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06:13<Corvix>is there any way to better organise channels in mythtv, I was thinking of something like a tree-structur, being able to group channels
06:14<stuarta>MrGandalf: here
06:15<gbee> << Ladies and Gentlemen, your new assignement
06:16<Dibblah>Corvix: #mythtv-users - But no, currently. There is a patch in Trac for channel groups.
06:16<gbee>Corvix: not currently, possibly by 0.22 you will be able to group channels by category or whatever way you chose
06:17<gbee>as Dibblah says, a patch exists, it just wasn't ready the last time I looked
06:17<Corvix>ah thanks, that should be great ...
06:17<Corvix>any idea on the expected timeline?
06:18<laga>it'll probably go faster if you test the patch (in case it still applies cleanly)
06:19<stuarta>gbee: did your card turn up?
06:20<gbee>stuarta: after emailing a third time, last night, threatening to involve paypal in a dispute the guy send the card first thing this morning :)
06:20<Corvix>never built mythtv from source, how much of a hassle is it on ubuntu hardy?
06:20<stuarta>oh dear.
06:20<laga>Corvix: mostly pain-free. apt-get build-dep mythtv and you should get all the dependencies. but that's a question for the -users channel
06:20<iamlindoro>Corvix: That's another #mythtv-users question, and depends entirely on you
06:22<gbee>stuarta: no idea how long it will take, maybe here Saturday or it could be Monday, but at least it's on the way
06:22<stuarta>that from the shop in germany?
06:22*gbee is getting a sense of deja-vu
06:22<gbee>stuarta: yeah
06:22<stuarta>:-/ had heard they were okay
06:22*stuarta blames Dibblah
06:23<Dibblah>Hmm. Were when I used them last (6 months ago or so) :(
06:23<Corvix>thanks four your help, ill switch to users, have a nice day
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06:24<gbee>well it seems like they were in the process of moving premises, not that I think that justifies over a week's delay in posting it, but it does suggest this isn't their normal level of service
06:24<gbee>week's? weeks
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06:25*stuarta offers gbee 7 days instead of a week
06:25*gbee accepts gracefully
06:29<gbee>heh, just received a second email - "the delay was caused by move to a new warehouse and office.Nevertheless you finally do not suffer from it. Parcel wasdispatched via DHL EXPRESS 9963573082 today, will be with youtomorrow.If we would have dispatched your order via GERMAN POST, asrequested, it would have taken 1 week to UK (ground service),and finally it's the same for delivery. The expense, as DHLis more expensive, was on our behalf
06:29<gbee>ok, so I'll cut them a break :)
06:31<stuarta>dhl ain't cheap either
06:31<stuarta>missus sent 2 dresses to Korea, and that cost 50 quid
06:32<hads>gbee: dvbshop?
06:32<gbee>hads: yeah,
06:33<hads>Oh yeah. We buy stuff off them to resell sometimes, they are a little slow at shipping but seem like decent enough people.
06:36<gbee>I bothered to write back to thank them, no hard feelings etc
06:49<MrGandalf>stuarta: nevermind.. I figured it out.. need to know that quicktune == 2 doesn't block active eit but blocks all passive eit.
06:53<stuarta>that's news to me
06:53<stuarta>btw did you end up submitting a ticket for the EIT DB access needing locking?
06:57<MrGandalf>stuarta: no, it's not the fix
06:57<stuarta>ah k
06:57<MrGandalf>still crashes in the same spot
06:57<MrGandalf>I can create a ticket, but I still haven't a clue what's going on..
06:57<stuarta>more digging then
06:58<stuarta>tried valgrinding it?
06:58<MrGandalf>system not fast enough
06:59<stuarta>not even for just the backend?
06:59<MrGandalf>nope :(
06:59<MrGandalf>eit kills it
06:59<stuarta>that'll be why i have 2gb in my dev machine
06:59<MrGandalf>it seems always to crash on destroying MSqlQuery.. very odd.
06:59<MrGandalf>I have 4gigs in this machine
07:00<stuarta>i thought one of the reasons we created MSqlQuery was so it could do all the necessary locking
07:00<MrGandalf>mysql takes like 2.7 of that
07:00<stuarta>fm, that's a big database
07:00<MrGandalf>it does look to be locking
07:01<MrGandalf>| count(programid) |
07:01<MrGandalf>| 1135796 |
07:01<stuarta>that's a few
07:02<stuarta>20397 here.
