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06:40<orko>Hi. I started to have a look at the code and read some docu. And i have a question.
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06:41<orko>What is the reason for a QT independent UI layer? What are the benefits of not being dependet to QT at the UI side while the rest depends on qt anyway?
06:48<gbee>the opengl accelerated painter allows for animation etc, whereas QT doesn't (at least it didn't until QT 4)
06:49<gbee>plus the QT widgets aren't really flexible enough for our purposes e.g. a fully themeable interface
06:50<orko>gbee: But QT is themeable afaik. Wasn't there a release of a gtk theme in the last weeks.
06:50<gbee>QT widgets tend to have fairly fixed appearances, no real animation capabilities
06:51<orko>gbee: ok. so you think about changing from qt to something different? opengl?
06:51<gbee>orko: you can change colours with QT widgets, but that's about it
06:53<gbee>we'll keep offering the open for rendering using QT, but the new ui library is independent of any QT UI widgetry and a lot more powerful, we can add in painters for whatever accelerated interfaces might be wanted - right now that just happens to be QT and openGL
06:54<orko>gbee: thanks. Just wanted ot understand the reason.
06:54<gbee>people want a nice interface like MCE, Gloss, XBox Media Centre etc, the new UI library will allow that and some really different themes
06:57<gbee>we still make use of QT for things like image manipulation, but their UI stuff is mostly targetted at desktop applications, not something controlled by remote on a low res TV screen and in many ways it's too generic for our purposes
06:58<orko>but if you have a independent ui layer that right now can us qt. This for me means that all stuff is doable in qt?
06:59<orko>orko: if you say that qt can not do what you want to do in the future, that means qt will in the future not used any more.
07:01<gbee>we'll keep using QT for everything except the UI, it gives us platform independence and the tools do save a lot of work
07:02<gbee>as long as we're using QT for everything else, we'll probably offer the option of the QT painting - but since it can't handle the animation in the same way that opengl can I expect that many users will prefer the GL painter
07:03<gbee>I don't have the only opinion, or the most important opinion - the final word will be up to Chutt/Isaac, the lead dev
07:09<orko>gebee: what do you mean by "handle the animation" ? what doesn opengl do what qt can't?
07:11<gbee>orko: opengl offers better hardware acceleration of 2D rendering, meaning movement, transitions and fades are faster, smoother and possible on low CPU speeds (typical MythTV frontends operate on low speed, low power CPUs)
07:12<orko>aah, ok. i see.
07:25<orko>thanks for aanswering. i will dive into the code now ;-) cu
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07:44<gbee>stuarta: we only collect EIT on one source at a time?
07:45<orko>i am interested in the development of sharing music files between all clients. i saw there is a mfd/mfe solution.
07:45<orko>what about sharing using upnp?
07:45<orko>is it to slow?
07:46<gbee>orko: my plan is to switch mythmusic to stream music from the backend (single storage location) to the frontend clients using upnp
07:47<gbee>mfd is dead and I don't think it's worth reviving
07:47<orko>gbee: that was min etoo,-)
07:47<orko>are you working on it?
07:47<gbee>orko: if you want to work on it, that would be great - I'm busy with mythui at the moment
07:48<orko>gbee: i first have to have a look at the code to understand.
07:49<gbee>I won't have the time for a few months, there are other higher priority jobs on my list, so there is no hurry
07:49<orko>gbee: how is upnp implenented? does mythtv manage all type of files? can plugins "register" to the mythtv server and add there files to the mythtv upnp?
07:50<gbee>orko: mythtv manages video and music files, the upnp implemention already serves music so mythmusic just needs to request the files from the existing upnp server
07:51<orko>gbee: i thought about an api where plugins can register to the server and tell him which files it should offer under which "name".
07:51<gbee>the hard part isn't streaming the files, it's moving the filescanning logic and music importing to the backend
07:52<orko>eg. mythmsuic registers and tells to scan the /var/lib/music folder and put the results under "mythmusic" in the upnp.
