.
08:32<laga>sphery: some guy named ille compiled mythtv from -fixes and it worked for him, so it must be a packaging problem.
08:33<laga>i'll prepare packages without --enable-glx-procaddrarb
08:33<laga>even if that caused the problem, it might still be a bug in the driver
08:35<janneg>laga: iirc has cmov a measurable performance advantage, fast cmov only a negligible effect
08:36<sphery>wow, between this and the via/cmov stuff, your job may be getting much harder... :) I wouldn't be surprised if there is a bug in the driver. In theory, though, we should be able to verify if it's a driver bug if it's the same cause with the FOSS driver.
08:37<janneg>and I think cmov is in x686 instruction set, via has just not implemented the whole set in their processors
08:37<laga>a friend of mine is experiencing that problem, i'll work with him to fix it
08:37<laga>or i can just go to his place and yell at him if something goes wrong ;)
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09:02<janneg>hmm, ffmpeg with fast cmov might be a little bit slower on my core2 than with without fast cmov
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09:07<janneg>with cmov disabled it's not much slower, but my benchmarks are probably worthless since I'm doing them on a 64 bit os
09:11<laga>packages without --enable-glx-procaddrarb should up on my PPA in a few hours. in case someone asks for them.
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10:13<jarle>gbee: didn't quite finish our discussion yesterday; did you mean to say that the behaviour outlined in is the way it SHOULD be?
10:14<gbee>I know it seems wrong, but the way it was before people complained that a recording was marked as watched after editing and then auto-deleted before they could watch it
10:15<gbee>or that they had watched it once, started to watch it again etc
10:16<gbee>the logic is that if you exit before the end of the recording then you've decided to watch it for a second time and therefore it shouldn't be marked as watched
10:18<jarle>gbee: my point is that if the video is already marked as watched before you start looking at it, it should not be set as unwatched, in other words the watched flag should not be changed at all..
10:19<gbee>jarle: yeah and that behaviour causes more problems than the one it would solve - 2 person households etc, editing recordings
10:19<jarle>gbee: oki, guess I have have to think a bit more about this then :)
10:20<gbee>I can't think of a situation where a recording already marked as watched would be re-watched without reaching the end and yet still be marked as watched
10:20<gbee>a normal use scenario anyway
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10:21<jarle>gbee: but anyway, what is the best way to check the current "watched" status from within NuppelVideoPlayer.cpp?
10:21<gbee>maybe creating two types of 'watched' is the answer - the automatic watched and the forced watched, the second would be reversed automatically but the first wouldn't
10:23<jarle>gbee: I just noticed this behaviour the other day when I re-played an already watched show just to check "what was this show all about, can't seem to remember" Then I ended the playback after a couple of minutes only to see that the recording was now marked as unwatched...
10:26<gbee>if (m_playbackinfo->programflags & FL_WATCHED)
10:27<gbee>jarle: yeah, we assume that if you start to re-watch a show that you want to watch it through to the end again
10:27<gbee>it's also why we provide the "Mark As Watched" menu option
10:28<gbee>it's not perfect, but it's a compromise which gives the best results for most people
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12:51<laga>sphery: okay, removing --enable-glx-procaddrarb didn't help. also, the segfault in occurs with the free radeon driver for my friend
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14:01<sphery>laga: Thanks. I guess the issue with --enable-glx-procaddrarb causing a segfault with fglrx isn't the same as the one causing an issue with radeon.
14:03<laga>sphery: i was just assuming that the segfault still happens in, but having two different issues causing segfaults right on start up sounds unlikely.
14:04<danielk22>janne: I don't think I'll have time for the HD-PVR recorder before linuxtag, some linuxmce issues have come up that will demand my attention next week.
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14:31<janneg>danielk22: no problem, I think I'll have time for it
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