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02:03<sphery>s/b c
02:27<xris>grumble. someone with satellite or something with US channels is submitting bogus callsigns to services.mytht
02:29<xris>good thing I wrote that "block" function in. blocks the IP for 30 days and wipes out all submissions.
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02:47<xris>need to rethink how all of this is done, though
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03:18<clever>yeah the alpha version of some code can get real ugly
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06:26<stuarta>janneg: just looking at your patch to create no_capturecards() from yesterday
06:27<stuarta>wouldn't SELECT count(cardid)... be more correct?
06:30<janneg>stuarta: already committed a different version
06:31<janneg>COUNT(cardid) wouldn't be correct since cardid could be larger as COUNT(cardid)
06:32<stuarta>i thought you were trying to work out the number of cards, obviously not
06:33<janneg>yes, I'm using know the number of cards
06:34<stuarta>maybe i should just read what was committed :)
06:36<janneg>after committing first the patch
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06:44<gbee>janneg: I forgot to record a sample of ITV last night, I'll schedule it for today but I'm guessing that you'll be busy with linuxtag for the next few days
06:45<gbee>I may take a shot at patching it myself
06:48<stuarta>enjoying freesat?
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06:53<gbee>stuarta: hmm, undecided at the moment
06:54<gbee>EIT only covers the 'Freesat' channels, not the dozens of other FTA channels, which is understandable but disappointing because they become unusable for scheduling
06:54<gbee>having said that, there really isn't much worth getting excited about in the channels not currently under FreeSat
06:55<gbee>I'd be happy if I could get BBC HD - but signal issues are so far preventing an error free stream
06:55<gbee>just ordered a bigger dish to try and fix that
06:55<stuarta>well at least you can make sure the error handling works...
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06:56<gbee>stuarta: it doesn't :) frontend crashes within seconds
06:57<gbee>I need to get a backtrace when I find a moment
06:57<gbee>no ITV HD because of their h.222 obfuscation
06:57<stuarta>and it's actually h264?
06:58<gbee>only other HD channel is Luxe TV HD - which is interesting for about 5 minutes
06:58<gbee>stuarta: yep, think it's a deliberate attempt to prevent Sky HD boxes tuning it
06:58<stuarta>ah, that makes sense.
06:58<gbee>but it might also just be a temporary measure until the official launch - we'll see
06:58<stuarta>itv would still be a ftv channel on sky, not fta
06:59<stuarta>i'm guessing it'll sort itself out once itv goes properly fta
07:28<stuarta>noticed argos doing a freesat box for about 40 quid
07:31<gbee>not bad considering the initial prices of Freeview boxes and the price of Sky subs/boxes
07:34<stuarta>doubt it does HD however
07:35<stuarta>biab, shopping
07:37<gbee>thought all Freesat boxes had to support h.264 - seems like they would be undermining themselves otherwise, HD is their biggest selling point
07:42<gbee>way too many people who are lazy when picking/submitting icons - they choose the first one in the list whether it's the right one or not
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09:16<clever>gbee: you could make it a bit of a voting system
09:17<clever>allow the same thing to be submited 5 times
09:17<clever>and then automaticaly pick the data that comes up the most
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09:26<gbee>clever: eventually we hope to have something like that, although with much higher thresholds, but from what I'm seeing it wouldn't work
09:26<gbee>there are 'wrong' icons with double the submissions of the correct ones
09:28<gbee>it would have to work by only approving icons automatically where no other icons have been submitted for the same channel more than 5/6 times
09:28<clever>it could show the top 10 icons chosen for the channel
09:28<clever>and let an approved helper pick the correct one
09:29<clever>same for other fields
09:29<gbee>so if Ax15,bx3,cx2 then A would be approved, but Ax15,bx5,cx2 then it would have to be moderated
09:29<gbee>clever: that's how it already works
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09:31<gbee>but with hundreds of channels per country/network we've got a major backlog, which is where we need an automatic threshold for approval
09:31<gbee>a few icons are slipping through the net and racking up 100x submissions before they are noticed
09:33<gbee>janneg: I'm not sure there is anything but an audio stream in that sample, I'll try in the evening to see if I get a different result
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09:41<gbee>janneg: ITV HD is on Eurobird 1, not Astra so you may be able to receive it?