07:52<gbee>think it already works that way
07:52<orko>aah ok
07:53<gbee>well, maybe not - the upnp stuff isn't my area of expertise, I'd suggest talking to CDev_ or GreyFoxx
07:54<orko>at least for me it seems to just do it like its done with the recordings.
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08:50<MythbuntuGuest31>hello can someone help me to install mythbuntu correct? at last i have install it with the gforce 5+ driver and active tvout with s-video and than the monitor and tv is blank after installation
08:50<MythbuntuGuest31>what must i use for my 6600 gf graphic card?
08:50<MythbuntuGuest31>s-video outpt and pal-b here in german?
08:51<hads>MythbuntuGuest31: Please read the topic.
08:52<MythbuntuGuest31>oh sorry...
08:53<MythbuntuGuest31>i whent away... gretings
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10:49<gbee>think it's going to take a couple of days before every channel is populated with EIT, might help if the crawl preferred channels without current data - an idea for the future maybe
10:50<gbee>and disappointingly it's not grabbing data on two sources at the same time - DVB-T card is sitting idling while it slowly crawls the DVB-S transports
10:50<janneg>gbee: it starts random to make use of more than one card
10:52<janneg>sitting so long idle is my fault. it waits iirc cardid * 10 seconds, before it starts scanning
10:53<janneg>wait time it was random before it was confusing to debug with many cards
10:55<janneg>I use passive scan to get the guide for prefferred channels
10:56<danielk22>janne: my cardid's are in the hundreds :)
10:57<janneg>my are only in the forties but only since I reset the autoincrement pointer
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10:58<janneg>it was only intended as short term solution
10:58<janneg>I'll change it now
10:59<janneg>it doesn't even help reliable against starting all scanner at the same time
11:01<janneg>it's even 15 seconds
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11:10<gbee>janneg: hmm, maybe there is something else at work here - it's just not scanning at all on the DVB-T card right now - after clearing the program table this morning it started scanning on the DVB-T card, filled a few channels with data for the following 4/5 hours then moved onto the DVB-S transports and is _slowly_ filling some of the channels there
11:10<gbee>but the DVB-T channels are now running out of programs
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11:18<gbee>is the crawl itself random? It seems to keep visiting muxes that it's already done and missing others entirely
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11:18<janneg_>gbee: it should scan on all cards simultaneously
11:18<gbee>janneg_: doesn't appear to be doing that here for some reason ....
11:19<janneg_>that is than a regression
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11:24<gbee>it's not easy to tell, I only noticed because the DVB-T source wasn't being updated and it was running out of data
11:24<gbee>normally it takes maybe less than 20 minutes to populate all the DVB-T channels
11:24<gbee>janneg: I restarted the backend and for whatever reason it's now crawling both - logs show EIT scans starting on both cards, so a false alarm
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11:41<janneg>gbee: should have all scaner started after eitCrawlIdleStart + eitTransportTimeout
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11:44<gbee>janneg: thanks, I'll try it out in a few minutes
11:48<janneg>wait, it doesn't work as intended here
11:55<janneg>no, was ok. mythtv-setup just displayed a wrong value for eitCrawlIdleStart
12:07<janneg>gbee: committed
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13:31<gbee>janneg: do you intend backporting those changes?
13:34<janneg>not sure, do you think it's common to have cardids over 30?
13:37<janneg>i.e. is it a problem for anyone beside Daniel and me?
13:41<gbee>I don't think it's common
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13:43<janneg>it shouldn't be a big problem then
13:44<janneg>OTOH it should be safe and the Qt4 port is slower than hoped
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13:48<gbee>I asked because the machine which would benefit from it is running -fixes and I just needed to know if I have to copy over patches, IMHO it's not a high priority
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13:53<janneg>I won't backport them immediately
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17:59<gbee>well the freesat huffman decoding patches seem to work well
18:04<gbee>danielk22, janneg: any objection to backporting to -fixes?
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18:21<janneg>gbee: no
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19:47<danielk22>gbee: looks ok to me.
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22:52<DMJC>has anyone got xbmcmythtv working with xbmc linux?
22:53<hads>DMJC: Please read the topic.
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