07:02<MrGandalf>just call me the MythTV stress tester :)
07:02<gbee>what level locks are being used? Table?
07:03<MrGandalf>I think I remember seeing mutex locks around QSqlQuery
07:04<MrGandalf>anyways.. work is calling.. :(
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07:04<gbee>ahh, thought you meant mysql locks while modifying the table
07:05<stuarta>nah, QMutex's
07:08<gbee>still looking for ways we can take advantage of mysql 5 features and possibly other engines to improve performance
07:08<laga>what are the plans regarding embedded mysql?
07:09<gbee>other than we'd like to use it, nothing further has been planned
07:10<gbee>it would mean creating a new daemon for interacting with the database, or having all frontend database access go through the backend
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07:12<stuarta>well part of what we wanted from the embedded DB was to enable disconnected frontend functionality
07:15<gbee>stuarta: I think caching of data in a another frontend database is definately something to aim for
07:15<gbee>or storing all frontend data and settings in the frontend database, with optional backend backup
07:17<gbee>until someone has time to work on it though :(
07:17<anykey_>I've seen some commits regarding a console channel scanner. Is this working now or is it yet to come?
07:18<gbee>code is in a seperate branch at the moment and I don't know if it's complete
07:19<anykey_>yeah, got that with the branch, just wondering
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07:44<stuarta>it's a work in progress
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08:20<thrope>Hello - last time I was here helpful people recommended nova-t cards for minimal hassle with mythtv on linux... I was wondering if the usb ones are ok?
08:20<thrope>like this:
08:21<laga>thrope: try #mythtv-users
08:21<thrope>ah sorry - I was there last time
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09:05<rooaus>Is a common name for the libqt-mt archive on most machines? Seems the has_library test in configure wildcards the extension and returns true when .so are present in the system.
09:06<rooaus>If I change the line to "has_library" then has library doesn't succeed unless libqt3-mt-dev is installed. This is on Debian stable.
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09:51*rooaus feels foolish when he realises that the ".la" archive he spoke of is in fact a text file.
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10:40<bacaci>hi all, does mythtv have anything to do with ancient norse mythology?
10:41<bacaci>what is mythtv?
10:42<laga>bacaci: it's a personal video recorder
10:42<laga>like a tivo
10:42<bacaci>does anyone know where I can get an answer to a question about norse mythology?
10:44<bacaci>I've tried, but couldn't find anything, is there a mythology channel?
10:45<iamlindoro>bacaci: Freenode is for, generally speaking, open source software development... this is the wrong IRC network entirely
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10:45<iamlindoro>Contact your local college for a request as specific as that which google can't solve
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10:46<bacaci>k thanks all!! :)
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11:27<danielk_Zzzzzz>heh, MythTV has had two developers with the name Thor in their copyright notices. :)
11:28<danielk_Zzzzzz>(Although I think I generally leave out my middle name :P)
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16:57<orko>can anybody help me with the decodermad 5 error in mythmusic.
16:57<orko>i can not find any solutionon the web
16:57<hads>orko: #mythtv-users
16:57<orko>oh, sorry wrong groupä
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18:38<gbee>I've taken DM's patch and additional files in #5365 and combined them into a single uncompressed patch
18:40<gbee>admire his patience in compiling those tables
18:42<danielk22>this is for the new huffman encoded eit?
18:43<gbee>work in progress, but I didn't expect results so quickly
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18:43<danielk22>we should apply it even if not all characters are decoded, just make the rest of the leaves output "*" then when someone sees those we can figure it out from context..
18:43<GreyFoxx>is it different than the existing huffman stuff ?
18:44<danielk22>greyfoxx: yep different tables
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18:44<gbee>danielk22: patch needs a small amount of cleanup, I'll try and look at that in the next couple of days
18:46<gbee>dvb-s card should be here tomorrow, although I'll give myself a day to install it
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18:53<caseAP>good evening
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21:09<dtolj>Is there a standalone tool for video analyzing ie commercial skipping?
21:09<dtolj>that I can use with mplayer
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