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09:46*stuarta goes to look for icons to approve
10:03<gbee>spent a couple of hours on it the other night, at least the DVB matches
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11:12<janneg>gbee: I won't receive it without satellite dish
11:18<gbee>janneg: good point :)
11:20<gbee>recording from ITV HD might be problematic, from what I've read they don't intend providing any EIT data, instead it will be accessed from MHEG - when a HD version of a programme is being shown you'll be invited to 'Press Red' to switch from the SD version to the HD version
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12:17*stuarta ponders how to make the OSD scroll to show all program info
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12:55<gbee>convert it to mythui :)
12:56<gbee>not that I've got myth scrolling textarea patch working properly yet ...
13:02<stuarta>probably the best way
13:02<stuarta>wouldn't bother without doing that first
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13:45<gbee>more 4+1 and film 4+1 are FTA, but aren't included in Freesat like Film 4 and More 4 ... no EIT data available
13:46<gbee>same applies to another of the film channels, the +1 version doesn't have EIT
13:58<janneg>room to install a dish is a criterion for the new flat though
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14:03<stuarta>gbee: probably to be consistent with the channels available on dvb-t
14:04<gbee>maybe, or they didn't want to pay the EPG fee for those channels - xmltv covers them so it's not really a problem
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14:08<gnome42> Does that sound too harsh?
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14:24<laga>yay. danielk made it to heise.
14:24<laga>warning, german content: )
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15:41<genuser>hello people.
15:41<genuser>I a not sure how to go about finding out the driver for my tv card.
15:42<stuarta>start by reading the topic
15:42<genuser>stuarta: I just got PM'd. goin to mythtv-users rigth now. sorry.
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17:02<caledfwlch>I've been using the Freesat EIT patch provided in Ticket 5365. I know the tables aren't complete and have a progam that detects cases where the decoding fails. I'd like to contact the author (David Matthews) to see if the data would be useful, but don't know how. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Thanks.
17:02<stuarta>patches would also be appreciated
17:03<stuarta>alternatively just email the -dev list
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17:12<caledfwlch>The program currently only detects where there is a problem. I'm not sure how the author determines the correct character for the bit stream. I can currently work some of them out by hand but it's a bit slow.
17:12<stuarta>that appears to be how he is doing it
17:14<caledfwlch>Oh, OK I was hoping there would be a better way. I'll wait until I have as many as I can work out and then provide a patch.
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17:28<gbee>I'll be committing the first version of the patch in the next couple of days, but updates will be welcome after that
17:29<gbee>FYI I'll probably combine the two tables in one file
17:29<gbee>instead of the two seperate files for each table as we have now
17:30*gbee goes back to watching TV
17:30*stuarta updates his mythvideo database
17:30<stuarta>i really wish there was a sed command in sql
17:31<xris>I miss regex-based replace in mysql.
17:31<xris>no idea why they've never added it.
17:31<stuarta>i mean all i need to do is s,/data/video,/myth/video,
17:32<xris>oh.. str_replace() :)
17:32<xris>or something like that.. it *does* have a static-strng replacement function
17:32<janneg>I use mysqldump | sed | mysql
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17:33<stuarta>alternatively it's an update with an ~= field
17:34*stuarta tries some
17:34<hads>REPLACE(field, 'search', 'replace')
17:34<hads>(in an update)
17:35<stuarta>i need a bit more jiggery pokery as the files have 2 path references.
17:35*stuarta hacks it
17:35<hads>janneg's way might be easiest.
17:38<stuarta>nah, got it sussed now
17:39<stuarta>temp table, copy off the old records, REPLACE(), update old table from metadata in temp table;
17:39<stuarta>job done :)
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17:56<sphery>Heh, I'm currently working on the new-host-restore (#23.15) for the backup script for #4760 and am trying to figure out a (Perl) regex to make sure that we don't replace too much if the user picks a bad hostname. Might just include a hidden "your subst here" for general-purpose fixes on restore. :)
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